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She 3: Leather Sleep Sack

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 3: Leather Sleep Sack

She thought she was floating as he picked her up and moved her inside the large box. He leaned her into it leaving her at a downwards slope with her head at the bottom, that will make an interesting ride for her, he thought to himself as he closed the box just leaving a little of her pointed toes sticking out. Once in the van he turned her tens unit on to max and left vibrators off for the entire ride, she was in an upside down hell. The position had left her shorter on air flow and the shocks although less severe had no accompaniment to take the edge off. She fought for air through the entire trip hanging on the edge of consciousness.

When they arrived at her house he backed into her garage and went to open the house. She was already hot from the ride over with no a/c in the van but now being in the garage that had been closed for 3 days the heat started to become unbearable, she was sweating profusely and all the sweat from her body was collecting in her head casting and rising quickly up to her nose.

She panicked briefly thinking she could drown in her own sweat but instead she started breathing only out of her mouth.  Just as she had begun to really have a problem, the sweat was cresting over the casting over her nose, he returned and flipped her right side up as he took her out of the box. He leaned her against the wall as he put the box back in the van, and even though she was still hotter than she thought she had ever been and being shocked steadily she was relieved when she felt the sweat drain down her body towards her feet.

He moved her into her cool bedroom and stood her next to her favorite bed post and quickly wrapped her to it, this time he only put wrapping around her neck, thighs and ankles. He hooked up all her tormentors again and put the headphones back on her. She was feeling much cooler now as she wished she could rub her aching shoulders, he had pulled her elbows very tightly together before wrapping them and the shrinking fiberglass was now literally crushing them into each other.  Her shoulders ached because he did not cut enough of the casting away from her back and the remaining fiberglass was keeping her shoulders from flexing as far back as they normally would.

“This is where you will stay” the recording said, ”I have made sure to erase all possible traces of me being here or knowing you, I will give you water one last time and then I will not return.” With that he tapped on her head and began pouring her mixture into her. She was so shocked at his words that she drank everything he poured before she was sure she had heard him right. She felt she had been in her thick unyielding cocoon for at least 14 days and that she couldn’t last much longer especially without him giving her water and began sobbing loudly even though no one outside her rigid world would ever be able to hear her. She thrashed wildly as all the tens pads ignited at once and her vibrators began to rip at her insides on high.

He watched and listened to her movements until she settled down and blacked out then he set the programs to run every three hours again for 24 hours then change to vibrators only and small short bursts from her tens unit, knowing that would get her off, the settings would stay running as the last program until he turned them off. He had no intention of leaving her, he was just trying to give her the best experience he could.

She woke to silence, she was very sore her feet were throbbing and her nipples were on fire due to him pumping the tubes very hard before he left. She remembered what she had heard and wondered how long she had been out and tried again to move something, anything as she desperately wanted out. During the next 24 hours she was tortured multiple times until when she felt the vibrators come on and slowly start to make her get horny then she felt a short burst from the tens unit and she knew this program was different. She braced herself as the orgasm hit and she would have screamed if she could have gotten enough air into her lungs, she just hung there as wave after wave rushed over her until she could not hold out any longer and passed out.

She awoke several times during the next day only to find she was still being ravished by her vibrators and working her up until she could take no more and passing out again. The last time she woke she felt no vibrations, no shocks but she could swear she felt air on her arms. She attempted to raise an arm and found out that she was truly free. She reached for her head and found nothing but a hard shell and she ran her hands down her body discovering the same everywhere else.

She started to thrash and wave her arms in a vain attempt to move or free herself but soon she relaxed and hung in what she thought was soon to become her tomb. As she hung there something brushed against her hand, she started searching for it and found it was her cast cutter, he hadn’t left me to die after all she squealed as she turned it on and began to cut herself out of her prison. When she got to her tits she couldn’t understand what had been done to them, she could feel the tubes but could not lower her head to look at them. After messing around with them for a while she got tired of it and pulled hard on them and regretting that move quickly, she cut around each breast and removed her chest wrapping before finding the hose leading to the cups and removed it from each, she could feel the pressure easing inside the tubes but still could not remove the tubes and continued on with her cast cutting chores.

After she had cut herself out down to her waist she realized the there was no way for her to reach her lower legs with her corset still holding her tightly erect. She flung herself forward but could barely reach her upper thighs but this action did let the breast casts fall from her to the ground pulling roughly on her clamps as they slid down the chains. She hung defeated rubbing her tortured nipples trying to get some relief for them. She was being held so near complete freedom that she began crying again.

After her fit she noticed a long pipe sitting near her and when she picked it up she saw what he had left for her, it had a small saw blade attached at the end. Several hours later she had freed herself from her cocoon and was lying on her bed, relieved beyond words and very tired. She drifted off to sleep and had wonderful dreams until the next day. She woke up to her vibrators making short quivering movements then building until she was shaking all over and the orgasms were washing over her again.

Once the vibrators turned off she gingerly stood and wobbled her way over to the safe and pulled at the door, when it didn’t open she squinted at the read out that said 63 hours till program ends.  She was confused and hungry so she hobbled her way to the kitchen to get something to eat. She grabbed the bread and a large bottle of water and sat down in her dining room. She was finally able to wrestle her mouth piece out of her clenched jaws and slowly ate the bread and guzzled the water down.

Feeling much better she found her phone and lay down on the couch to call him. When he found out it was her he said, “Oh thank god I thought I was going to have to come back over and I didn’t want to deal with you being so mad at me.”

She was puzzled at that statement but asked in a very hoarse voice, “What day is it?”

He stumbled for a moment and said, “it’s Friday”.

“I don’t understand?” she said “Friday of what week?”

He chuckled a little and said, "You were bound six days it’s next Friday".

“How can that be she asked I lost count at 14 days?”

"You just relax and take a hot bath and I’ll bring dinner by in a little while and explain it all to you, ok?”

She agreed and hung up the phone, she wobbled into the bath room and looked at herself in the mirror, "God, do I look terrible", she said to herself.

Realizing she could not remove her corset chastity belt or her boots she began to give herself a sponge bath when she got to her collar she found it locked as well and washed around it. Looking closer in the mirror she saw her breasts bulging out and upon lifting her breasts she found the tight cable around each and the lock holding it closed. She smiled and said "pretty smart", letting her breast go and looking closely at her nipples she could see they were considerably larger and her whole areolas seemed to stick out, like two missiles, two inches from breasts. She tried to remove her nipple clamps, finding they too were locked on, she wasn’t too happy about that but could blame no one but herself for it and finished her sponge bath.

