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Shawna's Maypole

by MaypoleWalker

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Note: This story has a lot of detailing on gear, much of which is based on real world experience. If your preferred line of story is light housewife erotica with someone flopping about in a pair of furry handcuffs, this story is likely not for you. However, if you enjoy a well-thought-out scenario, with lots of quite literally moving parts and attention to detail, please do enjoy!

Part I

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

The front door slammed hard behind Shawna, coming home from work. She was furious. After 5 grueling weeks of coding, some asinine manager decided to cut the project she was working on. Little fat goatee-wearing jackass, she fumed. It was Friday and she had the house to herself as Joyce was away on some corporate events for the next two weeks.

Shawna kicked off her heels in the hallway and stomped angrily to the fridge and poured herself a glass of Chard to take the edge off. As she sat at the kitchen counter and her pulse came down, she started to think about what to do with the weekend. As she cradled her glass of wine, her mind drifted to a story she had read the other week about this girl in a similar work situation, how she did a long outdoor walk with an overnight self-bondage session in a garden guest house, all encased in a latex catsuit and a long rubber dress. The intricacy and detail of the bondage appealed to Shawna.

The story’s narrative made Shawna stir in her seat as the ideas started to percolate in her mind. What if… Although she loved latex and Joyce was very much into it, Shawna herself had an allergy to the stuff, preventing extended wear, which ruled it out. Shawna was however an accomplished self-taught seamstress and she liked working with stretch vinyl PVC. It always made her think of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in that godawful old Batman movie. Nevertheless, she was able to transform ideas into creation, so she set out to create a costume with an interesting scenario to run in the days before Joyce returned home from an upcoming business trip.

Chapter 2 - Preparations

Shawna took to her laptop and started to draft the design she had in her mind. Being both an engineer and fashionista at heart, she wanted a sexy, yet modular bondage outfit, allowing parts of it to be replaced or upgraded as they got worn or she got new ideas. And she had a lot of those. Shawna wanted a project which not only stretched her imagination but also her fabrication and coding skills, to completely take her mind off those asshats at work.

The base of Shawna’s outfit was a modified skater dress; essentially a back zipped long-sleeved turtleneck leotard with an above-knee length skirt. The leotard was crotch-less, sleeves puffed at the shoulders, ending in a wide stirrup which would slip over her thumb. Each sleeve had three D-rings attached around the mid upper arm for attaching elbow length mittens. Under the skirt, two sewn-in Tulle tutu’s, would ensure the skirt would flare out nicely. The neck of the leotard was raised, with a wide internal nylon band for strength. A large D-ring was added in the front, attached to the nylon band. This made for a sturdy anchor point. In the nape of the neck, two D-rings were attached to the nylon band, each ring reaching over the zipper, allowing the zipper and collar to be locked shut. Finally, on the lower back next to the bottom of the back zipper, Shawna added a large chrome grommet to run wires to some toys through…

In addition to the skater dress, Shawna designed a set of crotchless leggings, gloves and elbow-length fist mittens. She also created a huge floor length skirt. This appeared as large as a tent, as Shawna had planned to use it over a very special item she bought off Alibaba the previous month…

Once the design was in place, Shawna went to work in her crafts room in the old turn-of-the-century house she and Joyce had bought a couple of years ago. Shawna took down several rolls of black stretch vinyl, zippers, D-rings, grommets and over the next few days, she created her dream bondage outfit.

In between the sewing work, Shawna had planned out how and where she wanted to use the suit. As they did not have any outdoor facilities to speak of, Shawna had settled for an indoor scenario. While Joyce liked to be restrained to the point of hardly being able to twitch a finger, Shawna liked to be able to struggle in her bondage and do something. Having spent hours researching online, she settled on the Maypole scenario to satisfy her need to move while restrained. She would essentially have to walk in large circles around a threaded rod, tethered by a long pole, locked to a collar around her neck. Their house had a very large full-height basement with a lot of open space. Shawna figured it would do nicely for the scenario she had in mind.

Clearing the large room, she had stood up a 5-foot-tall 3 by 3-inch square wooden beam on its end and screwed solid steel triangular shelf-mounts on all 4 sides towards the floor. The shelf mounts made the beam almost look like an arrow or a rocket standing on the floor. Everything had been painted shiny black. The shelf mounts were bolted into the concrete floor, using sturdy expansion bolts. Shawna had drilled a hole in the top center of the beam, where a threaded steel rod was screwed in.

In her workshop, Shawna had fabricated a simple piece of hardware, which was essentially a hex nut pressed through and welded to a large steel washer. The nut would fit the threaded rod and the washer had a hole drilled through it, which would accommodate a medium sized padlock. The purpose of this piece was to control how long Shawna had to walk. By winding the washer-nut down 50 times on the threaded pole, meant she had to walk 50 times around the pole before it would release the grip on her.

Shawna had sawed off a 10-foot-long round wooden rod, about 1 and a half inch in diameter. Each end had an eyelet screwed and epoxied in place. The pole had been spray-painted glossy black like the rest of the maypole setup. She had measured out the length of the rod, so when walking around the pole she could not come into contact with anything that might help her escape prematurely. The rod would be padlocked between the washer-nut on the threaded pole and a collar she was wearing later. She referred to this as the collar-rod.

On top of the maypole beam, a circular wooden disc was mounted, which could rotate freely around the threaded pole. This disc had two features: One was a wooden rod about 1 foot long which was mounted near the edge of the disc, pointing vertically upwards. The other feature was a magnet mounted on the underside. The purpose of the 1ft rod was to drive the disc around when the collar-rod was connected and Shawna was walking around the maypole. The magnet underneath would sweep by and trigger a reed-relay on every pass. The relay was connected to a box lower down on the maypole beam. This box contained a battery, and the leftovers of an old RC-boat radio transmitter. The purpose of this setup was detecting when the occupant of the maypole had completed a circuit. Having just the one upward pole on the rotating disc, prevented any cheating by reversing course. When a full revolution had been completed the box would send a radio pulse out to some other interesting hardware which would be listening…

A few months ago, Shawna and Joyce had gone to a professional piercing studio together and had their septums done to accommodate matching nose rings. While they seldom wore the rings in public, save for the occasional clubbing event, the septum piercings were great for bondage-sessions together. Shawna and Joyce had spent several evenings cuddled up in bed with locked gags, linked nose to nose. Shawna wanted to use her piercing in this scenario.

On the ceiling rafters, centered above the maypole beam, Shawna had mounted a special homebuilt device. It was essentially a salvaged window wiper motor from a car, where an aluminum beam extended 10 feet out from the motor’s axle in both directions. One end of the arm held a one-foot elastic bungee cord, which in turn was attached to a lightweight stainless-steel chain of about 4 feet. On the other end of the arm, a small counterweight was fastened to balance out the weight of the chain. The torque of the motor could be regulated from a light tension, just enough for picking up slack on the chain, to giving it a viciously firm pull, but not as much as to cause any tissue damage. The motor control circuit was connected to an Arduino with a radio receiver. For now, the chain was left to hang down. It ended in a 1-inch steel ring, which eventually would be padlocked onto Shawna’s nose.

Shawna had built a special box which she was going to be carrying as part of a custom-built hand restraint on her back. The box contained a powerful Li-Po battery pack, a radio receiver, some relays, a compact air pump, an electric release valve, an Arduino and a tens-unit: All the necessary hardware to control and power two soon-to-be-attached tens/shock pads on her ass, an inflating and vibrating butt plug and a battery-powered Hitachi wand which she was going to wear as part of a special harness in front.

The systems were part of Shawna’s self-designed “Motivator”. The chain from the pole in the ceiling would be locked to her nose ring and would lead her ahead as she walked her long laps around the maypole. As she would make her way around the pole, Shawna would trigger the magnetic relay on the maypole. If she paused for too long or moved too slow overall, she would receive a zap to her butt cheeks as well as getting pulled harder by her nose. On the other hand, if she kept up her pace she would receive a good buzzing from the butt plug and the Hitachi. The butt plug would inflate and deflate with every circuit around the maypole, regardless of the time. The motivator had a cut-off, in the form of a female jack plug mounted on the collar-pole. When eventually Shawna had unwound the thread pole, the washer-nut and collar rod would drop. This would disconnect a male jack connected to the thread rod. When that happened, the Motivator would switch off.

For restraining her hands, Shawna had previously built a set of hinged metal stocks, designed to keep her hands held tightly on her back, one above the other. She had settled on stocks as she wanted to use her bondage mittens, ruling out handcuffs or anything else with a key.

