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Shannon Succumbs to Temptation

by Ludovic

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© Copyright 2006 - Ludovic - Used by permission

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Shannon had cared for her neighbor John since the tragic car accident in which his wife had died, and he had been left paralyzed from the waist down. As a former nurse she had experience of looking after patients and she didn’t mind helping John with some of the more intimate problems that comes with losing control from below the waist, besides she enjoyed his companionship whilst her husband James worked overseas for months at a time.

She would visit daily and chat for hours, mainly about how much she missed James and he would take her mind off it by sharing a tale or two from his youth. John was actually quite wealthy and had offered to pay Shannon for her nursing time, but Shannon had refused many times and in the end John had realized she valued his friendship as much as he did hers.

In the 3 years she cared for John, she had only met his step daughter Jennifer twice, and both times she had come demanding money from him for one thing or another, and left soon after receiving it. Jennifer had always been spoilt rotten as a child and it showed as an adult. She was around the same age as Shannon but she never really managed to strike up a conversation with her, treating her like a servant in her father in laws employment.

Shannon never really understood why John would stand for the way Jennifer treated him, perhaps he felt responsible for the loss of her mother. There were strange rumors at the time of the accident, that John’s wife had been found in boot of the wrecked car, others said that she had been bound and kidnapped and others that she was found naked. John had told her the events of that night were a blur to him, and the lawyers had cleared him of any blame for the accident, sensing John’s hurt, Shannon had subtly changed the subject before John had an opportunity to try and explain further.

Sadly one day, Shannon had arrived at John’s house to see police cars and an ambulance parked outside, with John’s cleaner outside giving a statement to the police. John’s body had been found at the base of the stairs with his wheelchair beside him, apparently John had tried to use the stair lift unaided and the chair had slipped down the steps.

A few days after the funeral, Shannon kissed her husband as he left once more to travel on business overseas. He had been under pressure from his company to return and finalize a sales deal that had been brokering before he had returned home to comfort her. As they parted James promised to be back in three weeks, and they would have a chance to get away for a little break, she loved James dearly and would miss him even more this trip, without John to keep her company.

The following day Shannon received a phone call from the lawyer dealing with John’s estate, “Hello Shannon, this may come as a shock to you but a few months ago John had me redraft his will, and you are one of the beneficiaries. Could I possible ask you to come by my office this morning at 11am for the reading of his last will and testament?” Shannon was startled by the news, she had never expected anything from John other then friendship, but she agreed to attend.

Arriving at the reception, she was ushered into the office by an assistant, “I think their ready to begin”. Entering the office, she instantly recognized Jennifer sitting smugly by the desk, even from behind, her jet black hair, petite figure and passion for black designer clothing and stiletto shoes were hard to miss. As Jennifer turned to see who had entered, Shannon witnessed the coy smile from Jennifer’s almost elfish face fade and become filled with spite and hatred. “What’s that bitch doing here?” she demanded to know from the lawyer. Ignoring Jennifer for the moment, Shannon was asked to take a seat. Clearing his throat, the lawyer announces “I’ve asked you both here today, as the main beneficiaries in John’s last will and testament!” Glancing over at Jennifer, Shannon was rewarded with a look that could kill.

The lawyer sensing a growing tension in the room got down to business, “To my kind and sweet Shannon I leave my house, including furnishings and $600,000 dollars so she may spend more time with her husband. To my step daughter Jennifer I believe it is only appropriate I leave her my toy collection in the basement, for her apparent inhumanity in my remaining few years, may she find a use for them along with the remainder of my estate.” Picking up his calculator, the lawyer announces a figure of $370,026 to Jennifer. At which point Jennifer lunged at Shannon slapping her squarely across the face, “You gold digging bitch!!! I’ll see your arse in court!” Snatching the check from the lawyers’ desk, Jennifer regained her composure, before walking purposely from the office, leaving Shannon in tears on the floor.