He arrived sometime later and she greeted him at the door wearing her favorite long latex dress, this dress was thicker than most and had a smoky transparent look to it and when fully zipped became a very effective hobble dress, she and her still clamped missile shaped nipples that looked like they were going to pierce the latex welcomed him in. “Damn girl don’t you ever get enough?” 

She said “NO” and smiled and asked him to zip the bottom of the dress closed which he did cheerfully, noticing it pulling the dress tight all the way down to her ankles as he did and that she was still wearing her ballet boots. When he stood back up she said, “Yeah someone locked those on as well and laced them very tight I might add.” He began to stutter asking about the safe and she laughed at him and said let’s sit down and I’ll explain that to you.

He watched her shuffle over to the dinner table and enjoyed watching her ass wiggle under the tight latex. They spent the next two hours talking about what had happened and how they both felt about it, he showed her the pictures he had taken since it started she could only look at them when she leaned forward because the tight posture collar did not allow her to look down at all. He finally said, noticing how tired she looked, “If you want I can bring some bolt cutters over tomorrow and remove the locks”

Knowing he had the remaining keys for her release at home on his coffee table. She declined saying, “It was my idea I’ll deal with it.”

They said good night and she hobbled her way towards the bed room, the dress only allowing very small steps, by the time she got to the bed she could feel the sweat making her dress slide around on her body. As she lay down she retrieved her ball gag harness and buckling it tight to her head she reconnected her electronics and cuffed her hands behind her back. She quickly feel asleep on her side, the sensitive missiles not allowing her to lay on her stomach, knowing she had two more days in her bonds, she had wonderful dreams as the vibrations and mild electrical shocks churned inside her. 

* * * *

After sleeping through most of Saturday she awoke from her dreams just as several small orgasms washed over her. She was panting against the tightness of her corset and her large gag had begun to make her jaw ache. When she tried to sit up she almost fell off the bed because of her hands cuffed behind her back. She couldn’t remember how the cuffs had gotten on her wrists but she could feel her shoulders aching again. She slowly brought her pointed toes to the floor and sat up. Trying to clear her head she sat there staring at the ceiling, her head forced back even further from the collar with the large gag, trying to put together the events of the last few days.

She was starting to feel the need to pee and tried to stand, unable to look down she did not remember the tight latex dress and she could not feel her feet from the lack of circulation of the boots being laced so tight and lying down for so long. She attempted several times to stand by rocking herself until she finally got her feet under her and stood up. As she tried to take a step the dress and numb legs caused her to fall hard on the floor. She lay there catching her breath as her vibrators raised their attack on her again and soon she was rolling and thrashing in another orgasm.

After this waved stopped she fought her bonds to get to a kneeling position then put her head on the bed and pushed herself up onto it. As her nipples began to slide across the bed pain shot through her body and she screamed around her gag and rolled onto her back causing her to slide back down onto the floor in a sitting position. She was panting hard and whimpering from the pain and quickly began to get light headed, the position was too confining in her corset and restricted her breathing too much.  Without thinking she quickly rolled over to her side and then onto her stomach crushing her tortured nipples and making her scream out in pain. She rolled again and lay on her back crushing her arms under her, the tight latex pulled even tighter across her chest making her nipples hurt even more.

She lay perfectly still for a while catching her breath and coming to terms with her situation, She was wearing and incredibly tight inflexible corset locked on to her by a metal chastity belt holding two multi-functional vibrators in her holes, her tall posture collar now feeling like a neck corset kept her head looking up and allowed no movement at all. Her legs were encased in very tight leather thigh high ballet boots and she had on a very thick and extremely tight latex hobble dress pulling tightly on her clamped and sore nipples. She had remembered that she had been responsible for her hand cuffs and gag and in her sleep deprived state she had forgotten that all her keys were locked in her time locked safe until tomorrow night.

An hour and one more orgasm later she tried to get onto the bed again, this time she would push herself up on her back and when her hands reached the bed she would roll to one side and push harder. It worked, but even though she did not crush her nipples again the pulling action on her dress made the pain return and she lay still on the bed trying to catch her breath again. The urge to pee had subsided and her body was once again covered in sweat but at least she was more comfortable.

After drifting in and out of sleep she realized she did not know how long she had slept and needed to check the safes timer. She shifted her position and again using the bouncing motion raised herself to her pointed toes. This time she could feel her feet and slowly made her way to the safe. 22.5 hours remain on program. Seeing this she mumphed past her gag cursing herself and stood there wondering what she should do.

She made her way to her nightstand trying to reach her phone and call him when she remembered he could not open the safe either and she was not willing to ruin her cuffs, she had specially ordered these having them built like old style leg irons, about 4 inches tall and over an inch thick having four 3 inch long chains holding them together, they weren’t going anywhere soon. She just hoped in her stupor she had put them on with the keys holes facing down or she would have to call him.

She wriggled her way out to the living room with the idea she would lie down on the couch and watch TV to pass the time, but when she arrived at it 20 minutes later she realized she would not be able to stand up from the low couch once she was down. Mumphing again past her gag she made her way back into the bed room to lay down.

Using her cuffed hands she reconnected the electronics to the bulk connector and turned them on, she did not look to see the program assuming it would continue on the one she was using last night since she hadn’t turned it off. Once squarely on the bed she lay back to try and sleep until she could release herself. Lying on her back the pressure from her dress soon made her nipples hurt badly again and she decided to roll over on her side.

As she began her roll the program for her tens unit kicked on, it was still using the torture program he had been using and when the shocks hit her she tensed up and rolled over on to her clamps nipples. She was screaming again from the pain of the shocks and the pain from her nipples and tried to roll back but her body would only thrash against the shocks and keep her tensed up not allowing her to roll back over. It took an hour before she passed out from the exertion but finally she did and all you could see was her limp latex covered body tensing and relaxing from the electricity. 

Awaking in a panic she was being torn apart from the inside while being whipped mercilessly and could not understand why she couldn’t move. Immediately struggling she began to hyperventilate and could feel consciousness slipping away in the few minutes before she passed out she didn’t figure out what had happened and was really scared.

When she awoke this time she wasn’t being torn apart and the whipping had stopped, she flexed her arms and legs and remembered what was going on, as she thought about what had happened last time she woke she felt a small orgasm wash over her as she remembered the feeling of utter helplessness and true fear. She had no idea how long she had slept but she knew she was very sore and wanted out. She began to wriggle her way towards the edge of the bed and her movements awoke her aching nipples with a vengeance.

She felt tears forming in her eyes and fought to keep them from becoming all out sobbing worrying about her nose getting clogged. She tried to stand but could not feel her feet or lower legs and immediately fell to the floor on her knees. The tight dress did not allow her to move on her knees, she tried to wiggle towards the safe and suddenly felt herself falling. The extra tight corset and collar kept her from twisting enough to land on her side and she hit the floor flat on her tortured breasts. 