The stock’s locking mechanism was built around a standard 12-volt electrical fail-safe deadbolt from Ebay. The deadbolt’s fail-safe operation would extend the locking bolt about a half inch out when powered and automatically retract it when power is lost. The deadbolt had a built-in magnetic relay and a configurable delay timer, so the bolt would not lock until a magnet was lined up in the correct position in front of it and held there for at least 3 seconds. [Author’s note: the deadbolt item is real, like all items here]. Two bungee cords were mounted on the stocks to close them automatically. For now, a small wooden peg on a string kept them open.

The stocks were hinged onto a wooden board, just short of 3 feet, which had been padded with a leather cushion on one side of the board. Shawna would later secure this on her back, by way of an eyelet in both ends. The top eyelet would be locked to the back of her gag-harness, thereby holding her head up high, while the bottom would be padlocked to the rear of a waist belt. This would prevent any slouching as well.

The circuitry for the electric stocks were deliberately designed to be as dumb, reliable, fail safe and fool-proof as possible, thus no electronics here. The deadbolt was connected in series to a 12 volt battery, a mechanical timer-switch and a breaker switch. The battery and timer switch were inside the box also housing the Motivator bits. The box was mounted on top of the stocks on top of the electric deadbolt. The box had connectors for the various accessories.

The timer switch was a mechanical wind-up type switch, where one would twist a dial and an electrical switch would close a circuit. A small mechanical clockwork inside the switch would tick away and when the time runs out, the switch would break the circuit again. The model Shawna had scavenged, had a range of up to 6 hours. The purpose of the timer switch was to act as a fail-safe in case for some reason she could not manually unlock it herself.

The last part of the stocks-restraint circuit was a breaker switch, which Shawna had mounted on a 2-inch wide leather strap, with a wire attached. This strap would be attached to her left upper arm. The switch on the strap would turn off the restraint circuit when pressed. This switch would be Shawna’s primary way to open up the stocks. As secondary failsafe, the battery was one as well, when it ran out. According to her prior tests, that would take up towards 48 hours and Shawna shuddered at the thought of being bound and gagged like she had planned, for that long.

Once she was locked onto the Maypole, she would not be able to touch or push the release switch on her upper arm against anything, until she had unwound the Maypole and could move as much as her nose tether would allow for. Then she would have to turn around and lean up against something to push the stocks release button against.

For this exact purpose, Shawna had built a special item mounted on one of the basement walls. It was a 2 by 2-inch black wooden beam protruding several feet horizontally out from the basement wall. The beam was supported by a couple of supporting beams on the side and one underneath mounted at a 45-degree angle back towards the wall. The last foot of this “wall beam”, was wrapped in padded black leather on the sides. The wall beam fulfilled several purposes: Two empty hooks were attached on the left and right side of the beam. These would be used later to tighten her corset. Underneath another hook was placed. Two keys hung on this hook, attached by a 5-foot nylon string. These keys would release her from the MayPole: One key was for releasing the long 10-foot pole, later to be padlocked to her neck collar. The other key was for the padlock attaching her septum ring to the nose-puller. The nylon string was a safety measure, just in case Shawna dropped the keys on the floor.

For reasons to become apparent soon, the end of the wall beam would be the only place reachable to Shawna, where she could push the stock release button on her upper left arm. As she planned on blindfolding herself, finding the wall beam would not be easy at all: First, it would be completely unreachable as long as she was connected to the maypole by the collar around her neck. Second, once the maypole was unwound, she would still be tethered by her septum ring to the nose puller above with her hands restrained behind her back. In order to search for the wall-beam, she would have to stretch the elastic band locked to her nose-ring in order to search for the wall beam. Third, she would have to turn around 180 degrees to lean her left arm against the wall-beam pad. If she failed to locate the beam, the failsafe timer on the stocks would keep her captive for 6 long hours.

As Shawna expected to spend quite a few hours toiling and sweating in this setup, she had rigged up a hydration system. This was essentially two half gallon black latex bladders filled with ice cubes and lemonade with a bit of extra sugar added to keep her energy levels up. She had also mixed in a few crushed painkillers as she knew the heels, gag and arm restraints were going to be tough on her after a while. The bladders each sat in a harness designed to be clipped onto the sides of a waist belt later. Each bladder was connected to the ends of a T-connector, to which a 4 foot black PVC hose was connected. The hose would later be connected to a barbed PVC hose connector at the end of the ball gag she was planning to wear. This would allow her to suck in water as she labored in her self-bondage. The bladder had a manual cut-off valve, currently closed to prevent spilling the contents until Shawna was ready to use the bladder. Last, Shawna had fitted the hose with a one-way check valve which would make it easier for her to repeatedly suck fluid up through the hose and into her gag.

Chapter 3 – Getting ready

After several long days and sometimes nights of preparation, testing and tinkering, Shawna was ready to enjoy the fruits of her labor. The costume was complete and the maypole was assembled and stood ready. Shawna had wound the maypole’s washer-nut down to 85 revolutions. At a 10-foot radius, the length of the collar-rod soon to be attached to her neck, each trip around the pole was about 63 feet. The total distance she would have to cover would be about a mile. Bound, blindfolded, gagged and hobbled in high heels and tight PVC, that would be quite enough she figured. Shawna padlocked the eyelet in one end of the collar-rod to the large washer nut on the thread pole and bowtied a piece of string to the eyelet at the other end. This would help her pick the collar-rod off the floor later when she was ready to lock herself to it.

All the remaining padlock keys were inside a special lockbox, mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the basement room. The lockbox had started life as a regular metal coin box, yet Shawna had augmented it with several modifications. These included a battery, a mechanical timer switch, a micro switch and an electromagnet; very much like the stocks she had designed - Simple and failsafe. A 3-foot steel cable with a pull-ring at the end ran into the box. Inside the box, the cable was connected to a piece of wood, which held in place the knob of the timer. Said timer had already been wound up to 4 hours. The wire also was connected to a metal pin, which held the box closed. The keys hung together with a small weight and a couple of sleigh bells on a large keyring. The keyring was attached at the end of a 5-foot wire, which now was rolled up with the keys inside the lockbox. Once Shawna pulled on the ring on the outside, the electromagnet circuit holding the box closed would engage, the timer would start and the pin holding the box closed would simultaneously be removed. Upon time-out, the electromagnet would disengage, the lockbox would swing open downwards, the keys would drop within reach and the bells would hopefully attract her attention. She was planning to plug her ears, and was not sure if she would be able to hear the bells. Shawna had set the timer for 4 hours. This meant that no matter how long she took to complete the maypole, she would be stuck for half a day in the basement, wearing her entire ensemble. There would however be entertainment options…

In two corners of the basement room, Shawna had mounted video cameras to record the experience and so she could share her ordeal with Joyce when she was home. Both cameras were externally powered and had enough storage capacity to record for about 24 hours. Around the room, Shawna had mounted a bank of lamps to get the best picture quality. She figured the heat from the lamps would also add to her experience.

Chapter 4 – Dressing up

The lights were on, cameras were rolling and everything was ready to go.

Completely undressed, sitting with most of her gear gathered around her on the carpeted basement floor, Shawna started out by sliding a curved stainless-steel chastity tube over her cock, before she got too excited. The tube had previously been lubed up with Vaseline and had a screw cap at the end, which she removed and pulled her still soft cock through. She slid the locking ring around her smooth-shaven balls and padlocked the two pieces together. Shawna tucked gently on the chastity device which was now locked on. She could feel herself harden slightly inside the steel tube, but there was nothing she could do about it now, so she screwed the end cap back on the tube.

Shawna attached a tens pad to each side of her butt cheeks and attached a couple of extension wires to their connectors. She positioned them where she knew the current would make her muscles involuntarily clench around her butt plug, when they zapped her. The butt plug was next. Shawna had previously taken care to lube both the plug and herself up well before she began sliding it in. The plug was medium size, yet since it was inflatable, it had the ability to fill her out completely and then some. Shawna let the inflator hose and vibrator wire hang down from the plug as she reached for her black crotchless PVC tights. She fished the wires and hoses through the crotch opening, while she slid the tights up her toned legs. Shawna liked how the tights hugged her butt firmly while leaving her privates and the attached hardware dangle freely accessible.

She put her feet through her skater dress and pulled it up her waist. On top of the PVC tights she slid a pair of white silk stockings on and attached them to the garters attached underneath the skirt of the skater dress. She fed the wires and tube from her crotch back up through the open crotch of the skater dress and out the back through the large metal grommet placed next to the back zipper.

