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Self-Bondage Humiliation 2

by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part 3.

Jake was one of the party semi-regulars, he wasn't part of the main party crowd, and he had PolySci, one of my morning classes, and Economics, one of my afternoon classes, with me. Coming out of PolySci the next day, he called me over. I was very cautious, what happened in the basement was supposed to stay in the basement, but it turns out I worried for nothing. He asked to walk with me wherever I was going (to my car), he had a question for me.

Jake hung out on the team with Carl and Sean and Tank, and from their talk I knew Sean's family had a cabin up in Highwood, with a real pretty view of the valley and the ocean and nobody around for about two miles. They went up there about every three weeks. The four of them were going up there this weekend and he had been delegated to ask me if I'd go with them.

I looked at him sort of askance. He stammered a little, looked around to confirm no one was anywhere near that could overhear. He admitted that yes, they'd want to pretty much have the same rules as at the parties, but it seemed to be true that I liked doing things not entirely willingly, and they weren't going to be that hard on me, pretty much just traditional stuff, and it would be a chance for me to get away for the weekend and it was really beautiful up there, crystal clear air and a beautiful view and I'd have a good time… and that they were asking. Just asking. Only asking.

If I chose not to go none of them would take it out on me or punish me or make me pay at a party. Zero repercussions to saying no, but please don’t. Just clean pine air, a beautiful cabin and a beautiful view, and four guys that would fuck me so hard and make me cum so many times that I'd have to be carried to the car for the ride back home. He asked me if I could think it over and give him an answer in Econ, which was about four hours away. And then he left. I just stood there, my head spinning, kinda not believing what I'd been asked, and kinda (more than kinda) gushy in the right places at the thought of doing it.

The four of them, as far as rugby players went, weren't bad. They drank at the parties, but didn't get overly blitzed, none of them had ever done anything horribly stupid. They got their share of blow jobs, were always clean and polite and worked with me. Tank a few times had used the opportunity to have sex with me, but instead of tying me to the table had someone hold my hands over my head while he pounded into me and blew his load. All considered, for rugby players in my life, they were pretty decent guys.

I continued walking to my car. Actually, getting out of the city would be nice. Getting up into the pines would be excellent. Getting thoroughly and repeatedly made to orgasm over a weekend was a very attractive thought. The thought of being indentured and thoroughly serviced by four healthy, horny studs was just icing on the cake. And to be honest, I didn't have anything going on this weekend that couldn't be worked around. So when Econ class ended (I avoided Jake until then, even refusing to make eye contact with him, just for the hell of it), I told him it sounded like a fun weekend and I wanted in.

So for early afternoon Friday after class I had packed a few things I thought I would need, my string bikini, some suntan lotion, a party dress and heels, and some other stuff. I wore my "Stoney" yellow sundress and flip flops. I also had on yellow cotton panties, but didn't think they'd make it out of town with us.

I called it my Stoney dress after a story I had found a long, long time ago and that I had masturbated to orgasms more times than I could remember when I was way younger. It was a yellow cotton sundress, thin straps over the shoulders, hem about down to mid-thigh. I must look real good in it; I got plenty of looks when I wore it. My larger-than-average breasts hanging loose in the top with my nipples poking through surely had nothing to do with it. A strapless bra was supposed to be worn with it, it didn't have any support for my breasts. I rarely did, enjoying the way the rubbing fabric kept my nipples hard.

I had read a story about a kinky brother and sister, and Stoney, a boy her age she knew, a long, long time ago, one of the first such stories I had found. The two of them seduced Stoney over several parts of the story. After setting Stoney up to be found out trying to do things with the sister, the brother therefore took liberties with Stoney in a male-to-male fashion. The next time Stoney had a chance with the girl, sort of as an apology, he was left very much alone with her. She was tied in a standing spread eagle in a cottage in back of her family's property and left to wait for Stoney, in a dress much like mine, her hands tied over her head to the rafters, a spreader bar available for her feet once the dress was off. He proceeded to slowly and pleasurably unwrap her and for the first time to take off everything but her panties.

I loved the aspect of the story that she was helpless and given to him and he was going to enjoy her. This dress, like hers, had thin straps across the shoulders which tied on top in a bow and a tie underneath the breasts in another bow in the back, which made my breasts stand out in it, but if all of that were undone the dress would fall right off to the ground. I had done it as part of fantasies on occasion, but no one had ever done it to me. Some of my fantasies involved having the under-breast straps, which were long enough to tie my hands behind my back, but of course since I never dared to have anyone to play with, it was all in my head. I wondered if I dared hope…

The car pulled up and I yelled a good bye to Liz, who knew what was happening, and floated out to the car, feeling my breasts bouncing freely under the dress and my nipples going hard as they rubbed against the fabric, and feeling the warm delightful lack of friction suddenly between my legs. All four did a double-take as I came out, but they recovered enough to open the trunk so I could throw my backpack in and I was crowded into the middle of the back seat. Jake was driving, Tank was riding shotgun, and Carl and Sean were on either side of me. Off the car went for the mountains.

It took a few moments, but the two on either side of me lost their reluctance pretty fast. My skirt was lifted, my panties discovered, and indignantly removed. I was told that those were so fully an unauthorized item this weekend that out the window they went about 40th street. Pretty much what I expected.

