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Self Bondage Embrace

by M88

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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; lamppost; latex; gimpsuit; boots; tape; gag; cuffs; bfold; toys; climax; stuck; cons; X

Elle could not believe the level of self bondage she had got herself into. What the hell had she done to herself this time. She was trapped and helpless until the ice freed her keys. Elle was completely bound from head to toe and was unable to move. She had restrained herself to a lamppost in a small local park near her house. It was the middle of a warm summers night. The only light was from the lamppost and it showed her off nicely. She had picked that lamppost because it had a electrical box next to it. Which she could use as a table for her bondage equipment. Plus the lamppost was in an isolated area in the dead of night.

The ice was placed in a large plastic drinks bottle. Which was placed above Elle's head and was trapped to the post. String was tied through a hole in the key and around the rim of the bottle. So when the ice melts, the key will fall into her waiting hands. But until that happens it was out of reach. She had no idea what the time was or how long it would take for the ice to melt. So how did she get into this position and what position was she in?

Elle was a 19 year old who lived at home with her mum and dad. Both of which had gone on holiday for a week. She had neck long blonde hair and bright green eyes, with soft red lips and fresh skin. She was around 6ft tall with nice long legs and a stunning ass. She had great tits and an hourglass figure. She looked and dressed like a death metal singer as she always listened to that type of music. She had a couple of tattoos on her arms. Elle was a good looking rock girl with a shy persona. She had found out about bondage and other fetishes a couple of years ago. Something about it was a real turn on for her. She had built up a large collection of kinky stuff in secret over the past two years. She had found out about self bondage through the internet and had tried it a couple of times. Which had ended in her having a fantastic orgasm each time.

She had been planning the lamppost self bondage idea for a few months. She would be using a lot of equipment and working out what to do with it was hard work. She would be wearing a full rubber gimp suit with a zip across the shoulders. It was in a bright pink colour with built-in hands and feet. It had a very strong rubber smell and it would not be the only kinky thing she would wear. She put the pink gimp suit on first and could feel it squeeze against her skin. The warm and wet rubber was kissing her body as she put white latex gloves and leggings on. Followed by 6-inch high heels which laced up to her knees. Apart from her head she was covered in rubber and latex and the smell was epic. She squeaked loudly as she grabbed a large bag filled with fetish stuff. She got her escape mechanism out of the freezer and saw the key frozen in ice. She unlocked her back door and headed into the night. It was 2am and a moonless night. The summer heat hit her the second she left her house. She locked the door and hid the key to her house under a doormat.

She started walking away from the safely of her home and into the darkness. She was wearing a full gimp suit and knew it would be humiliating if she was found. The path was empty at 2am and it was only a 5 minute walk. She was trying to walk slowly and not make a lot of noise. But the rubber was having other ideas and was squeaking with each step. The sound echo through the night air and down the path she was taking to the park. She was getting wet each time she walked passed a lamppost and knew the session was getting closer. She finally saw her goal and quickly walked over to it.

She put her fetish bag on the electrical box next to it. She then taped the bottle with the key in it above her head. She would be unable to reach it and would have to wait for it to melt. She pulled a roll of duct tape out of her bag. She placed her back and legs against the post. She bent forward to duct tape her feet. She wrapped the silver tape around her feet and then worked up her legs. Her ankles come first and then her shins. Below and above her knees and her upper leg. She could see the rubber being folding inwards as she continued up her body. She taped just above her pussy and stomach. She could still bend and it was time to get more stuff. She got out a red ball gag and put it in her mouth. She bit down into the rubber and tightly closed it around her head. She then found a leather blindfold and placed it just above her eyes.

Handcuffs was the next kinky item and she shut one part around one of her wrists. With her self bondage getting closer to being complete she got her vibrator out. She covered her cunt with the magic wand and tape it to her body. She taped her tits and shoulders to the lamppost. Her neck and forehead become the last victims of the tape. She turned the vibrator on full and pulled the blindfold over her eyes. She put her hands behind her back and the other side of lamppost. And closed the other cuff around her rubber hand. She heard it slowly click shut and took a huge intake of breath. She was finally in her self bondage creation.

She moaned into her gag and struggled with the duct tape. It was playful at first as she enjoyed the vibrator on her wet cunt. She was getting hot inside her rubber prison as she loved the darkness. She stretched her hands out as she waited for the keys to drop. She had planned for her keys to become available to her after about 10 minutes. It had been 10 great minutes she thought as the keys should be falling to her hands. But nothing happened as time passed her by. She struggled and moaned as she waited. She must of not been in her self bondage for as long as she thought. She focused on the vibrator and soon had pussy juice exploding from her sex hole. Her rubber gimp suit was wet with sweat as orgasm after orgasm hit her. She was screaming into her gag and had forgotten about time as air rushed in and out her nose.

It was then she spotted the darkness she had been kept in was lifting a little. As if the sun was coming up and it was morning already. But the key was still in the bottle. She could feel the cold water hitting her hands. So she knew it was melting and the key should be right in her grasp. She could hear the sounds of birds and cars as it got warmer inside her gimp suit. What the hell was the time and why was the key still out of reach. The bottle was still taped to the lamppost and water was coming from the bottle. She could feel it dripping onto her rubber hands. She had no idea how stupid she had been. She had used string to link the key and bottle together. But the string she had used was too short and was now happily hanging about halfway down her back. The string was the wrong length and she would not be able to reach her freedom.

She was trapped in her self bondage and would need help to escape. She cried into her gag as another huge orgasm hit her for six. In was 5am and the pathway was going to get busy very soon. She pulled against the metal cuffs as she tried to rip the chains apart. Sweat was filling her rubber gimp suit as she heard cars in the background. She was clawing at the lamppost as she tired to reach the duct tape. Maybe she could use her fingers to rip through the tape. She tried getting her fingers under the tape around her ass and upper legs. She could not rip the tape as her suit squeaked away.

She could feel the vibrator drilling into her clit as she moved the tape. She moaned softly into her gag as drool dropped down her chin. She could hear more cars driving about now as the corners of her blindfold become bright. She was breathing quickly through her nose as the rubber smell hit her. She was going to orgasm again very soon. But would anyone see her do so.



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