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by Mikel

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Part 1

As she stood looking in the mirror she admired her toned body and long blond hair knowing that it might be awhile before she would be able to see it this way again. She gently ran her hands over her firm C cup breasts and down to her smooth pussy relishing what she was about to allow to happen to her.

She had been doing Yoga and other stretching exercises for months and had become more flexible than she had ever been. The 2 inch gag head harness she was now wearing had been on for twenty four hours and she had no plans of removing it until just before her morning run. She had been practicing long term gag wearing since before she had come up with this idea, beginning after work then overnight to being able to wear it all weekend with no discomfort when she removed it.

She once even wore it three days straight, calling in sick Friday morning before inserting her gag and locking it on, she had also worn her ankle and leg restraints, her heavily boned leather corset and posture collar with her wrist and arm restraints she had been practicing in the whole time. After locking all the keys in her little time lock safe she had until Sunday night to wrestle with her bonds, unable to leave the room or even reach the door knob if she had to. She had cuffed her hands behind her back after pulling her elbows close together and locking the cable ends in front. Her ankles were bound along with her thighs with thick leather cuffs all having two locks apiece, then her ankles were strapped tightly to her thighs keeping her knees bent with her heels touching her ass. After this test she knew she would be able to hold the position she had thought of the entire time if he demanded her to.

She had wanted to be treated like a slave with no options and no voice in how long she would be bound. She had been practicing self-bondage for years and really enjoyed the final “click” knowing that there was no one to plead with or no way to coerce her way out of her bonds as she had been able to do with past boyfriends when they would get too horny.

She found a man on the internet that shared her passion for self-bondage and they had become friends and eventually each other’s safeties. Neither wanted more than this from the other and in fact she felt he was gay so she was very comfortable including him in her fantasies. Neither had ever needed the other to get them out but one time he showed up just as she was waking from a nap after a very strenuous hogtie she had placed herself in the previous day.

She remembered how it happened. She had told him Saturday morning that if he hadn’t heard from her by Sunday night to come by around 9 pm. She had worried that the tie might be too strict but had wanted to try it for a long time but this was first time she had a backup plan if she couldn’t escape. After hanging up the phone she pulled one last time on the laces of her corset making it pull her in another inch or so then tied off the laces low around her waist. Once she adjusted her breathing she slid her steel chastity belt up her legs inserting her plug and vibrator and locking it around her waist, trapping the laces and essentially locking the corset in place by the waist belt.

She had already put on her knee high ballet boots that were locked on with small padlocks through several of the eyelets and her ankle and thigh cuffs were locked in place. The keys she would need to release her hands were hanging from a long string wound into a frozen gallon jag of water in the kitchen, the rest were in her safe set to open the following day, except the keys to her chastity belt and the boot padlocks, they were stashed in her mail box. She would need to wait until dark to remove the boots belt and corset, only after making a trip outside where anyone that drove by could see her. After pulling her hair through the grommet on the top of her leather hood she worked the tight leather down over her face, inserting the large attached gag in her mouth as she pulled it lower. Once she had it all lined up and smoothed out she tightened the laces until the eye and ear pads made contact then pulled it much tighter making it feel like a second skin.

She loved the feeling of everything being tight, the tighter the better she thought. After letting herself calm down again she began to finish up. She put her posture collar on, this collar was very tall for her and forced her head back and kept it completely immobile, after making sure the laces for her hood were inaccessible being covered by the collar she fed the three locking straps though their buckles pulling it very snug and locked it on. Now even though she was already helpless blind, deaf and mute, her legs were held firmly together by the cuffs and her breathing down to shallow gasps she knew she wasn’t finished quite yet.

In the dark now she found the chain hanging from her nipple clamps, these clamps had been modified by her friend who had drilled a small hole through the contact pads of the buttery fly clamps and these holes lined up with her nipple piercings so once installed she would thread her dumb bell bars through the holes and could screw the balls tight making them pinch even harder and effectively locking the clamps on her nipples, she had always hated when the clamps popped off half way through a session and this cured it completely. She took the chain and raised it till she felt a slight tug on her breasts then found the metal O-ring on the front of the collar and slipped the lock around both and closed it. Now her breasts were pulling lightly on the clamps making them bite down a little harder, she knew this would increase once she was in her final position but that’s what she wanted.