They next tried to take the sundress off. I told them no way, that we were still in town. When we were at the cabin they could do anything they wanted to me, but we weren't there yet, and if that was unacceptable then just let me out and I'll take buses back to campus. They backed down. My skirt was hiked up and in "Story of O" fashion I was told I was not allowed to have the fabric between me and the seat (which was fine with me). They tried to pull my breasts out of the top of the dress. I let them get them out long enough for all four to get a good look then made a fuss and put them back in. That didn't stop the two from reaching into my top and getting all the feels they wanted. I didn't mind that, in fact, it felt good. They even tried finger-fucking me a little, but it was hard to get a good angle in the tight confines of the back seat. I didn't encourage or want that here and now, but neither did I discourage it, and it stopped mostly because it was a pain to do it. Definitely not because I wasn't wet enough.

At the edge of town we stopped for sodas and to change seats (them, not me). Jake stayed with the car while the rest of us went in. When we drove away I now had Tank and Jake on either side of me, now. I had set up the same rules, but as we reached the start of the mountains Tank produced a pair of handcuffs, telling me to lean forward and put my hands behind me. I thought about it for a second, then leaned forward and in seconds the ratcheting sound announced my hands' lack of freedom. At that point they simply ignored my protests, pushed the straps off my shoulders, down my arms behind me, and the dress top down below my breasts, and I was topless in the back seat. I acted pissed about it, but actually I was fine with that now that we were out of the city. They played with my nipples, tweaking and sucking on me as we climbed. They let me out of the handcuffs after a while had passed and after getting a promise that my top would stay down.

We arrived just a little before dark. I fixed my dress back up and climbed out of the car. Once we were out of the car Tank and Carl each grabbed a wrist and stretched them straight out to my sides. Jake stood in front of me, and I heard Sean behind me. And it hit me like a freight train, my Stoney fantasy was coming true. These four guys, who had no clue about it, were about to strip me out of my dress and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I tugged a little at my wrists, which did nothing to get me loose, they had way too good a hold on me, but they pulled a little tighter and stretched me, and now I really couldn't move at all. I felt Sean come up behind me, then felt the pressure as he pulled the bow behind me that held the dress tight below my cleavage.

I felt a flush and felt like I was about to cum like that freight train, and it blew my mind, because the only contact with my private parts was the fabric of my dress on my breasts and the wind rustling up the hem. I managed not to collapse, but couldn't help but whimpering. It felt so good, which they probably mistook for resistance, and ignored. I had to fight with everything I had to keep from coming right then and there, they wouldn't understand, and as near as I could tell I was losing that battle. The strap below my breasts came undone, Sean let it go and it fell to the front of my dress, the dress now held up only by the straps on my shoulders. The touch, the feel, the whole scene was sexually electric, and my fight to keep from orgasming became frantic; I felt like I was going to die from a screaming orgasm any second. They only thought I was, reasonably to them, fighting being stripped.

Then Jake, who was in front of me, grabbed one of the strings on each of the bows on my shoulders and slowly pulled them upward until those knots came undone as well. He let go as they did, and the dress fluttered to the ground at my feet, rubbing my breasts as it slid off me, leaving me, except for the flip-flops, fully naked and trapped and at the mercy of four strong masculine hunks who had made it very clear that they were going to fuck me into oblivion over the next few days.

"We're at the cabin now. Yes?" He prompted me.

I didn't say anything, just kept my gaze locked on him, then looked down at his feet. Actually, It took everything, and I mean everything, I had to not come and collapse right there. I had heard stories about women who came from conditions and not from things being done to them, and had always laughed them off as male fantasy. Well, I couldn't argue any more, seeing I was struggling desperately hard not to come there and then, and it wasn't easy. The two holding my wrists let me go, and Sean opened the trunk to start pulling things out. I got a grip on myself and reached down to pick up my dress, but Tank barked a no at me, and I stopped. "That dress stays right there on the ground where it is until we leave. You don't touch it without explicit permission from one of us. Do you understand?"

Still looking down, I decided to play the part, turned it into a submissive pose. "Yes, sir." I knew any resistance I showed all weekend would just be a game. After this, I'd be happy to do anything any of them wanted, I was so high from the feeling.

We spent the next two hours setting up; getting sheets and blankets on beds, starting the fire in the fireplace, unpacking the food. Sleeping arrangements were a problem. I really couldn't sleep in anyone's bed, it'd be unfair to the others. They agreed I could have my own bed in the downstairs guest room, and anyone who wanted could come in and join me, but would have to leave once they were done. I figured it'd be a nice thing if I made a few cold-cut sandwiches for us all, but we had eaten on the road and while there was general snacking nobody was hugely hungry.

I found out then that they expected me to do all the cooking and cleanup over the weekend. I told them no flipping way, wrong definition of slave. I'd do the cooking and the making, I didn't mind that, but the four of them could get it all washed up and put back away. I think they were a little disappointed, but I couldn't have cared less. I needed to nip *that* in the bud or by the time the weekend was out they'd have me scrubbing floors naked and in chains. Seeing no alternative, and not wanting to piss me off so early, I got agreement.

The cabin had two levels, downstairs on one side there was a double-level big living room with a fireplace and comfortable couches, and a huge window that looked down the valley to where the city lights twinkled distantly in the night. The other side of the downstairs was a den, smaller, and it had a big TV and by the sound of it some shooting or sports game on it that at least two of them (Sean and Tank, from the sounds of it) were getting into. The front part of the house was the entryway and the master bedroom, and a closet/bathroom combo, the middle area on the back side of the house was taken up with the kitchen and dining area. Upstairs was a large common area with another TV set and several beds and windows that I found also had fantastic views. The smell of pine and cut wood was everywhere in the mildly cold bracing air, and I loved it. They were right, this was a really nice place.

