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(Self) Bound to please her

by Techster

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© Copyright 2009 - Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; chast; bond; gag; bdsm; oral; cons; X

I am one of the unlucky ones. This past spring the company I had worked for the last 15 years decided to reduce the number of employees.

Although I had the highest proficiency rating I had two major things going against me:

(1) Unlike the service manager and assistant manager I was not a relative of the owner by blood or marriage. (2) I was the oldest employee.

I was given a liberal severance payment.

Searching for a job when you’re over 55 years old, even if you have extensive experience and education is a problem. Most employers are looking for younger tech school grads who are willing to start at low wages.

In short I had gotten bored daily sending out resumes, calling friends, networking, going to job fairs and still getting no where.

Techie, my wife and keyholder of many years, said, “Why don’t you take a kink break. Design and set up one of those crazy bondage creations you used to make.”

I said, “Hey you are right that sounds like a fun break from the unemployment blues.”

She agreed,” We’ll make it a game. You will design an inescapable self-bondage system that uses no locks, chains, metal, leather or rope.”

“That sounds like an impossible order.” I objected as I sorted through our toy box to find any bondage components that fit her requirements.

Then Techie added, “You have one day to complete the order.”

I sighed and went out into our workshop to search for likely components. Then I got luck I found a spool of 2 inch wide seat belt webbing.

Back at my desk I started to design the device of my self bondage.

I decided to start at the top. There would be a collar around my neck it would be secured by two strips of heavy duty Velcro. Then a strip of the belting would run downward to just above my waist.

At that point there would be two loops of the belting that my hands would just fit through. These loops would be 12 inches apart.

When my wife went to work I got out the sewing machine and stitched the strips of Velcro to the collar. I used a strip of hook Velcro on the left side of the collar and the loop Velcro on the right side. Even though the Velcro had adhesive on its back I removed the safety strips, centered the Velcro and stitched both pieces to the collar.

Then I stitched the collar to the vertical piece that went down to the wrist loops.

After assembling the wrists loops I measured the piece and sewed it to the strip that came down from the collar.

Before showing my new self bondage “toy” to my wife and keyholder I went out into the country and got my friend Kay to act as my safety person when I tested this device.

I placed my self in the collar, slid my wrists into the wrist restraint and then relaxed in a few minutes I was able to with much effort to “escape”.

Kay said, “You need a loop of the belting up at elbow level that can be tightened to straighten you up and to pull your elbows inward so that you cannot lift your wrists and escape.”

A quick run home and I found some one inch wide nylon webbing from a boat tie down and a plastic tension adjustment from an old boat floatation vest. These parts would make the perfect loop.

I made the loop and stitched it to the strap that ran from the collar to the wrist restraint. With the webbing threaded through the tension adjuster. Lastly I doubled the narrow webbing and folded it over into a small loop so that it would give me a place to pull and tighten the elbow restraint.

Kay watched patiently as I shed my shirt and placed myself in the device.

First I secured the collar around my neck. Secondly I lowered my hands down through the elbow restraint and into the wrist restraint loops.

“Now pull the small web until my elbows are pulled inward.” I requested.

Kay stepped up and gave a hefty pull that pulled my elbows inward.

I knew I had found the right combination. I wiggled every way and struggled but I could not escape.

Kay said,” Well I have things to do let me set my kitchen timer for one hour. You can wait out in the back yard and try to escape. So you do not feel too comfortable you should be warned. If you do not escape I will have you bend over the picnic table and use your own belt to warm your butt. In the mean time I need silence for my writing project so open wide and I’ll lock a gag in your mouth. ”

I opened my mouth and accepted the gag.

Kay led my to the door to her fenced in back yard. As we stopped to open the door she loosened my belt and jerked my slacks and underwear down. I looked at her with a surprised look as she advised me. “Step out of your pants. I’m sure you don’t want to be you peeing in your pants. I see Techie has you locked up.” She pointed to the CB6000 that was locked around my cock.

“Yes.” I nodded.

It was a warm day and I felt helpless as I wandered naked, bound, locked in the chastity device and gagged in the confines of the privacy fence looking for anything that could help me escape my bondage.