She leaned forward and lowered herself down onto her stomach, her thighs and chest were resting on pillows she had put there earlier this made her have a severe arch in her back between the two plies of pillows , forcing the pointed toes of her bound feet and legs to almost touch her corset lacing. She laid still for a moment letting the pain from the added pressure on her clamped nipples subside a little and also deciding if maybe this might be too much. After a few minutes she mumbled to herself “You wanted this”

Finding the heavier chain attached to her ankle cuffs she pulled it tight and another pad lock went through this and the D-ring on the bottom of the crotch plate of her belt, this kept her feet in their current position and also gave her something to try and stimulate herself with as she pulled on the chastity belt during her struggles. She reached up to the collar and found her battery packs, one for the vibrator and one for the plug filling her firm ass and one for the tens unit. She had placed the tens pads on her ass cheeks and soles of her feet setting the unit to the increasing pulse setting, from low to max and back down once it was turned on. The vibrators had been set to random and she knew this setting was normally not enough to get her off but was enough to distract her during the session.  

After turning on vibrators she found the smaller chains attached to her ankle cuffs, they were very short and she had to stretch just a little to make her left wrist cuff reach before she locked it together. After resting for just a second she quickly turned on the tens unit then reached back and in one motion locked her right wrist in place.

Immediately she knew she had screwed up.  She had never tested the tens unit on her feet before nor had she worn 4 pads on her ass cheeks before, now they were already making her squeal and making her body tense up and it hasn’t gotten to high yet! She thrashed in her bonds unable to move her body at all and was forced by the electricity to curl backwards even tighter with each pulse it sent.

When the tens unit reached level 8 (out of ten) she could stand it no longer, her feet felt like they were on fire and her ass felt as if someone was whipping it constantly with a cane, she passed out. She awoke and found that the tens unit had started working its way back down and thought to herself “Damn only a few minutes and I’ve already passed out. She began to squirm trying to free herself from the pillows and having no luck moving anywhere. When she felt the power beginning to increase she doubled her efforts and slowly she felt herself move sideways off the pillows. By the time she realized she was actually falling onto her side the power had increased enough to make her unable to do any voluntary movements other than scream into her gag and arch her back even more. It took a little longer this time but she did finally black out.

Awaking again feeling the power slowly increasing again she figured she had missed the down slope while unconscious and began to try and right herself so she could begin the long crawl to the kitchen. Twisting and kicking she found she could not make herself move but also found out that between the strict position, tight corset, posture collar and large gag she could not get enough air to keep trying. As slumped in her bonds, she could feel with her fingertips the ankles of her boots and it dawned on her how tight her hogtie was as the power again increased to the point of blackout.

After waking up she had a nice buzzing in her crotch and ass and laid still to enjoy the feelings and even though the tens unit was climbing towards max again and the tight curl it forced her in pulled harder on her nipple chain she was able to stay awake and even enjoy the stimulus. When the vibrations decreased suddenly she was so let down by the orgasm kill she didn’t even care about the tens unit making her tense up even further. When the power dropped enough she began to fight for movement and being careful not to overwork her air supply and was able to finally right herself. Now on her stomach again she thought she could make some progress and decided she did not want to stay in this position another twenty four hours.

As she tried to figure out a way to make the most movement the vibrations increased again and she found herself mumphing into her gag pulling on her nipples trying to get some relief for her aching pussy. After fighting though another climb to max from the tens unit she was once again denied orgasm.

All day Saturday and through Saturday night she made very little progress towards her release even though she was sure the ice had melted by now, she could do nothing but fight the tens unit that was keeping her from enjoying her bondage. By Sunday morning the tens had run low on batteries and only occasionally gave her a shock, but the batteries on the vibrators still had life and on several occasions she found herself on the edge of a terrific orgasm only to be denied when they would turn off or drop so low she could not feel them.

