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Self-Sub Susy 3

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2011 - The Technician - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; D/s; bond; rope; outdoors; bdsm; whip; torment; toys; electro; sex; climax; group; cons/nc; XX

continues from part two Part Three

An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”

Ed stood me up in the center of the room and stepped slightly away from me.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I definitely did not expect Ed to say, “Slave Number One, hand me that camera and you and Slave Number Two step in here.”

A beautiful young woman, no more than twenty-five or twenty-six years of age walked over to Ed and handed him a somewhat large video camera with a very expensive looking lens system on it.  She was a little taller than me with very blond, almost white hair, a very athletic looking body, and absolutely no clothing.  She was as naked as I was, including being as bare as a baby’s backside between her legs.  There was no doubt that she was Slave Number One because a large gold and diamond “1" hung from a chain around her neck, and small golden 1's hung in piercings from each of her nipples and from her clit.

She handed Ed the camera and stepped over by me.  A second girl, identical to the first stepped into view in front of me carrying two pieces of soft, white rope.  When I say that she was identical, I don’t mean that she was dressed - or undressed the same, or that she looked like Slave Number One.  She was identical to Slave Number One in every possible way.  They were identical twins.  Well, there was one way in which they were different.  The golden number hanging from the chain and from the piercings in the nipples and clit was a “2.”

“You know what to do,” ordered Ed.  “Make sure you tie that knot just like I taught you or your master will hear about it.”

With identical motions, Slave’s Number One and Two took my arms and began to tie the ropes to my wrist.  It was a very odd knot that I had never seen before.  They laid the a loop of the rope on the top of my arm so that it made a V that sat in the palm of my hand.   Then they began to wind the rope around my arm and the loop of the rope.  After they had carefully made about a dozen or so winds, they pulled the long end of the rope through the V in the palm of my hand and slid the shorter end of the rope that was hanging from my arm also through the V.  They then both walked over and handed the long end of the rope to Ed and came back to me.  Ed held the ropes taut while they grabbed the short end of rope just where it came out from under the winds of rope on my arm and pulled hard.   The V loop in my palm pulled backwards and snugged itself around the rope leading over to Ed and the shorter length on which they had pulled.  They then held my arms and pulled on the end of the short rope to pull it tight against the knot.  The final effect looked like I had a hangman’s noose on each arm, except that the only thing in the noose was the rope itself.  I heard a ripping noise and Slave Number Two came back around in front of me carrying something that looked like a piece of duck tape, except that it was white.  She carefully wound that around the end of the short rope, taping it and the longer rope together.  Slave Number One did the same thing to the other rope.  They then each took one rope from Ed and stood along side me.  With one hand near my wrists, they carefully looped up the rope that was hanging down until everything was neat and tidy.  Then they simultaneously looked over at Ed who had been videoing all of this and flashed identical wide, white smiles.

“OK, lets go,” said Ed and he began walking slowly backwards away from the shower house.  Smiling brightly and walking on tip toes in their bare feet, the two naked slaves led me over to the center of the camp and the freshly painted campfire circle.  All of the brown painted pole benchers were occupied and there was a row or two of lawn chairs behind the benches.  Kneeling on the ground in front of many of the people were naked men or women, some of whom had their hands bound behind their backs, and all of whom wore collars with some form of a leash leading down into the hands of one of the people sitting in the circle.  The white “leader’s bench” in the center of the circle was, of course, unoccupied.

The leader’s bench seems to glow in the moonlight as Slave Number One and Slave Number Two slowly pulled me over to it and then held me firmly against it’s large white crosspiece.  Two men whom I did not know stood on the other side of the high bench and took the ropes from the two slaves.  They slipped the ropes under the “foot rest” on that side of the bench and then pulled upward on the ends of the rope.  That pulled my arms downward and pulled me over the large pole that formed the leader’s bench.  They pulled again and my feet left the ground as I was drawn over the bench.

I thought I was going to fall over the bench, but the two slaves caught my legs and pulled them wide apart and brought them up under the foot rest on their side of the bench.  I heard another ripping sound and felt tape being wound around my ankles, holding them tightly in place on the under side of the foot rest.  My legs were wide enough apart that I could feel the upright posts of the footrests against my ankles.

