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Sin_dy’s Surprise

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2001 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; discovery; cons; X

We had been going out for over three months.  Kissed on the second date and conventional sex on the third.  And it was good.  Very good.  I liked the guy a lot.  Six foot three, brown hair, brown eyes and muscular.  My perfect man and he has a good job as a policeman.  What more could a girl ask for?

I realized, if this perfect relationship was to continue, I must be open and honest with him.  He is going to have to be told  about my kinky side, my private life, my desire for bondage.  Who knows he might be as much as a pervert as myself.  Ha, wouldn’t that be something?  I figure if I reveal that side of me to him and he runs away shocked and drops me... then he is not the man for me.

It would break my heart for him to stop seeing me but I have come to realize that bondage is something that's now a part of me.  Something I need and must have.  And if I can have bondage and sex great!  If I can have my man, bondage and sex PERFECT!

With New Years Eve only a week away, it seemed like the right time to “come out of my kinky closet”.  We talked and made our plans.  He would have to work till midnight New Years Eve and then could come out to the farm about 12:30AM.  We will have drinks and watch a movie or something. The “something” of course was sex but neither one of us had to say that.  The sex part was understood.  Wild sex was understood.  After all we are celebrating a new year and expect to go a little crazy.  Yum yum I thought.

I talked to several people on the IRC selfbondage channel about what I might do.  Of course they coaxed me to go for it. The week went by quickly and suddenly the day of decision was at hand.  I had it all worked out down to the last detail.  I certainly didn’t want to get carried away and give him too much at once.  No pain stuff.  Just bondage to encourage sex sex sex.

In the afternoon he called me and asked if I was ok.  Said I sounded nervous.  Boy was he right.  "No no," I said. "I’m fine.  Now come on over right after your shift ends."  By 8 PM I was a nervous wreck. I wondered if I could go through exposing myself.  I took a long hot bath and that seemed to relax me and of course I wanted to be as clean and fresh as possible. About 9 PM I stripped off all the bed covers except the bottom sheet.  I threw the pillows over on a chair.  Who knows they might come in handy later, such as under my butt.  Oh my what am I thinking.

From my toy box I selected a pair of thick and wide leather ankle cuffs, the kind used by hospitals for restraint.  I laid them at the foot of the bed, as well as 2 padlocks.  I located 2 chains about 2 feet in length.  They have a ring on each end.  I wrapped each chain around the bed leg at the foot of the bed.  I hooked the open shackle of the big brass padlocks through the ends of the chains and laid them on the corners of the bed.  This will keep the chains from falling off the bed till I lock them to my ankle cuffs.

Back in my toy box I found my ball gag and a padded blindfold.  I lay these on the bed about where my pillow had been.  Oh! almost forgot. I went to the kitchen and located a fresh candle from the cabinet and inserted it in a silver candle holder and picked up some matches.  These I sit on the night stand to be used later.

My headboard has spaces between the slats so I took a length of chain and threaded it through the middle space on the headboard and down to one of the bed legs.  I padlocked the chain to the leg and using a smaller lock, I secured the middle link of my handcuffs to the end of the chain sticking through the hole in the headboard. I placed all the padlock keys and my 2 handcuff keys on a gold necklace chain and fastened it around my neck.

Now all was ready but my nervousness was returning.  I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine to sip and then went to the computer and logged on to the selfbondage channel on IRC.  There wasn’t much happening but I stayed on awhile and passed away the time till almost 10 PM.

I jumped when the phone rang.  It was him, my sweetie pie, my lover and soon to be my Dom.  We talked in a whisper and I told him how much I was looking forward to this evening and couldn’t wait for him to get here. 

Now only a couple of more things to do.  First make sure the porch light is on and the back door is unlocked.  Second make a sign.

I took a large piece of white poster board and using a black felt tipped pen I wrote.

I stood the sign on the kitchen table where it can be easily seen just as soon as he walks in the door.  I left the kitchen light on.  That should be enough light to read the sign and to go down the hall to the bedroom.

I shivered, not from being totally naked, but from nervousness and excitement.  Back in the bedroom I lit the tall white candle and turned out the ceiling light.  The flickering flame casts wierd shadows on the walls. I laid down on the cool sheet, thinking about what was to happen.  Maybe this is a big mistake.  Maybe it will be wonderful or what if he tries to have me committed to a nut house.  My mind wandered.

I jerked awake.  I had fell asleep without realizing it and now it was 11:30 PM.  I quickly sit up cross legged and began fastening the leather cuffs around my ankles.  Then stretching out each leg to the corners of the bed, I hooked the shackle of the brass padlocks to the D-rings on the cuffs. Click. Click.

I inserted the ball deep in my mouth behind my teeth and buckled the strap tightly in back of my head.  I took one last look around the room before fastening the blindfold in place.  I laid back down.   My breathing had become very rapid and I was starting to sweat.  Am I crazy?  Now is the time to call the whole thing off.

I almost reached down to finger myself but slapped my hand with the other hand and grunted out a mmmph... NO!  I quickly stretched my hands back over my head and felt for the handcuffs.  For the first time I didn’t care which way the keyholes were facing. I closed the cuff on my left wrist.  Six clicks.

The point of no return is here.  Without anymore consideration I clicked the cuff on my right wrist closed!  Its done.  No turning back.  No excuses.  This is what I have been waiting for.  Enjoy the ride.

But what if he doesn’t come?  He might have to work overtime.  Get shot on duty. God what if..... My mind eventually settled down and I tried to think about what he will see as he comes through the bedroom door.

A dimly lit room and there there laying on the bed a naked girl with her legs spread wide.  So exposed, so vulnerable.  Her moist slit begging for attention.  The odor of sex filling the room.  Her ankles securily cuffed and chained to the bed and her hands held tight by steel handcuffs locked solidly to the headboard.  Her body stretched tight and waiting for his hands, his lips and tongue, his invading organ to consume her.

I feel myself getting wetter but then suddenly I hear a motor.  My lover is here.  The car door slams and a moment later the back door to the kitchen is opened.  Hesitation.   I hear something that sounds like a paper bag being crushed and maybe the refrigerator door opening and closing.

Footsteps coming down the hall.  I turn my head toward the door.  He is here.  He sees me!  I can’t hear anything.  Did he stop breathing?  Nothing is happening.  But then his fingers touch my hair and tears well up in my eyes.  He kisses my forehead and then my nipples working his way over my body and whispers “You're beautiful!”

To be continued...


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