Helping Shannon to her feet, the lawyer assured her she shouldn’t worry about Jennifer’s threats, as he had looked into all aspects of the will and she didn’t have a leg to stand on. Still dazed and slightly shaken Shannon accepted a set of keys and a check for $600,000 from the lawyer, and made her way back to her car. After a few minutes within her car, Shannon wipes the last few tears away with a tissue and inspects the bruise on her cheek with the rear view mirror, it felt worse then it actually looked and would probably fade within a few hours. Driving home Shannon stops only briefly to deposit the check with bank, feeling unsafe driving around with a check worth so much money.

Sitting on her settee at home for a few hours, the events of the morning finally begin to sink in. With the money from John, she and James could finally settle down to a proper family life together, James could take the 9 to 5 job he had been offered in the companies local office, even if it meant a slight drop in salary. Shannon tried to call James to tell him of the news, but the ringing of his phone from a nearby table meant he had forgotten to take it with him. Shannon sat fiddling with the set of keys to John’s house as she pondered her next move.

Clutching the keys in her hand, Shannon headed off to look around John’s house hoping that the familiar surroundings would take her mind off the events of the morning, besides she had never seen more then a couple of rooms of John’s house before, and idea of exploring the house intrigued her. Opening the front door, Shannon was aware of the silence of her footsteps on the polished wooded floors, a light coating of dust had settled and the thought of cleaning filled her mind. But she pushed the urge aside for the moment as she quickly surveyed her options.

Heading upstairs, she pushed open the doors to the master bedroom. John had stayed in the guest bedroom since the crash he couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping where him and his wife once slept. A large wooden four poster bed stood imposingly in the centre of the room, decorated in lace trimmings, and a large sea chest sat at the base of the bed, probably containing clean sheets she thought. Pulling open one of the closet doors she searched for a light switch and flicked it on. “wow” she whispered to herself, as the light illuminated the walk in closet, so many clothes! John’s wife always liked to dress up, even if some of her clothes were considered in some circles as a little risky, and here she was in the middle of all of them. Dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, shoes… lots of shoes… picking up a pair, she wondered how anyone could bare being strapped into such high heels all day long! She would find out! Kicking off her sneakers she sat on a chair and slipped them on, buckling the thin black straps around her ankles. After admiring the shoes from the vantage point of the chair for a minute or two Shannon stood up aware of her newly gained stature, walking back and forth the full length mirror admired how her calf muscles stood out slightly. James would definitely like her in these she thought to herself, with a little smile.

Flicking through the racks of dresses, pulling the odd one out she liked the look of and holding them up in front of the mirror, she was slightly taken aback by how her own frumpy wardrobe paled into insignificance compared to these stylish and youthful clothes of John’s wife. Returning to her browsing Shannon stopped in amazement as she pulled out a rather short black leather dress, with small steel eyelets and black leather lacing up both sides, this was definitely not the normal black little number! John had never mentioned his and his wife’s interests in such things she thought to herself with a mischievous smile. An entire array of such outfits filled a rack at the back of the closet, most made from leather, others were shiny as if made of plastic and from others the came the aroma of rubber.

Bending down Shannon reached through the hanging outfits and pulled out a large plastic box tray that had caught her eye, removing a couple leather dresses that had fallen from their hangers and covered the contents, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Whips, handcuffs, manacles, vibrators and even something that looked like a chastity belt! No wonder John forbid anyone from ever entering the master bedroom. Shannon hauled the box from the closet and emptied its contents onto the bed for a closer look.

Picking up a red ball she tried to pull it from the tangle of leather straps, only to realize they were attached to the ball! Taking a moment to untangle the straps it dawned on her this was like a ball gag she had seen in a movie but with extra straps that enclosed the whole head. After figuring out which buckle went to which strap, Shannon was surprised to notice the damp patch that had formed on her jeans, could it be she was turned on by the thought of this harness strapped around her head and neck and silenced by the red ball, the tingle of excitement from her crotch confirmed her suspicions!

Holding the ball up to her mouth, she slowly opened her mouth and pushed the ball inside passed her teeth, fumbling for the straps she stood up and walked over to the mirror to get a better view. Pulling the harness over her face she started by buckling the leather strap around her neck, then another by her ear as she felt the leather grip into her skin, one last strap would complete the harness, as she threaded the strap through the buckle near her cheek. Pulling it tight she felt the red rubber ball being force further into her mouth, she wanted to feel the full effect and pulled the strap a further notch before pushing the pin of the buckle into place and securing strap.

