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Shanna’s First Time

by Shanna

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© Copyright 2002 - Shanna - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; tape; caught; M/f; toys; cons; X

Hi, I'm Shanna. The first time I got into self bondage was last week after I was surfing the net, and saw this site. My Fianncee, Jack read these stories which gave me the idea to create a fantasy for him of my own.

To start out, I'm in my mid twenties. I'm 5'2" My mesurements are 36B-29-36. I've got long Strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes. After deciding to tie myself up for my fiancee to find, I decided to find materials to work with. Because I've never been tied up before, I wasn't sure what to use, and neither Jack or I had any toys. So I found a roll of Duct Tape, and my vibrator and plug. (Which are the only two toys I have.)

It was on a Friday night. Jack went out with his friends for a few hours to a bar to do whatever guys do. I took a long hot bath, where I shaved my pussy completely bare. I've only done this once before because Jack all but begged me too. But it was something I could get used to. After my bath, I put on my favorite pair of panties. A pair of pink string bikini panties, with red strings and little red bows at the corners. This pair of panties was too small for me, which is why I liked them, the front of the panties barely covered my crotch, and the back was so low that the top of my crack was visible. I gathered my duct tape and toys and layed out on the bed to begin.

First I wanted to work myself up. Not to give myself an orgasm but enough to wet my panties. I rubbed myself over my panties, getting them nice and wet, bitting my lip, trying to stop. Once my panties where wet, I slid them off. I opened my mouth, and put the crotch of the panties on my tongue, stuffing the rest in my mouth. I could barely fit them all the way in but I got my mouth closed around them and tore off a piece of tape, stretching it over my lips. I plastered two more pieces of tape over my mouth and began to work with the toys.

The vibrator went in first. I set it on the lowest setting and slid it into my pussy. I've never pushed it all the way in before... WOW!!!! I had to control myself to keep from ending this before it started. I spread my legs wide and put a piece of tape tightly over my pussy to keep the vibrator in. Then came the plug. It took me a few minutes to get it in, because I was shuddering through the pleasure and anticipation. But the plug slid up into my ass and I put another piece of tape tightly over my ass to keep the plug in.

With the roll of tape, I taped around my ankles several times, then taped around my thighs, pinning my legs together, making the low vibrator even more powerful. Then came my hands, I put my hands behind me and managed to tie them together with a twist tie. Then I worked for what seemed hours to get a long strip of tape around the twist tie so I couldn't untie it.

Now there was nothing left to do but wait. After about twenty minutes of just laying there in mindblowing exstacy I decided to get into the part and rolled around a little on the bed, squimring. I let out a scream which barely sounded like a whimper. "MMmmmmmmmph..." I loved this. I REALLY loved the feeling of no control. The feeling of helplessness.

After another hour or so, along with 6 orgasms, the telephone rang next to our bed. I didn't care who it was, I was so engrossed in myself. After a few rings, I heard Jack's voice on the machine. "Shanna, baby. The guys are a little trashed, I have to get em all home. Be home in a few hours. Don't wait up for me, baby."

I closed my eyes and shook my head. "MMMMMMMMRRRRRRMMMMMMPHMMMMPH!!!!!"

It was hard to think straight with the seventh orgasm, but I remembered I had a pair of scissors in the kitchen. I squirmed and rolled off our bed, my body glistening with perspiration. I slithered like a snake down the hall, and into the kitchen. But I couldn't get up onto my feet!!! I just lay there and breathed heavily, whimpering. "Mmmmmmph.. mmmummfmmph.... mmmmmhmmmfph..."

I suppose it was about 3am in the morning when Jack came home. He came into the kitchen for a beer or something, and he saw me on the floor. The look on his face was well worth all the time I spend tied and gagged. He didn't believe his eyes at first, then he thought maybe I was tied and gagged by robbers or something...

Until he found the vibrator and plug. He took me back to the bedroom and we had the most incredible sex of our lives... but he didn't untie me untill the morning.


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