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Simply Stuck

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; hogtie; nipple; toys; insert; gag; collar; stuck; torment; caught; M/f; denial; cons; X

A simple rope tie sounded perfect for her mood, she had thought, He’ll be home in a few hours that should give me plenty of time to enjoy myself. It wasn’t that Lori didn’t get tied up by Jim, it was the lure of being captive by her own hand and unable to stop her captivity until her selected release allowed it. The idea of being truly helpless and alone appealed to Lori, she always knew Jim would release her and always knew she would be safe with him around so eliminating those assurances excited her.

A single ice cube in a stocking would hold her for about an hour, and in the strict hogtie she had planned that would be long enough. It wasn’t just the tie it was the torments she had planned that would make her wish for the ice to melt quicker. Lori bound her legs extremely tight together knowing that when she folded them over they would be crushed together even more making the tie turn painful quickly. She had already tied a rope body harness around her breasts squeezing them tightly above and below with the wide bands of rope.

The nipple clamp/stretchers had been tightened until her eyes were watering and with the heavy chain pulling on them had made the walk to get the ice uncomfortable. Now that her legs were bound she looked up at the ice holding her cutters so close to the ceiling and smiled as she forced the large ball behind her teeth and buckled the strap tightly. The posture collar she had been wearing since yesterday had been tightened slightly earlier but when she stretched her mouth open it suddenly felt much tighter. Lori had wrapped another wide band of rope around her tiny waist. Before tying her legs together she had filled both her holes with large vibrating plugs then pulled the dangling rope between her legs looping it front to back four times before cinching it deep into her damp pussy and tying it off.

Now she sat on the floor looking at the rope coming from between her knees that she had tied to the bed frame. She knew how risky it was to tie herself to a fixed object but she wanted the extra thrill. Taking the ends of the ropes she had tied around her arms just above her elbows she crossed them over her chest twice before beginning to pull and tug at it while she twisted and flexed drawing her elbows closer together. Lori grunted and moaned around the large ball in her mouth as she continued to struggle with her arm bindings sighing deeply when she felt them touch behind her back. Lori pulled the ends tight in front of her tying them off then to the front of the belt of rope around her waist.

Lori went through her mental check list noting where each knot had been tied making sure none of them would be accessible once her hands were bound behind her. Happy with her work so far she twisted her body easing herself onto her folded legs giggling as the tight ropes around her legs were keeping her body lifted slightly and sat wiggling as she slowly sank down until her ankles touched her thighs. She could feel the ropes biting into the skin on her legs and tried to reach around to feel them but the tight elbow tie kept her from reaching even her upper thighs.

Lori leaned back and looked up at the ice and began wishing she had put another cube in the stocking as she reached for the rope loop waiting for her on the floor. She had wrapped six strands of the rope into loops that she could just wiggle her hands through, the short rope attached to her ankle tie would be the cinch knot. She had tied the cinch rope to the leg of the bed leaving a long tail so that once she leaned forward it would not only pull the ropes around her wrists tight it would draw her wrists closer to her ankles. She had tested it before and found the extra tension delicious and would be using it for the first time fully bound today. Once her wrists and ankles were pulled together the self locking knot at her ankles would keep everything tight and out of reach and she would just need to pull on the long tail to release the cinch rope from the bed.

Lori stretched and fought the coils over her hands making sure the cinch rope stayed in between her wrists until the coils were down past her hands. Lori took some time to smooth the ropes out leaving her with a nice band of rope around her wrists ready to be tightened up. Looking up at the ice again she swore she could tell it was smaller already and quickly leaned forward over her knees. This immediately pulled her wrists close together but when she pushed forward so her body moved past her knees the weight of her own body pulled the cinch rope exceptionally tight.  

Lori was moaning as her bodies weight came down on her pinched and stretched nipples and quickly pushed more forward with her knees desperately trying to be able to get some of her weight off them. This moved her body much further than in her tests pulling even harder on the cinch rope causing it to draw her wrists under her ankles leaving her in a severe arch. Lori lay gasping from the pain in her nipples until realizing how wonderfully tight her hogtie was and began pulling and yanking on the tight ropes.

