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Short Chained

by Alatari Yassavi

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© Copyright 2013 - Alatari Yassavi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; chast; toys; insert; boots; collar; cuffs; gag; chain; outdoors; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, which is probably how I ended up in my current predicament. More on that in a minute. My day started off like most of the others, wake up, shower, get dressed, go to work, come home, eat and go to bed. I have been living this super exciting life for the better part of 4 years. Ever since I graduated from college. That is how most would see me, busy worker ant. However, on my time, I am a complete submissive bondage whore. Not to anyone, I have not found a guy that is willing to tie me as tight as I want. So I almost always go solo, using the tried and true ice release. I am not bad looking I don’t think, raven black hair, blue eyes, a modest B cup. Slender waist when not in a corset, at around 18”. When I do wear a corset, which is most of the time, I have a shapely 14” waist. I love high heels of all kinds and wear them all the time. 5 or 6 inch heels are the norm.

After a particularly grueling Thursday at work, my boss told me to take Friday off to recoup and be ready to hit it hard on Monday! So excited! The first thing that popped into my head was I now have 3 days to play. Feeling the moisture start to build just thinking about it, I sprinted into my car and drove home. After a long hot bath and shaving my entire body, I hopped out and ran to my room. Oh the possibilities!

The first thing I grab is my heavy duty chastity belt, as I would not want to end the fun before it even begins. Before I close it, I slipped in one of my bullet vibrators on a timer. Click! Now there is no way for me to get this belt off until I go to my mail box that has the key in one of those hide a key magnets in the far back. After I settle down from the thrill of most being able to touch myself I go grab my heavily steel boned corset, having worn these for a long time, lacing it and pulling it tight is not a problem. This particular one has a lace cover that I have slightly modified so I can lock.

Next I put on my ballet boots, I love these things, they have a closure that allows me to lock them on, which of course I do. It is a little tough with the corset on, but I manage. Having practiced in these on many occasions I can walk in them with little problem, but not for extended periods of time. Next comes the shackles with a short 4” chain. Can't have too much mobility can I? After this I pull out my heavy chain that is only about 3 feet long and lock one end to the middle of my shackles, the other end I keep loose. Only a little more to do, as I think about what is to come my hands slowly slip down to my pulsing, aching, dripping slit, only to be stopped cold by and unforgiving piece of metal… damn. Well I guess I have no choice but to carry on.

I place a stout 3” posture collar around my neck that has a O-ring on the front. After pulling it tight I lock this in place. I can no longer look down or move my head. Feeling around I find my harness gag and pop it in and tighten it down. This effectively not only silences my but takes any movement from my head away. Having hung my ice with keys in it I reach down and grab the loose end of chain and lock it onto my collar, forcing me to bend at the waist.

Last but not least I grab my police issue hinged handcuffs, These this are as real as it gets. They can not be picked or broken, then need the key to open, and that key is in the ice, hanging from a tree in my back yard. I lock them into the middle of the chain connecting my neck and my ankles. Click goes the left cuff, I look around and make sure everything is good and click the right one. So I am now hobbled, corseted, bent, booted, belted and gagged. My only means of escape is down stairs, outside, in a tree. No sooner had I closed my cuff, the vibrator turns on, but being the torture lover I am, it is not high enough to actually get me off. Oh no, it is high enough to keep me just on the edge, and nothing more.

I try to twist my hand to get to my pulsing pussy, no chance. I have to get to the tree to get the keys! So I stand up and immediately find a mistake in my thinking. The chain is a lot shorter than I thought. This is going to be a long trip. As I shuffle along my nipples are rubbing in the half cups of the corset, the corset is making it hard to breath as I am bent over causing it to squeeze my lungs just a little more.

As I reach the stairs I realize another problem, ballet boots are hard to walk down stairs in the most ideal situation. This, is not the most ideal situation. So I sit and take it one step at a time and butt bump my way down. I am halfway down when I feel an orgasm building. I start rubbing my butt against the stair trying to get anything to transfer to my yearning love hole. Panting I feel it is almost there, then all of a sudden the damn bullet turns off DAMN IT!

