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I’ve been doing self bondage for many years now and have recently gotten the urge to do a strappado position. The only way I can do this is by myself, since I have no partner in bondage. I’ve been married for many years, but my spouse does not share my enthusiasm for it and thinks it is warped, so I must remain unfound. 

I have recently figured out what I think is a foolproof method of getting in and, more importantly, out of this. It involves a small cloth bag of ice inserted through an eye bolt to form a link which will separate when the ice melts. Being able to get into this position and making it strenuous also involves some way of pulling the wrists up after securing them to the ice link. I settled on a 150 lb. barbell that I could cause to drop after getting my wrist and everything else secured. I also realized that I had to have some way to keep from falling when the wrists were released so I figured a rope to each side of the “power cage” that I would use for this and connected to my waist belt would do the trick. 

Figuring I had all bases covered, I started getting  ready. I first inserted my plugs and put on my support panty hose to hold them in place. I then strapped on my corset which really made my waist tiny and my boobs stand out. Five inch black patent knee high boots completed the outfit. 

Now I placed 3 ice cubes in the cloth bag, passed it through the eye of the eye bolt and knotted it. I tied a rope to the eye bolt and threw the other end over the 8 foot high crossbar and tied it to the barbell. The barbell was about 2 feet off the floor so that when it dropped, it would yank my wrists up very high behind my back. I now tied my ankles together then my knees, and then the safety ropes to the sidebars and to my belt. The next part was the hard one. I put on my half hood gag and my Leather wrist cuffs. The tricky part was to hook the cuffs together behind my back and then to connect them to the knot in the end of the ice bag. 

Connecting the cuffs together was no problem, but getting them up high enough to put the slip knot over the bag knot was a real effort. Once it was on there, I realized that I probably couldn’t get out of this even now. If  I made the weight drop and yanked my wrists up, I would certainly be very uncomfortable for at least an hour. I looked around in the mirror to see if this would work as I had planned. It seemed like it would, so I shuffled over to the device which would drop the weight. All I had to do was give it a little push and I would be in a very strict strappado for most if not all of an hour. 

I realized that I was pretty uncomfortable already what with the corset, heels and gag, but I hadn’t gone to all this trouble to chicken out now. I gave the device a little push and nothing happened. I tried again and BAM, the weight dropped and my wrists were jerked up VERY high behind me, bending me over and making me struggle to keep my balance. This was gonna be very uncomfortable. I yanked and jerked trying to find some way out or to get a little more comfortable. There was absolutely no way out until the ice let the bag slip through the eye bolt. 

I’d like to tell you about all the things that took place for the next hour, but nothing happened. I jerked around a lot, but essentially, all I could do was wait for the ice to melt. After about an hour, the ice melted as I had planned and my wrists were released from their lofty perch. By this time, my feet were killing me in the heels, my jaw was aching badly I was drooling badly and my shoulders were about to dislocate. When my wrists dropped, I almost collapsed against the safety ropes. It was pretty simple to get free the rest of the way, but it still took a while because was so stiff and sore. 

I’d like to say the plugs made me come over and over while I was trapped, but no such luck. I could get no leverage or movement on them that meant anything, and besides, the discomfort pretty much cancelled out the stimulation. After a hot bath and a lot of rest, I watched the video I had made of the session. It was pretty much worth all the trouble and pain, although if I do it again, I’ll probably use fewer ice cubes. About15 or 20 minutes of this would be a lot more fun and a lot less pain.  I can hardly wait.



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