She had passed out a few times from lack of air and was feeling very sore but when she felt the cold tile of the kitchen on her tortured breasts she knew she was close. The corset and collar seemed much tighter now, she was barely able to breathe and the gag was beginning to give her the feeling of choking, her tortured nipples had become little fireballs and her feet ached from the en pointe position they were held in. Her lower breasts were carpet burned as was her thighs above and below the tight straps that held them together.

When she finally made it to the drop point for the keys she was worn out, all she wanted was to free herself and take a bath but when both vibrators kicked on full she was quickly aroused again and with her struggles and pulling on her nipples she finally climaxed harder and longer than she had ever done before. The tens unit even helped by giving her a last strong shock that pushed her over the edge. As she laid there on the kitchen floor gasping for air and struggling in her bonds she experienced her utopia and as the orgasm faded so did she, but not in a fit of desperation but into a deep sleep that only complete fulfillment could offer.

Awaking she caught herself wondering why she couldn’t move, but quickly remembering and immediately searched for her keys. After groping around she was able to release her wrists from her ankles and then reach around to unlock her elbow cables and for the first time in over 24 hours she was able to stretch her arms out. She could not release anything else due to her remaining keys being in the safe back in her bed room but at least having her arms would make that a much shorter trip. 

She dragged her sore body into the bedroom and found the safe and releasing her folded legs and stretching them for a few minutes. Finally able to unlock the collar and pull the sweat soaked hood from her face she pulled herself over to her bed. She could not release the boots or chastity belt until she went to mail box for the keys to them so she set about removing the wrist restraints and thigh cuffs not being able to reach her ankle cuffs yet she decided to lay back and relax until dark.

She awoke when she heard the front door open and someone coming in. She frantically tried to get up only to be stopped by her ballet boots and ankle cuffs so she just lay back down and tried to be quiet. When her bedroom door opened and he stuck his head through she let out a gasp of relief as did he when he realized she was ok. “You said come by at after nine” She looked at the clock and saw it said 9:45 and was relieved he was the one coming into her place.

He looked at her and her scattered toys and said ”You’ve been having fun haven’t you?”

“Fun yeah” she replied “But it’s not over yet” she continued as she forced herself to stand.

“Wow you look great” He said “You going to wear them all night?” he asked

“Well I was hoping you might help me with that, see the keys are in the mailbox but I don’t know if I have the strength to make there and back” she said with her best damsel in distress look.

“Well I only here to help you if you get stuck not make it easier for you”

With that he laid her door keys on the table and left the house. She did finally wobble with tiny steps to the mail box not releasing her ankle cuffs before the trek out there because her torso had become so sore from the extra tight corset she could not bend far enough to reach the ankle cuffs. She did get to take her bath and during her bath is when she came up with her next “big” idea.

* *

She dreamt of feeling that utopia again and over many months had come close but not quite reaching it and that’s when she decided she had to put her plan into action. During her internet searches she had learned of “casting” and began to play with the fiberglass type. She had tried many different positions including used the wide casting tape as hobbles around her ankles and upper calves. Even going so far as to mummify herself from head to toe, always using her tens unit and vibrators and once going as far as casting her right wrist to her elbow and completely encasing her left arm up to the shoulder, This proved especially difficult for her to remove by herself and was not attempted again.

During her experiments she found out that she could wrap herself in plastic wrap and nothing else to protect her skin from the chemical reaction of the casting material. As she learned more she found that if she wrapped herself in a frog tie position she could slide her arms into previously formed “sleeves” that folded her arms and forced her hands to sit close to her neck. She set up an experiment Saturday morning and casted herself into a frog tie then covered her corseted and chastised waist up to, then above her breasts forcing her breasts to squeeze out between the tight bands of the casting tape. As her torso cast was hardening she decided to wrap her head, knowing she shouldn’t change her plans at last minute but she was feeling very brave and very horny.