She now lay screaming through her gag from the pain and even when she turned herself over the pain in her breasts were still causing her to cry uncontrollably. She laid on her back and fighting for air around her large gag and tight corset for several minutes before she was able to get control of her crying and began to slowly inch her way towards the safe.

When she finally got to where she could see the timer it said +12.5 hrs. She almost began crying again knowing she was already into early Monday morning and knew she had to go to work today because of a very important project was being presented today that could make her career. She wrestled herself as quickly as she could around to the safe door and opened it and retrieved her keys. As she was groping for them she felt a piece of paper in the bottom but ignored it and grabbed the keys.

She began to remove her restraints, cuffs first then her gag. She was very relieved when the large gag popped out of her aching mouth. She tried to close her mouth but her stretched and sore jaw muscles would not allow her to close it fully, she knew from past experiences she wouldn’t be able to fully close her mouth for several hours. 

Once she was able she dragged her rigid and lifeless body over to her bed and looked at her clock. 5 o’clock! She screamed. She had to really hurry now and began to remove her dress, unzipping it proved to be difficult as she could not yet fully feel her hands and arms so she began to unlock and remove her collar that had kept her looking up for so long.

As she peeled it away from her neck she began to breathe easier she sat for a minute adjusting herself and flexing her aching feet and cramping legs. Reaching back she pulled herself up to the bed and tried to unzip the dress again. Her clamped nipples were not happy about the stretching she was doing but she pushed through the pain and worked the zipper down to her firm sweat covered ass.

Pulling her arms out of the sleeves was difficult as well and proved very painful to her tortured nipples. As soon as she had her arms free she tried to remove her clamps. She struggled with the locks but could not find the key, she could not fully look down due to her neck being stiff from the firm collar she had worn for so long so she decided to continue to get undressed.    

She began to struggle with the dress again pushing lower until she got it down below her ass and had to stop to catch her breath, the corset was feeling tighter than ever and forced her torso to remain completely straight. After resting a bit to catch her breath she stood up, testing her footing until she knew she could stand and not fall over.

Bending at the waist was difficult and painful in two ways, one from the strict corset and the other from the dangling chain of her clamps but she had to continue on. She worked the dress down to her ankles but could not reach any further and gently lifted one foot up at a time until they were free from the dress.

She sat back down and began feeling for the locks on her boots, she had found three on each and unlocked them, straining her neck she lay back and raised one leg at a time taking notice the locations of the remaining two locks on each leg. She groaned loudly when she saw the two way down near her ankles. “How am I going to reach those?” she cried.

She decided to unlace her boots as far as she could then see if she could bend her legs far enough to reach the remaining locks. After grunting and having to stop twice to catch her breath from bending over she had them unlaced down to her calves. She folded her stiff legs and bent as far as she could and was able to just reach her final locks, she finished unlacing the boots and slowly pulled her tortured feet out of them, groaning with pleasure as she felt them free themselves from their leather prisons.

She was free of her restraints all she had left to do was remove her extra tight corset, chastity belt and the evil nipple clamps. She began again to try and unlock her clamps but could not find the keys to fit the locks. She tried to unlock the cables holding her breasts in their balloon shape and could not locate the keys to those either.

She reached behind her to find the locks and attempted to unlock her increasingly uncomfortable corset but was unable to make any of the keys work in them either. Her last effort was to unlock the chastity belt and knew from looking at the keys she did not have the correct key for it either. She figured the keys were still in the safe and tried to walk over to it, the muscles in her feet, much like her jaw muscles had been too stretched out for too long to allow her to walk flat footed so she had to tip toe over to the safe.

Reaching it she found nothing but the paper, she pulled it out and read it, “If you are reading this then you are free of your bonds except your corset, Chastity belt and clamps as a continued punishment and to show you I am still in charge I have the keys to these locks and will only deliver them when you when you call me and beg for them to be removed.” She could not believe what she was reading, “Also, the note continued, “If you don’t give in by Monday afternoon I will be out of town until Thursday, Enjoy! Slave”.

Screaming she looked at the clock she knew she didn’t have time to call him much less for him to bring the keys to her, it was already 6:30 she had to be at the presentation at 9:00. Shit Shit Shit! She yelled as she sat back down to think about what to do. She decided she had to go no matter what and began to get dressed and cleaned up.

After slipping into some 5 inch mules she went to the bathroom and relieved herself then sponge bathed as much of herself as she could, working her jaw muscles trying to get them to relax quicker. After tying her hair up into a bun she realized she would have to leave it down to cover the marks from her gag and collar so she brushed it out and used the blow drier to fluff it up until she was happy with the way it looked.

While she was bathing she had stepped out of her shoes several times and was worried that would happen at the office and not being unable to bend over to put them back on could cause a scene so she decided to wear her newest heels. After putting on a pair of flesh colored dancers tights she could still see the lines from her boot lacings in her legs so she pulled a pair of black tights over the first pair. This covered up the marks and smoothed out her legs nicely and also helped cover the chastity belt as well. The two pairs did make it more difficult to bend her knees but not enough for her to want to fight the corset to take them off.

The shoes she had chosen were extremely tall, with just over a 9 inch wedge heel with a small 1 inch platform they forced her to walk only on the balls of her feet and her toes. She had practiced in them regularly but never intended on wearing them to the office. The main reason for her to wear the shoes was the ankle strap, it wasn’t like her other shoes and just there for decoration, it was almost 2 inches wide and was made into the back of the shoe, the buckle was actually a lock that was built into the strap.

She sat on her legs to be able to reach the shoes and put them on and closed the straps. The tights made the already snug shoes very tight but she had no time to reset everything. Next she found the only skirt that was heavy enough to hide what she was wearing under it and small enough to fit her restricted waist, it was knee length made from black leather, her only concern was it was made to be tight all the way down to her knees, restricting her steps to strides just long enough to be able to walk up steps very carefully.

Sitting on her feet again she worked the leather under them until she could pull it up over her thighs then standing she pulled it up to her waist. Again the tights made it fit tighter than it normally did but she knew that with its laced back and built in belt it was the only garment she had that would hold up to the stresses of her under garments and hide them as well. Gasping for air she put on the only shirt she had that was tapered and looked in the mirror, She had gotten this to wear with her corset and to look sexy as you could see through it, "Damn!" She exclaimed forgetting the see through part, "I’ll need something under it to cover my tits".

Quickly she found a corset that was a light duty one that zipped up the back, this had been her first corset and had thick bra cups to increase the look of her breast size. Her little missiles had returned to almost their normal size but the clamps and locks would make them stick out no matter what bra she wore, this one she hoped would cover them and keep them from moving too much. As she zipped it up she groaned from the pain of her nipples being compressed by the corset and almost cried when she had to reach in and adjust her breasts but finally got it done and put her shirt back on. 

