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Sixty Four

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbm; cast; chastity; stuck; outdoors; collar; clamps; hood; cons; X

I had wanted to be mummified in fiberglass casting tape for years, experimenting regularly with the tape many times but never fully committing to a full body cast. I haven’t had anyone that shares my passion for bondage in years also so I had reverted to keeping my desires to myself. During my experiments I had casted my legs in long leg casts both straight and bent and short leg casts eventually moving up to doing both legs at the same time.

My cutters were adequate so I was able to remove them as long as I didn’t make the casts overly thick. Many times, when it was cold so I could wear a jacket, I would cast my arm to my shoulder and go out in public. My desire for bondage pushed me to lock my steel cock chastity on and wrap the key into the cast. As my prowess with the tape improved along with my ability to maneuver in it I wore casts more often adding to the long arm cast a short arm cast on the other arm and a short leg cast going to stores and limping around.

My last public adventure I got too brave, driving to a park with my arms casted, one long leg cast “left” and one short leg cast. I parked, leaving my keys on the tire and headed off around the park's trail. My chastity was locked in place with a few added treats inside the steel tube just to make it interesting with very firm nipple clamps dangling from my nipples. Under the tall collar of the jacket I had a leather posture collar locked on making turning or moving my head impossible.

I almost brought my locking gag since I was going very late at night but chickened out leaving it at home. The keys to the chastity and collar were casted into the bottoms of my feet making them the last to be cut out. I had casted my right arm in a spur-of-the-moment, over-aroused decision deciding to place it in a different position. My hand was casted bent backwards towards my forearm and casting it with my left arm in a full long arm cast was interesting but I had a lot of practice so I succeeded beautifully.

Getting in the car was a real pain but eventually I was in, my nipples screaming from all the shifting and twisting. After sitting for a few minutes I decided the clamps were too much and went to reach through my shirt and coat only to find that with my right hand bent back and casted to my elbow it could not get the angle needed to release the clamps. I knew with my left arm casted to my shoulder and held firmly bent at slightly less than ninety degrees there was no way it could reach the pinching clamps.

After calming myself and thinking about getting back out I decided to go on with my plans and carefully drove to the park only a few miles away. During the drive I planned how I would egress from the car and hoped it wouldn’t take long for the clamps to slip off and hoped the tucked in shirt tail would keep them inside. Reaching the park, finding it empty as expected since it was after eleven o’clock in a family-oriented neighborhood. I parked the car as far back in the parking lot as I could and struggled out of it making my nipples scream again. I tried to concentrate on something else since my cock was swelling with the thoughts of what I was about to do and pressing on the small spiked balls I had placed in it.

The spikes were not sharp but were enough to discourage any swelling, especially noticeable since there was less space available. Hobbling over to the front tire I placed the key on it and walked away feeling the cool night air blowing noticing how well the trails were lit up and thought if anyone looks out their window they will see a stiff-necked man limping along the trail. The plan was to walk down the main trail until it got too difficult then turn around to go home. I wandered down the path forced to look straight ahead, the effort to walk in the casts making me sweat and gasp the longer I walked.

After a half an hour I made a mistake and turned right thinking this trail was the one that would take me back around towards the car. I continued to walk, concentrating on what I was doing and how I could improve it the next time when suddenly the all lights turned off. I was now walking in almost total darkness casted and collared. My cock shot into the spiked balls making me groan and stop walking for a few minutes until I got myself under control and continued walking blindly down the trail.

I hadn’t worn a watch so I had no idea how long I had been walking but the pain in my nipples and cock along with the feeling of the collar getting tighter made me want to go home and hoped I would find the parking lot soon. After a long time of stumbling in the dark I spotted a bench and sat down needing a rest knowing I was now lost and had no choice but to continue walking down the path. While I rested I desperately tried getting to my nipple clamps again managing to unzip my coat but still couldn’t reach them and the shirt making it impossible to rub them off succeeding in only making them hurt worse.

