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Self Bondage Tie

by Prenec

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I have become addicted to the pleasures of self bondage erotic play. If you don’t participate in this type of activity you are missing out on some of the most prolonged and pleasurable sessions you can imagine. Orgasm delay and ruined orgasms are the foundations of my sessions.  “Ruined orgasm is a technique used to deny a person the physical pleasure of release, while still allowing climax. It is often performed by removing all stimulation of the genitals at the moment the subject crosses the brink of orgasm.”  (Source Wikipedia).  You have all the sensations, except you don’t ejaculate. Tease and denial are tools used to build up the intensity of the climaxes.

 I have devised a cock stimulation method, coupled with strict immobilization self bondage, and will power that permits me to have intensely pleasurable sessions for more than an hour. It’s very difficult for me to describe how fantastic and wonderful the sensations are. Delaying an orgasm is really quite easy and doesn’t require much will power. A ruined orgasm is both pleasurable and unbearable.  It results in no ejaculation, yet all the feelings of orgasm.  You are often ready to continue, as soon as you catch your breath. To ruin your own orgasm is not as difficult as you might think, but it will require some practice. 

With all pleasure in self bondage, there will always be a consequence that is unpleasant or painful. For example, many people report the feeling of fear and intense regret once they made that final move to make their bondage inescapable. I check all the release devices, check my restraints, check my emergency escape device and then double check everything I am ready to close the final padlock.  Often I lay motionless, without the will power to simply move my hand together, to snap closed that last padlock. Eventually, I muster up the courage and “SNAP”, it’s closed. Now remember that nothing else has changed in those few seconds, but suddenly my blood pressure rises, my breathing rate becomes shallow and rapid, and my heart beats so fast and loud, I think it will burst out of my chest. I want to get free, to use that emergency device, (I manage to think twice, the consequences are worse than being bound) and then panic sets it.These feeling can be controlled, the adrenaline surge will pass, and I will settle and survive. I’ve got no choice.

The requirements for my sessions are very limited. I will give you a brief synopsis of what my session involves.

I insert my anal beads and then fasten my cock and ball device.  Lying down on the bed, I tie my legs spread eagle.  I insert foam ear plugs.  The room where I do my bondage is almost 100% devoid of light.  I put on a pair of dark sunglasses and then I encase my head in a pair of tights, which I fasten securely to my head using 2” plastic or 2” duct tape.  This ensures that my world be absolutely pitch black when the timer turns the light off.

I have taken a foam hockey puck and cut out the center so that my cock fits easily through it; it looks like a black donut. I insert this “cock donut” onto my cock and then push the head of my cock through a loop of soft cotton string.  Previously I tied a loop of soft cotton string around the head of my flaccid cock; just below the head where it narrows. Just tight enough that it will not slip off, and loose enough that when erect it doesn’t hurt. To this string I also attach a retractable knife and the key to the final padlock. That string is then connected to a spring fastened to a hook in the ceiling.  The hook is directly above the foot of the bed. The strength of the spring and how hard to pull on your cock has to be determined by each individual through the process of trial and error. This keeps my flaccid cock stretched tightly towards my feet and prevents it from flopping about.  I will explain how to use device shortly.

I stretch out on the bed spread eagle and then tightly fasten my ankles to the corners of the bed. Next I reach for the first of the five ropes. I previously wrapped several lengths of rope around the mattress of my bed and tightened them so that the mattress is compressed as much as possible. The rope is much longer than required to go around the mattress and once tied there is a considerable length left over.  The first rope passes under my hips.  I begin to tightly fasten myself to the first rope I’ve wrapped around the mattress. The knot needs to be very close to my body.  I take the free end and wrap it around my hips, just above my cock.  I slip the free end back around the rope under my hips.  I pull hard and the rope cinches around my hips. I tie the loose end securely and proceed to the next rope. The second rope is placed so that when I wrap it around me it will be just below my rib cage.  I pull it tight enough so that I can not slide downwards, yet not tight enough to interfere with my breathing. The third rope is placed just below the neck, actually in the armpits and when completed I am unable to sit up. Be careful that it doesn’t slip down to your neck. The fourth rope is placed so that the center of my head rests on it. To this rope I tape my head, covered with the tights, making my head immobile. The fifth and last rope is placed so that when my arms are stretched overhead it will be just below the elbows.

I stretch out my arms and slide them under the last rope. I wrap my arms around the post in the center of the headboard; like hugging a tree. I am almost ready to close the final padlock, to make my self bondage inescapable.  I check and make sure that my emergency release can be reached. I visually inspect it to reassure myself that it will work, if needed. To make sure that I don’t use it frivolously I have devised some serious consequences.

My emergency release device is a 2L pop bottle (about 2 quarts) filled with water to which I’ve added a lot, and I mean a lot of green food coloring.  If a drop stands on you skin, and is not promptly removed, it will turn green. A retractable knife and the key to the final padlock have been tied to a string which has been fastened to a cork that fits snuggly into the pop bottle. It will not easily come out, but pull hard enough and it will. This device is fastened to the ceiling and positioned directly above my head.  The other end of the string is tied to one of my hands so that, if need be, I can pull the cork out. Doing that is not a good idea.

As you will remember I am wearing the tights, securely fastened to my head, and my head is immobilized. Pull out the cork and the water will spill onto my encased head. I will experience a drowning like sensation, just like “water boarding” torture. Having my head and upper chest and back turn green, not to mention the damage to the bed, bedding and floor, is also highly undesirable.  I have tested this emergence release device using 500 mL of clear water. I panicked when the water hit the tights and filled in the mesh.  I tried to breath and the water poured into my mouth and nose.  I moved my head to the side out of the stream of water. If I use it, I know it will be much worse, as I will not be able to move my head out of the way and there will be four times as much water, not to mention the green food coloring. 