She checked herself in the mirror and could see nothing abnormal, after tucking in the shirt and lacing the skirt closed completely and then pulling the belt till it was tight against her tiny waist. She looked hot, much too hot for a day in the office since she had never wore anything like this to work before, but better than not showing up at all she thought. Her stomach growled so after checking the clock she fluffed her hair and she made her way to the kitchen.

Her clothes and intruders made the walk very difficult but along the way she figured out how to walk at a more normal pace by swaying her exaggerated hips when she took a step and found that even with the heels and the skirt being so tight around her thighs and knees she could almost walk normally. She ate some more bread and water this time with a little jelly and headed to her car. If she got the presentation done by noon she would still have time to call the bastard and get her keys back, she hated the idea of begging but did not think she could stand wearing her corset, belt and clamps for another 4 days.

* * * * *

Her head still hurt from when she hit it as she got into her car, her tight corset did not allow her to bend as she sat down in the seat and caused her to knock her head against the door frame. Her next obstacle had come when she tried to put her foot on the gas pedal of the car, the skirt held her legs very tightly together when she was sitting and did not allow her to separate her feet. She drove to work using both feet on the pedals.

When she began to walk through the parking garage the horse shoe shaped metal plates on the bottoms of her shoes made a clopping sound just like a horse does when walking on hard ground. The sound seemed really loud to her and she thought about taking the shoes off but realized in her hurry to leave she had left the keys to the ankle straps in her bedroom, besides did she think she could go bare foot anyway.

The long walk to the building had made her breathless and very aroused, her inert vibrators were moving around a lot inside of her and were feeling quite nice, as she reached the elevator she had to stop and catch her breath and regain her composure. Entering the elevator she hoped nobody would be able to tell or pick up her musk as she felt her pussy begin to leak past the metal plate covering it.

As she walked into the office everyone that knew her stopped and stared, even her assistant stopped and gawked at her before saying, “Wow! You look great, never seen that look before. And those shoes! How are you able to walk in them?” She chatted with her for a few moments getting everything set up for the presentation the she walked to her office. As she walked down the marble covered hall she made her clopping noise and she was right, it was loud, everyone turned to see what was making the noise.

The presentation started late after all and soon she was standing in front of the entire board of directors giving her presentation. It went well even when she dropped a prop and almost had to attempt to bend over before someone nearby picked it for her. The men in the room had trouble not paying attention to her tight leather covered ass as she walked back a forth and the women smiled watching them stare at her knowing she had them wrapped around her little finger. When she was finished she sat down and got a new thrill as the hard seat of the hard chair forced the plates of her chastity belt up making her intruders move deeper into her, she blushed partly from the new feelings and partially from the increased restriction from her corset, this got the attention of one of the female VP’s that had been watching her closely.  

When she was finished it was after noon and the VP that had been watching her asked her to go to lunch with the group, "In case there was any follow up questions, and besides I like to watch these guys fumble around a smart pretty woman". She agreed to go and hoped he would still be home when she got back. She followed the group down to the garage clopping the whole way and being chatted up by several of the men, by the time she got to the garage she was breathless again a very aroused, the VP that had asked her to go said smiling, “Why don’t you ride with me. My car is close to the elevator”. When they got to her car the VP commented on the cute noise her shoes made and asked if they were hard to walk in?

“Not really, once you get used to them” she answered as she bent over and slid her leather covered ass into the seat.

Lunch went on for 3 hours, she tried to get comfortable in the large chair but the corset forced her to sit straight up and pulled the belt tighter into her. She also had difficulty breathing sitting so erect and all these things were making her very aroused and she began to sweat again. The VP dropped her off by the elevator and said that she had done very well and waved good bye as she drove off.

After deciding to just go home she realized she had left her purse in her office and she still needed to call him so she headed back upstairs. Once in her office she relaxed a bit and wished she could get through her metal plate and bring herself to an orgasm but she knew she couldn’t so she called him. He answered his cell phone and quickly told her he was about to board a plane and that he would call her when he got back and hung up. 

She was dumbfounded what was he thinking? I can’t wear the same clothes for 4 days and I certainly can’t call in sick for a week. She sat trying to figure out what to do when her assistant came in a wished her a good night and said her and some friends were going shopping and she would see her in the morning. She sat for a while letting her feet relax and wishing she had brought the key, ”I could have driven home barefooted”  She said to herself as she rested she began to rub her nipples through her shirt to arouse herself some more.

'I guess I’m going shopping too', she said to herself as she grabbed her purse and headed down the hall to the elevator. Only she doubted she would be seeing anyone from here where she was going. She drove to her favorite fetish shop and began by picking out four more skirts, all leather but different types and colors and all just as tight as the one she was wearing now, two were longer reaching almost to her ankles and one was shorter ending just below her butt cheeks.

The sales girl helped her try them on complementing her on being brave enough to wear them as normal clothes and soon she had four more complete outfits including two more pairs of “pony” shoes. Ever though she could not try them on the sales girl did just to show her what they would look like on. One pair had multiple straps that made it look like it was laced from above her crushed toes to well above her ankles the other was a knee high leather boot that laced up the front. She also bought a pair of crotch high boots that forced her to walk entirely on her toes like her ballet boots did but looked from the outside like a normal pair of boots.

The tops she chose were meant to go with other pieces of her wardrobe and all were very sexy but she knew she could use them and they all would help her cover her “secrets”. While she was blowing her credit line out she also found a new gag that interested her and bought some latex bike shorts to help cover any musk she might put off. She was feeling very good about herself even though her feet hurt from the shoes her whole torso ached from being encased in the tight leather for so long and her nipples were now screaming from being shoved in and out of her new outfits but she was smiling as she headed home.

When she got home she immediately got undressed and put on her new crotch high boots and then ate a little and scrubbed then inserted her new gag. This gag had a large clear panel that covered a 2 ¼ inch ball that had a wide leather strap running through it, the panel had 6 straps that could be adjusted to completely seal off her mouth, it also had a strap that went from the panel crossed under her chin and wrapped around her neck. The twin straps that went over her face passed on each side of her nose and met in the back and were all lockable making the gag the most severe and most noise suppressing one she had. She lay down and quickly feel asleep wearing her new toys. 

The next few days went by without much drama, she had worn the longest skirt and her new toe boots the next day without trying them together, due to her falling asleep and waking up late, her jaw was sore from being held open wider than normal but she was able to walk in the boots well enough to not want to make herself later by changing them. She was glad she did not have many meetings to go to because the skirt really restricted her steps to just a few inches and her feet were hurting by midmorning. She didn’t like the enemas very much but had no other way to empty her bowels and by Thursday she had gotten used to the corset as well. So when he called and said he would be gone until next Tuesday she wasn’t upset at all. She told him of her adventure and had already ordered more clothes to wear and told him he owed her when he apologized for doing this to her.