Off the pile on the floor, Shawna picked up her Wanichi harness. The Wanichi was a battery-operated clone of the famous Hitachi Magic Wand. She had modified it from the dinky weak batteries it was born with to instead rely on an external power source. She fitted the harness waist belt underneath the skirt of the skater dress and adjusted the four straps holding the strong vibrator so it would be right under her chastity tube. She added 5 small padlocks to ensure the harness wasn’t coming off. Next, Shawna picked up a rubber item, which in a former life had been a black rubber joint between two drainpipe sizes. The larger end of the joint fit over the head of the Wanichi and the other was a snug fit for the chastity tube. Both ends were tightened with a screwdriver, effectively making the Wanichi and her cock chastity one unified device. She fed the wire from her Wanichi harness back up through the open crotch of her skater dress and out the metal grommet with the rest of the wires.

Before putting on the top of the dress, she slipped into a spandex underwired push-up bra, which lifted her C-cup breasts up so they would present themselves nicely under the dress. Shawna then pulled her hands through the long snug sleeves of the dress, being sure to slide the stirrup at the end of the sleeve over her thumbs. These would prevent the sleeves from sliding up her arms later. Sliding her torso into the dress, she adjusted the puffed sleeves of the black PVC dress. Once fully in, she reached around her waist and up the back to push the back zipper up as far as she could, then reaching over her shoulder with her other arm to pull it all the way up to its stop at the nape of her neck. Stretching her arms, Shawna was thankful for the Yoga classes that Joyce had signed them up for a couple of months ago. At the top of the zipper, she slid a small padlock through the two D-rings and the zipper’s handle, effectively locking herself inside the dress. Once locked in, she found the two elbow-length mittens which would secure her hands later. These had a zipper running from the inside wrist, closing all the way to the end. With 3 black zip-ties for each, Shawna attached the mittens to the sleeves of the skater-dress, using 3 matching D-rings sewn in around each upper arm. She popped a large foam ball inside each hand compartment of the mittens. This would further limit her finger movement once encased. For now, she just let the mitten sleeves hang along her sides with their zippers open.

Having done the dress, it was time to add some of her favorite gear; the boots and hobble skirt. The boots were thigh high glossy black Pleaser Xtreme platform stilettos, with an enormously long heel and a sole almost 4 inches off the floor. Although a tall gurl, Shawna liked the extra height and she would need it later on... Sliding the zippers up on the inside of each of her legs the boots tightened deliciously around her legs and she would have probably have finished herself off then and there if she hadn’t been wearing the chastity device. Shawna let the throbbing in her cock subside somewhat, gave a sigh and continued meticulously to lock herself in.

She added a pair of sturdy padded ankle cuffs. The cuffs were lockable and had an additional strap which was designed to go underneath the heel of the boot. Shawna tightened the cuffs well, added padlocks and a short 3-inch chain between her ankles. This would severely limit her stride to small steps, thus lengthening her walking ordeal in the basement.

Over all this Shawna pulled up her hobble skirt. This skirt was also made of black vinyl, strengthened underneath with a thick double layer of Darlex. The skirt was shaped to keep her thighs and knees tightly together while yielding only about 3 inches between her ankles - just enough for the chain already there. Shawna had sewn in wide leather belts, over her knees and at the waist. Both were of course tightened well and padlocked shut. Everything below her waist was effectively off limits now.

Shawna still sat on the carpeted floor admiring her handiwork; her booted legs chained up and knees almost welded together inside the tight skirt, the figure-hugging skater dress with its cute puffed shoulders and stirrups sleeves on her arms. She sat and rubbed herself all over and felt the heat buildup in her dress. But it was time to move on.

Using the maypole in the center of the room for support, Shawna hauled herself to her feet. With the short chain between her feet, it was now very clear how small her steps would be, as she determinedly minced over to another part of the basement floor.

Here lay what at first glance looked like a deflated pool toy, which wasn’t very far from the true nature of the thing. It was an immensely wide bell-shaped inflatable underskirt, with a hollow cylinder going down the middle, where one’s waist and legs would go through. The underskirt would cover Shawna from the waist and down to the floor. A few years ago, Shawna had stumbled over a story of a woman who dressed up in an inflated rubber wedding gown, so big that it even prevented her from falling over. She had found an Asian company who could make something similar.

At the bottom and inside of the cylinder, the skirt was made of tough, virtually tear proof vinyl, literally like the bottom of a tent, as it would see some friction against the carpet. The rest of the skirt was made of thinner and softer smoke colored transparent plastic. At the top, it zipped up to a 10-inch-high uninflated made-to-measure waist line. The zipper was lockable onto a wide leather waist strap, which ran within a sleeve inside the non-inflatable part of the skirt’s waist. Once the lock was fitted, the skirt wasn’t coming off. The skirt waist had a large metal grommet identical to the one on the back of the skater dress, where all the wires and the butt plug inflator tube were coming through. Off to the top of her left hip, a lockable zipper hid a pocket containing the inflation/deflation valve. The whole thing when fully inflated would be huge, extending a bit over 5 feet out in every direction.

The sheer radius of the underskirt required some planning ahead of time. Wearing it inflated, Shawna would not be able to reach either the floor or the walls in the basement room. In preparation for this, she had built a shelf suspended from the ceiling by 4 cables. Here she had put the remainder of her gear. Once she had taken the things she needed off the shelf, it would be winched out of her way to the ceiling, by pushing a button on the shelf.

On the shelf was mounted one of those electric air pumps used to inflate an air-mattress. Shawna connected its air hose to the valve on the skirt, which she pulled out of its zippered pocket. She flipped a switch on the side of the pump and watched in amazement as the big floppy baggy structure slowly started to rise from the floor and take shape as a proper skirt. At the same time, she felt the underskirt slightly compact her already fettered legs, strapped inside the hobble skirt. When the underskirt was about half way inflated, Shawna flipped the switch on the air pump to pause the inflation. This gave her enough reach to pull the underskirt up to her waist to fish the wires and tube coming out through the grommet on the back of her skater dress. She zipped the underskirt up and locked the underskirt on with a small padlock from the shelf.

Shawna flipped the switch again, resuming the inflation and felt how the underskirt grew rigid and eventually the rising pitch of the air pump told her the skirt was filled to capacity. She turned off the pump and disconnected the air hose from the valve. She capped the valve and pushed it back into its zippered pocket. A small padlock secured the zipper on the pocket. There would be no deflating the skirt without access to the valve.

With the underskirt fully inflated, Shawna took a quick twirl on her boot heels, sending the massive inflated skirt into rotation. What Shawna didn’t count on was the inertia, so when she stopped, the skirt continued, knocking her off her balance. Letting out a yelp of surprise, Shawna by reflex expected to take a fall and braced her hands in front of her - yet nothing happened. She just hung over the front of the skirt and that was it. She smiled, sighed with relief and thought; Wow, this thing actually works better than I expected! She carefully regained her footing on her heels and stood up again: Okay, that was fun, but I really should make the skirt look the part.

She reached out to the shelf again, under which a solid coat hanger was placed on a hook. On the hanger rested a huge folded mass of shiny black vinyl. This was the massive flared overskirt, which matched her skater dress in texture and color. The skirt was large enough to cover the already enormous inflated underskirt from a high waist to the floor. Small weights were sewn in at regular spaces along the hem to ensure the skirt would fall nicely into place. At the waist the skirt had a high 12” zippered waist, with the obligatory large metal grommet for the wires and tube. At the top of the zipper, two d-rings were placed with the purpose of locking the skirt on, just like on the skater dress. Shawna unzipped the skirt and slowly pulled the skirt over her head and torso, letting it settle into position. Once satisfied, she zipped it up and padlocked it shut. The look was amazing. The black vinyl looked like it flowed from her waist out in a huge waterfall in all directions and Shawna marveled at how the overskirt rustled against the large inflatable structure underneath. She wasn’t done by far...

Next up was the corset. While already maintaining a trim and athletic figure, Shawna liked the solid grip of the steel-boned black PVC basque over-bust corset she had bought. It covered her from the waist and up to her back where it split into two straps that connected to the front, which covered her breasts. She put her arms through the side loops of the corset, carefully fishing the elbow mittens through. These were still zip-tied to the upper arms of her skater dress. She adjusted the puffed shoulders on the dress and began wrapping the corset around her torso. Shawna took care to fish the wires coming out of the skirt’s grommet through the corset laces. She closed the hasps in the front and slipped a small padlock through each of the 5 hasps, effectively locking the front of the corset.

Now she needed to tight lace the corset. For this she had prepared a few things. Shawna had added a pair of shoelace lock stoppers to each of the corset lace string loops. These little spring-loaded metal clamps would bite down on the laces when not pressed. The shoelace locks would allow her to gradually lace the corset tight, while avoiding any slack. Shawna tightened up the corset as much as she could by hand and slid up the shoelace stoppers as close to the corset as she could.

