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She Waits

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2009 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; chain; toys; public; mast; shave; cons; X

She waits, knelt in the hallway, facing the door. Her hands cuffed behind her back forcing her naked breasts forward. Her feet bare and cuffed also. The chain of a third pair of cuffs slipping between her buttocks as the ends connect her wrists to her ankles, pulling her arms straight and her back into an arch. Her eyes covered with a silk scarf, preventing her looking at the clock to know how long she was there.

The air conditioning clicked on. Knelt directly under the vent, the cold blast of air brought goose bumps to her flesh, her nipples becoming erect. The sheen of sweat that had built on her body cooling rapidly, sending a shiver through her.

Her spread legs allowing the cooling air to pass over her pussy, only serving to increase the heat there. A jingle of chains as she moves her weight around to take some pressure off her knees. Her musky smell reaching up to her nose, heightening her arousal still further. A viscous cycle with no means of relief.

Her mind wandering as time passes. Thinking back to how she arrived here. Kissing Him goodbye this morning, dressed to please Him only in a light summer dress, standing on tip toes to reach his lips, her bare feet pressed together, presenting a cute, girlish image to Him as he left.

Relaxing, knowing that she had no one expecting her today, a day to herself. She thought back to the night before, how she had disappointed Him and, more curiously, how He had failed to punish her. She had knelt at His feet, head bowed, awaiting the rebuke that never came. Eventually they went to bed and He went straight to sleep ignoring her naked body beside Him.

As she lay awake, she decided that if He would not punish her then she must take it upon herself to do it. Next morning, after he left for work she started to prepare. First a bath, carefully shaving her armpits, legs and pussy bare. Getting out, she towelled herself dry then dressed slipping back only into the dress she had worn earlier. Looking at herself in the mirror, her long shapely legs visible from mid thigh, her pert ass loosely covered by the skirt and her firm breasts jiggling as she twirled.

Fastening her leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles, she kneels in the centre of the bed. Using a couple of padlocks to lock her wrists in front of her and her ankles together. The keys across the room, far enough away to let her feel in bondage without being out of reach.

She remains motionless for a time, her head bowed. Moving only to keep circulation flowing. Finally, her hands slip between her legs, lifting her skirt. Her fingers slip in between her already wet pussy, pressing against her clit. Probing into her pussy.

Bending down, her head resting on the mattress next to her knees, the extra reach gained by her hands allowing her to play with her ass. A finger pushed inside, filling her from behind as she is already filled in front. Hands moving in time, entering and leaving her body, filling then leaving a void, faster and harder, the metal work on the cuffs jangling as her fingers reach a blur of motion, her climax building, her breathing ragged, coming in short grunts and snorts.

Then she stops. Her building climax caught in mid flow before slipping away from her, resting before straightening herself. Hoping over to the dresser to retrieve the keys, releasing herself from her confines.

Errands to run, she busies herself making sure she is ready to go out. Going through the front door she has an idea and backtracks to her bedroom. Opening the top drawer in her bedside cabinet she removes her two dildos. Kneeling on hands and knees on the bed, her ass high in the air, she takes the smallest, pushing it into her pussy, letting her juices soak it before pulling it out and pressing it into her ass. Slowly, letting it fill her until only the tip protrudes from her anus. Taking the larger dildo, she slides it into her pussy, adjusting its position as it rubs against the one already in her ass.

She waits a moment, getting used to the feeling of fullness. Before standing and heading back downstairs. Her walk different as her crotch and ass muscles fight to stop the dildos falling out.

Getting into the car, she subconsciously brushes her skirt out of the way, letting her bare ass rest on the seat, the weight of her body pressing the dildos further into her. Starting the car, she moves out along the dirt track to the highway, every bump and jolt forcing one or both of her intruders deeper inside, sending shivers down her spine.

At last, she reaches the comparative smoothness of the highway and heads for the supermarket. Parking towards the back of the lot, away from anyone who might notice the adjustments she has to make when getting out of the car. Slipping on a pair of heels, not so much to protect her feet, but to preserve her dignity as she walks around the shop.

Doing the grocery shopping has never been such fun, walking in high heels whilst trying to keep your legs and buttocks together made for a distracting time as she worked down her list. Reaching deep into the freezer section, her groin pressed into the metal lip, she froze for a moment as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

Going through the checkout she is sure that everyone in the store knows what she is up to, feeling every eye upon her. In reality no one noticed anything more that a beautiful young woman in a summer dress and strappy sandals.

Getting back to her car, loading the shopping in before getting in herself. Again the unconscious flick of her dress to expose her ass, bending to remove her shoes before driving off. Driving bare foot not a hardship as she can’t drive in heels anyway, and, except with His indulgence, they are all she is allowed to wear.

Reaching the dirt track of her drive way, her senses even more stimulated after a couple of hours being filled, she had to slow the car to a crawl to allow her to concentrate on staying on the road. Pulling into the carport she stops, getting her breath back.

Taking the groceries into the kitchen, putting everything away before heading off to the bedroom. Again kneeling on the bed she allows her ass and pussy muscles to relax. Held in such a state of tension for so long it takes a while, but finally the dildos fall free from her onto the bed.

Collapsing into a ball she closes her eyes, resting for what she has planned next. An hour, no more before she feels ready to move again. Looking at the clock, seeing that He will be home soon, she busies herself with the last preparations.

Taking 3 pairs of metal handcuffs and a scarf she goes downstairs, dropping her toys on the bottom stair as she heads for the kitchen and out into the backyard. She walks to the vegetable plot at the end of the yard and picks some for dinner, if any of her neighbours had seen her they would have noticed nothing odd, but the trip was a cover for her real intent, to get her feet dusty and dirty just the way He liked them.

Heading back into the house she removes her dress and throws it into the laundry basket before heading back to the hall. Picking up her toys she settles into a kneel just inside the front door. Taking the cuffs she connects them together. Taking one of the end pairs she places them on her ankles, pulling the loose pair out behind her where she can reach it. The scarf next, folded and folded and the placed over her eyes, tying in a knot behind her head, cutting off her sight. Lastly, reaching down behind her, finding the loose cuffs and pulling them up, the chain of the middle pair slipping between her buttocks. Looping the bracelets loosely around her wrists whilst she gets comfortable before finally closing them shut. Knowing that now she must wait for the keys to the cuffs are on His key ring.

So, she waits.


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