I took my bag to my room and opened it to unpack and noticed immediately that all my clothing was gone with the exception of the string bikini (all my bondage gear was untouched. Imagine that). I immediately raised a fuss, to which I was told I was going to be spending the entire weekend naked, so I wouldn't need any of the missing stuff over the weekend anyways. It'd all be back in my bag, I was assured, when I unpacked it back in town. I was unhappy with the answer (actually I was ok with this, it was all part of the forced thing, and I was being forced in what to, or what not to wear) but nobody offered up a clue about where my extra stuff had gone. We finished setting up, and I retired to curl up with my copy of "Fifty Shades of Gray", well-worn and bent a bit around the edges. The guys either went to their own room upstairs or were in the den watching TV or playing some computer game or something. The lights finally went out around midnight, several hours later.

"Fifty" was a nice book, kinda silly (all 3 books), a pleasant read, a decent story if a little quirky (stuff it if you disagree), but only so-so as a bodice ripper. I had read it when it first came out, maybe twice, but that was all. But I figured if these guys were to find me in here reading a book, it should probably be that one.

Carl came in shortly afterward, all bluster. He walked right up to me, still dressed, and firmly told me that I was going to give him the best blow job in his life right now, or he was going to call the other guys in to hold me down while he thoroughly paddled me, then he'd get his blowjob, and then he'd paddle me some more.

My first impulse was to laugh, but I stomped on that. One of the worst things a girl can do is laugh at a man's erection, and that's what I'd be doing. My second impulse was to get pissed at being threatened like that, but that wouldn't help either; I promised these guys I'd play. I wondered whether he was serious, and concluded that although I didn't think so, what he threatened was within bounds and if he really decided to do that I'd have to submit to it. But the Carl I knew wasn't timid, but he was nowhere near that dominant either. Actually he was a little on the sweet and naive side. And then it hit me, ok, he's thinking "forced" and really doesn't understand what it means. But once I saw that, I had to give him credit for acting skills and for the effort. I decided, why the hell not, and I'd play my part. Maybe this was a fantasy of his, for all I knew. I looked up with him with my biggest doe-eyed look, put a scared face on, and told him that I'd do whatever he asked to avoid that. And so we began.

The blow job was fine, standard, thank you, and took about the normal length of time. He basically stood over me, held my head a little (not my hair, shame on you, Carl, missed that!) and let me suck and bring him off and lick him clean. He looked down at me once I finished, nodded a thank you, and walked out the door.

"Carl?" I caught him as he reached the doorway. He turned and stopped. It was the Carl I recognized now, I could see it in his face. The bluster was gone, and it was Mr. Shy and Respectful. He raised eyebrows at me.

"Carl - who was that spanking bit for? For you or for me? Honestly?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did you threaten to gang up on me and spank me because it was something you wanted to do, or did you think it was something I needed to hear?"

He took a long second, I guess it was kind of hard to admit. "For you." He raised his hands in surrender. "Spanking to me is a major turn-off."

I laughed just a little, then stood up and joined him at the doorway, still naked. I think he enjoyed my approach. I took his hand to try to lessen any sting I was delivering. "You did it all wrong. You know I'd have done what you wanted just for asking?"

"Yes, but you like to be forced…" He nodded.

"You did get what you wanted, yes?"

More nodding yes, a bit more affirmatively this time. "Oh, yeah! You're awesome."

"OK. I like to be forced. That was 'threatened.' Two different things. If you want to do something I like, next time come walking in the door stark naked, a smoldering look in your eyes and with a huge hard-on. You'd look plenty hot that way. Walk right up to me without a word, make me drop whatever I am doing, grab my hair at the back of my head and force your hard cock into my mouth. I think I'd be able to work out what to do from there, maybe? You'd still get what you want, and I'd enjoy it a lot more. OK?"

A final nod yes, then he was gone. I sighed and went back to Bella and Edward, uh, Ana and Christian and their peccadilloes.

The lights went out around midnight. Sean came in first, a few minutes after lights out. I was sleepy, but remembered what had happened in the driveway. Two strong sets of hands holding my wrists straight out in a sundress that could and was about to be stripped off me. Struggling and being stretched by my wrists, not just held. Four hunky guys that were going to screw me senseless and were all looking forward eagerly to that dress hitting the rocks. And the bow coming off behind me and falling down to my sides. The shoulder bows being pulled, popping loose, and the fabric of the dress sliding across my nipples as I stood there, stretched and helpless, sliding all the way to the ground. Leaving me naked and helpless to their very lustful eyes. At me. After those thoughts I was wet and hugely in the right mood. I patted the bed beside me, Sean came in, saw that I was quite willing, and we had fun for about three-quarters of an hour until he finally came. I settled happily into his arms and was starting to fall asleep when he slipped out of the bed per the agreement with the other guys and was gone.

About 2:00 AM Tank came in, got similar treatment, and as near as I could tell, left happy. Emptied *his* tank, all right.

The next morning I was up with the sunrise. On the nights in my life when I was not chained up naked to a wooden frame and abused until 3:00 AM earlier that morning, I was actually a pretty early riser. The house was a little chilly, but not too bad. I thought about wrapping in a blanket but decided to pass on it in case one of the guys came in. It wasn't *that* cold, but yes you could hang clothes on hangers from my nipples. I threw some more wood on the fire and got it back going again. It really was a beautiful cabin, large, clean, wonderful, and so woodsy. The early morning shadows down into the city were absolutely gorgeous. I started boiling water for the oatmeal and cutting up fruit. Once the oatmeal smell percolated enough into the upper deck of the house the guys started coming down. I think they enjoyed waking up to the smell of soon-to-be-ready food, but even more enjoyed the naked Lara preparing the meal. They helped by getting out the plates and bowls and silverware, and we ate more or less uninterrupted with quiet good-natured conversations.

