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Shelley’s Silly Saturday

by Wingco

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Dateline 21st May 2008.

Shelley grinned as the casket top eased down under her fingers. Hearing the click of the camera timer every few seconds as another photo was added to the storyboard. The first time one of her bondage stories written for Gromet’s site would have real pictures to go with it.

Mike was sure going to be impressed she’d shot a lot of it by herself rather than waiting until tomorrow as they’d intended. With him arriving over the other side of town in his boss’ yard, then due home by seven PM she’d have time to edit a few of the better ones before they sat down to watch the European Cup Final. 

Their chicken salad was ready alongside the beer in the fridge, housework and all her normal workstuff up to date so she knew he’d be pleased. Mike knew his wife, though a ‘work-from-home’ lassie, never slacked off when he was away driving around Europe. 

She’d certainly been busy earlier in the afternoon getting ready…

Looking at herself in the bedroom mirror after a bath and hairwash, pleased that at thirty-six she was ‘ageing well’ as he’d say. Nothing sagging… yet. The gym sessions on the garage rowing machine and cross-trainer kept Shelley well toned, plus of course ‘there’s always that special exercise’ when he was home. A smile thinking if her beloved Man United won tonight she’d have to be extra nice to him as he supported Chelsea! The first time they’d met in a final for years and the first ever All-English European match.

So having applied her lingerie, letting the camera take a photo of her standing there, hands on hips, that cheeky grin as she posed in her ‘bridal best’. “Wonder if he’ll keep a copy of this on his cellphone” she’d chuckled before reaching for the dress. 

Her exercise routine and careful diet allowed Shelley to still fit into her wedding gown fourteen years after that magical day. As it was unlikely to be handed down to another generation she used this as a template once a year to prove to herself that her body wasn’t getting out of order. She detested scales and hadn’t weighed herself since a hospital visit two years ago. A most private thing knowing that for any lady, so if Shelley could fit in this, then that was enough to satisfy her mind. 

Today was another good day as she stepped into the gown, wriggling down into it, reaching underneath sorting out the petticoats. Then she flipped the front up and got her arms into the sleeves and eased the thing over her shoulders.

Though Shelley’s writings often included bridalwear, it was still a thrill for her to wear one for real and today was no exception as it was zipped to her neck. Mother had been so proud seeing her daughter in this but she’d probably have frowned seeing what the lass planned to do next as she wriggled her feet into the shoes. Least these didn’t have straps and Shell could easily get out of them unlike Charlotte Warren and Rosita Wright, the girls whose poses she was recreating today.

That had involved being bound wrist and ankle then locked into a casket. One of which was now sitting in the double garage of their Boston home. Quite where Mike had bought it she didn’t know, nor care as they’d discussed this idea last weekend before he’d gone to Paris. He could shoot her against a sheet hanging from the roof then superimpose the cavern wall behind her. “PhotoShop’s a damn good thing,” he’d grinned. That she’d got the material sorted and mounted would surely impress him when he got back from work.

More sheeting was laid on the floor for the same reason. “The camera never lies eh?” she’d laughed to herself laying it out before getting dressed. Now she swished from bedroom to garage, managing not to trip up coming downstairs.

She grabbed a box from the shelf and laid out the restraints bought at the same time from somewhere in Germany according to the paperwork. They were certainly heavy enough and the time she’d tested then still made her shudder. There were keys but also the cuffs had a ‘quick release button along one side for self-bondage users. If you used the keys as well though, the buttons would not work. Sensibly Mike had confiscated those before leaving. “Not that I don’t trust you… ”

He’d modified the casket with several breathing holes, drilling at each end and a few down the sides. The ornate panelling disguised them and it’d take a close look for you to see. Then he’d allowed Shell to jump in and check it worked before he sorted out the fixed collar arrangement. She’d done so and knelt down into the Z-shape that the girls had been bound, her heart pounding as he flipped the lid shut on top of his wife. The sound of two catches clicking across made the box shake as she’d shuddered. 

Then she’d sat back as he mounted the collar on a steel pole in front of her knees. Screwing it tight then allowing Shelley to lean forward to check it was correctly seated, resting her throat in the well-padded lower half. Her hands holding the blonde hair aside then Mike brought the upper loop and enclosed her neck. A moment’s pressure and it clicked closed. She gasped, having not expected this but thankfully after a moment to settle and reassure him she could breathe OK he pushed the button and allowed her up. A broad smile proving to him that she’d be fine next weekend.

