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Seven of Nine 3

by Sir Stephen

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© Copyright 2001 - Sir Stephen - Used by permission

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Seven of Nine - Part Three 
by Sir Stephen

Lieutenant Torrez has a well-conditioned rear end.  I was repeatedly amazed by the strength of her gluteus maximi.  My firm, full lips formed a near-perfect vacuum lock around her anus and I probed her with the entire length of my unusually strong tongue.  I could not resist, after all.  I had to comply.

Soon her cheeks were wet with my saliva.  I was being cold-pressed in my own spittle, but it was hard to mind.  The humiliation I was receiving was somehow exactly what my haughty persona deserved.  I knew that the female crewmembers sometimes called me "37 of D," and the male crewmembers referred to me as "the body."  I was aware of the jealousy I aroused in the former group, and the frustration in the latter.  Indeed, some of the former group was frustrated too.  Perhaps most of all, I believe Captain Janeway would like to have sex with me.  What kind of sex, I could only speculate, but that was what occupied my mind as I cleaned out Lieutenant Torrez posterior with the only thing I could still move: my tongue.  At any rate, I had been a source of sexual frustration to the crew and, moreover, I had eroded their self-esteem with my own pride.  This was my comeuppance, and I relished its every taste and smell.

Again and again her bottom clenched with pleasure against my face and nose.  Again and again I pressed my face more firmly into her cleft.  I imagined spending the rest of my life with my face pressed to Belanna's bottom.  It was a just punishment, I thought, for my teasing demeanour.

Meanwhile, Belanna had been somewhat absent-mindedly masturbating.  With a stronger-than-usual clench, she brought herself to a final climax and slowly lifted herself off of my face.  Streamers of unidentifiable liquid seemed to hold her posterior to my lips as she removed it.  It was like the way mozzarella cheese forms strings when you pull a pizza slice away from a fresh pie made by Kneel-Licks.
You almost expect the tensile strength of the cheese to pull the slice back with a sharp snap like a thong made of transparent aluminium, like my own panties.  I thought that Belanna's ass tasted much better than one of Kneel-Licks' pizza pies.  Perhaps it was that Klingon flavouring that made it so special.

Pain was nice, and frustration was delicious, I ruminated, but nothing was better than humiliation.

"Did you like the taste of my ass, Seven?"  Belanna asked.  "Tom sure does.  I almost never let the sonic sterilizer do its job after I evacuate - Tom does a better job and the ship saves energy!  Maybe I can get you to do the trick for me when he's on duty, huh?"

"Yes, Moistress," I replied ferverently. "That would be most satisfying." 
"Moist satisfying, you mean," said Belanna with a laugh.  And then: "Computer: state location of Tom Paris." 
And the voice of Nurse Chappel said, "Tom Paris is in his quarters." 
"Run program Torrez-Frustrate-9 and transport him here minus his clothes, bound to the examination chair." 
First a chair appeared which had hardly any seat; instead it divided into two sections, which radiated away from where the seat should be at a 100-degree angle.  The chair was firmly attached to the floor and was apparently made of tritanium.  Into this chair, nude, Tom Paris appeared and was immediately secured into position by straps.  Belanna said "Computer: penis gag number ten," and Tom was gagged with a wide but short dildo in his mouth attached to a tight latex strap around his head before he could dare to complain.

"Seven," said Belanna, "I think you're sufficiently cowed to obey me.  Will you obey me?" 
"Yes, Moistress," I replied, sincerely. 
"Computer, release Seven of Nine.  Produce a double-penetration vibrating dildo harness."  One appeared.  "Seven, let's put this on, shall we?"  I had no objections, being as horny as any animal in the galaxy.  The dildo for my anus went in first, with a little lubricant.  It was long, slightly curved, and thin but knobbed both at its terminus and all along its shaft.  That done, Belanna inserted the much longer and wider dildo for my vaginal cavity. Holding these in was a bondage belt which Belanna fastened and secured with large padlocks.  "Computer: Standard police handcuffs."  Into Belanna's outstretched palm a pair of the requested restraints appeared.  "Turn around, Seven," she said.  Complying was becoming natural to me.  I turned my back to her and, without being asked, put my wrists together behind my back.  The sound of the cuffs closing - sort of a scrittch and a few clicks - was arousing to me - but then, so was everything at that point. "Computer - mouth sterilizer."  A sonic toothbrush appeared, and Belanna did a good job of cleaning my mouth of her own bacteria.

Next, Belanna brusquely tossed a pillow from the bed in front of the chair.  "Kneel there," she said.  I complied.  "Now, the object of this exercise is to keep Tom in a state of complete arousal without allowing him to achieve orgasm.  At the same time, the Computer will be doing the same to you with the dildoes in your pussy and ass.  The Computer will assess Tom's penile tissues and assign it a number from zero to ten, with ten being a state of complete erection. It will display this number behind his chair floating in the air.   For every minute you keep Tom at a state above 9.5, the Computer will assign you ten seconds of full-strength vibration from both dildoes.  These will be delivered in contiguous segments at intervals of one hour.