“Mmmmph” was all she could manage as she gazed into the mirror at this leather contraption secured around her head. Reaching down she undid her jeans and slipped them down around her knees, slipping her fingers below her damp cotton panties, she groaned into the gag as thoughts of being taken by James whilst bound, gagged and helpless filled her mind. Slowly and gently at first her fingers slipped over her sensitive clitoris sending tingles of pleasure through her body, she reached inside her top with her other hand began flicking and teasing her right and then left nipples which were now erect and throbbing, squeezing her right nipple between her thumb and finger she doubled her efforts with her other hand and gasped in pleasure behind the gag. As she approached climax her eyes closed and she bit firmly into the gag, squeezing her now tender nipple for all her worth. With her body buckling, she teetered on her new heels and allowed the pleasure to wash over her, as she gasped for breath around the mouthpiece between her teeth.

Wiping away the saliva from around her mouth and chin, and still flushed Shannon released the strap that held the gag in place, and pulled it free from her aching mouth, she felt the cool air on her lips and cheeks as she started to breath more easily. Taking a moment to catch her breath, Shannon pulled up her jeans, which by now were around her ankles, before releasing the remaining straps that held the harness snugly around her face and neck. Placing the harness by the assorted pile of items from the box, Shannon sat on the bed as a shiver ran up and down her spine, overcome by a mixture of fear and excitement as the thoughts of her newly discovered pleasures sank in.

Shannon ’s thoughts drifted to James, and the times he would playfully slap her behind from time to time. She had always known he wanted to explore that side of his sexuality more, and she would tease him about it, by calling him Master at the most inappropriate times. Shannon wondered how she would introduce him to this kinky treasure trove she had discovered, would she act innocent and ask him to explain the items she had found, or perhaps she would greet him on his return dressed in one of the outfits she had found. Shannon smiled inwardly as she went through the possibilities.

Picking up a wooden paddle, she thought ‘ouch’ to herself as she ran her fingers over the holes drilled through the wood. Slapping the paddle against the palm of her hand, she decided it wasn’t a true test of the implement, so she grabbed two pillows and formed them into a neat stack on the edge of the bed. Leaning over the stack of pillows, Shannon pushed her weight forward until her toes were left touching the floor, fumbling for the paddle she raised her arm and took aim at her behind, and brought it down with all her force she could muster. Missing her bum completely, she tried again with less force and a little more control, whack, Whack, WHACK! “Oooh” she purred to herself as the sting left and the warmth filled the cheeks of her bum. Rubbing her hand over the tight denim cloth of her jeans, Shannon wanted to feel the paddle without her jeans in the way.

Sliding off the stack of pillows, Shannon removed the shoes that were starting to annoy her, before peeling off her jeans. Tossing them onto the bed she lifts her top over her head in one complete movement, letting her long auburn hair falling around her shoulders in small caressing strands, flipping her head to the right she felt the soft sensual impact of her hair on her chest before it slipped back over her shoulder and stroked her back. Pushing her cotton panties down past her thighs, she lets them fall to the floor before stepping out of them and towards the mirror.

Shannon inspected herself in the mirror as she brushed her fingers over her reddened cheeks, her skin felt sensitive and warm, Shannon was enjoying herself and her body was responding in kind. Tracing the flat edge of red skin left by the paddle, she was disappointed not to see a pattern left by the holes of the wooden paddle. Grasping the paddle firmly she brought it down once on each cheek, without her jeans for protection she winced momentarily in surprise by sting of the impacts. Shannon watched in amazement as small dimples began to form on the surface of the skin, running her fingers over them made her shudder, she had done this to herself, she had paddled her own bum and she had loved it. Kneeling before James she would present it to him on his return, Shannon’s mind began to wander, better yet she’d hold it playfully whilst dressed in a tight rubber dress, then decide on who would be on the receiving end of it!

shanTurning her attention to the closet Shannon selected a tight rubber dress and stepped into it, the rubber felt cold against her skin as she slid it up over her legs. Threading her arms through the armholes, she reached behind and slowly pulled the zip upward feeling the embrace of the rubber as it closed around her. Admiring her reflection in the mirror as the light bounced off her black rubber torso she felt the urge to accessorize. Looking around she grabbed a pair of long rubber gloves, a tight leather corset and some jewelry. After spending the next ten minutes struggling with the corset and gloves, Shannon picked up the paddle and posed in front of the mirror, trying to imagine how James would react!

