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Self Bondage Discovered in the Woods

by Sprinttri | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2018 - Sprinttri - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; naked; woods; cuffs; rope; video; M/m; tease; caress; bdsm; crop; voy; fantasy; nosex; cons; X

I had experimented with self bondage for a while. It had been restricted to solo experiences. Then I discovered a site where I could post naked pictures of myself and there was also a forum with local sections. I posted on the forum I was looking for others to join in outdoor naked photo sessions. A few answered they were interested and I emailed back and forth with one guy for a bit expressing what I was looking for.

While tying myself up in the woods I had the fantasy of being discovered. The person discovering me would not freak out or be offended but would want to play with me. I relayed this fantasy to the guy I was talking to and we agreed to meet up and talk. The meeting went well and I showed him one of my spots in the woods where I tied my self up and took pictures. We both agreed that it would be much easier to take pictures of each other then trying to take pictures with our camera’s timers.

We agreed on a date and time to meet up again. This time I would be tied up and he would discover me. This would be risky for me and I would be vulnerable to his whims. This added to the excitement!

The day came and I headed out into the woods with my self bondage gear to get set up and wait. My heart was pounding with excitement, fear, and anticipation.

I reached my spot and placed my backpack on the ground gathering my restraints for my self bondage session.

I had secured eye bolts to two trees, one at ankle height in each tree and one above head height in each tree. These were at the perfect height to secure my ropes to attach to my wrist and ankle cuffs and tighten them to secure me spread eagle between the trees. I also set up my camera on a tripod to record this session.

Checking my watch I saw that it was just about the time he should arrive in the parking lot. I would now have about 15 minutes to get ready. Placing my note next to the tripod I took off my tshirt and shorts. The note read “You have discovered a man tied naked between two trees. You also find a camera set upon a tripod. Hit the record button and then proceed to explore the naked man’s body with your hands. As you explore this naked man you notice a riding crop next to the tree securing one of his legs. Take a moment to test slap the crop on your hand. Feel the sting as you increase the pressure. Now punish the bound naked man with the riding crop.”

I had debated on using a blindfold but opted not as I feared it would be too risky not knowing what this guy would do or not to once he found me naked and bound between two trees vulnerable to his wishes. Now that I was totally naked I felt the rush of freedom doing something many people feel is wrong. I attached my wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and then secured my ropes to the cuffs. Standing between the trees I spread my legs wide and secured my ankles to the trees. Shivering with the thrill and anticipation of what would be happening soon. My heart was pounding……

Taking a deep breath I secured my wrists wide above my head and spread wide to the trees. Now I was secure and spread wide open for him to see. I had my back to his area of approach to add to the thrill. I heard the sounds of leaves rustling and strained my neck around to see.

For a moment a terrifying thought entered my mind; What if this was not him and someone else who had discovered my spot? My fantasy of being discovered by a total stranger would be realized, but there was too much unknown and a true risk in that. Catching a glimpse of him coming towards me caused my heart to jump. It was now or never that my fantasy was going to come true. Here I was totally naked, tied between two trees waiting to be discovered and played with.

As I heard him come closer I turned my head away from his direction to heighten the thrill. He walked up to me from behind and asked, “What have we here?”

I let out a deep breath and responded, “Check the note under the camera.”

“This is much more interesting.” He said as he ran his hands lightly over my ass.

We had agreed ahead of time that my cock and balls were off limits to his hands unless I said otherwise. His hands felt good on my ass and I groaned lightly in response. He stopped stroking my ass and started to walk around me. Stopping in front of me he looked me up and down and appeared to like what he saw.

Slowly and suddenly he reached up and lightly pinched one of my nipples. I let out another moan involuntarily and tilted my head back. This felt both so good and so wrong at the same time. He then lightly pinched my other nipple and then walked back around behind me. Standing behind me he ran his hand up and down the outside and inside of my thighs. Oh damn I thought, this feels so good. I looked down and my cock was responding to his touch, getting a bit harder.

Then he stopped and I heard him let out a few hmmms as he read the note. He walked back over and picked up the riding crop. Now this was turning up another level. I heard the smack of the crop on his hand and anticipated how it would feel. In the past I had smacked my ass cheeks, asshole, cock and balls to check how much pain it would inflict and I could tolerate when I was masturbating. It surprised me how much the sting felt good instead of painful.

Unexpectedly I felt the light sting of the riding crop on my ass cheek. He was timidly exploring my ass cheeks and how hard he should strike my naked flesh. I encouraged him to hit my ass cheeks harder. I needed him to hit me harder! It felt so good to be tied up and have a stranger punish me. I moaned and threw my head back in pleasure as he struck my ass repeatedly, punishing me. What a thrill. My mind was almost overwhelmed as my fantasy was coming true!

He stopped smacking my ass cheeks and lightly tapped my inner thighs. I spread my legs wider and pushed my ass towards him in encouragement. He saw this and hit my inner thighs a bit harder. Oh the sensation was so exciting. Then I felt the crop lightly tap my asshole then rub back and forth along my asshole and then slide up to my balls.

“Yes, hit me harder!” I moaned before I even realized I had said it.

He followed my moans and struck my asshole harder. I tried to spread my legs wider and pushed my ass back further to encourage him more. Suddenly he stopped assaulting my asshole and balls. He then appeared in front of me and slapped my nipples lightly. Again an involuntary moan came from deep within me.

He then lightly slapped my cock that by now ached as it was so hard. As he lightly slapped my cock and I looked down at my hard cock and there was precum dripping from the head. My body was responding to this assault from the riding crop compounded by being bound spread open. He then stopped striking my body with the riding crop.

I strained to see what he was going to do next. I couldn’t see what he was doing. My mind raced with what he could be doing. Was he getting naked?

I felts his hands on my ass again lightly rubbing my ass cheeks. Again it felt so good and so wrong at the same time. Then he stroked my outer thighs simultaneously working his way up to my chest. He hugged my body tightly and I felt that he still had his clothes on. He pinched my nipples and at the same time rubbed his crotch into my ass. Resisting pushing my ass back into his crotch I stiffened and pulled against my restraints. Although it felt good I wasn’t sure I wanted to send the wrong signals to him. I wasn’t ready to take this any further.

While I had fantasized about being tied up and being totally at the mercy of my discoverer I wasn’t comfortable going any further. My fantasy included being forced to take a guy’s hard cock in my mouth and being forced to take a hard cock in my ass. I just wasn’t ready.

We stopped there and he helped me out of my restraints. I stood there totally naked and still hard and thanked him for helping me partially fulfill my fantasy. I had successfully tied myself naked and spread open to be discovered. The person who discovered me enjoyed punishing me for being bad and allowing myself to be discovered naked and restrained.

I walked over to the camera to see if it had successfully recorded us. Mind you I was still naked as he watched me walk over to the camera. I could feel him looking at me taking me in as I found that something sadly had not worked and none of this was recorded. Frustrated I walked over and put my shorts on. For some reason I was getting modest in front of this guy who had just been very intimate with me.

We proceeded to take pictures of each other naked in a nearby stream. The photos came out great and we agreed to do this again soon. There was no more physical contact that day, just photos.

Successfully fulfilling my fantasy I packed up my restraints and headed off onto the trail and he headed the opposite direction to the parking lot.

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