By the time Friday came she had gotten into a routine and was sleeping through the night fully bound and gagged again and even felt more comfortable wearing her ballet shoes than not wearing them. Today she was wearing her short skirt with her locking heels and a top that looked like a corset under an open blouse. When she was asked to come to the VP’s office who had asked her to lunch she was very worried. She had been telling everyone that she was going out tonight as a cover story for her apparel because she knew she had no meetings scheduled and was planning on leaving early. She was very nervous as she clopped her way to the office and even more so when she saw the three heads of the company sitting with the VP.

They asked her to have a seat and all watched her intently as she carefully sat down in front of them. She apologized for her clothes and told them her story and they all smiled and said, "that’s ok but in the future she would need to dress more appropriately because they wouldn’t want their newest VP to look like she was going to a party every night".

She almost could not hold herself back she was so excited, they explained that her ideas in her presentation were exactly what they were looking for and that’s why she got the promotion. They also told her of the large bonus she was getting and the substantial increase in pay as well. She left the office feeling like she was floating and headed home for the weekend.

On the way home she went by the fetish store again and purchased a few more things, since she could afford them now. The sales girl squealed when she came in and quickly showed her the new sleep sac the store had gotten in. The sales girl was wearing a pair of pony boots and said she began to wear them more often since they first met. It didn’t take long before the sales girl had her tightly wrapped in the thick leather sleep sac, she was lying on the floor as the sales girl adjusted all the straps but before the girl pulled the hood down she asked her if she could stay in the sac until closing time, the sales girl said, “But that’s six more hours away?” she said it was ok with her so the sales girl agreed, smiling and carefully lowered the hood inserting the gag before adjusting all the straps a little tighter.

She lay on the floor enjoying the tight confines and the smell of the thick leather. Every once in a while she could feel the sales girl come over and rub her hands on her cocoon, then she felt her gag swelling in her mouth, the sales girl had begun to pump up the gag until she felt her cheeks begin to puff out against the leather hood. At first she panicked but the internal sleeves held her arms tightly to her sides and the thick leather prevented much movement. Once she had adjusted her breathing she accepted the gag, like she had a choice, and lay still enjoying herself again thinking this would be even better if it was casted over the leather.

When the sales girl locked the front door she began to remove the hood  but not before rubbing her hands all over the bound girls body paying special attention to her breasts, not knowing her breasts had the tormentors still attached and took her moaning as enjoyment instead of knowing the pain she was causing. After she finished the rub down she deflated the gag and pulled the sweat soaked hood off her captives head.

The sales girl apologized for the rub down but said she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Still laying on her back and encased in the thick leather she just smiled and said that it was ok and she had enjoyed it also. The sales girl released the remaining straps and soon the two were sitting in the empty store chatting. The sales girl had removed her ballet boots and was wearing some high heels with an ankle strap, she noticed this and said if you wear the toe boots to bed you will get used to them much quicker. The sales girl replied, "I’ve tried but I always break down and take them off".

"You need to lock them on and put the keys to them somewhere you can’t get to until morning, it will take a few days but you will get used to them".

The two talked for more than an hour before the sales girl bagged up her new purchases including the sleep sac and was ready to leave when the sales girl said that she really wanted to try out the sleep sac but had no one to help in or out of it. She responded by saying anytime you want to try it out let me know and you can come over, also if you want someone to hold your keys I’d be happy to help with that to.

The sales girl beamed and said, "That would be great! Whenever you have the time I’m ready".

After thinking for a moment she said, "If you are ready to spend the night in it you can come over tonight, but I am very tired and do not want to be kept up all night by you wanting to be released".

The sales girl thought about it and finally said, "Ok, I’ve never spent all night bound before is it difficult?"

"Well it will be a long night for you but it will be worth it".

They agreed the sales girl would follow her to her house and stay for the night. When they got there they carried the bags inside and she told the sales girl to go to the bathroom and relieve herself then wait in her bedroom for her. The girl did as she was told, then she started to get ready herself. She removed her clothes and then wriggled into her latex dress, changing into her boots first but removing her outer corset and rubbing her tortured nipples gently. The cables were still firmly holding her breasts out and were just starting to become uncomfortable. She put on her new posture collar and locked it on then started to get the sales girls props ready.

When the girl came out of the bathroom she was standing in the middle of the room and pointed at the girl to come forward, the girl meekly obeyed and soon stood in front of her new latex covered mistress. The girl was told to get undressed and to put her ballet boots back on. After the girl had completed those tasks her mistress wrapped a neck corset around her throat and laced it snugly. The girl was nervous but excited at the same time and just stood shaking and did as she was told. Next the girl was told to put on the latex biker shorts but was stopped before pulling them all the way up and told to put two vibrating plugs in her holes. The girl had used vibrators in both holes before but never in front of anyone before, she nervously took them and gently worked the small plugs into her appropriate holes and then pulled the shorts up holding the wires in her hands.

The girl lay down in the sleep sac as she was told and put her hands down the long tubes until the inner sleeves just touched her arm pits. As the sac was zipped up over her body she shook even more from the idea of her freedom was slowly slipping away. When the bags zipper reached her neck she had her eyes closed and was smiling broadly. She slowly pulled the hood down over the girls face and worked the gag into her mouth giving it a few pumps before working the straps tightly around her head.

As she worked on the bound girls straps she remembered the rub down and lowered the zipper until she had access to the young girls perky breasts, she wiggled her way back to the closet and pulled her strongest nipple clamps off their holder and went back to the bed. She toyed with her nipples until they were rock hard all while slowly pumping the gag up, when she applied the clamps the girl squealed loudly and she pumped the gag up until she could see the leather around her face expand and her squeals became almost inaudible.

As the girl writhed in her cocoon she zipped the sac closed and continued to pull hard on the straps until the leather fit like a second skin. The girl was still whining through the gag and squealed loudly again when the strap that went across her breasts was tightened hard.  She whispered in the girl’s ear saying if you continue to whine I can make it more uncomfortable. The girl settled down and let her finish tying ropes to her shoulder and ankle D-rings then back to the head and foot boards, keeping the small girl from moving in any direction.

* * * * *

Satisfied with her captives position she found her panel gag and pulled the straps tight the posture collar allowed her to pull the chin strap extra tight around her neck making it seal completely to her lower face and locked it on, now sitting on her legs she locked her heavy leg irons around her ankles and pulled the dress’s zipper all the way down. She slid three padlocks through the keepers of the sleep sac before apply the matching wrist shackles. Normally they would be behind her back but she didn’t want to be completely unable to help the girl should she need it during the night.