Since then Shelley had spent several hours wearing the restraints during her week alone but not in the box. Mostly with her wrists in front, but one afternoon she wore them behind, hanging them off the heavy steel belt by virtue of an old climbing snaplock Mike had from his Army days. That really got her going and was another thing she planned to shoot today. 

Arriving in the garage having locked all the doors Shelley took some photos of the casket on its own before mounting the camera on the tripod. With only her here it’d mean several times more work but she was determined to impress him. 

Firstly she applied the belt, this thing weighed a ton and she certainly had to breathe in to fit it round. It closed with a lovely ‘clunk’ however and she set the timer, waiting thirty seconds before the snap of the shutter to happen following two beeps. Then Shelley put the cuffs onto it. Turning away, waiting… beep… beep click, placing wrists inside and again the pause. “So far, so good,” as she freed herself.

Next Shelley prepared the stuff to wrap her head. A ton of old T-shirts had been ripped into strips, so first was a gag. After a long drink of course to settle nerves before she began. Stuffing enough in to puff her cheeks out then a thick band to wrap it securely. Beep, beep… click… and she waited then for a repeat a minute later, this time winking as it beeped and clicked again… perfect. 

Having succeeded in that Shelley blindfolded herself though it took longer, being caught with one of the pads only partway across her eyes. That one would be deleted but the next was ideal. She flapped her hands down to the closed lid of the casket for the last bigger bits. She’d practised tying this earlier and was confident she’d get it right. Ignoring the click of the camera this time, it was set to shoot once a minute to save the battery. 

After five frustrating minutes however Shelley finished her headwrap and felt for the tripod. Facing it first head on then the next two were from the side and rear, her short blonde ponytail sticking out the only hole left. Mike had said he’d be able to doctor the colour for Charlotte’s black one.

Shelley freed herself from the wrap. Another drink taken as her mouth was dry now from the gag. She looked through the ‘rush’s’ deleting the mistakes and well chuffed with the others. The phone rang in the house and she hurried into the kitchen to answer it. Mike was on the other end, saying hi and he was back at the yard, that he’d be leaving within two hours so there would be time for a bath before the match after all. The truck was in need of polishing for a promotion shoot so he was doing it today as it wasn’t raining and would give him a lie-in on Monday morning.

“Sounds good, beer’s chillin’ I’ve got some wine too and supper’s ready in the fridge honey. Just bring some humble pie for when the Mighty Red’s whip your Blues asses,” she said. Quoting team colours back to him. He laughed and said a good whipping was what she’d get tonight anyway and Shelley glowed, spanking was something written about but never done in real life… yet. 

The call ended and Shelley nipped upstairs to use the loo. Realising that no way would the girls have been able to use a bucket while shackled and dressed like this. But nobody had commented about it so that was enough as she shook the gown straight then returned to the garage.

Adjustments were made to the tripod before she got to work again, the camera much closer this time and pointing downwards. Getting into the box and kneeling down, then remembering the belt was in the kitchen! She grumbled then swished her way there and back, loving the feel as the dress whipped around her legs with that rustle.

It was applied then Shelley clambered back into the casket. Moving the tripod back till the camera was pointing at her feet. She put the ankle manacles on then waited, click, before she slipped both wrists into those cuffs and that too was shot. So it was easier than thought as the device began rapidly beeping at her. “Bloody battery,” she grumbled and got free to change it. Another look at the clock and she had 90 minutes left.

Shelley didn’t want to finish yet, this had been fun so carried on. Moving the tripod up to the other end and setting the timer again. This part was to close-up shoot her wrapped head locked into the collar. So the laborious process of that was begun. Quicker now with practice and she smiled bending into the Z and then a curse as her face smacked into the open part of the collar because she’d twisted slightly. A shuffle over then she tried again. This time her throat rested correctly. A deep breath then Shelley brought the upper loop round, her heart pounding for a moment then… clunk. 

Her neck now LOCKED her into the casket! Beep… beep… click and despite the wrapping Shelley smiled into the gag. The woman reached up and punched the button and it popped open. She sat up and wondered how much more to do. It took a few moments then Shelley decided to finish with a wider angle shot with everything done. That meant she had to fit a snaplock to her ankle cuffs, run a short chain to the belt then secure it all up. She wondered whether to wait, ‘nah, he’s gonna be tired’ so she unwrapped her head then got out to check the angle required.