To get the corset tightened as much as she wanted, Shawna turned around and as far as the skirt would allow her, she backed up to the basement wall where the wall beam was mounted. She looped each of the corset laces over the hooks on each side of the beam. As she slowly stepped away from the beam, she could feel the corset ensnaring her entire upper body, squeezing her sides, belly, back and breasts. As she moved, Shawna adjusted the lace stoppers and helped the lacing along, by pulling on the laces here and there. Soon the corset was tight enough to get Shawna short of breath. She stepped backwards to the wall beam and unhooked the corset laces. The remaining corset laces were wrapped around her waist, padlocking them both to the tight corset laces in the small of her back. To finish things off, she added a 3-inch-wide black sturdy leather waist belt, which covered the unsightly lace strings. The belt had three medium sized D-rings, two in the sides and one in the back, which would all come in handy later. Shawna made sure to padlock the belt shut in front.

Pausing briefly, Shawna looked towards one of the basement walls, where she had installed a mosaic of mirror wall-tiles across from each other the week before. Each wall had forty-eight, one square foot mirror tiles. She turned slowly admiring the huge dress rustling and reflecting the light off the many recessed spotlights in the ceiling. Shawna caressed her corseted breasts, as her cock was now effectively out of reach under the many layers of restraint. Her only means of stimulation down there, would be once the Motivator was hooked up and active.

It was time to add the headgear, starting with a ball gag trainer harness from It has a huge black two-and-a-half-inch large rubber ball on a wide one-inch strap. Shawna remembered fondly how Joyce and she had worn similar gags for the first time, bound together on a hotel bed in Houston before they got married. Shawna had modified this harness with a small threaded pipe running through the ball, which would connect to her water bladders. Shawna took a couple of painkillers with a glass of water to combat the inevitable pain from the stretching of her jaw muscles.

Before putting the gag on, Shawna took a tube of makeup glue off the shelf and applied it to the backside of the gag strap, where it entered the ball. She slowly pushed the ball as deep as it would go into her mouth, bending her neck forward, brushing her hair aside to firmly tighten the neck strap. Before applying the rest of the harness, she picked up a padded leather disc blindfold and loosely tightened the strap around her forehead for now. There was no point in locking this strap as it wouldn’t be reachable later when it mattered.

She applied more of the makeup glue around the ball gag and her lips. While not as bonding (and very unhealthy) as krazy glue, the makeup glue still made a strong seal, preventing her from drooling a drop on her outfit. Before the glue set, she made sure she could still breathe fine through her nose. She would eventually have to use the proper glue dissolvent once she was free or risk ripping the outer layer of skin on her lips. She touched up the still exposed parts of her lips with a cherry red lipstick, giving a nice contrast to the black ball now sealed airtight into her mouth. Shawna slid a couple of fingers into the top of her corset and pinched a nipple hard through the tight vinyl covering her chest. She let out a muffled yet satisfied “MMMmmmmm!” There would be no pushing this gag out.

The inverted Y-straps and the chin straps of the gag harness strapped tightly over her large mane of blond hair. All four straps of the gag harness were secured with padlocks. Shawna hummed happily into the big ball as she slid her hands over the locked harness. Next to the boots and hobble skirt, the gagging was always Shawna’s favorite part of bondage. Shawna didn’t care much for the stories she read, where a gag always seemed to “silence” the recipient. A ball gag never silenced anyone, it just prevents any intelligible speech, pending the size of course. For now, the makeup glue and soundproof basement would do the silencing, although it sent Shawna’s mind into problem-solving mode on how to truly silence someone in bondage. That would be a project for another time…

While Joyce preferred to be bound in all-senses-deprived silence, Shawna liked to have something to listen to. Instead of music, this time around she had converted two dozen of her favorite bondage stories from text to MP3 using TextAloud’s Julie voice. It was the closest thing to a human voice available in speech synth software, and Shawna could spend hours on the road listening to Julie’s melodic voice filling her head with kinky stories. She fitted her wireless earbuds deep into her ear canals and secured them with a few drops of makeup glue. This was almost as effective as using earplugs coated in Vaseline. Shawna had paired the Bluetooth earbuds with a small MP3 player which had a short lanyard at the end. She clipped it to the D-ring protruding from the front collar of her skater dress. She briefly tested the volume level, then restarted the current track and paused the player on the current track, which was 15 minutes of soft white noise.

Having stopped mentally counting points of no return (PNR) a while back, Shawna took stock of her situation. Here she was gagged, corseted and locked into a huge fetish PVC ballroom gown, so large that it would prevent her from even leaving the room. At the moment she only had her sight and her hands free. She could walk around in her platform heels in small steps fettered by the immense skirt and the chain between her ankle cuffs. Of course, she could wimp out at this point, pulling the string for the ceiling key box and wait out the four hours to release herself – but where would the fun be in that? She pressed on and continued to apply the remaining bondage items left on the shelf.

Next Shawna picked up her locking Sinvention padded leather posture collar. It was a well-crafted piece, which was comfortable to wear - yet snug and unyielding in its grip. Her head was held high and proud and she was unable to turn or tilt her head. The collar had two locking posts on the side, which she secured.

She reached out to the underside of the shelf again, where a piece of nylon string was attached to a hook. The other end of the string, she had previously attached to the collar-rod, now locked to the maypole. Shawna used the string to lift the rod off the floor. In her current attire, anything on the floor or near the walls would be utterly outside of her reach. She untied the nylon string from the rod and put the string back on the shelf.

Shawna took a specific padlock off the shelf and padlocked the eyelet in the end of the wooden rod to the sturdy D-ring in the front of her posture collar. The moment she did it, a slight tremble went through her body as she realized she had crossed a major PNR: With her neck now locked to the maypole, the pull-string for the ceiling lockbox was now effectively out of reach. There would be no undoing any part of her attire before she had unwound the maypole. Second, as the key to the padlock connecting the rod to her collar was hanging underneath the wall beam, even with her hands free she would be forced to walk the entire mile stretch, before she would be able to reach the key to remove the long pole from her collar. She tugged her neck experimentally against the maypole, yet it didn’t budge at all - just as she had designed it for.

At the end of the collar-pole away from her, the female jack plug was mounted. Currently a male plug, attached with a wire loop around the maypole thread bar was inserted in the jack plug. This completed the motivator circuit. Once the maypole was unwound, the collar-bar would drop, yanking the male plug out, disabling the Motivator. A double wire ran up the length of the pole from the plug towards her and ended in another male jack plug. That plug would go into the motivator.

It was time to add the rest of the equipment, specifically the stocks with the Motivator systems. Shawna took the assembly down from the shelf and turned it over in her hands. First, she turned the dial on the mechanical timer to its full 6-hour extent. This would be her safety timeout in case she failed to locate the end of the wall beam to push the stop-button against. Combined with the ceiling key box, she would spend at most 10 hours in restraint. She turned the Motivator box power on. The Arduino inside the box would control the Tens pads, but plug vibe and inflation and finally the large Wanichi vibrator attached to her chastity device. She connected the jack plug from the neck pole, all the wires and the butt plug inflation tube to the box. A test button was pressed. The box quickly ran through all subsystems in rapid succession: First Shawna received a mild zap by the tens pads, then the butt plug inflated/deflated and vibrated quickly, the Wanichi gave a quick buzz too and finally the nose-ring puller did a full circle slowly above her head. The Motivator then went dormant, waiting for her to push a start button.

Satisfied that everything checked out, Shawna carefully moved the stocks around her back and padlocked the eyelet at the top of the stocks to the strap holding the ball gag in her mouth. As the weight of the stocks and the motivator box was applied to her gag harness, Shawna enjoyed the sensation of the ball gag being pulled tighter and deeper into her mouth. She righted her back and reached behind, padlocking the bottom part of the stocks to the D-ring in her waist-belt. The rigid padded backboard, combined with her tight corset and the tall posture collar forced Shawna to stand tall and elect. She looked at her reflection in the wall mirrors and liked what she saw. There would be no slumping or poor posture for this poor gurl today.

There were only a few things left to do before could Shawna set out on her bondage journey, as she thought of it. This wasn’t going to be a picnic and that’s how she wanted it. She wanted hard restraint and a task to do. Hers would be to keep up walking at a steady pace; reap the rewards or face the consequences.