The rope presses my arms into the mattress as I check all my release devices. I check my restrains and I struggle and pull against my bonds.  If there is anything that may become unbearable later, I have to adjust it now.I test my cock donut. I thrust my hips up and down and feel the cock donut tantalize the shaft as it wiggles its way up and down.  Again I thrust my hips and the cock donut moves up and down the shaft.  I thrust too hard and the cock donut travels up the string, and all the pleasurable stimulation stops. Stop thrusting and slowly the cock donut winds its way down, and when it touch my engorged cock, the sensations are fantastic.  My erection continues to grow as I skillfully manipulate the donut.  I can feel my erection straining against the loop around the head. The cock ring and the anal beads also make their presence known as my body spasms and contracts involuntarily to them. I make one last visual check of the emergency device and prepare to close the padlock.

With this action, I know there will be a consequence. Many people report a similar feeling once they’ve made their bondage inescapable.  Sometimes it takes a long time before I close the padlock.  The longer I wait, the harder it becomes.  I resist the desire to free my arms and masturbate. Finally I squeeze hard enough and the padlock snaps closed. Later it always baffles me how such a little action creates such a large change in me. All I did was close the padlock, nothing else has changed. Suddenly a wave of panic starts to set in.  I swear I can feel my blood pressure skyrocketing.  I feel my erection swell. My heart is beating so fast and loud, pounding and throbbing in my ears. Why, why did I do this, again, to myself?  What is wrong with me? I want to get loose! I pull against my bonds, knowing full well, that they will never give. I’ve done so many sessions that I’ve fixed all the loop holes that beginners tend to have. I pull on the release devices, same story, no easy outs today. I grab for the emergency release string and start to pull … I stop before it releases. I thrust my hips and try to increase the stimulation to my groin and cock; I try to distract myself from my predicament. 

I continue to thrust and I manage to overcome my fear and panic.I continue to thrust and until it feels like I am approaching orgasm. I have experienced an orgasm in the early moments of self bondage.  That has consequences.  While the orgasm and ejaculation are wonderful, the ensuing feelings are horrible and you are helplessly bound and bored until your time is up.  My self bondage sessions last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.  I’ve been able to ruin some orgasms and ejaculations by simply changing how I thrust into the cock donut. Sometimes I just freeze – stop moving for several seconds. There is so little stimulation from the cock donut, that even a small distraction delays my orgasm.  A ruined orgasm is intensely pleasurable and also very frustrating. You want the release of ejaculation, yet you know the consequences.  Abruptly I force myself to stop moving, tighten ever muscle, resisting the desire to move. Almost instantly I can feel my arousal diminish.  Then I moan loudly and intensely as the donut slides down the string and gently tickles the sensitive shaft of my cock.As I release my body from its rigid state, I start to thrust my hips again. The pleasurable sensations are retrievable, only a moment’s determined thrusting away

It’s a lot more enjoyable than I’ve been able to portray here. I love the wave effect brought on when I am unable to reach orgasm. As I try to increase the stimulation, I often fail.  The donut will move up the string when I thrust the wrong way, or thrust too violently. Muscle contractions will start in my toes and move like a wave up to my head and outstretched arms.  I tense every muscle in my body, I arch my feet and contract my buttocks.  I squeeze the anal beads and feel the pleasure spread outwards. My body spasms as the muscles involuntarily relax and then contract again.  I scream with passion as wave after wave of pleasure courses through me.  It feels like an orgasm, but I don’t feel that unique muscle movement just before ejaculation. I try to make it happen, and then I feel something squirt out of my cock. I feel a huge mental surge of pleasure and I suddenly go limp, just like when I ejaculate.  However, its not ejaculation, it’s a ruined orgasm; I pressed the anal beads against the prostate, and the bladder hard enough that I’ve involuntarily pissed into the air. I feel warm liquid run down the side of my cock. I thrust at the cock donut and realize that it’s been lubricated by the pee and now feels even better than before.  I also realize that my erection has softened considerably, just like after orgasm and ejaculation. 

However, I feel different.  I’m not satisfied and I strive to continue moving, to continue stimulating myself.  I can feel all the different ways that I am being aroused and tormented.  There is the stimulation of the cock shaft and head by the loop of string and especially by the cock donut. The thrusting of the hips swells the groin with blood and makes the anal beads move about.  The anal beads press on the prostrate gland and the sensitive nerves in the anus. The muscles at the base of the cock swell and press against the nerves at the base of the cock. My balls are stimulated and aroused as they bounce around, and slap against my inner thighs.  This time I can tell it will take a great deal of effort to go over the top; to have an orgasm. Nevertheless, I strive to reach that point, keeping in mind that I have learned not to have that orgasm and ejaculation until I am almost free, or have the padlock key in my hand.  I do not enjoy the consequence of staying inescapably bound after orgasm and ejaculation.

Why self bondage?  There is a unique mental state you have to enter.You have to choose do it to yourself, and then you have to keep your wits about you, even while you are in the deepest sub space, and experiencing the most intense and wonderful feeling you could ever imagine.  You learn how to control you feelings and panic, you experience the adrenaline highs, the fight or flight response. In bondage between a dominant and a submissive the dominant cares deeply for you, and you are able to take solace in that knowledge, rely upon the safe word, and upon the knowledge that they will save you. In self bondage, you do it all, and that is a stimulation that only self bondage can provide. 


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