That took a few minutes then she began to secure herself… each bit photographed in turn. Ankles… the chain to her belt, a quick check to see it wasn’t too tight once her head was in the collar. Close but good enough so Shelley paused then wrapped her head again. Really stuffing her mouth like a squirrel then the rest. A last look round then she blindfolded herself and added the covering last. Smiling now Shelley eased forward till it was correct then flipped the loop across. Heart shuddering as her fingers pushed it… clunk.

Shelley paused then with difficulty placed both wrists into the cuffs. The chain from her ankles had pulled them down despite the belt and it took a lot of finger flicking before they snapped around and held her firmly.

‘Got it… bloody perfect,’ she murmured, waiting for the beep… beep… click and that was enough for today. She waited for it to take a couple more then her fingers reached for the…

A frown as she traced round the rims, knowing they weren’t that big so it was a slow process. But she just didn’t understand it… where the hell were the release buttons?

Yes they were only on one side, surely she hadn’t got the cuffs turned around… had she? Then her heart seized up at realising that was what must have happened. The buttons WERE on the elbow side of the restraints… AND because the ankle chain was pulling them closer, hands almost palm-to palm Shelley was unable to get her fingers back over the cuffs and press them. Trying this, twisting her cuffs had proved she was hopelessly stuck and the lass shook badly. 

Mike was sure going to be cross with his wife finding her stuck. She’d always promised to be careful on the rare occasions she tied herself. Yet now, doing all this without permission… well a spanking might actually be deserved!
Shelley was appalled now. Arms and legs cuffed, Neck locked in the loop. Blindfolded and gagged too and she marvelled despite her predicament, no wonder ‘Lotte had got wet in the story. She wriggled more from side to side, seeing if somehow the ankle chain would slacken off and allow her to… really going for it but Shelley squealed as the lid suddenly fell across her hands, bending one finger painfully back and that hurt. 

This wasn’t funny despite the beep of the camera then it clicking. She’d gotten stuck by her own hand, just like… Jesse, Charlotte, Rosie… well most of her characters actually and Shelley began crying softly into her gag.

The top must only be a fraction open as a faint draft was coming across her fingers. “Well he might as well find me really stuck then!” Shelley trying to shuffle lower, really pushing down as she rocked her butt from side to side. Forcing her body into itself…  

Her heart jumped… another faint click… wasn’t that? But it didn’t sound like the shutter, she certainly hadn’t heard the beeps, pausing for a moment, Shelley lifted… but… was the lid stuck as the pressure didn’t decrease? She didn’t panic, that was something she rarely did, also because she didn’t want to twist her neck in the collar.

More hefty jerks as she tried to bump the lid up having changed her mind, only to suddenly squeal as another click occured, right by her left ear this time and she knew… ‘That’s where the other catch is’ she groaned, now realising both the hasps had dropped due to those movements and she was now definitely trapped in the casket. There was nothing she could do now but smile… and wait for freedom, just like Charlotte and Rosie!

Mike drove slowly up to the house, looking forward to his first beer. Supper could wait until half time, then after Chelsea won he’d teach Mrs P the true meaning of… well whatever and he grinned. No sign of his wife at the door so he switched off. Normally the sound of that engine had her running over for a hug and kiss, so where the hell was she? Unless he’d caught her short, “Might be on the toilet after all,” he smiled opening the boot and unloading the first of his bags and boxes. Having only been away five days there wasn’t much, but he was concerned when after a few minutes she didn’t show.

He unlocked the side door, the front was only for visitors or Shelley’s agency clients and Mike stepped into their large kitchen. Immaculate as usual, only one mug and plate in the sink but the place was real quiet. It took him moments to search the place and no blonde lassie anywhere. 

A smart dress lay on their bed, the guy surprised to see underwear there as well. Flat shoes alongside it, as she wasn’t allowed to wear heels in the house because of their wood floor. The only wardrobe open was hers’ the normally unused part at the far end. She had so many outfits and he smiled, assuming she was in the bath and this lot was to be worn for the game. 

Her long red dress and shoes, ‘typical Man U Mrs, even colour-coding her support’ he chuckled. Well that could be fixed and he rummaged about, finding a blue outfit instead and replaced both on the bed. Before creeping into the bathroom… only to find it empty.

Now he was concerned, maybe a little put out at this so clattered back downstairs. Only the garage remained as their new hot-tub on the patio was obviously empty! He came through the side door and stopped in amazement.

Seeing the casket on the floor, sheeting placed where he’d intended to mount it. The camera already there and he jumped when it clicked again. “Shell’ you in there?” he asked quietly, now seeing the box lid move against the latches. 