The two men on the other side of the spanking bench - that is what it actually was, regardless of what Ed called it for his regular campers... the two men on the other side of the spanking bench pulled once again on their ropes and wound and tied the ropes around the foot rest and the upright posts that supported it.  I was now in a large bent X with the front of my waist resting firmly on the spanking bench and my arms and legs bound to the foot rests.

I heard Ed’s voice loudly announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and slaves, we are gathered her tonight because this young woman, who calls herself ‘Self-Sub Susy,’ has endangered our business and our club.  I warned her that if she did not cease and desist her unauthorized activity on the hiking trails which we have worked so hard to control and have access to, she would be punished.  At her request I even described specifically what that punishment would be.  Her response was a brazen challenge, ‘Catch me if you can.’”

Ed moved around in front of me so that I could see him.  He was holding a large whip of some sort.  It had a handle that looked somewhat like a baseball bat with the little knob thingy on the end of it, but rather than having the big part of the bat on the other end, there was a cluster of wide, black, leather flaps, or straps, or paddles or whatever.  I don’t know what to call it, but it scared the hell out of me.

“Well SSSuzy,” Ed continued.  “We have caught you.  Just like I promised you are tied naked over the bench in the center of camp, and there are hundreds...”  He looked around and shrugged, “...well, Ok, there are more than one hundred people here to watch you receive your punishment.  We are also making a video of all of this that will be shown and sold on the web so that thousands, if not millions of people will watch what happens when Self-Sub Susy Gets Punished.”

“That’s the title of the video for those of you who want to order it later.  Just check in the hidden area of the camp website for all the details.” Ed added in an imitation of the style used by those late-night pitchmen on television.

I pulled frantically against my ropes, but I wasn’t going anywhere.  Then I heard my own voice inside my head say to me, “You really wanted this, didn’t you.  You are turned on more than you have ever been by the thought of getting punished like this in front of millions of people.  Give yourself to the pain.  Give yourself to Ed.  Let your sexual desires flow through you and ride the pain to its peak.”

Ed’s voice resumed and drowned out my own thoughts.  “The first punishment I promised you, SSSuzy, was that I was going to whip your ass until it was purple.  That wasn’t just a colorful metaphor.   You are going to get 100 strokes of this little beauty.  It is a special, soft leather so it won’t cut the skin, but I guarantee you that it will hurt like hell and it will turn your ass purple.  Since you have a ballgag in your mouth, you can’t count the strokes, so the good people here will count them for you.”

I heard a whish and a loud pop and my rear end exploded in pain.  “One!” shouted the crowd.

Whish, pop, “Two!” 

Whish, pop, “Three!”

I screamed into my ballgag and tried to free myself from the ropes, but I wasn’t going anywhere.

Whish, pop, “Four!” 

Whish, pop, “Five!” 

My God, Ed said I was going to get one hundred strokes.  I was going to die long before that.  At “Ten!” Ed paused and switched sides so that his blows were coming down hardest on the other cheek.  At “Twenty!” he move around so that he was standing above my head and was swinging downward.  The tips of the leather whips curled slightly around and struck the back of my slit.

Somewhere around 35, my inner voice started talking to me again.  “Let yourself go.  Feel how wet you are.  Ride the pain.  Ride the bench.  Move into the pain.  Move through the pain.  Go to the heights you know you can reach.”

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I stopped struggling against the ropes and started trying to rub my front against the posts.  If I moved just right, when the blow fell, it drove my clit against the post across which I was lying.  The pain began to move into the background and my sexual needs began to come into the foreground.  “Oh God,” I screamed into my gag, “I am a pain slut.  This does really turn me on.”

I began to ride the pain - I was already riding the bench.  I tried to move into the pain.  I tried to move through the pain.  I was heading toward the heights that only I could reach when I heard a very loud cry of “One Hundred!!!!”

I couldn’t believe that I was upset that it was over.  I was almost there.  I could feel a tremendous orgasm just beyond me, and now I couldn’t get there.