Laying down the paddle for the moment, Shannon ’s attention was drawn to her bare feet, she had taken off the heels because they were starting to annoy her but she knew James wouldn’t be happy with anything less then her teetering around on heels. Looking through the collection in the cupboard a pair of ankle boots caught Shannon ’s eye, black patent leather with silver zips and a padlock at the ankle that made sure they couldn’t come off, even if she wanted too. Sitting on the side of the bed Shannon imagined James sliding them onto her feet, her toes being squeezed by the leather before the heel slipped into place, the feel of the leather tightening around the ankles as James pulled up the zip and the snap of the lock as he secured them in place.

The snap of the second lock brought Shannon out from her daydream, “SHIT! keys… keys… keys” Shannon said aloud, as she tugged at one of the padlocks, these were real padlocks and Shannon hadn’t thought to find the keys before locking them to her feet! With her heart pounding in her chest, Shannon frantically started looking through the pile of toys on the bed for keys. Finding a large bundle of keys on a key ring she tried a few at random…nothing…nothing… A cold sweat had formed on her brow, and she felt slightly queasy at the thought of explaining her new footwear to the local locksmith. Finally with a click the padlock popped open and Shannon gave out a sigh of relief before relocking it and collapsing backwards onto the bed. Calming herself down after the excitement of the last 5 minutes, Shannon stared up at the ceiling of the four poster bed, only to see her reflection staring back down! How very 70’s she laughed to herself, of course there would be a mirror on the ceiling! Studying her body in the mirror however she decided she looked damn sexy in her rubber dress, sweaty but sexy.

Running her hands down her dress, as she looked in the mirror feeling ever caress through the rubber, then the lack of touch as her hands passed over the leather corset, she loved how it held her like a constant hug, a constant embrace of a lover. Fiddling with the rings attached to the front of the corset Shannon poked her thumbs through and pulled to see if they were decorative or actually functional, she decided they were functional since they were very well secured to the corset. Still on her back, Shannon reached over to inspect some more of the toys, taking hold of a vibrator she twisted the bottom and it sprang to life for a few seconds before the batteries failed and it became silent. Picking up another she pushed it into the fold of her skirt before switching it on, the vibrations sent tingles through the rubber dress and she groaned quietly for a few seconds until the batteries once again died. Tossing it into her used pile, Shannon grabbed another then another, a few seconds from each, could she reach climax before she ran out of vibrators?

As the last vibrator died, Shannon was horny for more… reaching down she rubbed herself with a finger for a few seconds… “Mmmmm” something was missing, reaching over she pulled a pair of ankle cuffs connected by a long shiny steel chain from the pile, as she squeeze one of the cuffs the ratchet clicked again and again until it popped open. Closing the cuff she grabbed the keys and made sure she had one to open it, as she fiddled with the keys the smooth cold steel of the cuffs on her fingertips sent tingles of excitement through her body. Finding the correct key, she placed them down by her side within easy reach. Popping open a cuff Shannon threaded the metal shank through one of the rings on her corset, with a little difficulty it finally went past the lock and she set to work passing it through the second ring. With the cuffs in position she slowly closed the open cuff around her left wrist, click, click, click… She shuddered in excitement with each click of the ratchet as it tightened around her wrist. 

Making sure she could reach the keyhole, Shannon snapped the second steel shackle around her right wrist, her hands now secured to her waist. Pulling first her left hand then her right hand away from her waist, she tests the limits of her captivity, the sound the chain pulling through each ring exciting her more. Reaching down her dress with some difficulty she barely manages to touch her womanhood through the rubber, but that was her plan all along as she once again sets to work with her fingertips. Writhing in pleasure Shannon ’s breaths are short due to the tightness of the corset, the metal chain straining against the rings and the cuffs painfully biting into her wrist, helpless to stop Shannon gasps again and again for air as her climax nears then finally washes over her body. Laying there on the bed spent and exhausted, Shannon closes her eyes and rests a little as her breathing slows and sensibilities return.

