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The Silent Intruder

by Robert Kingsley

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© Copyright 2003 - Robert Kingsley - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; leather; harness; hood; gag; chain; cuffs; caught; F/m; tease; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Thursday afternoon.

Sunlight filtered through the almost closed window blinds into the quiet sleeping room. The bed was wide and inviting, the satin sheets glistening in the few rays of sun that managed to sneak in. He stood totally naked in the middle of the room, his clothes in a neat bundle on the chair next to the dresser. Bending over he picked up a leather body harness. It felt cool and stiff in his hands as he started to put in on, looping the straps over his shoulders and closing them behind his back. The crotch strap had a steel ring in it through which his cock and balls went; he pulled it tight up behind his back and closed it. Then he closed the cuffs around his ankles and locked them together. 

He shuffled towards the bed and sat down. The feel of the satin sheets against his naked and bound body aroused him and his erection became almost painful as it strained against the steel ring encircling his genitals. He swung his feet onto the bed and, bending over, hooked a chain to the ankle cuffs. Then he lay back on the cool sheet and breathed deeply, trying to calm down.

A black leather hood came next. He pulled it over his head and fastened the chinstrap behind his neck. He breathed deeply once more and then put a ball gag in his mouth. He now was blindfolded and gagged and the set-up was nearly complete. Fumbling behind him he found the other part of the chain. It went through the ring at the crown of the hood and then through the back collar ring of the harness. He looped it back and tightened the chain, hooking it onto itself way above his head. Then, after hesitating a bit, he closed a handcuff around his left wrist, pulled the short chain through a strap of the harness and closed the second cuff around his right wrist.

He was trapped.

The chain checked every move he made. Raising his head or feet was impossible. His wrists were locked behind his back in steel handcuffs and leather straps bound his body. Mechanics governed his only escape, a key hooked up to an alarm clock upon the dresser. As soon as the hour hand would reach 4 PM the key would slip off and swing on a string against his hips. By turning on his side he would be able to grasp the key and unlock the cuffs.

But that would take at least another hour.

He lay back in his bonds, enjoying the feeling and wriggling a little bit. The helplessness aroused him and his erection stood upright like a flagpole. He could try to turn on his belly. Then he would be able to press his cock against the bed and soon would have a relieving orgasm. But he decided to wait and enjoy the bondage feeling.

His mind drifted back to some months ago when he and his wife had had one of their rare talks about their sexlife. Their 14-year marriage had been a good but dull one and lately she had not been too keen on having sex at all. When they went to bed during the week she just turned over and fell asleep. And on the rare Sunday mornings, when they did make love, it was always in the same boring position. He had felt something was lacking and that they needed something to spice it up. But what?

A few days later purely by accident he had parked downtown in front of a sex-shop. The collection of bondage paraphernalia in the shop-window caught his eye and he had been unable to walk away. Instead, he went inside. He discovered that there were small video cubicles where you could choose a sampler of a longer movie available on DVD or for VCR. Almost in a trance he punched the combination for a BDSM selection.

When he came out of the cubicle he went through the shop and bought a lot of stuff. Body harness, cuffs, hood, gag, garter belt and stockings. And of course the DVD. 

Then he went home.

It had been a disaster.

His wife took just one horrified look at the bondage gear, and when he showed her the cover of the DVD she had left the living room shouting that he was a pervert and she wanted none of this. So he had melancholically dumped it all in a big cardboard box, which he put out of sight on a high shelf in the garage. The relationship between him and his wife was somewhat strained for the next few days, but it soon turned normal again.

Then one day, while he was home and his wife was working late, he took the box to the sleeping room and started experimenting with self-bondage. He had visited a number of websites and had a good idea how to go about it. The feeling of being bound and helpless really excited him. He felt his restraints so intense as if his senses were magnifying everything. As a result his erection was actually bigger than he had been the last few years. So, whenever his wife was away and would not return soon, he bound and gagged himself. He was getting quite good at it…

He turned his head and the chain jingled a little bit. 

He always lost track of time when he was bound and in the hood. How late would it be? Did he hear the faint scraping noise that preceded the release of the key? 

No, it was something else. 


He heard the faint creak of the hinges and he turned his head automatically toward the sound. But the hood prevented him from seeing anything. He lay tense on the bed, all senses straining to detect sound or movement. Then he clearly heard footsteps, slowly but surely approaching the bed. His heart jumped and in a panic he tried to get up and away. But the chain pinned him down.