Wiggling towards the leg of the bed she found she could barely move an inch and struggled to reach the tail of the cinch rope and pull it free allowing her slightly more room to maneuver. Now with her arms free from the bed Lori rolled to her side to let her nipple pain ease while she waited for the vibrators to come on and begin her real torture. Lori had set both for max vibration and movement knowing that long before she could climax they would become painful and she would be tortured ruthlessly until she could lower the settings and really enjoy her pent up sexual frustration. Lori twisted her bound body looking up at the ice again and grunting at the fact that the cube was almost through the ring and wondered how long she could keep herself from getting the cutters and releasing her bonds once they dropped.  

Lori knew that as soon as she became uncomfortable if she had a release available she would use it and now cursed herself for not using more ice. A loud squeal come from behind the gag when the vibrations started, Lori hummed loudly as she was aroused further by them. A few minutes later Lori was bucking and grunting as the vibrations from the two large phalluses were already starting to hurt her. Smiling behind the gag she had quickly figured out that the tight leg bindings had squeezed them even more making her sensitive pussy and ass clench even tighter on the plugs. Lori had been totally helpless for less than twenty minutes and her legs, nipples and now her ass and pussy were already becoming painful.

With each gasping breath the pain in her tits increased making her whine, the tight ropes around her legs had cut off the circulation and they had turned a dark red and were throbbing. Lori knew she would have to wiggle her way to her release on her stomach because the cutters would be lowered to just above her hands. She had purposely planned for them to dangle just above her forcing her to stretch up to be able to reach them crushing her nipples under her. Lori whined loudly when her nipples touched the floor then realized it wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be. What she didn’t know yet was because she was in such a tight arch most of her body weight was on her hips and upper thighs easing the pressure on her nipples.

Lori grunted and twisted desperately trying to move her expertly bound body towards where the cutters should be hanging. She could no longer look up since the tall collar held her head and neck so firmly so she guessed about where they should be and moved towards the spot. For thirty minutes Lori struggled, twisting and grunting as she found she had bound herself too well and could barely move at all. Feeling the rope tied to her knees and the bed tighten Lori figured she was in the right spot and stopped struggling and went limp in her bonds while she caught her breath.

The vibrators and the heavy chain of the clamps were making her more uncomfortable while driving her to struggle harder. Lori twisted and pulled against the rope enjoying the feeling of being held still by it with the knowledge she couldn’t remove it even if she wanted to. She pulled and yanked like a dog on a lead for several minutes until everything became too painful and she rolled to her side and tried to look up at her release. 

Twisting and turning she could see the cutters were hanging almost directly over her and grunted as she forced her body to roll onto her stomach again. As soon as she had rolled over Lori screamed from behind the gag as she realized what it meant that her hands were tied tightly under her ankles. Now not only could she not reach around them to grab the cutters she couldn’t even raise herself up high enough to grab them! Lori struggled fruitlessly for several minutes stopping to catch her breath and try to calm herself down. After calming her panicked mind she thought “I just pull my legs under me and use my knees to get high enough to grab the cutters”.

Lori pulled her knees towards her chest only to feel her body being pulled backwards as the rope connected to the bed pulled taunt. The dragging motion pulled roughly on her nipples as she raised her body upwards using her knees and head to support herself. Whining Lori continued fighting the anchor rope until she was on her knees and forehead only and began searching frantically with her pinioned hands. As Lori gasped from the exertion of holding herself up she felt something touching her upper arms and after not finding the cutters she collapsed with a grunt back onto her stomach again then rolled onto her side. Lori was really getting frustrated now as the aches and pains started to ruin even the eroticism of her predicament but when she forced her head to look up she couldn’t figure out how the cutters were now hanging almost over her shoulders.

Lori laid thinking about how she had moved so far backwards and slowly struggled until the anchor rope pulled taunt again when she realized it had been what had pulled her back and with it attached she wasn’t going to be able to reach the cutters. Lori whined loudly as she kicked her folded legs and thrashed back and forth. The thought of getting herself stuck and being found by Jim and the punishment she would receive for not only her self bondage but her using a gag and anchoring herself to something  would be severe and lengthy.  Lori struggled until she was out of breath again then lay quietly desperately trying to think of a way out of this spot. She had not used a back up release because “Ice always melts” and she had never had an issue before.