“OK, SSSuzy, that was part one of your punishment.  Now for part two.  I said that I and anyone else who wanted to was going to fuck you any way we could think of.  We can’t quite do that because of time constraints and because your mouth isn’t available to us tonight, but there are still two other possibilities and you are at the right height for both of those choices.”

Ed stepped between my legs and ran his hands over my now swollen and tender ass.  It hurt like hell just for him to slide his hand across my ass cheeks.  “Let me check how you are doing so far,” he said and slid two fingers between my legs and deep into my slit.”  He then held them up high above his head and shouted to the crowd.  “We have a winner!  Self-Sub Susy is wetter than a flat porch roof in a thunderstorm.  I am going first and then the ten lucky men and ladies who had their names drawn from the hat will go after me in the order in which their names are listed on the board.”

* * * * *

Ed stepped between my legs, centered himself against the opening of my cunt, and with one brutal stoke drove himself all the way in.  I thrashed against my restraints, but I wasn’t sure it was from pain or pleasure.  I was definitely very turned on by everything that had happened to me, and as sick as that was, I was even more turned on by the idea of Ed publicly raping me.  Ed lasted a very long time and just when I thought that I could stand no more, he fell against me and grabbed my breasts and said loudly, “Cum, SSSuzy, I command it!”

I didn’t think that it was possible to be commanded to cum, but I did.  Ed stood behind me firmly pressed into my cunt and I thrashed and moaned.  Gradually I became aware of a roaring in my ears.  At first, I thought that it was from the tremendous orgasm that I had just experienced, but then I realized that it was applause.  The crowd was applauding Ed’s performance - or mine - or maybe both of ours.  I felt a weird, perverse sense of pride that we had pleased them, or maybe that they thought that it was such a good performance - I don’t know which.

Ed stepped from between my legs and was replaced by another man.  He was rather well endowed and filled me quite fully as he rammed himself in and out.  He didn’t last very long, however and soon he was replaced by another man who said gruffly, “Get ready for it, honey, cause daddy is coming in.”

He must have thought he was big stuff and funny, but he wasn’t nearly as large as the previous man and he didn’t last any near as long as Ed had lasted.  The third man wasn’t overly large or small, but seemed to be just an average-sized dick.  I laughed to myself that I was to the point of comparing penis sizes while I was being fucked.  I also thought about the fact that I was neither enjoying or not enjoying what was happening at this point.  It was neither pleasure nor pain.  It just was.

Next was a woman, or at least I think it was a woman.  Whoever it was had very soft skin and wasn’t as tall as the previous men.  He - or most likely she, was also using a dildo of some sort.  Back in college my roommate and I once tried strap-on sex.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but on the receiving end it was hard and cold and on the giving end there just wasn’t enough sensation to make it pleasurable.  I understand that they have come a long way - no pun intended - in dildo making.  Many are now soft and as pliable as a regular penis, and for strap-on use there are some that go both ways - again, no pun intended - and give as much penetration and pleasure to the one wearing the harness as to the one being fucked.

I assume that she had that type of dildo, because after a reasonable period of pumping into me, she began moaning and panting, but she just couldn’t seem to get herself off.  I decided that maybe I was expected to respond in some way and started thrusting hard back into her.  A guttural “Oh, yes...” showed that I was right.  A few more minutes of me thrusting - she was almost standing still by then - and she collapsed on top of me with a long, low scream.  Yup, it was definitely a woman.

Ed had said ten and I was to the point of counting how many more I had to fuck before this was over.  I was down to the last one when another set of soft, smooth legs stepped behind me.  She leaned down over me and spoke softly in my ear, “You are having just way too much fun with this deary.  As soon as we get these gloves on, we are going to change that.”

She stood upright for a moment or so and then I felt the cold tip of what was obviously a very large dildo press against my cunt lips.”I’m sliding this monster in slow, honey, just to make it easier on you, but we will get down to business here real soon.”