Getting back to my casted feet was interesting, making my cock swell again as I thought about, if I actually fell, how hard it would be to get back up, if I even could get back up. The thought of being trapped rolling on the ground made my cock harder but pushed me to pay more attention to the trail ahead of me. I walked until I was breathless, still unsure of where I was when I heard traffic? I kept walking, finding the rock/dirt trail ended and I was now on a concrete sidewalk.

I twisted my body trying to find out where I was seeing a street sign at the end of the block and moved towards it. I reached the sign gasping and leaned back and saw I was on the far side of the park cussing having no idea how far away I was from the parking lot but knowing it was at least a mile, maybe two. I would have hung my head but I couldn’t and kept shuffling towards the parking lot, the cramps in my legs from the enforced immobility along with the increased heel height I had decided to add making me moan.

I tried to stretch my arms laughing as I was reminded by the thick fiberglass I couldn’t and now also found I couldn’t even reach the d-ring to give it a pull on the now exposed collar since I hadn’t been able to re-zip my coat. The cool air had turned cold making my nipples hurt worse as I hobbled even slower down the sidewalk. Several times cars drove by me from both directions, none seeming to pay attention to the crippled man walking or the large ring that was dangling from the wide black collar.

I didn’t care. I was barely able to keep walking, having no energy to try and dodge the headlights. I found the parking lot and stood leaning on the lighted sign, thanking god for making it, noticing the smaller sign next to it saying ‘ALL LIGHTS TURN OFF AT MIDNIGHT’. I had been casted for two hours at the house before leaving and reaching the park at eleven and now knew it was past midnight so I knew I had been casted a minimum of three or four hours.

The parking lot seemed huge as I walked towards where my car should be. My legs, feet, arms and shoulders all hurt, drowning out the painful clamps as I was now dragging my left leg. I was getting nervous not seeing the car and started thinking about having to walk home trapped in the fiberglass. I kept walking thinking it had been towed and I was screwed when finally I saw it sitting where I had left it and almost wept as I stumbled up to the front tire.

Getting the key and getting in was even more of a challenge but I was finally inside out of the cold wind and struggled to start it as I thought about my idea of going to a drive through to get something to eat. I moved slowly out of the parking lot seeing the clock on the dash saying two forty five! I had been casted for almost six hours and still had to cut myself out so I headed straight to the house. The multiple pains eased leaving me with the resilient clamps that were starting to cause my eyes to water and making the decision not to go anywhere else easy.

The removal process was even harder, I had used more of the tape wanting to make sure I was not going to get any flex and now my cutters were showing their inadequacies. I struggled for two hours just to cut my arms out of the thick fiberglass, removing the clamps immediately after freeing my right wrist. The exhaustion slammed into me shortly after removing the clamps so I limped to the bed and fell asleep quickly still in my leg casts, chastity tube and posture collar.

Later that morning I woke very sore still casted and groaned as I remembered I still had to cut myself out just so I could remove the collar and tube. Again I fought my cutters and by the time I had freed both my legs I had been casted for over fourteen hours and was very glad to be free. I know people wear casts for weeks but no one wears one that is applied in the way I do it for that long. I know I could do it like it should be done and it would be more comfortable but that is part of the thrill knowing it is going to be uncomfortable but leaves me with zero movement inside the cast.

It took me several weeks before I started planning another adventure, locating eight cases of four-inch tape on sale and buying it, as I waited I started planning to wrap myself from head to toe if for nothing else to satisfy my curiosity. It took another few weeks until I could get two days off so I could really enjoy my newest challenge and have plenty of time to recover. During my wait I experimented with a set of new cutters I had found liking the way they cut the cast and feeling confident they would solve my exit from the cast problems.

When the time came I was so excited I began by wrapping my legs in long casts making sure I layered them lightly knowing I would be adding more layers in a few minutes. I continued wrapping up from my ankles just grabbing rolls and soaking them quickly knowing I had plenty of tape so I was not worried about having enough this time. I had read about the new wrap having more resin in it and that it took less time to dry but had not thought about how much firmer it would set as I reached my chest wrapping carefully over my shoulders.