Without warning, a leather-clad hand encircled his cock in a tight grip. His hips jumped up in a reflex and he tried to roll over but the hand firmly pulled him back. Then it slowly slid up and down his suddenly very hard cock while a second hand played with his balls. He moaned and tried to free his hands from the steel embrace of the handcuffs but they held his wrists in an iron grip.  ‘Who are you? What are you doing?’  He tried to yell but the gag would not let him. And the moans were met with absolute silence, only broken by the swishing sound of the hand jerking his cock off and the tinkle of the chains to his collar and feet.

His body began to move rhythmically with the movements of the hand on his cock and he felt a momentous orgasm building up. Then suddenly, the hand was gone. 

‘Nooo!’ he cried and tried to move his body to find the hand again.

Then he suddenly felt a pressure on the bed and before he could react he felt a warm, wet pussy sliding down over his swollen cock. He was being fucked, hard and fierce, the pussy slamming down on his belly and engulfing his cock up to the balls. A pair of breasts swished across his chest, nipples touching his nipples. He moaned and wrestled and finally came in a shuddering orgasm, while his bound legs jerked at the chain. The pressure lifted from the bed and he heard the footsteps leaving the room, closing the door behind them. After some time the key slapped against his hip and with a struggle he managed to free himself of the cuffs and the hood.

There was no trace of the intruder…

The next few days he could not put the incident out of his thoughts. It turned him on every time he thought about it. He could almost feel the warm moist pussy sliding over his swollen cock. No way to fake the wetness left behind. It had been a woman.

‘Who was it? Why did she do it?’   .

If he bound himself again, would she come again? 

And how could he find out who it was? 

He had searched the whole house but had not found a single clue about the identity of the intruder. The scary part was that all the doors had been locked and the windows closed…

The next time he went into self-bondage he set a trap. 

He loaded his Sony Handycam with a 90-minute tape. A strip of black masking tape prevented the red pilot light to show and he then carefully hid it between books on the bedroom bookshelf. Quietly he donned the body harness, hood, gag and cuffs again and hooked himself to the bed. Just before he closed the cuffs he started the camera and dropped the remote control behind the bed. With a wildly bouncing heart he snapped the cuffs shut and he lay trapped, just like the last time. 

After what seemed a very long time he heard the door creak as it was quietly opened. The sharp tap of stiletto heels on the bedroom floor inexorably approached the bed. His erection grew very hard as he expected the hand to grip his cock again. Just when he raised his hips a bit, two steel clamps unexpectedly bit his exposed nipples. He moaned and tried to escape but the clamps were attached to chains and the chains were held tight. Every move he made was now a torture as the intruder pulled the chains and the serrated clamps tugged at his nipples.

His cock slid up and down between a pair of breasts, but just before he climaxed the breasts disappeared. He moaned and tugged at his restraints but the torture went on until finally a warm, wet pussy slid over his swollen cock and he was fucked mercilessly until he came in a wild and screaming orgasm and lay spent on the bed.

It took somewhat longer this time to free himself. He sat up, gingerly touching his painful nipples and slowly put on a bathrobe. Then he retrieved the camcorder. It took only a few minutes to hook it up to the wide screen TV in the living room, rewind the tape and start it. The picture came on, clear and sharp. He saw himself in the bondage gear fastened to the bed and heard the snaps of the cuffs being shut. Then nothing happened for some time. 

Suddenly a figure crossed the room and bent over the prostrate form on the bed. He only saw the back, but saw that it was undeniably a woman, clad in an under slung bra, garter belt, black nylons and high heeled pumps. And she wore no slip or panties. She quickly snapped something shut, then stood erect again, tugging at the chains attached to the nipple clamps. Then she knelt on the bed, straddling the prostrate body and pushing the cock between her tits while she still pulled the chains. Her hair fell down over her face and he still could not see who she was. 

The sights and sounds and the view of his struggle against the bonds excited him again so he almost unconsciously started to masturbate, climaxing again when the woman rode the form on the bed into a frenzied orgasm.

Then she rose.

And while she walked away she looked straight into the camera lens as she tossed her hair back with a flick of the head. 
He gasped and froze.


© 2002  Robert Kingsley – All Rights Reserved -


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