Having only been caught doing self bondage by choice wanting the punishments it would bring now she was scared she had gone too far and might be damaged by the time Jim gets home. Lori twisted and turned her body so she could see the anchor rope. An idea of untying it so she could stretch up and grab the cutters had popped into her head. When she had turned far enough she could see the only way she might reach the anchor ropes knot was if she could get to her bound knees and then maybe she could reach the knot. Lori had no other ideas and was quickly running out of time so she struggled to get near enough to the side of the bed so she could enact her plan of escape.

Twisting her body on her right side until she had her back to the bedpost Lori started raising herself again until she was teetering on her knees and fore head. It took great effort for her to force her ass upwards and once she was at the limits of the ropes she found she could not bend far enough to force herself back onto her folded legs. Whining loudly at the thought of dragging her tortured nipples across the carpet again she tried to roll sideways to avoid the extra pain. With all her frustration and distractions Lori had not paid attention to the anchor rope that was now on the far side on her bound knees. Lori rolled onto her side wrapping the anchor rope around her thighs and across her bound forearms. Lying on her side panting she shifted her position further away from the bed her movements causing the anchor rope to slip in between her wrists and ankles.

Lori was almost in tears from the painful vibrations and her building frustration of getting herself stuck in a simple rope hogtie. After a few minutes she twisted and rolled closer to the bed frame on top of her pinioned arms. Lori lay looking up at the ceiling as the collar dug into the bottom of her chin making breathing more difficult desperately trying to figure out what to do. Her blue eyes were darting around when she thought “If I could raise my head high enough to use the bed frame for additional lift I might be able to get to my knees”. With that thought in mind she rolled onto her left side pulling the anchor rope up and over her thighs. The anchor rope had not pulled tight yet so she still had no idea she was accidentally tying herself tightly to the bedpost.

Lori was now facing the bed frame and stretched her head up resting it on the thin edge of the rail and tried to raise herself up to her knees again. Lori pulled her knees forward and slowly lifted herself off the floor pulling on the anchor rope as she did. Grunting and sweating profusely she twisted her body until her feet were pointing upwards and continued dragging her knees forwards. When she felt her knees were under her far enough she flexed back and used her head to throw herself up onto her bound knees still held in the tight arch. Lori could feel her body’s weight shifting and knew she was going to topple over and tried to twist and grab the bedpost in between her feet hoping it would stabilize her.

As her body turned atop her welded together knees her foot bumped the bedpost nudging her off center. With her momentum out of control Lori continued to twist now trying to land on her shoulder instead of her tortured nipples and squealed loudly as she felt her body falling. The twisting motion had now wrapped the anchor rope around and back under her ankles and when she fell to her side tightened up the anchor rope around her. When the anchor rope pulled tight Lori’s helpless body was twisted back and she was forced to end up face down. With the rope holding her thighs up slightly off the floor her full body weight was applied to her breasts and caused Lori to struggle frantically to ease the suddenly increased pain.

Lori was grunting and whining as she tried to lift her torture breasts off the floor wiggling and twisting on the end of the anchor rope. Each movement Lori made caused the anchor rope to slip towards her knees pulling harder on her bound wrists and increasing her enforced arch. Lori was panicking as she fought the ropes holding her desperately trying to figure out why she couldn’t move away from the bed or roll over. When the anchor rope around her thighs had tightened itself enough Lori could feel it digging into her skin and stopped struggling so she could try to figure out what had happened. Lori flexed her leg muscles and made herself bounce on the rope as she confirmed to herself that she was hanging by the anchor rope that she had inadvertently wrapped around her thighs and ankles and was now keeping her hips from supporting her body’s weight.

As the pain from the single rope holding so much of her weight increased Lori had given up freeing herself. Her legs and hands were now too numb to even begin to help her figure out where and how they were trapped. Since she could not turn her head to see the tangled ropes she accepted her fate and relaxed hoping Jim would be home soon and free her and was ready to accept any punishment just as long as he freed her from this tortuous position.

The vibrations were helping distract her from the ever increasing pain in her breasts and nipples and had started to feel good making her moan as she hung helpless to stop her limbs from going numb. Lori’s body was starting to instinctively grind and pump her hips as her arousal grew and she felt the orgasm getting closer when suddenly the vibrations stopped. Lori twisted and whined loudly fighting to try and keep the erotic feelings and push herself over the edge when she heard Jim say “Exactly what were you thinking?”          

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