After her little rest Shannon decided it was time to explore a little more, still in her outfit and wrists shackled to her waist, she slides herself off the bed and onto her feet, her bonds she thought to herself would stay on for now, to give her a taste for things to come. Opening doors and drawers would be a constant reminder to her of the limitations of her movements, with it a sense of excitement of the games she and James would play upon his return. Pulling open the remaining drawers in the bedroom, hoping to discover a diary or photo album Shannon was disappointed to find only the usual assortment of socks, and underwear. Opening the door to the on suite bathroom, she had to get onto tip toes to reach the light switch, looking around it was little dated but still very welcoming, she pondered trying out the shower in her rubber dress, but decided against it for now. As she turned to leave, she noticed a large enema bag hanging on the back of the door with an array of tubes and nozzles. Unable to reach them, she made a mental note to get rid of them before James returned, there was no way in hell she was letting him pump her full of water!

Leaving the master bedroom she made her way past the spare bedroom where John had slept, to the room next room she had never been into. Pushing the door open it was another bedroom, with posters on the wall of Bon Jovi and other rock bands this must have been Jennifer’s room, stepping over the clutter on the floor Shannon noticed the vanity mirror was smashed, and perfume bottles knocked down and scattered like skittles, probably from her last temper tantrum, she thought to herself. Kneeling down Shannon manages to pull open one of the drawers of the side cabinet, sifting through layers of jeans, she stubbles across main’s powered vibrator, a black studded dog collar and leash and a leather wristband with the words ‘Mistress Jennifer’ engraved on a metal nameplate. “Like parents, like daughter”, Shannon said to herself with a giggle. Pushing the drawer closed, Shannon struggles back to her feet with some difficulty before leaving the room, at least she knew now where to find a vibrator that didn’t need batteries next time she felt the urge.

The last two rooms upstairs were a bathroom and study both of which she had been in many times, so Shannon headed towards the stairs leading back down to the ground floor.

Standing at the top of the stairs Shannon felt nervous trying to descend without the use of her hands to grasp the railing so returned to the master bedroom and unlocked the handcuffs around her wrists. Leaving the cuffs threaded through the buckles of her dress she closed both of them a couple of clicks. With her wrists now unfettered she made her way down the stairs grasping the handrail and teetering on her heels with each step.

Across from the bottom of the stairs was the door to the basement, where John had left the contents to Jennifer in his will. Curiosity got the better of her and she tried the door, it seemed to be locked but there was no keyhole. Looking around the doorframe she looked for a latch of some sort, there was none, but her attention was drawn to an area of the frame where the paint seemed grubbier then the rest as if touched by fingers many times before. Feeling around the area with her fingers a small circular area of wood started to give way into a recess in the frame, pushing a little harder there was and audible click and the door popped open a few inches.

Fumbling for the light switch, she made her way down stairs towards a large heavy wooden door with a small barred viewing window. Peering through the viewing window, it looked like a scene from a medieval torture chamber, with manacles hanging from stone clad walls, and various large devices and contraptions littering the floor. The wooden door creaked loudly as she opened it, sending a tingle of fear up and down Shannon ’s spine as she entered the room.

The air in this room was cold and musty, which only added to the atmosphere and Shannon ’s fear and excitement as she walked around inspecting the unusual devices. Some she recognized from films like a wooden pillory with holes for neck and wrist, and a wooden cross stood that upright against one wall, others like an oversized stainless steel bath tub that sat in one corner of the room she didn’t recognize and seemed out of place in the medieval setting.

Shannon stopped at an elaborate steel table, tilted at an angle of 45 degrees which seemed to dominate the centre of the room. Perfectly smooth and icy cold to the touch, it had 2 metal footrests for the victim to stand upon at the base, with hinged steel bands positioned at ankles, wrists, torso and neck. Between where the victim’s legs would be was a 5” groove with a strange L Shaped dildo protruding from the groove. Looking under the table Shannon saw the dildo was attached to a large box that slide up and down the grove and was locked in place by a steel peg. The box had wires running from it to a control panel near the head of the table and another that ran to a main’s outlet.