A medium sized Ziplock bag sat on the back of the shelf. Shawna unsealed it and took the contents out and put the empty bag back on the shelf. She held it up in front of her gagged face. It was a pair of Joyce’s black satin panties, which she had worn the day before she left. Shawna had tied Joyce down, gagged her and had forced her to cum repeatedly with a Hitachi wand, while wearing the panties. Shawna had since poked three small holes in the middle of the crotch area, then stored and froze the panties to keep them fresh for her own game. Fully thawed, the panties now emanated the distinct and lovely scent of her wife’s pussy. Shawna pulled the panties tightly over her gagged face, positioning the crotch part right over her nose, forcing her to inhale Joyce’s musky fragrance with every breath. Shawna halfway missed not wearing the panties underneath the gag harness, so she could have tasted Joyce as well. Oh well, there’s always later tonight… Shawna thought. Shawna pushed the plastic barbed connector, extending out from the gag, through one of the holes in the pantie’s crotch section. She then stretched the panties over the back of her head adding a clip to keep the ends together. She inhaled deeply and noticed how her own warm and moist breath further heated up the panties, making them feel warm and moist against her skin, almost as if Joyce was riding her face… Shawna was getting horny again with this olfactory influence, thus decided to best finish up her bondage quickly.

From another hook under the shelf, she unclipped the two black latex bladders which contained her drinking water supply. The tubes were already connected, so she padlocked the harness for each bladder to her left and right side of the waist belt, letting them hang down each side of her massive skirt. Last Shawna attached the drinking tube to the front of her ball gag. She sucked experimentally on the large ball until she felt cold lemonade enter her mouth. It has an odd flavor due to the painkillers she had added, but it would keep her well and hydrated.

Reaching up, Shawna brought the nose-puller boom around with the chain hanging down in front of her. The hole in her septum was able to accommodate the shackle of a small padlock. She took the last padlock off the shelf, slid its shackle through one of the two remaining small holes in the panty’s crotch, on through her septum hole, then out through the other hole in the black satin panty. Locking the padlock to the steel ring at the end of the chain, she had accomplished two things: Neither the panties nor the nose chain was coming off until Shawna could reach the wall beam and get the key for this padlock. That wouldn’t happen before she had unwound the maypole and hopefully released her hands by finding the wall beam to turn the electric stocks off. Even when she had unwound the maypole the Motivator would still be running, expecting her to make laps around the pole, all while she blindfolded would attempt to find the place to push the switch before being “motivated to move on”. Shawna smiled behind her gag. This was a deliciously evil design, even by her own standards. Aside from the killing parts, Jigsaw can suck it! Shawna smiled behind her gag.

It was time to take the last few items off the shelf: These were a pair of short and tight-fitting black vinyl opera gloves, which went up to under Shawna’s elbows. They were deliberately put on almost last so they wouldn’t get worn and torn by all the setup work.

Cleaning up, she took the coat hanger still hanging underneath the shelf and placed it on the shelf. She then pushed a button mounted on the shelf and an electric motor hoisted the whole thing up to the ceiling, out of the way.

The last steps! Restrained as they were, Shawna’s legs were still shaking a bit from anticipation. She first pressed play on the MP3 player hanging on her front D-ring. It filled her ears with pleasant white noise until the stories started in about 15 minutes. Then she reached inside the panties covering her face and pushed down her leather disc blindfold from her forehead to cover her eyes. Shawna tightened the strap one more notch to make sure it would keep all light out. The blindfold performed admirably, effectively plunging Shawna into complete darkness despite the banks of video recording lights around the basement. Next, she reached around and hit the start button on the Motivator, which acknowledged with two quick buzzes of the Wanichi. This gave her 10 minutes before the fun would start.

Shawna felt around to locate the mitten sleeves hanging off each arm and slid her hands slowly inside. She had to grab the foam balls inside and squeeze them in her fist to make room inside the mittens. This still allowed her to form a pincher between her thumbs and index fingers, just enough to grab hold of the zipper of the opposite sleeve. Once both mitten sleeves were zipped up, Shawna released her hold on the two foam balls in her fists, which immediately expanded and pinned her fingers to the insides of the mittens. She could always squeeze them small again but that would be much later. The foam balls just gave her idle hands something to do, while contributing slightly to her restraint.

There was now only one thing left to do. Shawna slowly moved her hands towards her back. She halfway wished she could see this part, but settled for reviewing the video recordings later and pressed on. She simultaneously pushed her left fist through the lower cuff of the open stocks, while pushing her right fist through the upper cuff. This knocked out the wooden peg holding the stocks open. As soon as her fists were through, the stocks snapped shut with a satisfying ‘clack’. Shawna was trapped in her invention…

Chapter 5 – Captive

Shawna stood swaying slightly where she was for a bit, the closure sound of the electric deadbolt resounding like a gunshot in her mind. Here she stood restrained within her creation of self-inflicted torment and she was not getting out anytime soon. As the soft white static from the MP3 player filled her ears, she reflected on her situation. Feet in vinyl leggings, silk stockings on top, inside tall platform stiletto boots, restrained by chained ankle cuffs. Legs held tightly together from above the knees and up by a double-belted hobble skirt. Her penis locked in a chastity tube, directly connected to a powerful vibrator. Ass filled with an inflatable vibrating plug. Tens pad on her butt cheeks ready to zap her. Large inflatable skirt that stabilized as much as it restricted her. Restrictive corset around her torso, mouth filling ball gag sealed in place with makeup glue. Tight trainer gag harness that wrapped around her head, holding her blindfold in place. Rigid posture collar holding her head up high. Her wife’s warm moist fragrant panties wrapped over her head. Fists balled up inside mittens. Wrists restrained in an unyielding set of stocks locked to her back which prevented any slouching. Tethered by the neck to a pole in the middle of the room and led by the nose by an electric motor overhead. And finally, all wrapped up in a black vinyl bondage ballroom nightmare of a dress, simmering inside under the harsh recording lights. Yep, you’ve outdone yourself this time alright, Shawna thought.

Shawna felt a gentle but firm pull on her nose and three small shocks to her butt cheeks. The Motivator start pause was over and it told her subtly it was time to start walking. Shawna set off shuffling forward at a steady pace. Due to the blindfold and the large 20-foot diameter of the circle she was walking, she had no real sense of going in circles. The collar would guide her direction if she was walking too far or too close to the maypole. In a very real sense it felt as if someone was pulling her on a leash. The nose-puller made sure to keep any slack out. The Arduinos would use the first 5 laps to build an average of the time for her to complete a circuit. She could of course have walked it deliberately slowly, but that did not appeal to Shawna’s sense of competitiveness. She walked at what would be a normal pace, if somehow having a 3-inch hobbled step length as well as a tight wide strap right above one’s knees was to be considered normal in a parallel universe.

As Shawna completed the first full lap she felt the butt plug firmly expand in her rear. As it grew larger, Shawna noticed it impeded her step, slowing down her stride somewhat. All she could do besides wiggling her butt in response, was to keep up her stride. After a while the pressure in her rear subsided, as she completed another lap. Shawna decided she might be able to count the inflations/deflations, however shortly after the white noise MP3 track subsided and Miss Julie TextAloud started reading her favorite self-bondage stories to Shawna. To add to her distractions, she had apparently finished her 6th lap on par, as she was rewarded by both the butt plug and the Wanichi vibrators. Strapping the powerful modified Wanichi straight onto her chastity device, delivered deep pleasure right to the tip of her cock where it felt extra good, turning Shawna’s mind to gel while it lasted. She knew that the Wanichi could make her cum in just about a minute any day, which is why she set the Wanichi for 30 seconds, running her half way up the ladder, but not letting her cum.

Both vibrators abruptly switched off again, and a couple of unladylike curse words came out as “Hurmumur uhm mumf!” muffled by her glued-in gag as she kept walking. Shawna enjoyed the tightness of her tight PVC dress shifting her captive arms in their bonds. She systematically tested her restraints; although her tall posture collar prevented much head movement, she tried anyway to shake her head, to see if the panties or blindfold would come loose: The padded leather discs against her closed eyelids did not let as much as a sliver of light in and Joyce’s satin panties locked onto her nose weren’t going anywhere either. Shawna inhaled deeply, and the now warm and moist panties clung to her face, filling her nostrils with the most intimate scent of her wife. Shawna’s cock stirred and she almost felt dizzy with lust for a moment.

The maypole prevented all but the smallest sideways neck movements, so Shawna tried bending forward but could only move her upper body forward a few inches, as both the tightly laced corset, the posture collar, as well as the backboard locked parallel to her spine, all conspired to work against her. As the backboard was locked to the strap holding her gag tightly inside her mouth, she could feel how the strap strained at the corners of her mouth.

She tried to move her hands, but they were firmly clasped around the foam balls within the double layered mittens. All she could do was squeeze the foam balls. She tried pulling her arms, but her wrists were locked firmly into the stocks. Shawna could feel how her legs were almost welded together above her knees inside the tight vinyl hobble skirt. Her only available freedom of movement was the 3-inch chain between her tall platform boots.

