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Self Bondage with my "Friend"

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2018 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

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I have never had a really great relationship. Oh sure, I’ve had boyfriends, girl friends too, but I have never felt that I really loved someone, or that I was loved for that matter. I played around on the net when I got lonely, but something was always missing. Then I discovered bondage. My life would never be the same.

Years ago, I could never understand how anybody could enjoy being tied up. It makes absolutely no sense to a logical person. So when my boyfriend at the time wanted to tie me up, I resisted. He eventually wore me down and I let him tie me to the bed. I was tied in a conventional spread eagle fashion and he played with my body and teased me relentlessly. I had my first real orgasm that night. An orgasm while being totally restrained is like no other. I was hooked.

The problem was that he didn’t know much about the finer points of tying up a person. He tied my wrists so tightly that my hands turned purple. I had rope marks on me that lasted for over a day. I did my own research and discovered leather wrist and ankle cuffs. They made restraint more comfortable but are still very effective. He started using them and my sex life became much better. Eventually he introduced forced orgasms to our lovemaking and things were even better.

We eventually broke up and went our separate ways, but I kept the leather cuffs.

I had a few other lovers over the years, but I was never really happy. Then I discovered the Sybian unit. What a wonderful thing to have. They are expensive, but worth every penny. When I saw what they are capable of on the net I decided I had to have one.

I saved up for months and finally ordered my very own Sybian unit. The day it arrived I kissed the UPS man. I’m sure he had no idea how he had made me so happy. I wasted no time testing it out. I know I should have read the instructions, but who has time for that? That night I had the best orgasm ever.

I was 90% happy with my sex life with my new “friend”, my Sybian unit. But is 90% enough? I asked myself, what if I could get forced orgasms with my Sybian. I was not in a relationship that made that possible, so I resorted to self bondage. My plan was to bind each leg to its corresponding thigh with a belt so that I was forced to sit on the Sybian unit. With my legs tied that way, I would not be able to get off my friend without the use of my hands. I had to come up with a way to bind my arms.

I decided I would try my new self bondage scenario to the basement. I screwed a medium sized screw eye into the wooden beam of the ceiling of the basement. I tied my wrist cuffs to one end of a rope. I ran the rope through the screw eye and then tied a stocking filled with ice cubes to the other end. I tried out the length a couple of times before I got it right. I tried a “dry run” with me sitting on my friend and my arms held in the air. When I was satisfied my set up would work, I waited until the weekend.

I purchased a timer to make the Sybian turn on for a few minutes on and then off for a few minutes, then repeat the cycle. I tried it to make sure it would work. Once satisfied I had a good foolproof plan, my mind was made up. I would do it this Friday night after work. The only other thing I had to do was arrange a backup escape plan. I decided I would invite by neighbor, Alicia, for coffee on Saturday morning.

All day Friday I was on edge, anticipating my night with my friend. The time just dragged all day. I couldn’t wait to get home. My self imposed forced orgasm ordeal was just hours away!

Finally, my workday ended and I could go home. I had a light dinner and a glass of wine while I got ready. I decided I would wear something sexy, just for kicks. I put on my black silk stockings and my 5 inch heels. I put on a black teddy on top. I grabbed my nipple clamps, my ring gag, and a blindfold, and went to the basement. A blindfold is an absolute must for me whenever I practice self bondage. It heightens my other senses to a whole new level.

The first step was to set the timer for the Sybian. I set it for 20 minutes on and then 30 minutes off. Next, fill the stocking with 6 ice cubes. In the cool basement I guessed that would take close to 3 hours to melt. I tied each of my legs with the belts so that each heel touched my butt and positioned myself on the Sybian. I sat like that for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling and anticipating what was to come.

I put the gag on and moved my mouth around, getting used to the feeling of having my mouth forced open. I locked one hand in the leather cuff and stopped to triple check everything. My keys were on the floor nearby and I would be able to reach them once the ice melted and I could move my arms. The timer was set and the Sybian should kick on any minute. I went to put the nipple clamps on but stopped. Too much torture for the first attempt I thought. All set I thought. I put the blindfold on locked my other wrist in the remaining cuff. When the padlock clicked closed, I was stuck until the ice was all melted. The anticipation of the Sybian to turn on was exciting. Then suddenly, I felt a drop of icy cold water on my head. I forgot about that. Oh well, too late now. Then the phone rang. I heard the voice on the answering machine. “Jane, sorry, but I can’t make it tomorrow. I’ve got to tend to my mother out of town. She is ill and needs me. Maybe some other time. Bye.” Great, there goes my backup release plan. I hope I don’t need it!

