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Selfbondage for a Stranger

by Laura

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© Copyright 2017 - Laura - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; Sbf; naked; voy; shave; prepare; cuffs; straps; speadeagle; bed; stranger; tease; torment; mast; sex; anal; oral; climax; true; cons; X

Hi my name is Laura I am a sub and have been instructed to send some of my reports that incorporate self bondage.

This morning, I wasn’t working, day off and started about doing some housework. It's chaos around here at the moment and having about keeping up with housework the house tends to get dusty and horrible. Not to mention the dog coming in and out of the house with wet or dirty paws. Anyway in the morning I received instructions via sms from hubby to open all the curtains and blinds in the front of the house and strip naked, which I immediately obliged. I love being naked around the home.

The next sms that arrived instructed me to ensure my naked back and arse were visible through the lounge room window for the next 10 mins. So I grabbed a cup of coffee turned one of our single seat leather couches the opposite way around in front of the lounge room window. This way I could kneel on the cushion and lean on the back of the chair whilst drinking my coffee and my naked pussy and back was on display. I had no idea what was going on behind me in the street, fortunately our street is wide and not that busy and the house is set back 10m from the footpath it would require someone knowingly looking to see much.

A slight shiver went up my spine not knowing whom was perving at my nakedness it gave me a feeling of excitement that submission gives you when you are not in control. After the 10mins passed I got up off the chair and went about doing the housework, I was feeling aroused and remained naked and even left the window coverings wide open.

About 20 mins later another sms arrived on my phone, it was again from hubby, the instructions were as follows. "In exactly 1 hour from now a stranger will arrive to see you, to facilitate this meeting you are required to be showered and clean, pussy clean shaven, approximately 20mins before the time place yourself in self bondage, spreadeagle position, face down, gagged and blindfolded, be sure to leave the backdoor unlocked and the dog locked in the shed". I replied by sms "Yes Sweetheart".

Into the shower I leaped, applied shaving gel to my pussy ensuring the area was fully covered. The coolness of the menthol in the shaving gel excited me and my juices were starting to flow, slowly and carefully I shaved the area ensuring that there wasn’t a single stubble to be seen. After drying myself I put on my makeup ensuring I smelt clean and sexy for my meeting.

I went into the bedroom and took the sports bag I keep in the wardrobe containing various assortments of cuffs, ropes and straps. I picked out the 4 cargo adjustable straps that have a D clips one end and a fixed loop the other. They are adjustable with a spring release close to the end loop. I can operate them with one hand providing I can reach this spring release. It takes some working to free the strap, releasing it an 1/8 inch at a time. If I can't reach this release then I can’t get out of it.

In preparation I placed the end loop of each strap over each of the raised bed posts corners this means the spring releases are within 12inches of each corner. I undid each of the spring releases and pull free a long length of spare strap from each corner, this is to enable me to get into position prior to pulling them tight. As the straps are pulled the spring release locks the strap into a shorter position.

With 30mins to go, I went out the backyard and put our dog in the shed much to his disgust and returned inside just closing the back door but not locking it. I secured ankle and wrist cuffs tightly to each of my limbs, the smell and feel of leather makes me get excited. The feel of wearing just them around the house whilst totally naked makes me horny.

When I was happy that everything was place as well as putting a tube of lubricant on the bedside table in case it was required I climbed onto the bed. Kneeling in the centre of the bed I put on my ball gag secured tightly in position testing it to ensure I couldn't speak and then fitted industrial foam ear plugs deep in my ears so I was unable to hear, I then slipped the blindfold over my head not yet into position. I reached back and clipped the slack cargo straps onto my ankle cuffs; the cargo straps at the top of the bed were really loose so I could get them onto my wrist cuffs.

I laid down on the bed in the centre with my pelvis onto top of a doubled up pillow. I reached back down my sides and pulled up the spare ends of the cargo straps attached to my ankle cuffs. Each time I pulled the ends my legs were getting stretched towards the corners of the bed, each of my ankles spread further apart until the spring release locked into the new position, I pulled them several times until my legs were spread as far part I could possibly get them exposing my parted shaved pussy lips and arse. When I was happy with that I flicked the strap ends away so there was no way I could get to them, no way could I reach the spring release to loosen the strap.