The huge inflatable underskirt was a bondage implement by itself. It squeezed her body from the waist and down inside the hollow cylinder going down inside the middle of the massive inflatable structure. Fully inflated, the skirt would have lifted her entire body off the floor, if it wasn’t for the 4-inch platform soles under her heels. With these on, there was only about a quarter of an inch of clearance between the underside of the skirt and the floor, allowing her to move forward. Just then, the butt plug inflated again and she experimentally slumped forward, but the skirt caught her again and she just sort of hung there, upper body upright, with her knees slightly bent. Shawna thought to herself; Jeez this thing is effective – Even if I fell asleep this thing would still hold… Shawna never finished the thought as, ZAPP! – she was yanked out of her thoughts by a powerful shock to her buttocks “Oom!”, she involuntarily stretched the skin on her glued lips, as she howled into her gag while her rear muscle clenched hard around the inflated plug. Before Shawna could gather her thoughts, the nose-puller above her head increased its torque and Shawna had no choice but to quickly find her feet again and shuffle on.

As time rolled on, Shawna could feel the sweat pouring off her body inside her mobile PVC fetish prison dress as she kept shuffling blindly around the maypole’s orbit. Alternately she was being buzzed and having her anal cavity inflated, then shocked and pulled by her nose, all while being told saucy bondage stories by Synthetic Miss Julie. She had built in a 5-minute break every 30 minutes, where the vibrator would give her 3 quick buzzes to let her know she could stop walking for a bit without being “motivated”. She took the weight off her feet and let the underskirt carry her weight. Due to the sweating, Shawna was getting thirsty and she remembered the drinking tube attached to her gag and she sucked in the cool lemonade from the bladders she carried.

3 quick zaps and a light yank on her nose, told her the break was over and so she got back on her feet inside the hobble skirt and shuffled on. And so, the day went. Shawna hobbled along blindly, being hauled by her nose. Initially she would often stumble on her heels, but the massive inflatable skirt combined with the corset would catch her and keep her almost upright. However, each stumble had its penalty: Every orbit not completed on time and it was Motivation time: As the tens-unit went to town on her butt cheeks and the nose-puller increased its torque, she bit down on the ball and screamed aloud out her nose while trying to keep up. She flexed her arm muscles inside the tight vinyl sleeves and shook her shoulders in frustration, yet the stocks held her mittened hands in their unyielding grip in the small of her back, holding each of her elbows at a 90-degree angle. All that happened was the backboard shifted slightly, pulling at her waist belt and her gag strap. As she trundled along, she thought how nice it would have been to have had a couple of wide leather straps tightened around her upper arms and chest keeping her arms tightly together, but she could not come up with any reasonable way to do those herself. Oh well, maybe she could get Joyce to strap her into a real arm binder next time...

While Shawna’s mind wandered, her leg muscles were protesting the harsh tempo the Motivator was insisting on. Shawna wanted none of the Motivation if she could avoid it, so she settled into a steady trot while trying to focus on the next story being read aloud by Ms. Julie in her ears. As time passed she however seemed to slip into a trace, tuning out the MP3 stories, forming her own narrative instead. Under the hot video recording lights, she imagined she was on a trek through the radioactive desert badlands, trapped by a sexy tribal female slaver and forced to walk bound, gagged, hobbled and blindfolded after her slaver’s cybernetic horse, tethered by her nose wearing a very kinky hazmat suit. Every time the Wanichi came on, it was close to sending her over the top, but it always stopped just in time, leaving Shawna walking on and on even more sexually frustrated.

Chapter 6 - Release

In the middle of an especially saucy fantasy, where her dream slaver had strapped Shawna’s ring-gagged mouth to her bare crotch for the night camping in the wilderness, the collar-rod dropped. Shawna felt this almost as a push to the right, as she up until that moment had leaned with some of her weight against the collar tethered to the thread pole. She lost her step, yet was once again caught and supported by the massive inflated underskirt. Getting to her feet again, Shawna cleared her head. Okay, guess I’m free of the maypole, better find that wall-beam and get out of these stocks. Shawna paused a bit in an attempt to get her bearings and noticed the Motivator had gone dormant. The pole had done its job. However, the washer-nut had apparently disconnected from the threaded rod on the maypole during the butt plug’s inflated state, leaving Shawna with a butt full of inflated rubber cock Just my kinky luck, Shawna mused.

Now free of the rod connecting her to the center of the room, she moved away from where she believed the Maypole to be. Shawna knew that her nose tether would tighten up as she moved away from the center and would pull evenly from the front when she was facing the walls with her back. As much as the elastic nose tether would allow, Shawna moved as far to her right. She could feel resistance through the big underskirt and concluded she must have hit one of the basement walls. Blind, mute and still very much bound she slid past the wall, while keeping her back to it, trying to feel for the beam sticking out from the wall. As she approached the corner she was limited by the pull on her nose to turn. Shawna summarized; Okay nothing on that wall, two more to go.

She kept on sweeping along as best she could until suddenly she felt something knock against the side of the stocks on her back. The wall beam - she had found it! Shawna positioned herself with the back to the beam and pressed herself gently against it, knowing the stock cut-off switch would be in between. As the switch broke the circuit for the magnetic deadbolt, it retracted with a loud “clack” that Shawna could feel through her back. She took half a step forward and the stocks opened easily. She pulled out her hands, still encased in the mittens. Shawna stretched her arms to her sides and in front of her. As she tried to get the stiffness out of her elbow and shoulder joints, Shawna wondered how much time had passed during her pole walk. At this point she had no idea, so she would have to check the video recordings later. Mental note to self, Shawna thought, add wall clock to dungeon!

After a good stretch, Shawna wanted to push the blindfold off, yet found it was difficult with her smooth vinyl fists sliding off Joyce’s panties still stretched tightly over her face. She decided to wait and try to get the mittens off blindfolded. This was made deliberately difficult as well by the foam balls inside her hands. She squeezed them as small as she could and brought her thumbs and index fingers together on one side of each mitten. This would give her just enough leverage to pinch the fingers together around the zipper handles on her mittens. She got the zipper pulled down on her left mitten first and extracted her gloved hand, which made it a lot easier to get her right hand out.

Having her hands free now, Shawna was able to reach inside the panties stretched over her face and slide up the blindfold discs, restoring her sight. She decides to keep her gloves on for now for no other reason than they felt good. She could still not remove her lover’s panties as they were still padlocked onto her nose.

Enjoying the use of her hands again, Shawna ran her gloved hands all over her skirt and upper body as she made her way over to the wall, where the beam stuck out from the wall. She grabbed the string with the two keys from under the beam, which would unlock the collar-rod as well as the padlock in her septum. Unlocking the collar-rod, she reached behind to unplug the jack plug that connected it to the motivator. The punishment cycle would thus not start again. Next, Shawna unlocked the padlock going through the panties and her nose piercing. She unclipped the drinking hose attached to her ball gag and removed the panties. She reconnected the hose as there was still at least 4 hours to go before she was free and the hot lights from the lamps made her sweat. Shawna was about to toss the panties after the collar-rod. Instead she changed her mind and tucked them into the front of her corset; ,You never know… she thought. She was now free of the tether and could move around the room.

Ms. Julie Synth was still going on, well into another Terri & Jennifer chapter. Shawna decided she had enough bondage literature read to last her a couple of weeks, so she reached up to the collar D-ring of her skater-dress and stopped the MP3 player for now.

Shawna was at the halfway point of her self-imposed day of restraint. Still very much restrained, gagged and hobbled she made her way over to the corner of the room, where the lockbox was hanging. She pulled the string which started the 4 hour countdown timer, whereafter the box would swing open, dropping the string with the keys and allowing her to end the session. Until then she was still very much a captive of her attire.

Chapter 7 – Fettered pleasure

With four hours to go and what felt like a years’ worth of bottled up sexual frustration, Shawna wanted a release and she wanted it bad. She could however still not reach anything below her waist. She could walk around the dungeon, but with her massive underskirt still inflated, nothing was within arm’s reach that would do her any good. What she really needed was to get her weight off her heels for a bit while getting buzzed to a massive orgasm.

Shawna had planned this part well. First, she hobbled over to a cut-off corner of the room, which had been clad in mirror tiles on all 3 sides. She could see her reflection from all angles in this mirror corner. From the ceiling hung two leather padded steel rings, about 1 foot in diameter. Each ring hung from a steel cable and had another cable about 2 feet long hanging from the bottom of the ring. Each of these cables ended in a fireman’s carabiner. Between the rings, hung an adjustable nylon strap with a fireman’s carabiner at the end.

When Shawna positioned her head directly beneath the middle carabiner, her inflated skirt was about a foot from both walls. She proceeded to clip the two outer carabiners hanging from the steel rings to the D-rings at the sides of her waist belt. The third, middle carabiner was clipped to a sturdy D-ring attached to the top of her gag harness. The nylon strap was tightened, holding her head high while straightening her back up.