Looking at the control panel, she found what seemed to be the main on off switch and flicked it, the device stirred into life with a low hum, and vibrations shook the table slightly. A playing with a slider seemed to cause the device to vibrate more or less, another knob seemed to be turning by it’s self , she could make out it was counting down somehow, but to what! Turning the timer to zero the vibrations stopped and Shannon heard the sound of metal hitting metal around the front of the table. Looking around the front of the table one of the metal wrist bands had sprung open! The other bands however were still firmly closed, looking closely at the neck band, she saw small raised circle of metal, pushing it into the table there was a small click and neck band was now free to be opened. Looking around the table Shannon found the other release buttons and it didn’t take her long to figure out how this table could be used, for a little self bondage!

Turning her attention to the other controls, they all seemed to be deactivate when the restraints were open, setting the timer to 5 minutes she returned to the front of the table and closed the bands and witnessed the table spring back into action. Returning to the controls she turned a knob from the off position to on and heard a whistling sound coming from some under the table. Following the noise she found what seemed to be a oversized bra made from leather and rubber attached to the table by a length of hose, looking inside the bra she saw the noise came from 2 outlets in the cups of the bra. Placing her finger over the outlet caused her finger to be sucked inside, she felt as the vacuum pulsed and sucked on her fingertip. She had to try it on!

Switching off the machine, she unzipped the back of her dress down to the corset and slide her arms out, fastening herself into the bra, the cold hard rubber of the cups encircling her breast made her shiver. With the hose from the bra coming out from one of the arm holes, Shannon struggled to zip up the back of her dress, but the rubber finally stretched enough to allow the zip to close.

Returning to the control panel, she paused for a second before reactivating the table, she let out audible gasp as the table sprung back to life, her breasts instantly sucked further into the rubber cups, they felt like they were being stretched, sucked, and kneaded all at the same time. Turning a couple of the dials caused the suction to increase in strength and pulse more often, she had only turned the suction dial half way before the suction felt painful on her breasts and nipples, she turned it back down a little to ease the pain and leave the vacuum to pleasure her breasts.

By now it was inevitable she had to try out the table, her mind was filled by the thoughts of being restrained on the table whilst the bra and dildo did their worst! She would play with the other controls later but for now she had found all the controls she needed to satisfy her. Just at that moment the timer had run it’s course and the wrist restraint sprang open shutting down the machine once again. Resetting the timer to 15 minutes, Shannon made her way around the front of the table, dragging the length of hosepipe from her bra with her.

Releasing each of the restraints, Shannon pulled up her dress before easing herself onto the dildo, with her feet resting on the metal foot plates she closed and reopen the ankle restraints making sure they were accessible once her wrists were free, repeating the process on the neck, chest and left wrist restraints. Now all that was left to do would be to pull the right wrist restraint closed and she would be trapped for 15 minutes whilst the table did devilish things to her defenseless body!

Before her mind could fill with too many ‘what ifs’ Shannon pulled the metal restraint closed with her fingertips, and the machine sprang into life! Almost instantly she realized that she hadn’t tested the strength of the vibrations going to the dildo, now lodged deep inside her. Panicking at the vibrations that were almost painful she tugged helplessly at the metal restraints that held her firmly strapped to the table for the full duration of the timer.

A cold sweat had formed on her forehead by the time the first orgasm hit her, writhing on the table she could do nothing but accept the fate she had bestowed upon her own body. After 5 minutes her breasts had expanded to the full size of the bra and her nipples were sucked in turn deep inside the outlets of the bra, what felt like vices started to close slowly on them, she screamed as they pinched closed.

‘SLAM’ Shannon was startled by the sound of the door slamming closed behind her, was there someone there? Was it the wind? Shannon became silent as she struggled to hear for movement over the sound of the table.

“Well, well, well! What do we have here?” said Jennifer as she stepped around the side of the table and looked down at the defenseless Shannon struggling against her bonds…

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