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Sin_dy Surprised Again

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2003 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; discovery; M/f; cons; X

After I "came out of the closet" and revealed my love of bondage to my boy friend, my whole life has changed. He took to bondage like a duck to water! He confessed that he had read the letters in Forum, Playboy and other men’s magazines and it was a real turn-on. He said just the thought of a girl, all bound up, unable to resist, unable to stop a man, or another girl for that matter, from touching, licking, probing, devouring her was a secret desire that probably most men have. Of course, few would ever admit it.

Now my man was confessing his soul, his darkest most wildest perverted dreams. We talked for hours. We played for hours until we both were exhausted. For the next several days, it was a routine of napping, working, bondage and sex. As the novelty wore off we, both agreed to catch up on our sleep and try to keep our hands to ourselves until the weekend. So now, our week is spent working and tending to business and getting horney.

By the time Friday night gets here I am so excited that I am in a constant state of arousal and wetness. I'm ready for anything and so far haven't been disappointed with his plans on how to use me. It is all a power thing. I submit willingly. He takes over and uses my body for his pleasure.

I explained how pain and pleasure are interwoven. A good hard spanking can be a good thing as well as clips on the nipples. Prolonged bondage in somewhat painful positions can be a good thing. A positive reinforcement that he is in charge. I can do nothing about it. Only he can release me. Only he can give me pleasure and or pain as his lust dictates.

Don't feel sorry for me, use me, abuse me, love me.

Two weeks ago I let him find me chained and cuffed spreadeagled on the bed. Naked, blindfolded and gagged. We have done so much since then, that one would think we would run out of new ideas. We haven't. Friday night I plan to surprise him again with a new bondage toy, the spreader bar. He hasn't seen it standing in the back corner of my closet.

As Friday approached, we teased each other about another sleepless weekend was coming up. Each time we talked on the phone or ate out, there was electricity in the air. We were both drooling with anticipation. Ha, that’s probably not just figuratively true but really true. It is too bad he has to work evenings on Friday and Saturday and won't get here till after midnight. Of course, this will leave me all evening to get ready to surprise him.

Right on schedule, he called me during his break time on Friday evening. I told him I hoped he hadn't had desert because I had a treat for him to eat later. We both knew what that meant. I think he thinks I am a chocolate cake sometimes the way he licks at my icing.

About 10:30 PM, I finish my hot soaking bath and start getting down to business. I apply my makeup, comb my hair and thought about what I should wear, if anything! I decided on a pair of white sheer high cut panties and a white half bra. I love this type of bra the way it works just like a shelf, holding them up and out on full display. My hair isn't very long but I managed to braid a small cord to it in back.

From my toy box, I selected a pair of leather ankle cuffs, a ring gag, steel handcuffs for my wrists and a blindfold. Then I pulled the spreader bar from the back of my closet and proceeded to the kitchen. Oops forgot my locks. Back to the toy box. Finally everything was in place. It was now almost 11:00 PM. He will be here in a little over an hour. I debated over using clothespins on my nipples. They hurt so much that they distract from other pleasures. I settled on using hairpin clips on my nipples and rub them with toothpaste. It sort of works like Ben Gay but unique in its own way.

I locked the links on my handcuffs to the ring at the center of the spreader bar. I then kneeled down on the hard kitchen floor with my feet back against a cabinet. I spread my ankles far apart, way beyond the point of being uncomfortable. The spreader bar is 36 inches long and I barely managed to get my cuffed ankles locked to the rings on each end. Try to kneel and spread your ankles like that sometime. It hurts!

I inserted the ring gag and worked it behind my teeth and fastened it tight behind my head. The ring was wrapped with strips of black leather and held my mouth invitingly wide open. I felt around for the cord hanging down from my hair and threaded it through the lock holding my handcuffs to the spreader bar. I pulled on the cord and forced my head to tilt back. Then I tied off the cord up high near the back of my head so I couldn't reach the knot when handcuffed. I picked up the blindfold and placed it over my eyes, making sure it fit perfectly. By this time I was very wet and excited. Without hesitation I reached behind my back and ratcheted on the handcuffs. What a wonderful sound. What a wonderful feeling!

Well here I am, stuck, almost naked, spread, handcuffed, unable to see and mouth forced open to invite my male friend to indulge himself. My knees are starting to hurt a little from the hard kitchen floor. A trickle of sweat runs down my underarm. I wait and wait. The front of my panties must be soaked by now. My nipples are hard and feel strange from the hairpin clips and yet cool from the toothpaste.

I am facing directly at the back door. Crazy thoughts cross my mind. What if a stranger drove up and came to the back door to ask directions? He would get an eye full just looking through the glass. Or what if high school kids were out joy riding and had a flat tire and needed help. Or what if he brings home a buddy for a late night beer.

About that time I heard the familiar sound of my boy friends Jeep. He shut off the engine and suddenly was at the door. He must have seen me through the window because he didn't come in immediately. Finally the door opened and he said, "my, my what a lovely sight. All ready and willing I see". I heard his zipper and a struggling with clothes. He removed the blindfold and I could see his wicked grin. He carefully inspected my bondage and reached down and ran his fingers against my wet panties and stroked my pussy lips through the thin material. As he licked his fingers I could see his erection growing and growing. He watched my eyes as he moved into position.

Slowly, ever so slowly he inserted that wonderful apparatus of his. I used my tongue to add lubrication. He begin moving in and out, easy at first. My ring gag snugly gripped his organ and with each outward stroke I gave his head a generous juicy tongue lick. I pulled at my cuffs. Soon, too soon, he exploded and filled my mouth with warm male cum that I partly swallowed and partly let run off my chin and drip on my breasts. After catching his breath, he said, "this is what you wanted isn't it"? I grunted an UHUH and tried to shake my head yes. "Do you want to get free or should I go on"? I shook my cuffed wrists and tried to say more, more.

He must have got the message because he left the room and came back with 2 pillows. I was puzzled at first until he lay down on his back between my legs and used the pillows to prop up his head. I have never been so wet in all my life. His tongue worked it's way across my crotch of my panties and then settled directly on my most sensitive spot, nibbling, licking and probing. His fingers reached up and begin pinching and twisting my nipples. I screamed as best as I could and bucked and shook through a series of orgasms that must have lasted 5 minutes.

He got up and his face glistened from my wetness. Finally releasing me and holding me tightly in his arms he said, "You know I expect this kind of surprise every week" and then pausing he continued, "at least until our 50th wedding anniversary".

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