Now feeling fully restricted she was ready for bed, she moved carefully to the stimulation control unit and plugged both the girls vibrator wires and her own in to it and set the program to tease for 20 minutes, then climax for 10, then lower so both women would have a gentle vibrations during sleep time. Her final program was to go to max speed in 5 hours to wake them both up. She set the time safe to open in 7 hours so she and the girl could be trapped together.

She lay down next to the girls bound body and began to gently rub her all over a waited for the vibrators to kick in. When the vibrations started she could feel the girl tense up inside her cocoon of thick leather and begin to breathe heavily through her gag. So both women were felling the intensity increase and she knew that soon she would be in her own throws of ecstasy so she reached over and let a little pressure off the young girls gag allowing her a little relief from the extra tight gag.

The girl was thrashing inside the sleep sac desperately trying to stop the building orgasm but the added frustration of her immobility was just adding to her arousal level and making her sweat profusely. Even though she was feeling her own approaching orgasm she was still rubbing the bound girl’s body and thoroughly enjoying feeling her wiggling under her hands. Both women became lost in their own sensations as they lay next to one another wriggling in their bonds until each had an orgasm and lay still panting around their gags.

A few minutes after their team orgasms she reached over to the young girls gag and deflated it some more not wanting to make it too uncomfortable for her the first time and also loosened the strap smashing her clamped nipples. Then rolled over and quickly fell asleep. Both women were awakened from very stimulating dreams by the vibrations increasing and soon both were in the throes of another orgasm in only a few minutes of full stimulation. She managed to get to her feet in between orgasms and fighting the tight latex and ankle restraints waddled over to the control box and turned it off. The girl was struggling in her leather prison and trying to figure out what was happening, she had never slept in bondage before so it took a few minutes for her to remember what was happing and why.

After looking at the timer on the safe and seeing they had about two more hours till they would be set free she went to the young girls bound body and began to unbuckle the straps around her head and deflated the gag completely. When she pulled the hood from her sweat covered face the girl looked terrified and tried to wiggle away from her but couldn’t.

She was unable to talk due to her large gag being locked on so she just sat beside the girl and waited for her to calm down. The girl was looking around and struggling in the sleep sac before asking why she was there. She couldn’t answer her and just pointed to her gag. "Why don’t you take it off?" The young girl asked. She turned her head and shook the locks holding her trapped in the large gag. "Have you been wearing that all night?" The girl, more calm now, asked. She just nodded yes. "Are you going to let me go now?" The girl asked in a meek tone. She reached over and pulled on one of the locks holding the strap closed, the girl’s neck corset kept her from looking down but she figured out what she was trying to say.

"How long are we trapped here?" The girl asked, she pointed to the safe and held up two fingers. "Two days?" The girl screamed.

She shook her head no, "Two hours?" The girl asked quieter this time and she nodded yes. "Can I sit up?" The girl asked, she reached towards the girl and the girl noticed her wrists were cuffed and said, "You have been wearing those too!" She nodded again as she continued to untie the girls shoulders from the head board.  With the girl sitting she motioned like she was drinking asking her if she wanted something to drink, the young girl answered quickly, "yes please!"

As she got off the bed the girl, who had regained her composure, said, "I like your dress", as she watched her walk sexily away with tiny steps. A short time later she returned with a large glass of water held in her bound hands and let the young girl drink all she wanted. When the girl finished she asked her if she slept bound every night and was answered with a nod for yes. "Wow! I don’t know if I could do this every night", the young girl replied. She had set the glass down and gone to the closet and was returning when the young girl noticed the ball gag in her hand and began to fight her bonds again. She just sat down behind her and calmed her a bit before gently sliding the ball between the young girl’s teeth and buckling it tightly.

After lying the girl back down and reattaching the ropes to her shoulders she held her finger to her mouth and moved towards the bathroom, turning on the young girls vibrators when she passed the unit, as she left the room the girl was already beginning to moan and thrash in her bonds. She moved to the toilet and hoped she could get the dress up high enough to allow her to pee and was soon wrestling the sticky latex up her thighs high enough to do her business. She lowered her dress but did not rezip the lower part and returned to the bedroom as the girl was having another orgasm and just watched her grind her hips against the thick leather.

When the girl noticed her she looked at her with pleading eyes and shook her head wildly trying to beg for her mistress to stop the torture. She took her time walking towards the control unit and just as the girl was about to come again she turned it off. The girl sagged in her bonds and thought about if she wanted the evil machine back on just long enough to finish her off but decided against it and lay still as her mistress watched her reaction. The two lay together for another hour before she was able to retrieve the keys.

She first removed the locks from the young girls straps and lowed the zipper to gain access to the nipples claps, when she was ready she removed both clamps from the girls sweat covered nipples at the same time and began to rub them as the girl began to whimper then cry from the sudden pain. After a few minutes she removed the girls gag and then unzipped the sac completely and the girl could now crawl out of the sac.

As the girl was beginning to unlace her ballet boots she stopped her and held out a note she had written that said 'boots on until clean up done'. The girl frowned but nodded and gingerly walked to the bathroom. Her mistress had the sleep sac untied from the bed and handed her another note telling her where the cleaning products were and motioned her to clean the inside of the sleep sac. The girl clearly having problems with her boots made her way into the kitchen and came back with the cleaners and began to scrub out the inside of the sac. After inspecting the job she had done mistress picked up a bottle and handed it to the girl and motioned for her to clean the outside as well.

Once the sleep sac was clean she motioned to the girl that she could remove her boots and get dressed, motioning for her to clean up the shorts she was wearing as well. As the young girl cleaned up she removed her wrist shackles and then shimmied out of her dress, this let her clamped nipples get some relief from the tight latex, and she rubbed them for some added relief before drying the sweat off her body and putting the keys back in the safe and setting it for another 12 hours.

The young girl came out of the bathroom fully dressed with her high heel shoes on and stopped and looked at her new mistress. "You are wearing clamps too? How long have you had them on?" The girl asked. She held up 10 fingers then added 5 more. "15 Hours?" The young girl asked. She shook her head and pointed up. "15 days!" She shook her head yes. "How can you stand it?"  She leaned over and showed the young girl the locks holding the clamps on. "Where’s the key?" The girl asked. Her mistress shrugged and motioned far away. "My god how long do you have to wear them?" She held up 4 fingers while motioning towards her corset and belt. "You’re locked into all of them?" The girl asked. She nodded yes.