I hated to disappoint her, but her “monster” wasn’t all that much larger than the second man’s real equipment.  It looked like I was going to be finished with this without too much more discomfort.  Then she said, “Let’s turn it on and turn me on.  You, I don’t care what you do - except scream.”

The monster came to life.  It was vibrating and pulsating and every so often it would send out an electric jolt that tightened my cunt around it and created a slight quivering sensation in that whole area.  If I hadn’t had a ballgag in my mouth I was tempted to tell her, “Honey, you obviously aren’t a customer of W.  If you think that monster is painful or powerful, you just haven’t seen the real monsters that W can create. 

As I was thinking that, she started pumping in and out of me, and then she said, “Here it comes, honey,” and she slapped me hard on both ass cheeks.  My world exploded.  If the trail bracelets had been lighting between my legs, this was a whole thunderstorm.  It felt like a thousand electric arrows were pulsating through my body.   I bucked and trashed on the pole over which I was tied and even with the ballgag in my mouth I screamed as loudly as I could.

“Liked that, did we?  I did.”  Then she began thrusting in me again and with each forward thrust she would slap one of my ass cheeks.  The thunderstorm died down a little, but each slap still brought a flurry of lightning strikes and electric arrows.  She continued for what seemed like forever, and then she leaned over me and said softly, “Ready for the big finish?”  With that she thrust in as hard as she could and reached under me and grabbed my breasts fully in the palms of her gloves and pressed the contactor plates hard against my nipples.    The thunderstorm became a hurricane with lightning and wind and fire and hail and then blackness.  I passed out.

When I came to, someone was holding a stethoscope against my chest and saying, “She is going to be OK, but I don’t think that device Queenie was using was an approved device.  A little bit more current could have stopped her heart permanently.”

Then I heard Ed’s voice speaking sternly.  “Queenie, you’ve been warned about this before.  We told you that if you used an unapproved device again, you would be severely punished or kicked out of the club.”

I heard a woman’s voice respond sarcastically, “You also said that anything made by W was automatically approved.  I bought it from him.  He’s here today, you can ask him if it is one of his devices.”

W was here!  W was watching all of this.  That meant that either I wasn’t going to have to write up all of this for him, or that I was going to have to be really careful to include everything accurately because he would know what I got wrong or left out.

“We will talk about this later, Queenie,” replied Ed, and then he came over and stood next to me.

“Well SSSuzy, you’ve made it this far.  We are going to give you a little rest for now.  Unlike some people believe, you can’t live on sex alone and the club has a pretty good barbeque scheduled for lunch today.  We also have a couple of displays and speakers and some people like W who are here to sell their specialized devices.  I will leave you in the capable hands of Slave One and Slave Two until about 4:00 this afternoon, and then we will continue.”

Ed then evidently turned to talk to the two slaves because his voice got much harder to hear, but I could still hear him tell them, “I want one of you with her at all times.  One of you can go eat or whatever while the other watches, but if I find out that she was left alone for even the smallest amount of time, both of you will get ten times what she is getting.  Do you understand that?”

The two slaves answered with one voice, “Yes, Sir, we understand, Sir.”

“And make sure that she is properly hydrated.  She is going to be out here in the sun all afternoon.  You make sure that she drinks all of that liquid that has been set aside for her, you understand me?”
“Yes, Sir, we understand, Sir.”

One of the slaves came over to me and softly stroked my bruised backside.  I knew it was Slave One when she said, “Slave Two has gone to get something to eat, but I will be watching over you.  I have some ointment that I am supposed to rub on your bruises.  It might sting, but it will really soothe things and prevent any permanent marks.  I know, I’ve used it on me a time or two,”

She then began gently rubbing the ointment on my asscheeks.  “I also have some sunscreen that I am supposed to use to keep you from burning too severely in the sun“.  I heard the sploot of something being squirted from a bottle and soon Slave One was rubbing the cool cream into my back and legs.  “I guess we don’t have to worry about your face today, but I had better make sure that I get everything covered.  She stepped between my legs and began covering each leg with a generous amount of sunscreen and rubbing it in.  Soon she was rubbing higher and higher on my legs and then, with a large sploot of cream directly between my cheeks, she started rubbing the cream into my ass and cunt.