The heat from the setting fiberglass was making me sweat profusely as I was finally wrapped from toes to shoulders and stopped to rest looking at the clock seeing I had been wrapping for almost two hours. I began wrapping my head and neck making sure I didn’t make either too tight and forcing myself not to cover my mouth. I continued wrapping my head leaving my face open until I felt the tape setting around my head and got excited and quickly took another roll wrapping across my eyes putting several layers over them. Finishing the roll by wrapping it around my head and neck adding yet another layer of fiberglass to them.

I stood already frozen and helpless in the darkness smiling as I felt the heat easing on my body as it increased on my head. While the tape set firmly on my body I began blindly wrapping my left arm working up to my shoulder and back down to my hand. As soon as it had set well enough I began wrapping my right hand from my palm to my elbow making sure my wrist was straight this time. I stood frozen in the layers of fiberglass testing how well I had encased myself, finding I had done a masterful job and could not move any part of my body or legs.

After I felt everything had fully set I realized casting my left arm bent I could only use my right to lower myself to the floor. I stood cursing myself wishing I had stuck to my plan and had to think of another way down. I used a chair to scoot my solid body to the couch, I realized just how immobile I really was and smiled again thinking how much fun this will be. I almost fell the wrong way, swinging my arms just right to let me fall on the couch, I lay feet on the floor, head on the back rest, glad to be at least closer to the floor. After laying for a while testing the limits of my available movements I found I had much less available than I thought I would.

I had never had my head and neck encased before nor had I ever wrapped all the way to my shoulders before so I found without anything flexible I really had no movement available other than waving my arms. I slowly wiggled and shook my rigid body to the floor giving up the idea that I could drag myself onto my bed just wanting to feel what it was like to lay helpless. Once I was on the floor I lay letting my steel encased cock swell to the limits of its cage enjoying not being able to feel anything from the outside of the cast on my skin. The feeling of being numb all over was incredible. Every movement was no longer felt and since I was also blind it was almost like being in an isolation chamber.

Because of my position as I had casted myself my feet and head were now held a few inches off the floor by the rock-hard cast making it possible for me to rock slightly. I have no idea how long I lay on the floor, I had turned onto my side falling onto my stomach smashing my face into the carpet giggling as I instinctively tried to raise my head. I was really enjoying my inflexibility and rolled onto my back and lay twisting and fighting the fiberglass really enjoying the feeling of being encased in a perfect shell and the utter helplessness it gave me.

While I lay dreaming about next time adding my TENS unit and a vibrator on my cock I drifted off waking to an aching cock as I fought the shell in my dreams. I lay relishing the shell, really getting excited as I banged on my body with my casted arms demonstrating how hard the cocoon really was. I rolled and shifted my body, dragging my rigid body slowly a few inches before finding that with the rough surface of the fiberglass and my rigid toes pointing down into the carpet that I could only move slowly and with great effort.

I still hadn’t grasped what all this meant yet as I was still enjoying all the feelings my encasement was giving me as I fought the hardened cocoon I had trapped myself in. After waiting for so long to fulfill my dream of being encased I wanted to make it last and lay wishing I had someone to enclose my arms and tease and torment me. I could feel the sweat building up inside the shell moving up and down as I flexed my body, tickling me as I moved around not keeping track of where I was in the large room.

I struggled in the shell until I rolled onto my back and drifted off again dreaming of being totally wrapped with my cock exposed while a beautiful woman teased and used me as a fuck toy milking my helpless body until I had nothing left. Waking I found my cock and balls were aching badly and I was now very cold lying in my own sweat with my back and legs aching. I adjusted myself onto my side letting the sweat move around and warm up as I struggled to get my bearings. I rubbed my casted head and neck relishing how little I could feel under it as I flailed my right arm until I hit a table and found where I was in the room.