Well time to continue on. Finally making it to the main level I need a rest, the descent took a lot more out of me than I thought. In addition my poor toes are starting to hurt from the boots. After a short rest I look outside and see that it is dark out which is perfect, however it is also pouring down rain! This is not good, the tree is on the other side the yard which was just had new sod put in last week. Great so walking out there is going to be tough. As I open the door I notice there is a nice stream running between me and freedom… well in for a penny.

Starting my trek over the vibrator starts again…yay. Shuffling to the tree my toe catches on a loose corner of sod and I loose my balance. I try to catch myself but there is nothing I can do. Landing on my shoulder I roll a little getting a nice covering of mud all over me. The vibe is doing its job. I am in a frenzy! I twist my arm around and try and grab, move, shake, anything on my chastity belt to push me over the edge. I am so close, if I can only get a little more stimulation, then it turns off. Leaving me in a frustrated pile of mud! I let out a primal scream, that more or less came out as a quiet MMMMmmm. Damn gag.

After I right myself, the journey to the key continues. As my head is held at such a rigid angle I have to stop and look to see if I am still on course. Luckily I am and reach the tree after a mere 2 hours of shuffling since I locked myself into this fun. Looking up as best I can, I realize another mistake I made… how am I going to get to the key that is hanging in the tree at what would have been chest level? When my hands are 2 feet off the ground!!

Just then that damn vibrator decides to turn on! I am truly trapped, no one knows I am here, much less that I am tied and stuck. Falling to my knees, with an orgasm building, I try desperately to get any kind of stimulation, grabbing the waist band of the belt I start shaking it, I feel a little rub and hope that that is enough. Thinking about how screwed I am, I am just about there, so close, then the damn vibe shuts off!! Nothing! I lean back in the rain, at the base of my freedom tree and cry. My feet are killing me, my jaw is sore, my ribs hurt from being crushed and I am soaking wet and trapped, by my own hand.

This is not how I am going to go out! I have to do something! So I struggle to my feet and look around as best I can. Seeing my shed I notice a rake leaning against it. That has to work. I shuffle over on my poor aching feet, as I reach it I have to take a short break to rest, then I make my way back over to the tree. Using the rake, I start to swat at my freedom. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the tines grab onto the string, and I gently pull. It gives and my key is on the rake.

As I slowly bring it to me, that damn vibrator comes to life, albeit a little less powerful as the batteries have mercifully started to die. Not enough to not be a problem. As the orgasm starts to build I do everything I can to hold the rake with my freedom on it. I am on the very cusp of orgasm and the vibe shuts off. I yell into my gag once more, this has been the longest session I have ever done and the most frustrated I have ever been.

That is when I notice the rake I have tried to hold on to is not longer in my hand! Oh no! Frantically looking around I find that is was not far, and in my first bout of good luck the key is still on it. So I grab the key and quickly unlock my wrists and ankle shackles. Luckily they are keyed the same. I stretch out for the first time in what seems like days. Then that pesky vibe starts again! I go crazy clawing at the belt, trying desperately to get off, so close… just one more second… then I feel the batteries die as the vibrator slowly goes quiet. I start pound on the belt in frustration! Nothing, not even a spasm.

I get up and start my walk back to the house, and my feet let their unhappiness known. I am in agony, my toes feel like they are on fire. Making it to the house I open the door and stumble back upstairs. Unlocking the collar and gag I rip them off and massage my aching jaw. Looking at the clock I have been in this get up for 7 hours. No wonder I am in such pain. Next off is the corset, that takes a little while to get used to the mobility and air again. Then I take off my boots and massage my poor feet. I throw on a t-shirt and sweats and run to the mailbox! I need to get out of this belt!!

Finding the key I sprint back to the house and run upstairs, jump on the bed and unlock this prison. As soon as I got it off I threw it and the vibrator across the room. Grabbing my magic wand, I immediately brought myself to multiple well deserved orgasms!

I must have passed out as I woke up with the wand still in my hand. The is was just the first day of my weekend… what can I do to keep up this buzz that I have!

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