Shawna then reached behind her neck to find the mechanical timer controlling the release of the backboard stocks. She reset the timer to a predefined mark she had glued on, which would give her about 3½ hours of restraint. Then she found the wooden peg hanging off a string from the stocks and re-inserted it, so the stocks couldn’t close on their own. Finally she flipped the cut-off switch which she had previously bumped up against the wall beam. The stocks were now ready to close, once she re-inserted both her wrists.

Before locking herself in for the ride she pulled Joyce’s black satin panties out from where she tucked them into her waist belt before. She unplugged her water hose from the ball gag, slid the crotch piece over her face, clipping the panties behind her head, then plugged the water hose back into her gag. Joyce’s lingering scent was still present enough to turn Shawna’s fettered legs to gel, so she hurried up with the last preparations.

First, she reached for the MP3 player, still clipped to the front collar D-ring of her skater dress. She skipped the rest of the bondage stories onto a special track and pressed play. The track was about 5 minutes of soft white static, followed by something else…

Then she reached into the panties on her head and slid the disc blindfolds back into place. Her world immediately turned dark, so she had to feel the rest of her way.

Reaching behind her head once more, she felt for a switch she had placed next to the mechanical timer. This would tell the Arduino on her back to go into her special Pleasure mode program for the next hour and a half, with a 5-minute delay. Shawna held the switch down for 3 seconds and the Hitachi buzzed her twice to confirm the countdown had started.

It was time to put her bondage mittens back on, so she reached for them, still hanging unzipped down from each arm and inserted her gloved hands into them one after another. The foam balls were still inside each mitten, so she squeezed them tight as she gently pushed her fist into the hollow space at the end of each mitten. With her thumbs and index fingers she was able to grab the handle on both zippers, which were then closed up to the elbows.

Shawna felt for the two large rings at her shoulders and inserted an arm into each. The rings were wrapped in several layers of leather and foam underneath, so they would be relatively comfortable even with most of her weight resting on them.

There was only one thing left to do. Shawna once again put her hands behind her back, first inserting her left wrist in the lower stocks, then the right in the upper one, knocking out the wooden peg. As soon as her right wrist was fully inserted, the stocks snapped shut and 3 seconds later the deadbolt engaged with a loud ‘clack’.

Shawna was captive once more, yet this time she only had to “survive” the first 1½ hour of intense pleasure programming and then wait for the stocks to open 2 hours later. The first few minutes, nothing happened. The gag was still securely both strapped, locked and glued into her mouth, nothing but static in her ears and pitch blackness before her eyes. She turned a few inches both ways, as much as her current situation would allow, but the rings holding up her body by her armpits, along with the nylon strap holding up her head, kept her quite immobile. Flexing her arms was completely futile as well with the added restraints.

The five-minute delay did not take long to run out. Several things happened almost at the same time: The white noise static in her earphones faded out, and the Wanichi started vibrating. The butt plug started vibrating while deflating, making the vibrations more intense. The Tens unit goes on a slow program of on/off sending long intense but less than painful shocks though her buttocks. The effect was that her muscle involuntarily clenched rhythmically around the butt plug, making the vibrations feel even stronger. Then the special audio track started: This was a recording she had made when several months ago Joyce had tied herself up on a hotel bed in Houston. Shawna listened to how Joyce was moaning into her own gag while struggling in futility against her bonds.

Hanging from her gag harness and the rings under her arms, still locked in her PVC enclosure with all the trimmings and her mittened hands pinned behind her back, it did not take Shawna many minutes to come to a thunderous orgasm. This despite her cock being securely locked inside the steel chastity device, yet connected to the powerful Wanichi vibrator strapped between her legs it buzzed her cock relentlessly. At the same time her butt plug vibrator was running continuously and the tens unit was rhythmically zapping her, all while listening to the soundtrack from Joyce’s experience. Shawna completely lost her footing as she thrashed around in her bindings, but the rings as well as the head strap held her up. Seeing nothing blindfolded, she took a long breath through her nose, inhaling her lover’s fragrance through the moist panties on her head. Her body shook ferociously and she moaned a long “MMMMMmmmnhhhhh!” into her gag. Shawna’s mind was turning slowly to gel. She figured she might have dry-cum’ed at least 3 more times.

Finally, after an hour and a half of unrelenting erotic torment, the audio faded out to quiet, the vibrators and tens unit stopped, Shawna was left drifting in silence. She knew it would be another 2 hours before the stocks would open, so she just hung there, supported by the straps. The stimulation and orgasms had taken their toll. She felt safe and warm in her PVC bondage cocoon. Even behind her tight blindfold Shawna’s eyes were getting heavy and she drifted into a nap, as she swung slightly in her harness.

Chapter 8 – Run!

Shawna woke later to discover her nap had lasted at least an hour longer than she expected. She recalled an especially vivid dream about a forced bondage 69 together with Joyce. ;Mmm! Mental note to Self on that one too! she thought. The deadbolt on her stocks had disengaged, so her wrists hung loosely in the stocks and she pulled them out, her arms aching somewhat from the tension. ;It’s going to be great with a long warm bath after this, she thought to herself.

Pulling her arms out of the support rings, she once again unzipped her mitts with some effort, then reached for her face to unplug her drinking water hose from the ball gag. She wasn’t thirsty now and she was afraid if she drank anymore water she wouldn’t be able to hold it, until she reached the bathroom. She pulled Joyce’s panties off her face and took her blindfold off too. Finally, she unclipped the strap attached to the top of her gag harness.

Shawna turned and looked around the basement and noted the key box had opened and a bunch of keys hung off a string. ;Right, time to end this adventure, she thought to herself. As she made her way over to the keys on the other side of the room, she started unzipping the mittens and pulling her hands out. She removed the foam balls inside, then took off her gloves and tucked them inside the mittens instead. On the keychain was a remote key fob with a button on. When she pressed the button, the shelf lowered down again so she had a place to put her gear as she removed it.

She began to unlock and remove parts of her kit. First, she unlocked the backboard from her gag harness and the waist belt. She disconnected all the cables and the butt plug inflator tube so she could put the stocks on the shelf... Next, she unlocked the bladder harnesses from the waist belt and put them aside. The waist belt was unlocked and removed next.

With the waist belt removed, Shawna could now unlock the laces on her corset and remove it. With the corset removed she unlocked and unzipped the overskirt. Next, she unlocked and unzipped the valve compartment on the underskirt. She unscrewed the big valve, letting the air out of the massive underskirt. As the skirt deflated Shawna’s knees wobbled a bit as she no longer had the support of the rigid inflated skirt. She reached to the waist of the underskirt and unlocked the belt holding it up and undid the zipper.

When the underskirt was deflated sufficiently, Shawna was able to step out of it, still wearing her hobble skirt, tightly buckled at the knees. She unlocked the waist and knee belts of the hobble skirt and slid it down her hips.

Shawna reached for a screwdriver on the hanging shelf, which she used to separate the Wanichi from the chastity device, still encasing her cock. She unlocked the 5 padlocks holding the Wanichi harness on, removed it all, placing the items on the shelf.

With the Wanichi harness removed, Shawna was able to remove the butt plug. First, she fed the inflator hose and wire back in through her skater dress and back down to her crotch. She squatted slightly, reaching under the skirt of the skater dress, took a firm grip on the end of the plug and gently pulled it out. She winced briefly behind the gag as the wide part of the plug passed her muscle, but it popped right out after that. She quickly wrapped the plug in some tissue paper, putting it aside on the shelf for cleaning later.

Finally, able to sit down on the floor, Shawna used the maypole to let herself down on the floor. She unlocked the chain between her ankle cuffs as well as the cuffs themselves and the strap underneath the heel of her boots.

Her toes were a bit sore after being on her platform heels for most of the day, so she unzipped her boots, and got on her feet again. Shawna put the boots aside and flexed her toes. It felt great to be able to move her feet freely again, although still encased in the white stockings and black PVC tights.

On a whim, Shawna padded over to the corner with the mirrors and looked herself over. The skater dress was still very much locked on and so was the gag harness, posture collar and the chastity device on her cock. The rest of the keys were waiting for her on the dressing table upstairs in the bathroom, together with the glue dissolver for the gag.

Inspecting her remaining bondage, Shawna couldn’t help caressing her boobs and body in front of the mirror walls and she felt a certain stirring again. She was definitely getting horny. She figured she could use a good walk and stretch before leaving the basement. Shawna prepared the maypole by picking up the washer-nut and screwed it back onto the thread pole. She wound it down about 42 rounds, which would be the equivalent of half a mile. Last, Shawna picked up the collar rod and padlocked it to the washer nut.