Again I forced myself onto my casted arms and started dragging myself to where the cutters were a mere twelve feet away. I lifted and dragged myself until I was forced to stop. I was gasping and already exhausted and felt like I was being choked by the hard fiberglass. I rolled onto my side and fought off the panic attack as I pulled and tugged at the stiff shell around my head and throat. Once I had calmed myself I reached out searching for where the carpet ended and the tile began so I could figure out how much further and felt nothing but carpet.

I struggled three more times having to stop each time and rest wondering how far I had gone knowing it was taking much longer than it should. When I felt the tile I stopped to rest again, grateful I had found it and knew the cutters were only a few feet away. Now the next problem, yes the rough cast slipped easier on the tile but since my left arm was wrapped completely it too slipped easier meaning I could only use my right elbow to move my encased body across the floor. By the time I reached the table where the cutters had been left I was almost in full panic mode.

I was exhausted, my whole body hurt, my arms ached and even though my mouth and nose were uncovered I was having problems breathing, I wanted out now! Reaching up to the top of the table proved difficult at best, I couldn’t bend my wrist so I lay groping at the table until I found the cutters and rolled over to my back hugging them thankful to have found them. As I started fighting the cutters under the cast on my right hand I wished I hadn’t wrapped it so tight as the cutters pinched the skin under the cast with each clip.

I really had to work hard to cut through the fiberglass and thought it was because of using my casted left hand. I finally was able to cut a line through the cast and tried to pry the fiberglass apart like I had done a hundred times. Each time I twisted my arm I couldn’t get it to open far enough to slip my arm out. Blindly I continued to fight the cast on my wrist, giving up and forcing the cutters under it again and making another cut until I could break the cast apart. I was exhausted again, laying panting on my side with only my right wrist free. I fought the cast on my left arm even longer, having to make several cuts before I was able to wiggle my arm out of it and lay flexing and rubbing both arms.

I was having another panic attack, desperately pulling and banging on the cast surrounding my body looking for a weakness amazed at how hard it felt. I finally calmed myself and started trying to cut the hood off to ease the continuing choking sensation I was feeling. Cutting down to my neck starting at the opening around my jaw was easy but when I reached the bottom of my jaw, suddenly I was stopped. I kept struggling to cut the thicker cast, finding I could only nip at it until I was gasping and had to rest again.

I was lying on my side feeling my legs and body utterly frozen in place and realized I had accomplished my dream but was now starting to wonder if I would be stuck like this until someone found me at least three days from now. I kept working on the cast around my neck, panicking several times, starting to cut in different places frantically trying to find a place where I could cut through. In my struggles I was able to cut the part of the hood over my eyes, stopping to look at the three-layer thick piece and finding out why I was having so many problems cutting it. I had twisted and bent the piece, finding even though it was only three layers it was very tough being barely able to bend it.

I lay panting, thinking about how many layers I had wrapped, not just around my neck but many more around my waist, ass and knees. I had purposely wrapped them very thick wanting to make sure I couldn’t bend them at all and now I might be stuck for real. I lay in my sweat filled cocoon for hours while I tried to figure out what to do and continue to fight the tape around my neck. I couldn’t see a clock and wanted to know what time it was but I couldn’t twist my head or body to see one.

I had started cutting in several places and when the front support for the collar was cut my head was pulled back and the collar pressed hard on the front of my throat. Now I was being choked for real and had to push the back of the hood forward to keep from having my air cut off. I could only hold the hood for so long before my arm’s strength ran out and I had to rest it, choking myself again. I was really upset and getting worried that I wouldn’t be strong enough to free myself and I might actually choke to death.

While I struggled I cut down the back of my neck and was able to pull away several of the layers that had been cut and finally felt the tight hood and collar pop open. I began pulling, yanking actually, the hood apart and finally wiggled and twisted my head from inside the hard shell. I was very relieved and felt much better that I could move my head and wasn’t being choked any longer. I rested for a while before I started cutting down my chest reaching my waist and found as I had feared I couldn’t cut through the waist line.