"After the first three minutes, for every second Tom is below 7.0,  you will receive a sharp spanking.  You may stimulate his genitals with your mouth and tongue in any way you wish, but if he attains climax you will be punished with the wax program for thirty minutes, with a drop of hot wax on each nipple and your clitoris every second during that time.  I myself and going to go to my quarters and take a sonic shower.  We will do this again and again, whenever we all have time off.  Understood?"

I nodded, and inched closer to Tom. I heard the Holodeck doors open to let Belanna out.

I opened my mouth and, at first, merely breathed on his surprisingly already erect, circumcised member.  I noticed that his arousal was releasing pheromones that smelled distinctly male.  His circumcised penis began to look delicious to me, although I had never considered it specifically before.  Not exactly knowing what I was doing, I experimentally closed my mouth over his penis, licked his frenum, and began giving the first blowjob of my life.

Apparently the mere thought of receiving fellatio from me was arousing to Tom, because I cannot credit my expertise.  I began moving my head slowly up and down along his shaft, maintaining a constant firm sucking pressure, and lubricating his penis liberally with my saliva as I went.  Tom began emitting involuntary moans, and I glanced behind him to notice that his rating was already at 7.9.  Hmmm.  Seven of Nine. I began to say "yum, yum" at intervals, as my Moistress had taught me.  Tom seemed to like this.  I began to taste pre-ejaculate fluids emerging from his urethra.  The number was now 9.7.  I pulled off his penis and began to blow on it from beneath, keeping my eye on the magic number.

Over the next four hours I laved his scrotum, gently licked his frenum, and, when the numbers allowed, I sucked his cock as firmly as I dared.  After the first hour I received an allotment of vibrator stimulation nearly the 600 maximum possible seconds.

I came halfway through the stimulation, after abandoning my habitual attempts to maintain self-control despite the powerful double stimulation.  I had to interrupt my filleting of Tom lest I damage his genitals with an involuntary clenching of my teeth.  He noticed my state, however, and was apparently as aroused by watching me attain my first climax as he had been by my oral favours.  I cannot describe my first sexual climax, but I will try.

Imagine being in a shuttlecraft at ¼ impulse speed, and then suddenly being drawn into a vortex that leads you to a wormhole that transports you in minutes to the other side of the galaxy.  Then imagine that you are present both in space-time and in subspace, and that all of the anomalies in the quadrant are visible on the inside of your eyelids.  Pretend that your mind is connected via a subspace channel to a hive-mind of billions of sentient beings, all of which are simultaneously achieving orgasm.  Suppose that your nerves are connected to the solar winds, to the ion trails of the spaceways, and to the dark energy and dark matter which dominates the cosmos.  Think of your pores as both emitting and receiving energy from the rotation of the galactic disk.

If this is too difficult, just think of transporting into a dimension composed entirely of wet tongues.  I came, and my spasms were both painful and painless.  My breathing was both ragged and smooth.  I was speechless, and yet I had never been more articulate.  My climax was a word, a single word, spoken by the universe with the same voice it had used to give birth to the galaxies.  The word had one syllable, and yet it went on forever without repeating itself.

I felt that orgasm in my toenails, in the contents of my stomach, in the insides of my teeth, and in every cell of my brain.  I felt that it must be disturbing the inertial dampers; certainly mine were offline!  I gasped, and must have passed out for a moment.  When I woke up the vibration had stopped, and the program had stopped running.  Tom and Belanna were gone, and the familiar empty room of the Holodeck was all I saw other than myself and my abandoned clothes in one corner.

"Computer," I asked, "during the past twelve hours who has been in this room?"  "Seven of Nine," it answered, still in Nurse Chappel's voice.  "Where have Belanna Torrez and Tom Paris been during that time?" I pursued.  "On duty, in the mess hall, in their quarters, and in transit between those locations," answered the Computer.

"Then you made up then entire session yourself?" I continued.  "Your programming requested capricious subroutine generation.   Are you unsatisfied with the result?"  "No," I admitted.

The next day I learned that Belanna was pregnant with Tom's baby.  Their daughter would be one quarter Klingon.  I decided not to ask the couple whether they were interested in a sadomasochistic three-way.

My current plan is to continue self-bondage Holodeck sessions, and to research the possibility of interesting Captain Janeway in a personal slave/dominatrix.  I know she gives firm orders; I imagine she gives excellent forced cunnilingus as well.  I would like to continue to explore my human side.   If all else fails I may have to continue selfbondage sessions until we reach Earth.  It's only about thirty thousand light years away right now.  I wonder whether it would be possible to stay in selfbondage for the entire trip!

End of Part Three, end of Story


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