I told them I was going to get some tanning time in. I ducked into my room, came out with the string bikini and headed for the back porch. I was stopped and challenged on that, but I told them I needed to, if I didn't have *some* tan lines, people would realize I had to have tanned naked, and where I hadn't already lost my reputation (or gained it, perhaps) I didn't want to change it. "It's a really small bikini, anyways, guys, OK?" and I was out the back door.

I put the bikini on in plain view of the sliding glass doors and windows at the back of the cabin, where the guys doing dishes and cleaning up were certain to be able to get an eyeful. Silly men! Want something to be alluring? Hide it a little. It's why lingerie is a million-dollar business. It was beautiful out there, the air was wonderful and clear, a little chilly but you adjusted fast to it, the scent of pine was overpowering, of course, but that was perfect as far as I was concerned. My nipples were tenting visibly in the spandex of the bikini top, but that wasn't a problem, that was the plan. I took my time setting up the lounge chair, making sure they had plenty of chances to see me. I lay on my back for a few minutes, nipples doing their thing, then lay down on my stomach, undid the bikini top straps, and started to wait.

This weekend being what it was, I had a feeling I wouldn't be allowed to wear the bikini too long, either. After ten minutes, I reached behind my back, re-tied the top, and rolled over to start sunning my top. To find Sean, just in his shorts, standing there with several short pieces of rope in his hand.

"Oh." Was all I managed to squeak out. And I raised my hands to the sides of the lounge chair frame right by my head and waited expectantly for him to start with the ropes.

"Take off the bikini first. We want you naked."

"No way, I've already explained that. I need the tan lines."

He looked confused for a moment. I wondered how long it would take him to get it. Silly, tie my hands up then you can take the bikini right off me. I just wanted him to do it. It wasn't as if they hadn't seen plenty of me, including me stark naked cooking breakfast an hour ago.

You could see the realization hit him, then he tried to hide it and play it cool. He reached down and with two of the ropes tied my wrists where offered to the sides of the chair. I played dumb, like I hadn't realized it either. Then he reached underneath my back, pulled the first string he found, to which I made some protesting noises, not that he cared as he did the same to the one at the back of my neck. Off came the top and he tossed it on the deck beside me. Then he grabbed the sides of my bikini bottoms, to more indignant and ineffectual (and completely theatrical, I was enjoying the hell out of it) squawking of mine, and they quickly joined the top. Then he took each ankle, tied it to the bottom of the feet of the lounger, forcing my legs wide apart (Bonus points for thinking it through, Sean, I thought). He laid the chair flat, with me helpless on top of it (and loving it). I begged him to rub suntan lotion into me (or I'd "burn to a crisp"), which he did, slowly and pleasurably, and then stripped off his shorts and oiled up certain internal portions of me.

It was going to be an uneven tan, I realized after a while, but I expected I'd survive. With my Basque heritage I looked pretty tan even without laying in the sun. They left me out there for about an hour and a half. Carl came out and took similar advantage of me too, but when he was done it was 10:30 and time to start on lunch.

The plan was for fried chicken for lunch. I started to get things together, but then the obvious problem reared its gnarly head. "Guys, I need my dress back so I can cook lunch. Or at least the t-shirt and shorts that were in my bag."

The four of them were in the den, playing some kind of football video game. Tank looked up quizzically, and the others followed suit.

"Grease." I pointed out. "And fried chicken. And naked Lara. And oil spattering. And oil-spattered naked Lara. And oil-spattered, burnt, unhappy Lara. Needs clothes." The light dawned in their eyes.

"We could rub in cream afterward…" Sean offered.

"Oil-spattered, burnt, unhappy, pissed, grouchy Lara." I repeated. There was dead silence from the den while they tried to think of a solution that kept the chicken coming and the girl naked at the same time.

Sean spoke up. "Forget the chicken. You could make more cold cut sandwiches like last night instead. We got plenty left over, right?"

Immediate, unanimous assent from the remainder of the room. I sighed. Men!

After lunch they took me out into the trees just outside the cabin, going in and grabbing my bondage gear and some other stuff along the way. I grabbed my flip-flops from the front porch and wore them, otherwise I was still naked, at best the guys had on t-shirts and shorts. It was pretty warm by now, high 70s or 80s, even at this altitude, so I wasn't even chilled. We stopped at the edge of the trees, I still had a nice view down the valley, and with all the rope in their hands, and my suspension cuffs, I had a pretty good idea what was coming.

It turned out to be correct. They put the suspension cuffs on my wrists, tied ropes to each, then threw the free ends over the trees beside me. They had Tank pick me up about 6 inches off the ground and then they tied the ropes off, when it was done and they let go my toes could barely nudge the grass beneath me. I started to get a little worried, but we had left all the bullwhip-type guys down in the valley. Suspension cuffs went on my ankles, and the ropes from them were tied to trees in front of me, stretching me almost horizontal, as if I was in a hammock but without the hammock, except that my legs were stretched obscenely wide open. Everyone but Carl went back into the cabin, and I realized my slit was at pretty much the right height for operations. Such operations commenced as soon as the other three were out of sight. Off came his shorts, into me he went, and pumping he did until he seized up and flooded into me. After he had stopped he mumbled a thank you, put his shorts back on, and walked away, leaving me hanging right where and like I was.

They in fact left me out there for a few hours. My shoulders hurt a bit by the time it was over, but I could endure a lot of that because of my time in the basement and it wasn't all that bad. The air was warm and smelled great (except for the smell of sex mixed in with the pine and mountain smells, but that was understandable) and Carl's sperm leaking out of me was kind of gross, but I was alone out there and my legs were spread really wide so there was nothing for it but to feel it happen. The driveway was about thirty feet in front of me, if anyone else came up here, there was no way they could miss my naked, suspended body hanging there. I could see the main road a ways down the hill. When it got really, really quiet I could faintly hear the cars on it as they went by, but it was way, way too far away for anyone to have a quark of a chance of seeing me, so I didn't worry about it,\. I enjoyed the view of the mountains and the towns down in the valley, and far, far off in the distance the darkness of the ocean beyond them.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jake coming out of the cabin and up to me. "Doing ok?" he asked.