The girl was stunned by this and just looked at her mistress’s breasts noticing the thin cable and pointed to it. She raised her breast and showed her the cable and lock that was keeping her breast pushed up like a balloon. "You can’t remove that either can you?" The astounded girl said. She just nodded and let her breast lie back down on the cable and lock. She waved to the young girl and started to walk towards the front door, the girl followed watching her mistress walk tiny steps in her toe boots and pulling the chains holder her ankle shackle’s close together. "How long…..are you going to wear those?" she asked pointing to her ankles and gag? She just shrugged and made a tomorrow motion. She opened the door and motioned she would call the young girl tomorrow and hugged her as she left. The physically worn out girl just wandered to her car and drove off still in awe of her new mistress.   

She watched the girl drive off and locked the door then headed back to her bedroom, each small step causing her clamps to sway and tug lightly at her sore nipples, she tried to look at them but her posture collar prevented her from looking down far enough. She continued to rub them until she entered the room, where she stood looking at the sleep sac wondering if she could use it by herself or not. She pulled 4 long rods from her closet and connected her vibrators back into the unit and laid down on the sleep sac.

She worked her pointed toes deep into the sleep sac then arched her body until she could reach the two straps at her ankles and calves, pulling them snug and buckling them. After straightening herself out she took the rods and slid them in the special pockets on either side of her boots making her unable to bend her legs at all once they were seated fully into the boots. She grabbed her wrist shackles and for a moment thought about putting her hands behind her back but then knew she would never be able to manipulate the sac’s zipper if she did so, for the moment she laid them on her leather and steel encased stomach.

She wiggled herself deeper into the sleep sac until she was able to pull the zipper up to her chest then reached out and pulled as many of the straps as she could reach tight across her body. She had noticed the bag had zippers covering the breast area and decided to see what they would do, so she unzipped them and pushed her breasts out of the holes up to where the cables held them taunt. It was a struggle to get them all the way through the holes and once she had them sticking out fully she gently pulled the zippers closed until she could stand the tension no more and stopped, before starting to apply the hood her hand grazed one of the locks she had used on the young girl and picked it up sliding it through the ends of the chains that dangled from her nipples clamps raising up to the o-ring on the front of her posture collar and locking it closed.

She still could not look down and could not see that her breasts were already turning a deeper red so she reached out and pulled the straps above and below her swollen breasts snug, leaving room for her arms to pass once she was ready. Now she began to work on the hood, after removing the inflatable gag she pulled it over her head and pulled the straps tightly around her face and head.  She was now blind and mostly deaf and the added pressure from the straps was pushed the ball on her gag deeper into her mouth. From the outside her face was featureless leather mass accept for the small hole where the gag had been, on either side of the strap you could just see the clear vinyl covering the red ball shoved deeply between her lips.

As she worked the leather over her shoulders and under the nipple chain she found that with her breasts being held by the sac she could not move her arms straight down below them, so after working the zipper up to her neck she shoved her arms under her body and down below her protruding and swollen breasts pulling them back in front of her at waist level. This action did several things, first it tightened the straps above and below her breasts considerably pulling the leather tighter into her chest and next it forced her breasts even further out of the confines making them turn even darker and be pinched at their cable enclosed bases even more.

As she lay there catching her breath she found her wrist shackles and pulled her left wrist into them and latched one around that wrist, she stopped for a moment to go over where she was and what her plan of escape was. She was locked into a very tight and ridged corset with a steel chastity belt encircling her waist and holding two vibrators deep within her, her legs were encased in crotch high leather ballet boots with steel rods running from the tops down to her ankles keeping her from being able to bend her legs at all. Her ankles were held closely together with wide steel shackles that had 6 pieces of chain running between them also locked on, her head was covered in thick leather covering her wide panel gag that was locked on over a tall posture collar. Her tits were locked at their bases by a steel cables the encircled both and kept them ballooned up almost obscenely and were now forced through the openings of the sleep sac, and finally her nipples, which had begun to throb since her arm adjustment inside the sac had clamps that had been locked on for 15 days and generally hurt with each breath that caused them to tug lightly at the chains attached to her posture collar.  

Suddenly the vibrators turned on and they were going at max stimulation, she quickly began to pant through her nose and even though she had a nagging thought in the back of her mind her lust forced her to put her right hand into the other shackle and close it around her wrist. She fought for air as she flexed her body inside her leather prison pulling hard on the ropes keeping her on the bed and restricting her movements. Then just as sudden the vibrations stopped, she grunted into her tight gag as she realized that this had been the start of the tease program. She lay still catching her breath when the nagging thought she had came to the surface. With her hands chained below her breasts, and her breasts trapped in the zippered holes she would not be able to raise her hands high enough to reach the zipper and release herself from her self imposed bondage.

She was stunned at the rookie mistake and began to thrash inside her cocoon, each time she pulled at the sac it pulled on her tortured breasts both from their bases and her nipples making them hurt badly and forcing her to stop her struggles. As she lay there panting, each breath pulled on her breasts and nipples she tried to think of a way out of her situation. For the next two hours she was forced by her vibrators almost to the point of climax 5 times before they shut off and left her panting and sweating. In between she would try to think of a way out but her mind was clouded by her frustrated sexual desire.

* * * * *

Almost another hour passed before she was able to reach an orgasm and it was a mind blower, she was pushed to the edge of blacking out from lack of air from the power of the orgasm and when it was over the vibrations didn’t stop and forced her to have multiple waves wash over her until she finally could take no more and passed out. She awoke several hours later, confused and sore from her battle with the vibrators and her first tug at the sac reminded her of where she was and what she had done.

Bound prone on her bed unable to flex her body very far due to the ropes tied to the bed holding her flat she carefully tried to work her hands up to her breasts to see if she could force her breasts out of the holes they were in. She needed to turn her hands under the tight leather of the sleep sac but the multiple chains of her shackles did not allow enough twisting of her wrists, the straps she had snugged up above and below her tits were now tight enough not let her pull her arms up either so she began to struggle again trying in vain to find a way to free herself.

When she started feeling light headed she stopped her struggles and began to think about what she had done. She was very hot and sweating profusely and her gag seemed to be growing in her mouth, her posture collar also seemed to be getting tighter and the thought of her strangling made her begin her struggles anew. As she began to black out she realized she had found her utopia again and started breathing easier and began to relax and enjoy her situation.

The vibrations had started again but this time they were on low and just made her horny again, She had thought about her breasts and realized that even if she got her swollen tits back through the holes she would still have the locked on nipples clamps to fight because of her locking them to her collar outside the sleep sac. She knew she was screwed and lay back to enjoy her bondage again.