After applying her nipple clamps she began to wrap up her chest towards and around her neck then over her mouth to the top of her head, leaving only her nose uncovered and her blond ponytail sticking out. Since she didn’t have a gag handy she had decided to wrap over her mouth, completely sealing it off, pulling the casting tape tightly making it impossible to open her mouth even the slightest bit. She waited for the head cast to harden before wrapping both wrists up to her elbows. While the wrist wrapping dried she enjoyed the total immobility the solid body cast gave her she ran her hands over her body everywhere she could reach and even gave her nipple chain a tug or two. Then she took her arm sleeves and placed them on her elbows. She wriggled in her body cast and waved her compressed arms until she tilted forward landing on her folded elbows forcing the sleeves far onto her arms and forcing her hands close to her neck.

She had used the sleeves multiple times in the past few months always able to work them off by rubbing them on something and twisting her wrists. Now she stood, a virtual statue standing on her frozen knees and elbows with her hands sticking straight up past her neck, unable to move any part of her body except her arms at the shoulders and panting through her nose feeling the vibrators building in intensity. When the tens unit kicked in she realized she had not preprogramed it so it was going through its demo cycles and a muffled scream came from her cocoon knowing that she would be forced to endure great punishment from the unit and she could do nothing about it.

After enduring the first demo she tried to drag herself towards the door so she could begin to remove the sleeves. Her first attempt to move her frozen body failed, her casted wrists that were held close to her shoulders and neck kept her from moving her elbows forward enough to allow her to pull her body. She panicked for a brief moment as she also realized she had not called her safety, because at the start of this it was just an experiment and she was not going to do anything that would keep her from being able to call for help.

She struggled and tried to move or sit up and almost fell over. She stopped struggling because knew if she fell over she could not right herself and would not be able to move at all. The vibrations had increased and the tens unit was demoing a program that she found very stimulating so she just held herself as still as she could and enjoyed the ride.

She began to pant heavily through her nose and could feel herself not getting enough air, trying to control her breathing and the worry of passing out and falling over caused her to lose her orgasm, she cursed herself under her rock hard mask and tried to figure a way out. Several hours later she had only been able to move a few inches and that was in the wrong direction. Her arms and hands had gone numb, the casting on her wrists and forearms had made the sleeves much tighter than normal. The tens unit had been torturing her regularly at its highest setting and she was gasping for air from her stimulation that was going full blast in both holes.

When she awoke she was face down on the carpet with her arms spread out to each side. It took longer than normal for her to figure out what was happening mostly due to her struggle with the tens unit that was still on high and seemed to be deliberately trying to destroy her mind. She began to whimper in her casing and trying not to cry knowing that it could clog up her nose. After another hour of this punishment the tens unit dropped to a lower setting and allowed her to regain some of her composure.

She was hurting all over, she had wrapped her feet sideways against her butt and now the awkward position was becoming very painful, her waist was hurting from the increased pressure the shrinking of the fiberglass was putting on her and worst of all her head felt like it was in a vise, again the because she forgot fiberglass continues to shrink as it cures it was now making her feel like her whole head was being crushed. She needed out… now!

She wiggled her body and pulled her arms back underneath her until she was level again. Next she began to move one arm as far forward as she could then swing the other out slowly pulling herself forward. After two hours of constant straining she ran headfirst into a wall, the hard fiberglass making a loud thud as it made contact. Unable to see or even feel where she was she maneuvered herself around and following the wall with her shoulder for another 2 hours until she finally felt the door frame.

She was very hot and getting worn out from the exertion of moving and fighting the tens unit, she had been sweating profusely and was becoming dehydrated. The tens unit was lasting longer due to the “rest” periods of the demo program but she could tell, or at least hoped, the sting of its charges was getting weaker. The sweat was occasionally dripping past her nose and causing her to inhale liquid adding to her discomfort.