From the shelf she got her waist belt and locked it back on, along with a shiny pair of handcuffs, which she padlocked to the rear of her waist belt. The keys to the cuffs hung down from the open timer-lock box along with the other keys, but well out of her reach, once locked to the maypole. She pushed the button to raise the shelf out of her way again and made sure the path around the maypole was cleared of “bondage debris”.

Without further ado, Shawna raised the collar-rod hanging off the maypole and padlocked it to her posture collar again. She took her gloves out of the mittens and put them back on. She briefly regretted not being able to put the mittens on again, as she liked their confining grip around her hands, however Shawna knew that unlocking the handcuffs would be an almost impossible task with the mittens on, thus she left them where they were.

Shawna put her hands behind her back and locked her gloved wrists inside the handcuffs. Once the second cuff clicked shut, Shawna knew she wasn’t going anywhere without unwinding the pole. She set off in a leisurely stroll, enjoying having her feet and legs unfettered. Soon however another problem presented itself; she really had to pee due to all the water she had been drinking along her earlier ordeals. Still very much gagged, Shawna let out a moan of frustration and kicked up her speed to a light jog. ;Shit, I should have worn a catheter, she thought. The bouncing did not do her bladder any favors, so she broke into a run as fast as she could muster around the pole. Shawna most definitely did not want to leave a circular trail of pee to clean up later so she hurried all she could, focusing her mind on a dual purpose; run! Hold it in!

Making her laps, Shawna would glance once in a while toward the thread pole, seeing the washer-nut slowly make its way to the top. She didn’t want to miss this by accident, disconnecting while not looking, and running straight into a basement wall. As the washer-nut reached the top of the thread pole, Shawna slowed down somewhat, being careful not to lean outward in her collar.

After a few more orbits around the maypole, the washer-nut came off the threaded pole and fell to the floor. Now free of the pole, Shawna hurriedly backed over to the string hanging down from the lockbox and fidgeted with the keychain to single out the handcuff key. Wearing her gloves did not make this any easier, while she was stepping in place to keep her bladder in check. After a few moments that felt like forever, Shawna managed to unlock both cuffs. Still with the collar pole attached to her posture collar dragging after her, she hurried over to the back wall of the basement and took a large empty jar down from a shelf. She lifted up in her skirt and tutu’s to expose the still locked-on steel chastity tube. Shawna quickly unscrewed the domed end of the tube, held the jar underneath and relieved herself with a long, gagged moan. Finishing up, Shawna smiled to herself; make that one more reason she was perfectly happy keeping her cock. She carefully put a lid on the half full jar and set it aside to empty and clean later. She removed her gloves for now and stuck them inside the mittens still hanging off her sleeves.

Chapter 9 – The Bath

The maypole had done its job for the day: Shawna was tired in her legs when she padded over to the beam protruding from the wall, picked up the key on the string for the collar-pole’s padlock, disconnecting it from her posture collar and put the pole on the floor. She proceeded to unlock the waist belt with the handcuffs and put them aside.

While it was good to be able to move relatively free, Shawna was still sweating inside her PVC suit, longing for a soothing dip in the upstairs master bathroom’s hot tub. The entire suit needed a wash as well, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone. She decided to put on the massive PVC skirt again. She stepped into it and pulled it up over her waist, zipped it up and tightened the belt. Shawna deliberately did not padlock the skirt.

On top of the skirt she laced up her PVC corset again, tied off the laces, yet she did not padlock the corset. It was time to bow out, so Shawna stopped the cameras and turned off the bright recording lights. She lifted up the huge overskirt and carried it around her waist, as due to its length it would be impossible to walk in. Shawna left the basement, headed up the stairs to the master bathroom on the 2nd floor.

The bathroom had a large makeup mirror with a dressing table in front, as well as sporting a large two- person hot tub which Joyce and Shawna put in the previous year. Shawna leaned over and began filling the tub with warm water.

As the tub was filling up, she sat down at the dressing table and opened up a drawer under the mirror, where the remainder of her keys were waiting for her along with some makeup glue dissolver. Shawna started by dripping some of the dissolver in each ear, so she could remove the earbuds and the MP3 player still clipped to the front D-ring on her PVC suit. Shawna did however not unglue the ball in her mouth as she was planning to keep the gag-harness on a little while longer…

Shawna was planning a fully clothed and gagged dip in the hottub; however, she didn’t want to submerge any of the padlocks in water, nor ruin the good leather of her posture collar. She unlocked and removed the four padlocks on her gag-harness, the two locks on her posture collar and the lock at the nape of her neck which until now had been preventing her from removing the PVC dress. Shawna also lifted up all the skirts and to her relief unlocked her chastity device. She stroked her smooth-shaven cock. It felt great after having been locked away for most of the day. Shawna felt herself slowly getting hard again, so before things got out of hand, she slipped on a pair of tight-fitting black stretch-PVC panties and donned her skirts again. Now unlocked, Shawna removed her posture collar and slowly rolled her head around her shoulders a few times, as her neck felt quite stiff after having been held so rigidly in place the entire day.

Shawna fished the gloves out of the mittens again and slipped them on, rolling them up on top of the sleeves of her dress. She also took the foam balls out of the mittens. Shawna moved over to the side of the tub where she lit a couple of scented candles and poured herself a glass of wine and hit the remote for the CD player on the wall for some relaxing spa music. She put the glue-dissolver next to the wine glass. Still gagged very much, it wouldn’t be of much use until she was ready. For the last time today, Shawna slipped her hands into her mittens and zipped them back up.

Wearing her tight PVC panties, open-crotch stretch-PVC tights, the white silk stockings, the sexy black PVC suit, gag harness, gloves, mittens and the enormous black PVC skirt, she slipped into the warm waters of the hot tub. At first, she almost floated on the surface, until the water started to fill the dress and seep into her suit. Shawna immensely enjoyed the feeling of slushing around in her outfit in the water. She reached over the hot tub’s panel and with a knuckle inside her mittens hit the button to start the water jets. She laid there for a while, just caressing her wet clad body while moaning into the ball still very much strapped and glued into her mouth. It did not take Shawna long to stir herself into a frenzy as she could not rub herself off through the large skirt, frantically she pawed at it to allow her to get at her tight panties. As she finally got the skirt out of the way, she thrusted one mittened hand into her panties and grabbed around her cock as hard as she could, while caressing her breasts with the other. It did not take Shawna long to reach a thunderous orgasm as she howled a moan of relief into the ball gag and arched her body as the waves of pleasure subsided.

Shawna just laid floating and sloshing around in the massive skirt, enjoying the warm waters soaking through her PVC suit, while rubbing herself all over with the mittens. She knew however it was time to call it a day. Almost reluctantly she started to remove the mittens. Then she reached over the edge of the hot tub to turn off the water jets.

It was time to remove her gag harness, which she had been wearing for most of the day. Shawna released the chin strap and the wide strap around her neck. She then applied the makeup glue dissolvent, leaned back and let it do its job. As the glue dissolved, letting go of her lips, she pushed the large black silicone ball out of her mouth and rubbed off the last remnants of glue around her mouth. Her jaw was quite stiff from being gagged all day, but thankfully didn’t hurt much as she stretched it, probably due to the painkillers she had mixed in the lemonade downstairs. Shawna took a large well-deserved sip of the wine. She leaned back again in the tub and relaxed for a while, letting the PVC flow around her in the tub, while cradling the glass in her gloved hand.

The tub water was starting to cool off slightly and Shawna decided it was time to get up and finish off the adventure. She slowly stood up in the tub as the dress and skirt was very heavy from all the water in it. Shawna started by removing her gloves, undoing the corset laces and removing it, letting the corset drop back into the tub. She did the same for the PVC panties and the white silk stockings, loosening the garters one by one, then rolled each stocking off her feet.

Shawna reached behind her back and unzipped the large skirt, which promptly slid back into the water. She stepped out of it, then reached behind her neck, unzipping the skater dress itself and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. This allowed her to remove the push-up bra, which also went in the tub along with the skater dress. Finally, Shawna removed the tights and she was now completely naked again. She rinsed off under the shower, then stepped out of the tub. Adding some mild washing detergent to the tub, she decided to leave the cleanup in the basement for the following day. Shawna toweled off, then wrapped in a bathrobe, went downstairs to fix some dinner.

After her meal, Shawna went back upstairs and changed out the tub with a fresh change of cold water, before eventually taking all the parts up and hanging to drip-dry over the tub. It was getting late and Shawna was more than ready to go to bed. She brushed her teeth, relieved herself, combed her long blond hair and went to the bedroom…


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