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Slave in the Making

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2002 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

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When I lay in be at night I would play with myself dreaming about being a slave, used and beaten at my master’s discretion. My husband had never indicted to me that he had any interest in BDSM. I was sure that he would love to have a slave so I started preparations to give him one.

I went shopping and purchased all the supplies that a master would need to keep his slave in line. My shopping list included padded wrist and ankle cuffs, chains and locks, nipple clamps, whips and paddles and a blindfold and gag. Vibrators, dildos and lotions we already have. I didn’t bother buying any clothing because I was sure my husband would want to keep me naked all the time.

Next came the dungeon. Our basement is not finished which is perfect. There were some walls started, but they were just two by fours. Lots of places to tie ropes. I went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of rope, and snaps and rings and such. I spent about a week figuring out places to tie me and putting in hooks. My husband would set up his own devices, but this was a start. I would get so horny that that I would have to lay naked on the cold cement floor and satisfy myself.

Next I got out the video camera and set it on a tripod in a corner of the basement. I took a blouse and skirt and ripped them up and then dressed in them. They were in such bad shape that I could hardly cover myself. I put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and chains and knelt in front of the camera and started taping. “Thank you sir for purchasing me. I am sure that I will serve your needs in every way. I know that I am just a worthless slut and not worthy of your attention, but I have been trained to fulfil your desires. If I do not come up to your expectations please punish this lowly slave until I am trained to your liking. I am yours to use or abuse. Thankyou master.”

That Friday afternoon I set up my ‘dungeon’. The tape was in the VCR and a note on the door told Mike to press the play button. Then I prepared for his arrival. The ‘toys’ were all laid out on a table along with the keys to the locks. I dressed in my rags, gagged and blindfolded myself and stood on a stool and locked my wrist chains to the rings in the ceiling. There was no turning back. By using locks there was no way I could untie myself. God I wished I could reach my pussy. The tension was unbearable.

I stood there in the darkness waiting and listening for the door. Finally I heard the door close. I stepped off the stool and kicked it away. I could only imagine how sexy I looked, hanging by my wrists with my toes just off the floor and almost naked. There I hung, waiting. After a while my arms started to burn, and Mike had still not come down. I tried to call out, but the gag effectively prevented any more than a muffled whisper from leaving my mouth. ‘Please I thought, please come down and release me’. Still he didn’t come. Finally I heard him coming down the stairs. Surely he would take pity on me.

“So slut. Do you look forward to having a new Master? You had better be worth the money I paid for you or I will sell you to the work farm. Of course it will be after I have finished enjoying your pain to the fullest. You may hope that I will sell you by the time I am done.”

With that he ripped off what was left of my clothes. The pull made the pain in my arms even more intense. I tried to beg through my gag to be let down, but nothing came out but mumbles. The pain in my arms was forgotten when he grabbed both my nipples and twisted. I screamed and jerked in my bonds. When I jerked my legs came up and one of my knees struck him on his side. He let go and slapped my left tit and then the right.

“You fucking bitch! You will control yourself better than that!” The slaps kept falling on my breasts. “I am sure that by the time I am finished with you, you will never do that again.” My legs were pulled apart and my ankle chains were attached to rings in the floor. I hung there, my arms screaming and my breasts on fire.

My gag was removed. “Please Mike let me down.” I begged, “ I have changed my mind. I can’t take anymore. Please untie me.”

Again he grabbed my nipples and twisted. With no gag I could scream. “Don’t ever call me anything but master you bitch,” He yelled, “And as far as not being able to take any more. I will decide how much you can take, and it will be lots. You are nothing but a worthless slut with no mind to change. You are for my enjoyment and nothing more. Maybe I will give your tape to your friends or maybe your sister. What would they think of your little show? I will do with you as I please. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Master “ I managed to squeak out. I would die if that tape got out. Maybe I had started something I could not stop. What had I done?

I hung there and could hear him moving around. Suddenly a blast of fire spread across my ass and I let out a scream. After about 10 lashes Mike told me I was making too much noise and the gag was replaced. Lash after lash fell on my poor ass. I could feel the sweat dripping off my body as I tried to scream through my gag. I tried to twist away from the belt, but tied as I was I could hardly move. Finally the whipping stopped and I hung there limply, my whole body wracked with pain.

Mike wandered around me and ran his hands over my body and then slid his fingers up my pussy. “God, you are so wet you are dripping.” He said. “Maybe if I keep at it you’ll cum.” If he had left his hand there a few more seconds I would have, but he took his hand away and said, “You are not allowed to be satisfied. You are to satisfy me.”

‘Please’ I thought, ‘let me cum to ease my suffering’.