I then felt the Sybian turn on. Mmmmmm, that felt soooo good. Wait! That was not 20 minutes! I must have set timer wrong. I must have set it for 2 minutes. Fuck! Thirty minutes later, I felt my friend kick in, for 2 minutes. Was this the way it’s gonna be, 2 minutes on and then 30 minutes off? All night, or until the ice melts. Two minutes on the thirty minutes off is the worst tease torture imaginable.

Blindfolded, I could not see a clock, so time was suspended for me. After six cycles of the Sybian on then off would be 3 hours, so the ice should be melted. The cold dripping on my head had stopped, so I thought the ice must be gone. I still couldn’t move my arms. The rope must be stuck on the screw eye I thought. Three more cycles of the timer convinced me I was in trouble. I was stuck and my back up person had bailed on me. Even worse, I was getting teased beyond description from the Sybian because I goofed setting the timer.

Suddenly I felt two hands on my head. Then something warm at my lips. A cock was then stuffed in my waiting mouth. I tried to resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was getting my throat fucked whether I wanted or not. I couldn’t imagine who was in my house or how he got inside. Then the Sybian kicked on. Great! That’s all I need. This time though, it didn’t shut off after only two minutes, it stayed on for a long time. So long, that I didn’t even mind the uninvited throat fuck. At least I was having the forced orgasm I wanted, over and over again

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my nipple; then the other one. Those damn nipple clamps were put on me. So here I sit, on my Sybian, running nonstop at full speed, drool running down my face onto my teddy, nipples burning from the clamps, arms and legs tied, and I am stuck with no way to get loose. By then I was having an orgasm, forced I might add, every 15 minutes.

I then heard tape being pulled form a roll. I recognized that sound for sure, with all the tape bondage I had done. I then felt my elbows being taped together. I could smell the duct tape! Funny how your senses are more acute when you are blindfolded. Then the tape was wrapped around my head, securing the blindfold in place.

More tape around my wrists further prevented me from escaping. The Sybian was then turned off and I was lifted, more like dragged, off my friend. My legs were released from the belts and I was marched upstairs to my bedroom. My legs were tied to the footboard of my bed and my wrists, still taped together, were tied to the headboard. I felt a hand on my aching pussy. I was so wet I’m surprised I felt anything. I next felt my captor climb on top of me and felt his cock shoved in my pussy. He fucked me for a long time, a very long time.

I was tied to the bed and fucked to 3 more orgasms before I felt the tape being removed from my elbows and wrists. Now I swear I smelled strawberries. Strawberries? I wonder why? My senses must be very acute after cumming, I thought.

I could move my fingers now. I felt something being put in my hand. I recognized what it was immediately. It was the key to the padlock on my wrist cuffs. It was several minutes before I got my hands free and was able to take the blindfold off. I finally got myself completely untied and looked at the clock. It said 2:30. That would be 2:30 PM. It was Saturday afternoon.

I still had no idea who did this to me. Nothing seemed to be missing from the house so I guess robbery was not a motive. Whoever it was, he really didn’t hurt me much and I did have the most amazing series of orgasms you can imagine. I had something to eat and called my neighbor. She wasn’t home, so maybe she was at her mother’s, like she said.

Then I saw it, a note on the fridge. “Same again next Friday”. OMG!!! I had just had an amazing night of unbelievable orgasms and now my captor is planning on a repeat performance. At first I thought about calling the police. Then I remembered what a good time I had just had. I wasn’t hurt. Nothing was taken from my house. I decided I would think about it during the week.

The next week was the longest week of my life. Every day dragged on forever. I kept thinking about what had happened last Friday night, anticipating what might happen this Friday night. I thought I must know who had entered my house, but who could it be? Every man I saw, I thought it could be him. Who ever it was saw me naked and forced to cum time after time. I went to the market to do some grocery shopping. Every man I saw reminded me that he could be the one, the one who violated me in such a wonderful way.

By Wednesday, I decided I would duplicate my self bondage set-up from last Friday this weekend. The difference was this time I set up a camera with a motion detector focused on me, sitting on my friend. If my captor returned, I would be able to see who it was.