"Hanging in there." I replied, and managed not to laugh. He succumbed, though. And after that, his shorts came off and he took advantage of helpless me the same way Carl did. It wasn't like I had much to do to contribute, anyway, but it felt good. He pulled out before he came and decorated my pubic hair. I think he tried to draw a "J" with it, but didn't have quite enough. But he left it there, matting into my hair as he re-dressed and walked back into the cabin.

Around 4 Tank and Jake came out and let me down. They checked me over pretty carefully, but beyond being a little sore I was fine and walked back to the cabin under my own power. They didn't have anything for me at that time, so I was free to do whatever. After I rinsed off Jake's artwork I settled back down on the bed and tried to continue in my book, but fell asleep instead.

I woke up to the smell of cooking steak. I barreled out into the kitchen, but Tank and Sean assured me I needn't worry, I got this meal off. It did smell real good, I could feel my stomach rumbling and was looking forward to it.

It was as good as it promised. I enjoyed it in the den while the guys ate theirs and continued the Madden marathon on the XBox. They seemed to enjoy having the audience, I enjoyed being enjoyed.

I helped clean up; it was only fair since I did none of the cooking. I took a shower afterward just to stay clean, and when I got out and dried Sean was waiting with a proposal for me: A large feather.

"Are you ticklish?" He asked?

I debated lying about it and saying no, but decided to tell the truth. Normally I was hardly ticklish at all, but when I got drunk something unlocked and I was as ticklish as all hell, and then something even more. Jimmy Harrier, my boyfriend when I was 16 and 17 during high school had discovered this to his great and repeated delight. He would normally tie me up when he tickled me, which we found I loved even more and he was happy to often, but not always do. We discovered something happened when I was being tickled and couldn't stop it, either because I was tied up or overpowered - I got red-hot horny and turned into a volcano. Jimmy really liked that, because he got to play with my naked body, and when I did get loose I’d throw him on the floor and pretty much rape him.

He was the first one I was able to do bondage things with (and the taker of my willingly offered virginity), and in the eighteen months we dated we did plenty. But his grandmother got really sick, and in the space of a week, with great apologies to both of us by his parents, he was gone and six states away. And I went into a major ditch. Being terrified to open up to anyone else about these things, this was more or less my genesis with self-bondage, which led up to that fateful night with mis-set handcuffs a few months ago and now I was in this situation and here. I told Sean the truth. Not really, but once I had drunk about 3 beers, really, really, really. He nodded, walked into the kitchen, and returned to hand me the first of three beers and encouraged me to drink up. I hadn't told him what effect in the past this had on me, maybe it wouldn't, maybe I could stomp on it. I didn't want to give up that much control, or go that crazy here where it wasn't safe.

I downed them while I watched them play their sports game. It was kind of boring, but by the third beer I didn't care anymore. I giggled and told Sean I was ready. He came to me and led me into the main room. In front of the fireplace were three sleeper sofas in a "U" shape with plush carpeting underneath and between them. Last night there were short tables between them, but those were all gone and replaced by four ropes with loops tied to the legs of the two cross-facing sleepers that would tie me into a wide spread-eagle. Drunk, happy, a little scared, knowing what was coming and looking forward to being that horny, I smiled a little and laid down between them. Sean attached and tightened the ropes on my wrists and ankles. They weren't tight, but they were enough that I couldn't reach or do anything about them. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my body. I hadn't told Sean how I reacted to being tickled, and I wondered how he'd react if I did act that way. For that matter, I wondered how I'd react.

He stripped down to naked himself and started gently with the feather, up and down my sides, armpits, feet, caressing my nipples, running it through my pubic hair and into my slit. I started shivering. I started giggling. And my pussy started burning and feeling very, very empty. God, I needed to fix that. I looked over at Sean, he was hard and could fill that void quite well. But he wasn't done tickling me, and there was nothing I could do but get hotter and squirmier, and laughing out loud when he hit me right. My armpits really weren't anything, but if he ran that feather gently across the soles of my feet, up my sides or on my inner thighs I just melted. And the more he did it, the more I wanted his cock inside me, and I still couldn't have it and didn't dare tell him. So I kept squirming. And planning what I'd do to him once I got loose. And squirming. And aching to cum. And aching to feel his cock sliding in and out of me.

I was faintly aware that we now had an audience, apparently I was more entertaining right at the moment than the XBox.

He finally untied my feet, and then my hands, but I was way past gone with hunger and horniness, way past caring if anyone knew. Sean was surprised to feel me roll him hard into the place that I was just in and before he recovered the ropes were around his wrists and tightened just as they had been on me. And I was on top of him, and drove his cock into me like a jackhammer, grunting and growling the whole time. Somewhere in the back of my mind I marveled at what a show I must be putting on, but the primary part of me didn't care, there was a hard dick in me, it wasn't going anywhere except in and out of me, and I wanted that feeling, and the orgasm that would follow, like a woman in the middle of the desert in summer was for water. Sean just lay still underneath me; either he was happy with the way things were going, or scared shitless at the turn of events and afraid to move.