I tried rubbing the wrist restraints against a concrete wall. This did no good; all I did was scrape my knuckles. I could not knock the Velcro loose that kept my collar tightly wrapped around my neck. The heavy duty Velcro held fast and even rubbing it against a small branch would not loosen it.

It was then Kay walked out to find me. She carried a small piece of rope that had a locking noose on one end and a knot on the other.

“Stop and spread your legs!” she ordered.

I meekly complied as she tightened the noose around my balls.

“Now remember what the penalty for failing to escape?” she reminded me as she led me over to the picnic table. I tried to stop, but the pull on my balls told me I was her prisoner and had no choice but to meekly follow her.

When we reached the picnic table she had me stand against the top as she threaded the rope under the top of the table and up through the gap in the far end of the table top.

“Bend over.”

I bent over and she wrapped the line around my neck. “That will hold you while you endure the price of failure!”

Kay walked back to her home and returned with my belt.

She took pride in showing me my belt which would be the instrument of my torture. It was a thick heavy leather belt and I knew it would sting with an almost brutal heaviness.

“This should get your attention. Ready?”

“Let’s start with twenty. That should be enough for today.” She said with a laughing tone in her voice.

My butt and thighs were stung by the heavy assault of the belt.

I tried to scream and say anything, but the gag did its job well. I shook and struggled tugging as hard as I dared on the line around my balls. Then suddenly it actually started to feel almost pleasant and I slid into the floating pleasant feeling that is known as “subspace”.

Finally she stopped and seeing the tears of pain running down my cheeks said,” Well ready for some lotion?”

She untied my neck grabbed the line around my balls and led me into her home. There she removed my gag had me kneel and lean my body against her lap as she cuddled me and brought me down from the pain and subspace. She reached down and released my wrists, then removed the collar.

I lay on her sofa as she rubbed lotion into my back, butt and thighs.

She passed me my shirt and slacks as she said, “Well, that was a success. Your inescapable bondage does work very well. How are you feeling?”

“Surprisingly, I’m not bad.” I answered,” That was only my second trip into subspace and I’m actually starting to enjoy it.”

Kay warned, ”Don’t get too fond of that feeling the subspace feeling it can mask real damage that is being done.”

I dressed picked up the restraint, bid my host and tormentor good bye and headed for home and yet another session in my self bondage.

Once at home I quickly shed my clothes and set up to place myself in self bondage. I got a piece of small line ran it through the loop that tightened the restraint around my elbows, tied knots in both ends and closed the ends of the line in our first floor bathroom door.

First the collar; I wrapped and secured it around my neck, then my arms slid through the elbow loop and finally I worked my wrists through the wrist restraints.

Then I was committed to my captivity and self bondage as I turned to pull the line that tightened the elbow loop.

When the elbow loop was tight enough I stopped wiggled a bit to shift the loops upward and tightened then some more.

The elbow loops did their job very well. My elbows were pulled together and rendered immobile.

I reached back and was able to open the bathroom door with my right hand. The line that I had used to tighten the elbow loop fell free of both the door and slid out the pull loop.

Naked, bound and locked into chastity I was ready to be Techie’s “boy toy”.

I experimented and even bound like this thanks to the male chastity device, a CB6000 I could sit and urinate.

Time passed very slowly until her car pulled into the drive.

“Techster, come out here let me see how well you did.” She shouted as she opened the front door.

I meekly walked to her and turned around.

“That looks like a stroke of ingenuity. How comfortable is it?” she asked as she patted my butt.

“Not bad.” I replied. “I can’t move my hands or escape, but it is not uncomfortable. I don’t know how long I could last in it.”

Techie pulled a pair of mismatching dice out of her desk and said, “Let’s see what one of these dice says. The die is one hour increments.”

She rolled the die on out dining room table.” Aren’t you the lucky one! The die rolled five. You get to wear that for five hours. Can you take it?”

“As far as I know I can if you loosen my elbows just a little bit.”

Techie smiled as she released the elbow loop just a little bit.

“You are now my pet. I’ll feed you, bathe you and clean you after you use the bathroom. You job is to reciprocate. I had a stress filled day at work I want an orgasm and I know just where the tongue is to do it.”

I smiled and nodded.