After waking from a fitful sleep several hours later she noticed that she could feel cool air around her neck and chest. She lay still and was sure the bag had opened some. After thinking about it for some time she began to pull on the sides of the sleep sac and as she pulled down she could fell the zipper slide down a little each time. The zipper had reached her bound and swollen tits, that were now a dark purple and throbbing painfully but she kept pulling on the sides of her leather prison. After another hour of pulling she was sure the zipper was not moving anymore and she had worn herself out again so she stopped and drifted off to sleep once more.

Awaking once again confused and in pain she struggled violently against the leather and suddenly the zipper made a ripping noise and slid down to her waist.

She was so stunned by this that the pain of her breasts being pulled violently to each side did not register immediately and she began to find the closest strap and unbuckle it. As the pain sunk in she began to cry and fumble with the strap but was finally able to release it and bend her arms up and begin working on another. The vibrations started again and gave her enough of a distraction to allow her to work through the pain of getting the next two straps off.  She was finally able to pull her arms clear of the bag but could not pull them high enough to release the hood due to her breasts still being held in the zippered slits of the bag and chained to her collar. She cursed herself for locking the clamps to her collar and causing this situation.

She lay still beginning to enjoy the vibrations and let the pain subside again, during this rest period she thought she heard someone knocking but when she held her breath and listened she heard nothing. When the vibrations stopped she began to struggle again, she did not want to stay like this for three days when he got back and came to check on her. She tried to get her legs out of the bag but being unable to bend them at all made that impossible. She twisted inside the bag but screamed out in pain from her tits being pulled hard by the bag. As she continued to struggle she finally was able to reach the zippers around the bases of her breasts and work them loose allowing some much needed blood flow back into them and also causing her to feel a much greater amount of pain.

She moaned loudly as the blood rushed into her swollen tits rubbing one at a time because the short chains wouldn’t let her reach both at once. When the pain subsided she began to pull at the chains holding her nipples to the posture collar hoping she could find a weakness. When she stopped tugging at the chains she let her hands slide down until she reached the clamps were she felt the small rings connecting the chains to the clamps, I might be able to bend those she thought to herself as she held each clamp and twisted and pulled on the chain.

Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain of the clamps pulling tighter from her struggles then suddenly she felt the chain come loose. She quickly began pulling on the other clamps and in a few minutes she had it pull loose as well. She stretched her arms over her head and began to unbuckle the straps holding the leather hood. She peeled the hood from her head and could finally force herself to sit up out of the sleep sac. She struggled with the buckles holding the last straps before lower the zipper down to her bound ankles. She pulled her rigid legs back out of the bag and swung them to the floor. She immediately turned on the bed and raised herself upright and stood on her pointed toes.

As she regained her balance she turned and began to move towards the safe, taking tiny steps she walked stiff legged over to it to see the timer reading -6.5 hours. She squealed into her gag as she opened the door and got her keys, without returning to the bed she removed her wrist shackles, then her gag and peeled the tight posture collar off her neck, dropping them all to the floor. She then wobbled her way back to the bed and began to unlace her boots, when they were loose enough and she was able to bend them far enough to reach and unlocked her shackles. She was now as free as she could get and stretched and flexed her sore arms and legs and for the first time since this started decided she would beg on her hands and knees to be released from her remaining bonds.

She lay back on the bed enjoying her freedom dreaming of a hot bath and trying to adjust her clamps so they wouldn’t hurt her as much the phone rang making her jump and pull on them accidentally. She got to the phone and heard his voice she almost began crying, he asked did she get the package he sent, she didn’t know what he was talking about so he explained he had sent her a “package” since he wasn’t going to be home till next week. She figured out he was talking in an office and couldn’t explain further and remembered she thought she had heard the knock at the door. Dropping the phone she ran on her toes to the front door and opened it without even thinking about her attire.

She quickly looked around her front porch and spotted a small box near the railing, the driver had put it where it could not be seen from the front of the house, she darted out and squatted as she bent down and grabbed it and ran back into the house. She stopped and looked out the window to see if anyone was out that might have seen her but saw no one.

She ripped the package open seeing her chastity belt key she squealed, she unlocked the belt leaving it where it fell and as she was making her way back to her bedroom the vibrator slid out of her sore pussy and stayed where it fell as well. She started searching for the keys to her clamps but she found the keys to her breast cables first and stopped and unlocked them also dropping the cables where she stood.

Reaching her bedroom she grabbed the phone and asked, "You still there?" He answered yes with a little chuckle and continued, "I take it you got it?"

"Yes!" She screamed into the phone saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, I’ve got to go now" and she hung up the phone.

She found the keys to the clamps and after putting a towel in her mouth she popped the locks open and carefully removed the clamps, the sudden flow of blood returning made her scream into the towel. She rubbed them for a few minutes then turned on the water to her large jet tub, as the hot water flowed she turned her back to the large mirror and began removing the locks. She tried to unlace her corset but the laces were set into place from being pulled tight for so long so she dug out a pair of scissors and began cutting them. Half way down her ribs were hurting so bad from the sudden release she had to stop and began rubbing her chest until the pain faded some.

While she waited for the pain to fade more she turned off the water and slipped on her high heeled house shoes and went to the kitchen, she hadn’t eaten a full meal in almost two weeks and now she felt very hungry. She made herself a large sandwich and fixed a plate of cheese and crackers to go with it and grabbed an open bottle of wine from the fridge and headed back to the bathroom. After arranging her food on the tub she finished cutting the laces and the corset soon dropped to the floor. As she looked at her body she was stunned to see a much smaller waist and her skin was very pale and wrinkly. It was covered with dried fluids and made her look like she was sick. 'I must have lost 10 pounds' she said to herself.

Turning and looking at her back it didn’t look much better and she noticed the plug still in her firm ass, 'I’ll deal with that later' she thought and turned and slowly climbed into the steaming water. As she lowered herself into the water she hoped that it wouldn’t ruin the plug but decided it would be worth it if it did and sat down and leaned back letting the hot water soothe her body. She normally would have a gag on, wearing one at all available times but she did not miss it at all and just relaxed and ate her food. After drifting off to sleep several times and with the water starting to get cold and forced herself to get out of the tub.

Drying herself off felt wonderful, even with every muscle screaming in pain, just the act of being able to bend over was almost orgasmic. She hit the plug and knew it would have to come out if she had any hope of it returning to normal by Monday, so after she got an adult diaper she sat on the toilet and gently removed the plug. Cleaning herself with a warm washcloth she slid the diaper up to her ass and closed it tight around her waist. She slid her feet into her house shoes and made her way to her bed almost tripping over several of the pieces of equipment she had left lying on the floor. She almost stopped and started to clean them up but the bed looked so comfortable she just laid down next to the sleep sac and fell asleep.

She had wonderful dreams and woke up with new plans for what to wear at work.

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