“I’ve been there before, SSSuzy.  You have to learn to find your pleasure in the spaces between the pain as well as in the pain.” Slave One continued to rub the lotion into my ass and cunt and I began to respond with moans.  She knew how to take me slowly up the hill and hold me on the brink for a very long time.  Then suddenly her motions quickened to almost a frenzy as if she had to finish me in a hurry.  I came hard and lay panting in my restraints.  “Hello Mam,” I heard her say.

Surprisingly, it was the voice of Slave Two that responded with, “Hello, Slave One.  Have you been behaving yourself?”

“Yes, Mam,” answered Slave One and Slave Two responded, “You may now go to lunch, but you be back here in 45 minutes.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mam, I understand, Mam.”

Slave Two came over to me and said sardonically, “I may only be slave number two, but she is slave number one and that makes her less that me.”  She laughed a snorting kind of laugh and added, “Better her than me.  There is no one lower than her except a Slave Zero and we haven’t had one of those for a long time.”

Slave Two came over and stood next to me and flicked her finger so that the flat of her fingernail slapped hard against the very center of my ass cheek.  “Better you than me, too.  Now I have about a gallon of liquid that Ed wants you to drink, and you have 45 minutes to finish it all for me.”  With that, she shoved a tube-like straw through the fabric of the hood and into the breathing hole in the center of the ballgag.  That hole was also one of W’s safety insistence.  “If something goes wrong and your nose gets blocked, you can’t get enough air around the ballgag and you die.  Unless you want that, you use a ball gag with a breather hole in any self-bondage.”

I hadn’t thought of the fact that the hole could also be used to drink through a straw if the straw or whatever fit tightly in the breathing hole.  This tube fit the hole exactly.  “Drink!” ordered Slave Two.

I closed my mouth tightly around the ball gag and sucked like I was drinking from a straw.  I was afraid of what it was that she might be forcing me to drink, but once I pulled some of it into my mouth I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was one of those sports drinks.  I could just make out the large bottle that Slave Two was holding under my face.  It looked like a one liter bottle and I was very thirsty, so I drained it rather rapidly.

“That’s one.  Only four more to go.”  And Slave Two shoved the tube back into my gag.

I don’t really think that Ed meant for them to make me drink all five liters of the liquid at one time.  It was probably supposed to last the whole afternoon, but evidently Ed hadn’t specified that and I think that Slave Two liked hurting people.  And since there was no Slave One or Zero around for the moment, I was it.

I got the next two bottles down without a great deal of trouble, but halfway through the fourth bottle, I just could not drink anymore.  I shook my head back and forth to indicate that I couldn’t drink any more.

“Here’s the deal,” said Slave Two gruffly.  “Either you finish all of this, or I pour out what is left in this bottle and fill it with some of my own private blend.  It looks the same and all I have to do is spread my legs and open the spigot and the bottle is full.  I’ve been saving up all day just for this occasion.”  Slave Two laughed.  “What will it be, honey.  The good stuff while you are still able, or my piss forced into you mouth.   I might even leave the bottles for Slave One to give you.  She won’t know what it is, and even if she does, Ed told us to make sure you drank it.”

I don’t which was worse, the thought of having to drink Slave Two’s piss or the idea that she would force Slave One, who had tried to be kind to me, to feed me the bottles of piss.  I resumed sucking on the tube / gag and finished the bottle.  My stomach was starting to hurt and I was afraid I was going to throw up by the time I finished the fifth bottle, but I got it all down just as Slave One came back.

“You watch her,” ordered Slave Two.  “I am going to go over there under that tree and catch a nap in the shade“.

Slave One walked up alongside me and said gently, “Oh, you finished all the drink stuff.  You really should have saved some for later in the afternoon.  I don’t know if I can get you any more.  If you need some, just shake your head or something and I will ask if you are thirsty.  Slave Two can go and get you something more to drink.”

I know that Slave One was trying to be kind, but I also knew right then and there that I would die of thirst before I would let Slave Two “go and get me something to drink!”



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