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by sin_dy

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Picture yourself standing with your legs far apart and your arms being pulled up over your head so that your whole body is taunt as a bow string.  I was day dreaming this and becoming more and more excited at the thought of really doing such a thing.  That night I fell asleep working out all the details in my mind as my fingers instinctively caressed myself.

The first thing I did the next morning was to fill my ice-pipe with water and put it in the freezer.  Let me explain about the "ice-pipe".  First of all, I have 2 ice-pipes. A small one which gives me about 2 hours in bondage and a large one that lasts about 5 to 6 hours.  To make one of these, take a plastic PVC pipe, like the kind plumbers use, and glue a pipe cap on one end and glue on a reducer cap on the other end.  Then drill a hole in the solid cap end and put an eye-bolt there.  Now to make it all work, simply drop in a short piece of chain in the reducer hole, letting a link or two stick out.  Fill the whole thing with water and stick in the freezer.

Now when you are ready to use the ice-pipe, just attach a chain or rope to the eye-bolt to secure it up out of reach and fasten your bondage chains or key ring or whatever to the exposed chain links sticking out of the ice.  You have to wait for the ice to turn to slush before the short chain will pop free of the pipe.  The reducer keeps the whole chunk of ice from slipping out.  I hope this makes sense.  But now back to my planned adventure.

The next day, while at work, my thoughts kept drifting to what I was going to do when I got home.  It seemed like the day would drag on forever, but finally I was home.  Going directly to my toy box, I took out a pair of handcuffs, penis gag harness, leather ankle cuffs, chains, a long rope, clothes pins, locks, rope-ratchet, my little butterfly vibrator and my keys.

If your not familiar with a rope-ratchet, let me explain it's purpose.  By the way, I bought mine at a Home Depot store and selected the one with quarter inch rope.  The ratchet comes with 15 to 20 feet of nylon rope attached that goes through it in only one direction.  You cannot pull it back once it goes through.  A little release button allows you to back up the rope to reset everything.  Also it has a hook on it to hang it from an eye-bolt (how convenient).

I took everything to the barn.  I found all the other things I needed laying about my Dad's old work bench and on the various shelves in the barn shop.

Climbing to the loft, I installed 2 screw-in eye-bolts in a beam high above the barn floor.  Fastening the rope ratchet to one eye-bolt, I laid out the ratchet rope towards the other eye-bolt, some 30 feet away.  I took a length of rope and threaded it through the binder strings on 2 bales of hay.  I worked the bales over to the edge of the loft so that if one toppled over the edge they would both go down.  I tied the other end of the rope to the little short rope sticking out from the rope ratchet.

Going over to the unused screw-in eye-bolt, I threaded one end of the long rope through it and let a loop dangle down towards the barn floor.  I tied off the end of the rope to a board near the eye-bolt and took the rest of the long rope from the eye-bolt and layed it out towards the nylon rope coming from the rope-ratchet.

I know this sounds complicated, so I will say it another way.  When I fasten my ice-pipe between the ratchet rope and the long rope and I am cuffed and the cuffs are held up by the rope loop, I will be stuck.  Stuck until the ice melts to release the long rope.  And if the hay bales should fall, I will be jerked up with my hands over my head and my body pulled tight!

To make this happen, I tied a cord to the first hay bale and dropped the end of the cord down to the barn floor.  I know this all seems technical but I am not done yet.  Climbing back down the loft ladder, I proceeded to install another screw-in eye-bolt in on one of the barns support posts.  I sat a heavy sledge hammer near the post.  I'll bet you can't figure out it's use.

I laid an old extension ladder down, right directly under the loop of rope from above.  One last thing to do.  I fastened a string to each of the clothes pins, making sure it was long enough to reach the support post.  Now everything was ready so back to the house.

I stripped completely naked and put on my highest heels.  I made sure they would stay on by tieing a bright pink ribbon under the heels and then around my ankles.  Going to the freezer, I took out the ice-pipe and a tray full of ice cubes and hurriedly returned to the barn.  Opening my mouth as wide as I could I inserted the penis gag and fastened the attached harness around my head and under my chin.  Then I stepped into the elastic band that holds my butterfly vib in place.

I climbed the ladder and tied the ice-pipe between the long rope and the ratchet rope.  Back on ground level, I dumped the ice cubes into a knee-high stocking and inserted it through the eye-bolt in the support post.  I tied a knot in the stocking along with a short cord and the cord hanging down from the hay bales and the strings to the clothes pins.  I lifted up the sledge hammer and attached the short cord to it.

The idea here is... when the ice cubes melt, the heavy hammer will suddenly drop and will pull the hay bales down and at the same time jerk the clothes pins off my nipples.  The bales will pull the nylon rope through the ratchet pulling on the long rope and pulling up on the rope loop and pull me up with it.

Now I step directly under the loop of rope hanging down from above.  I fasten the leather ankle cuffs on and with my ankles far apart, I padlock the chains that I put around the ladder rungs to my ankle cuffs.  All my keys are on a cord around my neck and can be reached later when I have slack in the loop of rope.

By this time I am so worked up that I realize I forgot my handcuffs and had to unlock my ankles and get the cuffs.  This time I locked one cuff on my left wrist and temporarily clipped the clothes pins to my key necklace.  Now once again I locked up my ankles.  I turn on the little battery pack to my vibrator and adjust everything to my advantage.  Breathing hard now, I clamp a clothes pin on each of my swollen nipples.  Ouch!  That feels sooo good.  I reach up and quickly close the cuff around my right wrist.

By this time it was getting dark out and the inside of the barn was even darker.  I tugged down on the rope and certainly had a little slack for now.  I found myself readjusting my standing position to try and get more comfortable in my high heels.  My excitement grew as I thought about  the ice cubes melting and not knowing when the stocking would be pulled through the eye-bolt ring.  My nipples were numb by now.  I waited and waited in the total darkness.  I tried to pull my hands down far enough to grab the cord around my neck holding the keys.  I couldn't quite do it.  I couldn't raise up because of the chains from the ladder holding my ankle cuffs.

Suddenly I heard a combination of noises!  Ow!  Oh my God! OOOO!  And I was yanked taunt as I heard the rope ratchet go through a long series of clicks.  I instinctively held on to the loop of rope.  It felt like I was being pulled up with a hundred pounds of force.  My toes were just bearly touching the floor. I felt so out of control, so helpless.  I also felt the pain in my nipples as the circulation returned.

The orgasm hit me hard.  I shook and shuddered and mistakenly let go of the rope between my cuffs.  Big mistake!  A few more clicks from the rope ratchet and I was stretched even tighter.  Now the steel cuffs dug into my wrists causing additional pain.  I hurt all over, from my ankles to my fingers.  Any little bit of slack was immediately taken up by the weight of the bales and the rope ratchet wasn't giving any of it back.

Another orgasm hit me and then I cried from the pain.  I just hung there in the quiet darkness going numb.  I heard another click but didn't feel any movement.  As quick as I was first jerked taunt, I suddenly fell to the floor, only to experience the pain from the ladder but thankfull to be free from the pain in my wrists.

I laid there a long time.  Finally I touched and rubbed myself to another orgasm before unlocking my ankles and handcuffs.  Removing my penis gag, I know I must have smiled from the satisfaction of doing something about my day dream that I had only yesterday.


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