On Friday evening, I added another screw eye to the beams so the melted ice water didn’t land on me. I would have to string my rope through 2 eyes this time. I also put a bucket to catch the water from my stocking. I called Alicia and asked her to come over for lunch the next day. Now my back-up plan was in place. I just hoped she didn’t bail again, in case I needed her.

At 8PM, I gathered up my toys. My leather wrist cuffs, ring gag, blindfold, belts for my legs, and my friend, my Sybian. I didn’t bother with the teddy or heels this time. I set the timer, being more careful this time to set the timer correctly, 20 minutes on and 30 minutes off. I set up the camera on a table and hid it with some books and the newspaper. I then put the ice in the stocking and tied the rope to it. I left a light on to get a better picture with the camera. I got in position, sitting on my friend with my legs tied, just like before. Next I put the gag on. I decided I may as put the nipple clamps on, seeing as though they were going to end up on me anyway. I put the blindfold on, locked on wrists cuffs to the rope, and waited.

I felt my friend starting to work and I was in heaven. I didn’t even care if I was going to get a visitor or not. After 2 orgasms and several minutes, the Sybian shut off. I concluded I had set the timer correctly this time. After what seemed like 30 minutes, I felt my friend working again. Mmmmmmm.

Suddenly I felt something else! My back was hit with something, could be a flogger, I thought. Again and again I was struck on my back. The Sybian was running full blast and I was being whipped while being tied up. This was new to me, being flogged while cumming while being restrained. It felt WAY BEYOND GREAT!!!

The flogging stopped but now a cock was stuffed in my mouth again. Hands held my head in place and forced it on the cock, working it in and out. After a few minutes of uninvited throat fuck, the cock is removed from my mouth.
My arms are untied from the rope over my head but immediately tied together behind my back. My elbows are then tied together so close they are touching. I was pulled off the Sybian and the belts binding my legs are removed. I was marched upstairs to my bedroom. I anticipated being tied to the bed spread like I was last week, but no. I was thrown on the bed and my legs were tied together at the ankles and knees. Suddenly I felt the flogger again, this time striking my tush, very hard and painful. I was whipped for several minutes, squirming around the bed, trying to get away from the flogger. Finally, my legs were untied and spread wide while my captor climbed on the bed and fuck me again and again. I kept thinking when is this guy gonna cum and end this. He finally stopped screwing me and took the tape off my arms. Again, the key to my cuff padlock was placed in my hand.

It took a while, but I finally got the locks undone and released myself from all my bondage. I collapsed into a deep sleep.

I slept for about 6 hours.

I was awakened by a noise downstairs. I threw a robe on and went downstairs. I could smell coffee; I thought it must be Alicia. Sure enough, it was her. Of course, I remember now. I invited her for lunch. It was only then that I remembered she had a key to my house. I went back upstairs and got dressed, and then went downstairs.

We had a sandwich and chatted for a while. As she left she said, “See you next Friday”. I thought what does she mean by that? Is she going away all week? But I just said goodbye. I then remembered the camera! I ran down stairs to look at the pictures.

There were several pictures of me, having repeated orgasms. And then there was one of my captor, it looked like a woman, wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo! I couldn’t see the face.

The following Friday I waited to see if my visitor would return. Half of me wanted him to come back, the other half just wanted to know who it was! On Friday evening I pulled out the Sybian and went for my ride on it, but this time I sat alone in the dark with no bondage and no blindfold. After a couple of hours and 3 or 4 orgasms, I heard the door opening. I jumped up and turned the lights on. It was Alicia! She was holding a strap-on and a bucket.

“Alright, what’s going on?” I asked.

Alicia replied “I have suspected you were into bondage for a long time. I know you are single now, so I was thinking maybe self bondage. When you invited me for coffee a couple of weeks ago, I called and cancelled, I wanted to see if I was your back-up plan. Sure enough, I was. So, I just took advantage of the situation. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve had the hots for you for a long time.”

“I see” I said. “But the strap-on was warm, I swear.”

“Yeah, I always soak it hot water” she said as she showed me the bucket of warm water.

“Now” Alicia said. “Are you going to go upstairs to your bedroom on your own, or do I have to drag you up there again?” she laughed. I burst out laughing, took her by the hand, and lead her to my room. As I was leading her upstairs, I thought to myself, I wonder if she will taste like strawberries?

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