So THAT’S where she was and he paused then smiled and picked up the camera, turning the switch off then starting to look through a large number of photos. He stared as the order progressed, her shapely figure clad in… “Wow, I’m impressed honey,” he whispered, seeing that shot of her in the basque and stockings, the way she’d looked all those years ago… and a few since then too! 

Then in here and now he realised what she was up to. Shelley had not been able to wait for him and had done this herself. But how the hell had she managed to get the lid down… or maybe it been accidental and actually the lass had got stuck? “Like your characters missy!” he grinned, then flipped the catches up and quickly planted two great paws on her shaking backside.

Shelley had heard the car draw up and sighed, knowing her fate was sealed but at least she was safe from her own stupidity. She waited for ages, heart pounding, blood thumping in her ears and couldn’t hear him now standing there. Suddenly the latches squeaked, pressure on her arms was reduced and she squealed as hands groped her butt. “Gotcha Mrs,” he said loudly, seeing Shelley’s fingers twitching now in their cuffs. A really cock-hardening sight and he remembered the guy, Charlie wasn’t it? After binding his sister and shutting her inside. Well here was the same result. 

“Want to be freed?” he asked and got a thumbs up. Seeing the way her fingers couldn’t reach the buttons that he now pressed. A groan as they popped open then another as he did the one on her collar. Shelley sat up, her head rocking from side to side as she eased the ache in her neck and back. Mike reached down seeing her ankles too were secured and undid that, lifting her up by the armpits, feeling her shaking as he got the lassie standing, somewhat unsteadily on her feet.

The lid was closed and he helped Shell sit down again, then helped her unwrap the face covering. Mike now startled to see how well she’d gagged and blindfolded herself. It took Shelley a few minutes to recover her eyesight before getting to her feet for a hug and kiss.

“Sorry love,” she sighed, tears not that far away. “Got a bit carried away, didn’t I?” He nodded, not wanting to scold her. Though wearing that and what he knew was underneath maybe a good screwing was required instead!

“You did, but I’m here now.” He replied, holding his wife as she began crying. It took another minute of stroking before she settled down asking to see the camera shots. They went into the kitchen where she made a pot of tea as Mike sat there looking at her. Shelley looked back and blushed as he came across for another hug. “Cannot believe you did all that just for me eh? You naughty girl” he grinned. Saying how much he loved her whatever she did. 

Shelley now saw the last photos and admitted how turned on she’d become. “Just like ‘Lotte’ I wonder when we do these again tomorrow whether ‘Charlie’ will give her a ‘trembler’” and they both laughed now. “Maybe, but you might as well stay in that. Better than the red one you’d laid out upstairs. Least whites’ a neutral colour!” They had another hug, his hands roaming all over her.

He looked over at the clock, seeing the match started in half an hour… and grinned. “Want another quick go? I’ll be ‘Charlie’” and no surprise when Shelley blushed then kissed him and agreed. A quick dash to the bathroom and she returned to the garage to see him there replacing the camera on the tripod. Setting it running then he did a mans’ required duty. Gagging and blindfolding his wife before getting her down into the casket. This time she shuddered as he LOCKED the cuffs then secured that collar round her neck.

“OK?” he asked and got a thumb’s up. This was good, knowing he was here. It meant SO much more actually wearing the restraints and the rest rather than just writing about them. Hopefully her stories would improve now. He said the lid was coming down then closed it, flicking the catches across. Mike stepped to the workbench and rummaged in a draw, finding two nails and a small hammer, knocking them into the clasps. “You’re done love.” getting the two ‘I’m OK’ taps on the lid in reply.

Now he really chuckled, fetching a trolley and sliding the casket onto it, wheeling the thing into the house, through the kitchen and into the lounge. Placing it to the side of the sofa then leaving the room to fetch their supper and a beer… or two.

Shelley was puzzled as the jerks threw her about. Just as well the gown and padding held her firmly but what was her hubby up to? It got quieter then… what was that… was someone speaking? She couldn’t work it out…

WAIT A MINUTE… her mind screamed. That’s a TV commentator. She must be in the living room but STILL securely locked in the casket… this wasn’t fair!

Mike was going to watch the match without her and Shelley smiled wryly as this was obviously his punishment for her getting stuck. A thumping from the lid and she paused.

“Shelley love, your wine and supper are on the lid… now be a good girl and don’t knock them off!

The End.


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