And my orgasm, the long climb up the hill, suddenly hit me. With an audible scream I felt myself clenched up on him. It triggered his own, a second later I could feel him pulsing inside of me against my clenched muscles, which just made it better. I grabbed his hair and held him while my roller coaster went through several really deep peaks and valleys. Then all the sudden it rolled into the station, and I was aware, and ashamed of what I'd done. And looking up at the other three all watching silently in the room, what I'd done in front of an audience. I started crying, which Sean, still with his hands tied underneath me, didn't understand at all. I undid one hand and apologizing through my tears ran into the master bedroom and slammed the door behind me. And dived my head into the pillow and with no concern to the noise I was making let the floodgates burst.

I must have cried for about a half hour. I finally realized that a lot of it was crying for Jimmy and losing him and the future we would have had, and all the things we would have done. Nobody had ever done that to me, made me go that crazy, since Jimmy and I missed him terribly, a burning hole in my heart that I had bandaged over but Sean and that damn feather had ripped it off clean.

Nobody had come into the room. I wiped off my face and brushed through my hair as best I could. I came out, and all four of them were in the kitchen waiting for me. I cried a little more, told them I was ok, and tried to change the subject and offer them dessert. Tank took me up on it, so I started to cut a slice of cheesecake for him, and they all carefully went back to their football game.

I just sat in the back of the den, sniffling once in a great while, watching them play. When 10:00 PM chimed on the clock, it was a signal to them. They all stopped, walked back to me, grabbed me, and escorted me back to where I was with Sean earlier, each of them holding a hand or an ankle. But I wanted none of it, that spot was still too painful. I fought, for all the good it did me, told them no, not here, let me go. The other three looked at Carl, who nodded. They all slipped the rope for the limb they were holding back on me, even though I was still struggling and telling them to stop, then telling them to let me go. I'd been doing enough acting this weekend they obviously thought that was all this was.

Everyone but Carl backed away and left the room, and he sat beside me, safely out of reach of my struggles. I found he had my ball gag and it went into my mouth, effectively stifling my complaints. I could still thrash a bit but he tightened down the ropes and I couldn't do that anymore. I could just shake my outrage, unable to move or vocalize it. We watched each other for what seemed like a long time but was actually only a few minutes.

Finally I stopped, settling for just glaring at him.

"I think lots of men have this fantasy." He began. "A beautiful woman helpless and naked and in his power, and he can do anything he wants to her." Damn right about the beautiful part, bucko. Don't you forget it! And let me go!

"But now here you are. This will probably never happen again for me. I have you, you're naked, you're helpless, and I can do anything I want to you. What do I do?"

I stopped as a different feeling swept the anger and the tears away. This was the core of my fantasy. This was forced sex as a definition. I didn't want to be here, but here I was and he could do anything he wanted to me. I had no doubt that screwing me and coming in me was one of the things that would occur before I got loose.

And it occurred to me, for the first time in my life, I was actually, really being forced. Jimmy and I had a safeword, and if I was gagged a safe motion. In the basement if anything really bad happened I could count on Liz to get in the way and protect me. But not this time. The only four people within a mile were the ones who tied me here, and the other three walked away knowing they were leaving me with Carl. They weren't going to help me, and I certainly couldn't even summon them with a red rubber sphere filling my mouth. Besides, I had made it perfectly clear earlier that I didn't want to be tied here, and they had done it to me anyway, and left me to Carl.

It was like a gut punch. Or more a pussy punch. A huge flush right in the pelvis. Either I was going to be masturbating to the events of the next two hours for the rest of my life, or it was going to cure me of this forced-sex thing all together, But this one was real, and I realized everything else, to at least some degree had been play, I had at least some control, some options. Not now.

It wasn't fully unsafe. Carl knew there were three other guys around, and while he could do quite a lot with me knowing they weren't going to interfere, there were still lines that wouldn't be crossed. We all needed to be in class at a desk Monday morning. Liz and Steve both knew exactly where I went and who I went with. But that still left Carl with a lot of options, not all of them good for me.

I felt a finger start tracing a line between my breasts, over my left nipple, across my hip, down through my pussy hair. Back up to the other nipple, then running rings around it. Around my flank on his side, then over to the first nipple and grabbing it and pinching (ouch!) and pulling up hard on it. I arched my back what little I could to make it hurt less. After a few seconds he let go and I dropped back to the carpet.

"Now you see what sort of problem you're in, don't you? I have you all night if I want you, and there are lots of different ways to hurt you if that's what I want to do. Isn't there?" The finger slid down around my navel, through my pubic hair, into my slit, then drove deep inside me. I flinched but could do little else except lay very still. Starting to definitely feel some "scared" mixed in with everything else.

He got up and walked into the kitchen and came back with an empty beer bottle. "That looked like fun a couple of weeks ago. Maybe we can do it some more." He placed the neck of it right at my front door, and there was nothing I could do as he slowly but firmly forced it into me, then pulled it out, then back in again. He fucked me with the bottle for about ten minutes, until he grew tired of it, then put it aside.

From a pile at his side I couldn't see, he pulled my clover clamps. He put them on pretty tight, then tied a rope to the middle of the chain and tossed it over the exposed beam directly above me. He lifted my head pretty high, then tied the free end of the rope to the top of the ball gag, stretching my nipples pretty tightly in the process. When he let my head go I let it fall, but brought it up real quick with a yelp of pain into the ball gag. My breasts were already stretched, and he left so little room on the cord that I had to choose, lift up my head and take the stress off my breasts, or let my head sag and hurt my nipples.

I lifted my head up as best I could, but eventually I couldn't hold it up any more, it'd fall, but the pain in my breasts would motivate me to lift my head again. Until my neck muscles completely gave out, and there was nothing I could do about it, my head wasn't coming up and my breasts were on fire. Nothing was going to change that. Nobody was going to rescue me, and the only person in the room was the one who was causing me the pain. Nobody was going to help me. I whimpered and rocked just a little, but could do nothing to take the pain out of my breasts anymore, so I just had to endure it. After a while, it just hurt, but the hurt subsided, like a buzzing speaker in the room, you ignored it after a while.