She positioned herself next to the door frame and tried to get the sleeve to rub against the edge, the need for balance and the inability to raise her arm high enough kept her from being able to catch the upper edge of the sleeve on the frame. When she realized just how stuck she was she began to cry, she leaned against the frame and hung in her encasement, head held out straight, face down towards the floor, her legs folded up tight against her ass and her body held rigidly straight in a thick unyielding full body cast. Her nipples still had the dangling chain swinging from them as she wept in constant pain now from the tens unit going back through its routine of highest power test demos.

When her vibrators kicked in on high she barely noticed, but after a few minutes she was struggling for air as her arousal rose to fever pitch. She was panting and flexing her whole body causing the tight fiberglass to creak under the strain, and then it happened she found her utopia again and enjoyed the multiple orgasms that flowed over her. She struggled until she could struggle no more than just relaxed in her encasement until the feelings were gone.

She awoke feeling much better even as tired as she was she felt stronger than ever. She immediately began to rub her arm and try to flex her wrist, the cast on her wrist kept her from flexing it up and down but she found she could still twist it if she tried hard. After what seemed like hours to her, she was about to run out of energy again when she felt the sleeve move slightly down her arm. This caused her to redouble her efforts and soon the sleeve slid all the way down her arm and onto the floor.

She almost began to cry again as she straightened her cramped arm and flexed her fingers helping the blood flow to them faster. The vibrations were gone and the tens unit was giving her brief short shocks but all she felt was relief. She reached over to the door frame and pushed herself up to a sitting position. The wrist cast made manipulating the other arm sleeve difficult but she was determined and soon worked it off as well. As she struggled with the sleeve she had become light headed from the lack of air and just as the sleeve slid off she blacked out, sitting, frozen in fiberglass in an open door way her arms hanging limply at her sides and the clamp chain was swaying gently from her nipples.

She awoke again and was instantly having trouble breathing, she reached up to her head feeling the rock hard shell covering it and began a futile struggle against the rest of the encasement that held her firmly inside it grip. During her struggles she found out that if she pushed her body upwards inside her shell her breathing was easier, even this little movement made her nose stop pushing down against the thick casting that covered her mouth and allowed more air in. She held herself up and soon was breathing much better.

After squirming back over to the bed she found the cutters she would use to release her hands and wrists, after some difficulty she managed to remove the hard shell from both wrists. She was getting tired of holding herself up so she rolled herself onto her back and found her cast cutting saw. Carefully she began to cut away at the casting over her mouth and under her chin until she could open her mouth completely. With breathing much easier now she suddenly felt very tired and drifted off to sleep.

After having a few hours’ sleep she awoke to a great pain in her legs and tried instinctively to straighten them. She still could not see nor move any part of her body except her arms and began thrashing around slinging her cutting saw away from her and jerking the plug out of the wall. When the panic attack subsided she began to rub her hands all over her encased body enjoying the lack of feeling she had through the thick fiberglass.

She searched around with her hands and found her nightstand and fished some batteries out of the drawer and replaced her vibrators dead ones. Before turning them on she also found the gag she slept in and forced it deep into her mouth and pulled the straps tight. She turned both vibrators on high and lay back to enjoy the sensations, rubbing her body and forcing herself to roll over and over loving the feeling of not being able to move her body or stop a roll once it started.

After several more orgasms she was tired again and wanted out. Still not being able to see she first had to figure out where in the room she was then start her search for the cutter. After an hour searching she found the cutter but quickly found that it was unplugged. She began another search for an outlet and that took much longer. When an outlet was found she carefully tried to plug the cutter in, not wanting to get shocked, she finally managed to get both prongs to line up and began to cut herself out of her entombment.

After cutting her mask off so she could see it took less time than she would have thought to release herself from the fiberglass and when she was able to stretch her legs and flex her feet she had another small orgasm. She was a wreck, dehydrated, starving and even though she was free of her restraints she could not stand. Her legs just would not cooperate for her to do that. She thought about dragging herself into the kitchen but decided that she would get some water in the bathroom and take a bath until she could walk.

As she drug herself to the bathroom, stopping only to unlock the chastity belt and remove her corset. She looked at the clock and saw it was 6pm and she knew it was Sunday. Well at least I have time to sleep before I go to work tomorrow.

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