I panicked again, yanking on the cut part of the wrap covering my chest and was able to pull it away from the much thicker cast at my waist. I still couldn’t sit up but it was progress so I rested again and thought about what I could do next. I lay flexing my toes and legs and began enjoying my encasement again and rolled on to my back running my hands over the cast still encasing me thinking I might be able to stand wearing this part until I’m found. I lay feeling much better when a thought came to mind and I started dragging myself towards the garage finding unlocking the door and reaching the light switch very difficult being unable to bend but finally made it to my tool box hoping that there was something in reach I could use.

First I found a wood saw, thinking if I cut between my feet I could wrestle my feet out of the bottom and pull myself out of the body cast. The saw didn’t like cutting the fiberglass and made little progress but I tried to get out anyway and pushed hard on the waist of the remaining shell. Strangely it was my knees that stopped me, the more pressure I put on the cast the more it pulled on my knee caps causing a lot of pain. I was reaching in the drawers, groping around desperately, trying to find something that would help free me with my mind increasingly panicking.

I found an old hacksaw blade, I was hopeful as I grabbed a rag and started cutting the waist finding that it would cut it but was doing it very slowly. In desperation I flung myself forward and propped myself up against the wall stabbing the cutters into the fiberglass between my legs below my waist. I started cutting towards my waist forcing the cutters up until I couldn’t cut any further, grabbing the wood saw I started sawing madly between my legs reaching the part over my knees where I had wrapped extra layers.

Lying back again I rested for a while taking the saw blade and sawing blindly while I rested. I continued sawing as I could feel I was making progress until my arm tired out again. I forced myself to sit up again fighting the remaining cast around my waist, taking the saw blade I started cutting from below my knees finding pulling up was much more effective then pushing and quickly I cut through the cast over my knees.

I could look down and see there was only six or eight inches still unbroken and began sawing frantically until I finally had the cast cut from my ankles to my waist. I lay back again panting and started flexing and twisting until I pulled my legs out of the cast and twisted my waist out from the cocoon and rolled over next to the empty shell. I was relieved and started ripping the plastic wrap from my sweat soaked body desperately needing to go to the bathroom.

I didn’t have the strength to raise myself up onto my still casted legs and feet so I grabbed the cutters and found they still cut wonderfully quick through the thinner cast and soon had cut away the casts to just below my knees climbing to my casted feet and went to relieve myself. Sitting at the table I cut the remaining cast from my ankles and feet, throwing both out into the garage and taking my ice block from the freezer so I could release my cock from the tube and went and took a hot shower.

On the way to the shower I looked at the clock and saw it was almost six in the morning and gasped as I realized I had been literally stuck in the fiberglass cocoon for over twelve hours. I had not planned to be encased for that long but since I didn’t have a choice it didn’t matter what I wanted. As I showered I thought about if I would ever attempt this again and stroked my steel covered cock wishing I hadn’t locked it away. I was cleaning up a few hours later and counted how many rolls of wrap I had left finding sixteen remaining in the boxes meaning I had used sixty four rolls of the fiberglass tape.

I read about the wrap finding what they meant by “sets firmer” and wished I had read this before, maybe I wouldn’t have used so much this first time. It only took a few days until I was planning my next challenge shopping for more of the tape, finding another batch on sale and buying ten more cases this time. I continued practicing casting myself even wearing more in public including wrapping my torso and connecting it to the long arm cast leaving my left arm held rigidly sticking out from my side. I had to cast my right arm so I could still drive and wore it the whole set up for three days, having padded it correctly so it did not become painful. I really enjoyed the frustration it caused me, especially trying to do the simplest of things.

The key to my tool box that held my cutters showed up a day late forcing me to wear it thirty-six hours and call in sick to work. The chastity tube was now worn twenty four seven only being removed once a week for cleaning when I had the key or when I needed to relieve my anxieties. My timer was the mail sending it to myself several times in a row to add to the time being locked up. I finally bought a small safe that had a time lock on it making it easier to stay locked up for weeks at a time when I felt daring. A four-day weekend was coming up soon and I had about eighty rolls of tape and planned to see how much of it I could use this time. I was planning to add my TENS unit and vibrator and try to not get stuck… or maybe try to get stuck again.


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