He watched me for a while, then leaning off to the side so as to not bump the chain (actually he bumped it a little, but he didn't seem to be going out of his way to do it) he fucked me. Hard, slow, steady. I lost track of time until I felt him tense up and twitching deep inside of me. Then he rolled over and off me. About 5 minutes later, he leaned back up, untied the rope from my harness and pulled the clamps off my nipples. He seemed surprised when, about three seconds later, into the ball-gag I started screaming. But I didn't make too much noise through the ball gag, certainly not enough to reach the hearing of the other three guys, and he did watch as it subsided and I finally lay still and more comfortable than in a while on the floor. Then he left.

He came back about ten minutes later, with Jake. I watched apprehensively as they untied my arms and legs and rolled me off to the side. I was so spent by now after Carl that I didn't want to move, and probably couldn't if I tried. They threw all the cushions from the sofas on the floor where I was laying, then pulled me back on top of them, butt high in the air, then re-fastened my hands and feet. I didn't need a PhD to see where this was heading.

Carl slipped my sleep mask over my eyes. "One of the guys wants to try anal sex, but he doesn't want you to know who he is. We have made him promise to use way too much lube and to be very careful with you."

I just nodded slightly, there wasn't much else I could do, and I was already re-tied, so I couldn't stop it. They left, and about five minutes later I heard someone come back into the room. He apparently surveyed my helpless, butt-up-in-the-air naked body, then with a sound of lube being squeezed out of a tube, I felt a lot get put on my tail and a lot apparently put on whoever's member. Then at the back door it was placed, and I felt the pushing begin. I wasn't into anal at all, I never would be, but nobody was asking and I was here until whoever this was finished what he had planned. It had been done three times to me in the basement, only one of them left me with ill-effects, so I knew to relax and as he forced his way in I did what little I could to hurry this along.

When he finished, he left, and after a minute or two Carl was back. He untied me and rolled me over on my back. I just curled up into a ball and hugged my ankles and rocked. Carl just sat and watched me, making sure I was ok. After about 20 minutes, I got over it. It wasn't ever going to be fun, but I had screwed up and set all this in motion myself. Parts of this weekend were absolutely divine, and whoever did that to me didn't hurt me. I stopped, looked up at Carl, and made an "I'm all right" motion with my hands. He asked me what I wanted to do now, and I replied that I just wanted to sleep. He nodded, then got up to leave, saying he'd tell the other three.

I think it was Tank. I never found out who it was for sure.

I walked slowly to my bed and collapsed on top of it, and was out like a light. If anyone came in and did anything with me, I hope they had a good time. I have no memory of it.

I woke up to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen. I felt much better, human again, and while the guys had a wild time with me, which was what I agreed to, they actually had been pretty good to me. And yeah, I had fun this weekend. I showered off, joined the guys for my fill of bacon and eggs, and afterward we started pulling off linen and setting the cabin back up for un-occupancy. It took about an hour, it was about 10 by then, and we had our bags packed and we headed for the car. My dress was still there on the ground, all of the guys walked carefully around it. I did too, loading my bags in the back with everyone else's, and then it was time to pile into the car and head back to campus. As they climbed in, I picked up my dress. A slight bit damp, but fine.

"I can put this back on now?" I asked.

Jake looked unhappy, sitting in the driver's seat. Tank and Sean were waiting for me to climb in the back seat so they could get in on either side of me. "We agreed you could. Wish we hadn't now. Go ahead. You've been so perfect all weekend, and you're so beautiful, it's just that putting your dress back on means it's over. And we all had a really good time." Nods and grunts of agreement. And wistful, admiring looks at my nakedness shortly to be hidden that left me feeling pretty warm.

"What, now that you think about it, should you have made me promise?" I probed.

"Maybe leave it off until Humston, wish we had thought of that."

"Works for me." I said as I threw the dress at him and climbed into the back seat. He never saw it coming, it bounced off his face and fell into his lap. But Tank and Sean wasted no time climbing in on either side of me.

God, I am a slut, I thought as the car rolled down the driveway. But they'd shown me a great weekend, why the hell not…

Antonio was MVP again, and again I was taken upstairs. When he got up there, he asked for permission to leave me tied up and play with me for a while. I almost laughed, but stifled that! I assured him that as long as I got my orgasm and he enjoyed himself, whatever happened to cause that end was fine with me. Besides, I pointed out, I liked it.

He was strong and forceful, and so unlike any other night. He just tore into me. Angry? I wondered what about? He ran straight up into his orgasm and then shoved hard into me, pumped his sperm deep into me. This was so unlike Antonio, I wondered what had gotten into him. I wondered what he was mad about. I wondered if it was me, if I had pissed him off somehow the last time he was MVP, or what? But once he had ridden himself down, he went back into what I had come to expect from him. He untied me, apologizing that he hadn't taken care of me too. I just smiled, put his hand on my pussy and started moving it up and down, then kissed him. He was shocked for a second but got over it fast. Ten minutes later we were both relaxed and falling off to sleep.

When the crowd came down this time, Bruce was carrying in another large case. I had already fastened myself to the frame, complete with ball-gag, so I wondered what I was to be treated to tonight. I hoped it wasn't another fucking machine, the time they had done that before hadn't done much for me except making me sore and unable to walk for a day and a half.