My ankles were untied and the stool was given back to me. It was such a relief to take the pressure off my arms. Then he untied my wrists. and I collapsed on the floor. I thought he was going to release me and we would screw, but I was wrong. My hands were tied behind my back and my gag was removed.

“Suck my cock you worthless slut!” he commanded.

I lay there, my sore body not wanting to respond. He grabbed my hair and started to drag me to a standing position.

“Maybe I’ll have to hang you back up to make you a little more enthusiastic,” he laughed.

“Please!” I begged, “no more. I’ll suck you. Please put your cock in my mouth. Don’t beat me any more! Please Master, let me suck you!”

With that he lowered me to my knees and shoved his huge cock in my mouth. I almost choked, but I knew I dare not for fear of another beating. I sucked like I have never sucked a cock before. It was only seconds and his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but he came so hard I couldn’t handle it all. It ran down my chin and I could feel it dripping on my tits.

“I will have to punish you for wasting your masters fluids.” He said with a chuckle. He let go of me and I collapsed on the floor and he left me laying there stretching my muscles as best I could while he went upstairs.

A while later he dragged me to my knees and untied my hands. When he removed my blindfold I saw I was kneeling in front of the coffee table. On the table was a phone and a pad of paper with some names and phone numbers. The names where some friends of Mike’s. I knew them, but not all that well.

“Call them and invite them over for a few beers,” he commanded. He was going to share me.

“Please don’t make me do this “ I wined. The belt fell across my already sore ass.

“Do it or I’ll enjoy the rest of the night with you hanging.” He said.

I hung my head and told him I would do as he wished. I picked up the phone and told each of the people that Mike was wondering if they wanted to come over for drinks. A couple of them were busy, but Dale, Reg, Gord and Gwen said they would be over. Three guys and a girl were going to see my suffering. I slumped on the floor and slid my hand to my pussy. The twisting on my nipple stopped me. “You will not cum until I say you can.” He said. He locked the chains on my wrist cuffs to around my neck so that it held my hands about a foot from my face and so I couldn’t reach my pussy.

He took me upstairs and made me prepare some snacks and drinks. Tied as I was it was a real chore. Then the doorbell rang. I almost pissed myself. “Answer it” Mike commanded.

When I opened the door Gord and Dale where there. Their eyes almost popped out of their heads when they saw me. “You will kneel when you address my company.” Mike commanded. I dropped to my knees and invited them in. They sat down and I fetched drinks, and then I kneeled in the middle of the room. As the others arrived I met them kneeling at the door. They all sat there looking at me as Mike explained that I was his slave and he would share me with them tonight. This was met with approval from all concerned.

Because I knew how to do it Mike ordered me to go downstairs and hang myself up again. I begged him not to make me and said I would do anything they wanted if they would show mercy. “You will do anything we want anyway my little slut.” Mike said, “So be quick about it or your whipping will only be worse.”

I went down, stood on the stool and hooked my chains to the ceiling. It was one thing to do it before, but now I knew what was coming. It took all my will power to step off the stool and kick it away. “I am ready master.” I yelled.

Down they came and stood around me and remarked on how good I looked hanging there. Mike took the belt and gave me five across the ass to show them how. Then they took turns. I was not gagged so my screams filled the room. I begged them to stop, but they just laughed at me. Gwen took her turn and after a few on my ass she lashed me across my tits. It took my breath away for a second. The guys all said that it was the sexiest thing they had ever seen to see a woman whip another woman.

Gwen said if they wanted a show she would give them one. She stood in front of me and stripped. Then she picked up the belt and began. She whipped every part of my body with lots of attention to my tits. Finally I could not even scream anymore and I just hung there. They untied me and left me laying on the floor.

After I had rested and they had a few drinks, they tied me on my back to the coffee table. My head hung backwards off one end and my ass was barely on the other. They pulled my legs back and tied my ankles to the table legs. This forced my legs apart. My wrists were tied to the other legs. With my head back my mouth was in a perfect place to accept their cocks. As I sucked Gwen sat between my spread legs and whipped my pussy. I sucked as best I could while trying to scream with a cock in my mouth. There was cum all over my face when Gwen straddled my face and pulled me into her cunt by my hair. I had never eaten pussy before but the whip on my pussy made me a quick learner.

I spent the rest of the night tied, beaten and servicing my five masters. Finally I was fucked by all of them and allowed to come. I didn’t think it was possible but I came every time I was fucked and when Gwen ate me. I was exhausted when they finally finished and I lay on the floor covered with sweat and come as they left.

After they had gone Mike came down and sat in his chair. I crawled to him and knelt at his feet in front of him. He told me how much he had enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. I looked into his eyes and then I lowered my head.

“There is another Slave auction next weekend”, I whispered

By Jan

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