Next I secured the straps at the top of the bed to the D clips on my wrist cuffs, with my right hand I pulled the loose end of the cargo strap attached to my left wrist cuff so it was tight so my left arm was fully stretched outwards. Next with my right hand I pulled the thick lambs’ skin blindfold down over my eyes ensuring I was unable to see anything. With my right hand bit by bit I pulled the loose end of the remaining cargo strap, slowly bit by bit my right arm reached the fully outstretched position each time the spring release locking into a new position. When I was sure I couldn't get the strap any tighter I flicked the loose tail away so I was unable to reach it, I was now totally helpless, totally exposed and totally vulnerable.

The whole practiced procedure took about 5 mins to complete, putting myself into self bondage was something I did regularly, I could either make it so I could slowly release one hand or make it so I am inescapable having to be released by someone else. The psychological difference between the two was huge. Being able to get free you know in the back of your mind that you can get out albeit slowly, not being able to free yourself brings in a fear side which pumps the adrenaline, raises the vulnerability factor which in turn has a huge profound effect of arousal. The combination of nakedness, vulnerability and helplessness will almost bring me to orgasm without any further stimulation. Self bondage is one of my favourite pastimes and I was taught by one of the best.

In this case this morning, there I lay spreadeagle face down in the centre of my bed, totally naked my arse and pussy raised slightly in the air, deprived of sight, hearing and speech. I was horny as hell; my juices were flowing already as I lay helplessly waiting for this stranger to arrive. It was probably only 25 to 30mins or so but with each passing minute my heart was racing faster and faster with anticipation of what going to happen.

I suddenly felt a breeze of air over my body, I could hear nothing, but had this strange feeling of someone being present near me. He was probably sitting back and staring at me. I squirmed against my bonds there was no slack what so ever, I wondered what he was doing. Suddenly an electrifying jolt ripped through my body as something cold and sharp was dragged down the length of my body. It started at the neck and followed the line of my spine down to my arse crack, over the sphincter down to my pussy. My body was shaking uncontrollably partly from fear and partly from ecstasy. I couldn’t control the intense orgasm that followed, causing my body to pull tightly against the bonds.

Nothing occurred for at least another 5 minutes, I had no idea of time, suddenly a tongue plunged into my arse and licked its hole, shit what a turn on, next a pair of hands ran full length of my back it felt soooo good I could feel my next orgasm building already. Lubricant was dribbled onto my arse hole and I could feel the excess creeping down to the entrance of my pussy. At least four fingers were then pushed into my pussy entrance starting to slide in and out, next a thumb plunged into my arse hole. It had to be a man’s hand as it felt bigger than a lady’s. He alternated between his thumb and fingers sliding both in and out of their respective holes. I orgasmed again, with even more intensity.

Being a multiple orgasm girl, once I start having orgasm's they start coming in wave after wave. I have also been known to pass out occasionally during an orgasm this was almost one of those days. He hand fucked me for quite a while working both holes simultaneously, with his spare hand he squeezed my neck or dragged his fingernails down the length of my back. I was having multiple orgasms, each time my body tensing against the bonds.

Eventually he stopped withdrew his hand giving me time to catch my breath. I could feel him kneel between my thighs; he put the head of his cock at my pussy entrance and teased me. I was trying to push my body back into it so it would penetrate but the teasing was driving me insane. Slowly he pushed it in, it felt so thick and so long it seemed to go on forever. He stopped when he had fully penetrated me, I found myself trying to thrust against the bonds, trying to thrust against this cock. He then started to fuck me slowly at first I was writhing in pleasure, the next wave orgasms started to occur.

After a while he withdrew from my pussy then pushed his cock into my arse, I screamed in the gag, as I began to relax he slowly alternately fucked my arse on one stroke then into my pussy on the next. Eventually he went back to fucking my pussy fast or slow, the breaking up of the rhythm was driving me wild with pleasure. He fucked me for over an hour and a half I lost count of the number of orgasms that ripped through my body.

He stopped and knelt beside my face, removing my ball gag he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up and pushed his cock into my mouth. I began to suck the head of his cock, he reached down my body and pushed two of his long fingers into my arse hole and work them in and out. I sucked and sucked on his cock, he started to thrust slightly into my mouth by pulling my head into towards him, suddenly he exploded filling my mouth with his ejaculate, he kept thrusting and kept coming, I was almost choking on his cum, trying to swallow it before I drowned. He pulled out and left me there dripping from all holes; just before he departed he loosened the two straps that secured my wrists enabling me get free afterwards.

When I finally got out of my restraints, I went to the bathroom and had a long shower. Once out of the shower I found a note that he left saying, "Can’t wait to pass you in the street which I do everyday". I thought shit, I have no idea who he was I will wonder everyday when I walk around our town. It’s just another total mind fuck that hubby sometimes plays from time to time.

Your slut
Laura XXX

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