She grinned, “First let me get you a proper leash. Obviously your collar won’t work with the other collar on your neck so I’ll hook the leash somewhere else. “

She went into her desk and came back with a single handcuff and a long chromed leash. She took a small lock out of her purse and locked the cuff to the leash. Then with a wicked grim she snapped the cuff around my balls.

“Lead me to our bedroom be quick about it. Remember this leash has a narrow leather handle.” I hesitated getting started and she laid a switch across my butt.

We went quickly to our bedroom. Techie quickly stripped and sat on the side of our bed.

“Come here my pet. Kneel. I need the services if a lap dog and I know you have a talented tongue.” She said as she pulled on my leash. The leash which ran up my butt crack pulled against my balls. This pulled my butt upward as I tried to lighten the pull on my balls. At the same time it forced my face down and into her sex.

I knelt and began licking her clit. In all truth she didn’t have to force me to lick her sex. She knows I love to do it. Over the past 40 plus years that Techie and I have been married I have come to appreciate the gentle taste and fragrance of her sex. Her scent starts off sweet but ends up tasting and smelling like an erotic perfume as she has orgasms.”

Since we began playing with erotic enforced male chastity I am allowed one orgasm per week while her orgasms are determined in advance when I am locked up I roll a single die(dice) to determine how many I must give her in the coming six days. This is the minimum number there is no maximum. If she’s had a very stressful week it could be two or three orgasms per day.

Today she had two orgasms quickly then she lifted my head up, pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss.

Techie smiled and said as she handled my balls, ”I like you dressed like that. You are ready to be teased and to please. In short you’re my perfect sex toy. Do you think you can stand that for another four hours?”

I thought about it for a few minutes and replied, “I think so I’ll have to try sleeping with both my wrists and my cock bound. Ordinarily I the chastity device would make me have to sleep on my back, but I think if we set a pillow about waist level I can do it.”

Techie placed a pillow on my side of the bed and commanded, “Nap time lie down.”

I lay down on my stomach and wiggled into place.

Techie covered my body with a blanket but deliberately left my butt bare. “This way I can play with your butt even while you sleep. Relax and take a nap now.”

With that I started to doze off when she snapped a belt across my butt.

“Just playing!” she said, “That will remind you whose property you are.”

It seemed like I slept for two hours, the room was dark when I awoke. I slid from under the blanket and out of the bed and walked into the bathroom, fortunately with my cock locked into the chastity device all I had to do was sit on the commode to take a pee.

Techie came up the stairs as I came out of the bathroom took hold of the leash that was attached with the cuff around my balls and with a light jerk ordered, “Follow me!”

Like I had a choice! Submissively I followed her as she led me out into the privacy fence that surrounds our back yard. She pulled out a chair and pointed to it. ”Sit!”

I sat and she sat alongside me and gave me a drink of wine and cut up our pieces of the grilled chicken. She fed dinner as we sat in the darkness.

“I like having you like that. There is something tremendously erotic about having my lover completely helpless and a virtual slave to my every whim.”

“Are you still Ok with this?” she asked as she checked my wrists. ”It is coming up on five hours.”

I smiled and responded, “I’m still doing well, thoroughly restrained but no discomfort.”

Techie’s face bore an evil grin as she started to move her fingers down and around my balls. Then her hands started to play with my nipples until they got hard and stood out. Then her hands dragged down my sides, neck and back which left me shivering with lust. My cock strained against its prison.

With my cock swelling in the chastity tube she took a small artists’ paint brush with stiff bristles and through the opening in the end of the tube teased the head of my cock.

I struggled as my cock unsuccessfully attempted to attain an erection.

“I hope you’re having as much fun as I am!” she said with a giggle. “Now its time for the real thing.”

She got out the key and released my cock from its acrylic prison. Next she released my elbows from the strap and pulled my wrists out of their bondage.

I opened the Velcro from around my neck put my arms around my wife, keyholder and we settled into a deep embrace and a lengthy love making session.

We slept that night wrapped in each other’s arms.

In retrospect it is what a long term relationship is all that really counts. After “working out the stress” of unemployment I was able to change job paths and I now have a job high paying with an online website that deals in bondage toys and dungeon furniture. I design custom bondage gear and restraint systems.




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