But when they opened it up in front of me, my eyes perked up. It was a Sybian! I had heard about them, but at about a c and a half a piece, it wasn't anything I dreamed I'd ever get near any time soon. No way I'd be able to make that big of a dent in the credit limit without questions being asked back home. And what if it ever got found in my room…

The principle was simple. A small platform on top of the half-rounded surface held a rod that flexed in all sorts of directions while the platform vibrated. A woman sat on top of it, generally with an appropriately-formed device on the rod. It vibrated the important areas outside of a woman while the device on the rod made sure the sensitive g-spot inside the woman did not lack for stimulation. For a lot of women, it was an orgasm machine.

Inwardly I was happy. I had long since lost any modesty, and had experienced more than a few orgasms down here in front of the team, so that wasn't an issue. They set it up on the ground in front of me, putting the pads down that were there when I was forced to kneel and suck off someone. There was what looked like a yoke that attached to the bottom of it, it turned out to be for my ankles. They moved the device into position behind me, leaving my wrists stretching above me. A rather large vibrating piece was placed on the rod. My ankles went into the bottom half of the yokes and they were snapped closed; with my ankles held horizontal my knees in front of them were held to the ground and there was no way I could rise meaningfully off the Sybian. Which was OK.

The normal crowd gathered when Bruce hit the switch, Liz and Bill beside him, and the effect was electric. Yes! These people knew their devices! My clit started feeling real good, but not so much it would hurt, and I could tell the stimulation on my g-spot was going to work wonders in a few minutes. I closed my eyes and started to flex with it. God, I wished I could reach my nipples. This was incredible, but that would make it perfect. I kept rocking, drawn away on the feelings like getting washed away in a flood. Somehow, and somehow soon, I gotta get one of these for myself.

I started tugging hard at my wrist chains, a little pissed because I couldn't use my hands. Liz caught on, told the guys to unchain my wrists, and they shot right down to my nipples and went to work. I was putting on one hell of a show for the crowd but I didn't care, this felt real, real good.

Someone fumbled behind my head and the ball gag came out too. I was grunting and groaning, and then my first orgasm hit. The machine stopped and I just knelt there, hands now limp at my sides, eyes still closed, visibly shaking from the internal earthquake I was living through.

I floated back down to earth. When I opened my eyes Liz had knelt down to eye level. "You OK?" She asked. I couldn't speak yet, I just nodded yes. "That good?" She asked. I emphatically nodded yes. After a pause, "Want another one?" I thought about it for a long moment, then muttered out in a raspy voice: "Later".

They took me and stood me up, good thing I wore suspension cuffs because I wasn't standing too well. Liz wanted to try it now. She asked Bruce and he had no objection, but only on the condition that her hands were handcuffed behind her back. She wasn't too happy with that, but wanted to try it, so she gave in. Bruce cleaned off the Sybian while Liz slipped out of her panties, and in her micro-miniskirt knelt down, took that piece of heaven inside of her, and prepared to develop a first-hand opinion. Bill pulled her wrists behind her, preparing to handcuff her. She wasn't happy about that, intending her hands to be in front of her, but was too far in to stop now. Bruce hit the switch and I recognized the way her eyes pretty much instantly glassed over.

"Oh, God!" She said as she rocked back and forth on it. "Lara was right!" Her eyes were closed too, and she was really enjoying herself. She only reacted with a start as Bill pulled her shirt up over her head and down her arms, leaving her topless, but handcuffed and far too involved it wasn't that important right now to her. He started to pull up her skirt, but she stopped for that, told Bill firmly "No", and he backed off. After a minute or two more rocking she started demanding "Hands." Her hands were uncuffed and they flew to her front, her top falling to the floor ignored. Soon she was in the midst of her own orgasm, the machine was shut off and Bill supported her while she slipped off the machine and into the nearest chair.

Antonio was waiting for me as I left my Econ class one day, asked to talk with me. It was getting near the end of my senior year. Other people were worried about interviews, I'd had my position set at Caughman and Treat for two years now, I wasn't interviewing anywhere. But he needed a favor, a big favor.

Well, he was a good and considerate lover, better than average for me, especially these days. And he'd never been hard on me at parties, in fact wildly the opposite. I did owe him. It didn't make my navel pucker any less. I asked him to explain.

He was expected to go home next weekend. His mom had pretty much set her mind up that Antonio was going to woo and marry Jeanelle, the daughter of one of his father's closest business partners, had planned out the wedding, the honeymoon, and how many kids they were going to have together, maybe even their names. You know, standard Italian mom.

Just one problem: Jeanelle was a sister to him, and he was a brother to her. They'd realized that they would never, ever have romantic feelings for each other. They'd probably be friends for life, but it'd be like taking the clothes off Anna, his actual sister. He shuddered. It was never, ever, ever going to happen. But he needed to be back next weekend for his father's birthday and he had heard his mother was already setting up the full-court wine (whine?) press on both of them.

If he came home with someone else, someone credible, it would fix the problem. His mom wouldn't dare interfere with his choice, and he and Jeanelle would get left alone.

He had set up an interview for me with the shipping portion of the family business, Meraz Holdings. It was run by his father's brother Lido. I did some research afterward, Meraz Holdings was getting more international business and actually did need an entry-level lawyer for their shipping contracts. Antonio and I both knew I had a job lined up for two years now near home in San Diego, but interviewing would help with the story and why I was out there. I'd be coming to the birthday as Antonio's guest (wink wink girlfriend) and for the interview. Besides, New York City was beautiful this time of year and he told me he'd take me on the tour, Statue of Liberty and everything. I'd never actually been to New York City and had wanted to go there someday. I knew I had nothing going next weekend, so after an adequate amount of time to make it look like I was actually thinking it over I said yes.

End Part 3


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