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Self Destruction

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; chair; straps; hood; video; webcam; voy; nipple; torment; hum; caught; M/f; cons/nc; X

What could ever go wrong with my self bondage idea Megan thought to herself. As she placed the escape key in a bowl of cold water and then pushed it deep inside the freezer. The water would take over 24 hours to turn completely solid. So Megan had time to get everything ready and totally perfect.

Megan was a lovely 25 year old college girl and lived in London. She had short black hair and stunning blue eyes. She was a women with curves in all the right places and had legs to die for. Her body was as close to perfect as you could ever get and her breasts and ass would make your eyes pop out from your head. She worked out on most day and her body and kept slimy and thin. She worked as a web cam girl to get money for her college lessons. It was through this dirty porn like job and the people she modelled for that she found out about latex bondage, self bondage and other kinky sex games. She had made plans for a humiliating self bondage session on her web cam over the Halloween holiday.

Megan had 24 hours to get everything ready and tie herself up. But seeing as how her self bondage equipment was in a massive pile and needed to be built it would not be easy. Plus she needed to sleep and do a couple of web cam warm up shows. She wanted people to view her page and watch the video live. She also needed to get the cameras and computers up and running. The live shows she had planned would be more of a teaser trailer for her main self bondage shoot.

The first shoot was later that day and showed Megan playing with a ball gag harness. The video was only 30 seconds long and just showed her gagging herself. It also had information about her huge self bondage show in 20 hours time. But it was a huge hit on the forums and chatrooms on the website. She went to bed that night, happy with her work so far. She would build her self bondage device tomorrow morning.

She went to bed with her mind filled of kinky fetish ideas and how she would look tomorrow at 10pm. Which is when she would start restraining herself.

Her alarm clock woke her up at 9am on a cold and sunny October morning. Her morning hair was dropping over her sleepy eyes as she slowly got out of bed. She had spent the night dreaming of heavy bondage and would now get to make them real. But first she needed to do another short online video.

This time she would be filming herself in the shower. She stripped completely naked and turned the water on. The warm water poured down from the shower head as she turned on the camera. Holding it away from her body and moving the camera up and down. She stepped under the steaming hot water and ran over her body like a work of art. After 30 seconds of tilting the camera up and down her perfect shaved body with water rushing over all her curves. She turned off the camera and had a nice long shower.

After an hour of cleaning herself, she got out and got dried. The time was now 11am and she spent the next hour sitting naked in front of computer as she edited and uploaded the new video. She was playing with her tight pussy as the video was made available to the viewers on her web cam.

The clock had just 12pm as she had same food and checked her doors and windows had been locked. She was running a little bit behind time as she entered the spare room. She had turned the room into a self bondage dungeon. The walls had been painted jet black and the door had a mirror on the inner side of it. The room at been split in half with the media stuff on one side and the bondage equipment on the other. The floor and ceiling on the bondage side had been painted black as well. The media area had a table with four large screens and a laptop on it. It had lights and a couple of microphones pointing towards the centre of the bondage side. She also had three cameras to use.

Megan spent the next three hours setting up the media area. She needed to put the cameras in the right spot and link all the cables and wires. But when she was done and the screens came to life, it was a good moment. The system worked well and would look better when she was bound and helpless.

Megan had a two hour break to have some food and drink and checked her web cam profile. She could read the comments and could see people were looking forward to her show tonight. As the clock passed 5pm and with the light outside fading, she got back to her self bondage building.                   
The black bondage side of the room had a pile of rubber, plastic, metal and leather. The metal would be made into a heavy bondage chair and would be bolted to the floor. First she moved the fetish equipment out the way and found the four holes drilled into the ground. The metal bars had all been numbered and made finding the chair legs easy. They already had the screws built in them and with the help of a screwdriver and a bit of hard work. The legs had been tightly bound to the floor and looked unmovable.

The next part of the chair to be added was the seat. The seat was just a square metal frame with a hole in the centre. Her pussy and ass would be hanging over the hole. She then added a large vertical frame to the back of the seat. She once again screwed it in place and found the vertical was completely solid. She then dropped a long metal pole down a hole in the vertical frame. The pole was to restrain her head and neck. The square seat also had a locking point of the pole. It needed to screwed to the chair and the enters points had to be closed.

The pole was soon part of the inescapable chair as it stood imposingly in front of her. She had metal zip ties that made a figure of eight with two ratchets to tighten it from both sides. Before that she needed to add one of the chair's torture features. Reaching into the pile of rubber next to the chair, she pulled something out.

It was a transparent latex square that covered the seat. It had two clear tubes that dropped down from the centre of the sheet. She squeezed the thick latex over the corners of the seat and used electrical tape to keep it from coming undone. She then struggled with another metal frame which needed to go over the top of the tape. It was a very tight fit, but soon the latex was locked in place. 

She linked the two clear tubes to a large plastic cylinder which was under the chair. The cylinder had another two tubes coming from it. The transparent latex had been pulled towards the ground because of the now joined up tubes. She then placed the first part of her metal bondage hood over the towering pole coming from the chair. The hood was cut in half with the back part going onto the chair. The hood had a build in cylinder bondage point which ran the length of the hood. The cylinder was hollow and just needed to be pushed down the pole. The pole was the same length as the hood and the two linked together like a glove.

The second part of the hood would be added later. She now added the ratchet cuffs to the chair. Placing four on each leg and four across her body. She would have to squeeze her body through the cuffs. She connected two handcuff points to the back of the chair. One for her wrists and one for her elbows, both cuffs would close on the orders of the computer.

The chair was now ready as the clock hit 8pm. Megan needed to get her outfit on and connect all her toys to the computer. She slipped into a full black rubber catsuit. The catsuit was shockingly tight against her body as she closed the zip. The catsuit had holes for her pussy, ass and breasts. She wrapped a tight leather corset around her body. Doing the laces as tightly as she could, it left her short of air. She then worked a pair of red latex gloves over her hands. Followed by lovely red latex stockings and suspenders.

Megan was sniffing her latex covered hands and arms. As she placed shock pads on her breasts and tied the bases with zip ties. She then put nipper clams on her now blood filled breasts. She then added a small suction cup to her clit and pumped it up. She was soon bound to the chair by her legs and body. She had closed the straps and linked all the wires and cables. The two tubes from the cylinder had been linked to the front of her bondage hood.

She placed a rubber isolation hood over her head. The hood only had two small holes for her to breathe through. She had pushed the metal front half of her bondage hood onto her face. The front had the two tubes attached and a rebreather bag built into it.

She was blind as she locked the two half's together with thick padlocks. The computer would close the handcuffs at 10pm on the dot. So she needed to get it done as quickly as she could. She was very happy when the last padlocked made a clicking sound. Not that she could hear it very well.

She moved her arms behind her back and forced them as close together as she could. She got there just in time as the computer closed the cuffs around her arms and hands. She was now bound till the ice melted and she could use it to turn the computer off. That would undo the handcuffs and make another set of keys available by dropping them down from the ceiling. The keys would then undo the padlocks around her head.

She was now trapped and waiting for the computer to toy with her. She knew the ice would take over 6 hours to melt as she had done tests before. She knew her nipples and breasts would be in extreme pain in only 30 minutes. She also knew the cylinder under her would be filled with her own waste in a couple of hours.

She started talking to the watching public after just a minute of being bound. Her mouth may not have been gagged, but was covered with rubber and metal. She was still able to speak somewhat clearly.

"As you can see, I am now trapped in self bondage. This video will show everything live and if you comment on it, the message will be played out loud in this room. For me to hear. I can still hear and speak through the thick metal hood and interact with you"

Her bondage hood made her words muffled and unclear. She sat there struggling and playing with her restraints as the pain from her helpless breasts got bigger. She let out loud moans and cries as the shocks got stronger. She started to hear the first messages from her adoring followers.

"Just love the chair" was the first to ring out. Followed by "I wish it was me" and "I want to be her". They ever commented on her toilet needs. "I hope you like the smell of your own piss" and "dirty girl".

The message added another layer of humiliation as the piss worked it's way into the plastic cylinder. She had been feeding herself all day and night and cried with horror as she released it. She could feel her asshole open wide and make her degrading self bondage session complete.

A wave of messages filled the room with their words ringing powerfully in Megan's ears. One by one people logged out of her web cam and comments of disappointing and disgust. "A step too far" and "Almost made me sick" had become the only words she could hear.

She sat in that chair for another five and half hours of inhuman and disgusting bondage. No one was watching her show any more. Before a new voice could be heard on the speaker. Her breasts felt like they were on fire and she wanted to remove the clamps so badly. Her every intake of air and mixed in with the smell of her own waste. Which had almost filled the cylinder. Her body was covered in sweat and her arms and legs had gone numb. She had been unable to sleep in the bondage chair and her neck felt stiff. She was crying under the hoods and was thankful she hadn't gagged herself.

She was miles away as the new message was read out loud. She then heard the message by replayed and was scary to her core. She would not be freed for another 30 minutes and was in real trouble. The message echo around the room for a third time.

"I have let myself in and am getting ready to play with you. I will be in your bondage room soon" The message was played another 10x as Megan struggle with her cuffs. Not one was going to give way.

She then heard a loud knock on her bondage room door and become motionless. 10 seconds later a tall black figure entered her world. She heard a soft laugh and the door close. She was isolated and trapped as she called out loudly.

The figure turned off her computer and stood right next to her. The cameras kept filming as he give her metal hood a kiss and just about picked up same words he whispered in her ear. He then turned the cameras off. The last words were.

"I am going to gag you and then I am going to break you"


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