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Self-Bondage Caught

by Wannabme

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I am a 65yr old Male that has been playing with self bondage for as many years as I can remember. I have always tried to be safe and sure of not getting caught unless I wanted my wife to find me because I couldn’t get out. I have found a Dungeon but as many know it costs for the pleasure of someone else to use you as you wish to be. It is very hard to find someone who enjoys giving what you are craving. So you turn to self-bondage. So on with my story (true).

Well I woke up this morning with an intense urge to be bound and tortured. I set for a couple hours looking at the computer and finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I gathered my toys, ropes, cuffs and my tens unit and headed out to my garage. When I got there I needed some more ropes for the position I wanted to be tied in. I went to the locker I keep all my stuff in and got more rope and my head harness. I went back to the garage and proceeded to set up everything.

I have a pulley attached about 6 ceiling beams from the eye bolt placed in an overhead beam. I ran a long small rope through it and pulled it to where I would be standing under the eye bolt. I have a 2x4 with a base attached so it won’t fall over. It has a hole through it at the top so I can squeeze my cock and balls through it with a lot of effort in doing so. There are little eye-bolts at the bottom on each side for my ankle cuffs to be attached. There are 3 eyebolts up the front so I can tie my cock and balls real tight so I can’t get out. I have my head harness hanging from the ceiling beam waiting for me to apply it. The harness has a gag built in and lockable straps so I can’t get it off without the key.

I now striped down naked, it is a must for me. After I’m naked I tied a thin rope around my waist and knotted it in the front just over my cock. I then looped the rope under my cock and balls and tied it as tight as I could. Then I put the rope through a 1 inch piece of pvc pipe 2 inches long between my legs and run the rope up to the back side of the waist rope and around it back through the pvc pipe and left the rope dangle loosely. I then took an electrode pad and centered it between my ball sack and ass hole and stuck it there. I then proceeded to pull on the loose end of the rope pulling it as tight as I could securing the pad to my crotch so it wouldn’t fall off while I was squirming from the pain.

I put my leg cuffs on and stepped over to the stand and locked them to the eyebolts on each side. I then pushed my cock and balls through the hole in the top of the 2x4. I took a long rope and tied my legs to 2x4 at the calves, just under the knees, just over the knees then up around my thighs just under my ass cheeks then to the front and tied them to my cock tight. I took a smaller thin rope and tied it around my cock and balls and then to the eyebolt in the front of the stand very tight. Yes I love it tight...

I pull back the foreskin on my cock head and place the second electrode, then use electric tape to hold it in place on the head of my cock very tight squeezing my cock head about 2/3rds it’s normal side. I then take my Kalies teeth clamp ( it is medieval for men to wear when they are away hunting so they couldn’t have sex. It has many small spikes on the inside that jab into the man’s cock if he gets hard and the pain stops him from having an erection ) I lock it in place with a lock. I now tied the long small rope that was on the pulley around my cock hanging out the end of the Kalies teeth, I pull this very tight and then tie the other end to my balls. I have a tens unit that I hang around my neck about mid belly and connect the two pads to it.

The rope has all my escape keys on it and they hang in the front of me about cock low. I now put a hood over my head with 1 hole over my mouth. Now I take the head harness that has been hanging down from the beam. It has a ball gag with a hole for breathing and I push it into my mouth then buckle the rest of the straps around my head a tightly and lock them. Now I pull the rope holding the head harness very tight so I’m stretched as tight as possible and tie it with several knots.

Next I put the hand cuffs around my left wrist and then reach up to the tens unit and push it on, the tens unit has a little more Milli Amps than the normal one do. Normal ones go to 90 MA’s, mine goes to 105 MA’s. it takes a little time but I am able to get it all the way to 105 MA’s . Now I reach behind me with both wrists and then fasten the open cuff to my right wrist, I stay this way until I can climax. Then I have to try to wiggle and twist to get the keys to sway from my front to my side so I can catch it and try to unlock the cuffs.

Well I goofed, the keys hung too low and was caught in the ropes that were tied to my cock and balls, the more I wiggled the more it hurt, I did enjoy the pain but also the tens unit has been eating at my cock head for about 45 minutes or more not sure.

Then it happened, my 18 yr old neighbor’s daughter Jeannie had stopped by to get the project she had been working on. I heard her humming to herself as she came closer to the garage. Now panic was setting in, did I or didn’t I lock the door? Shit all I could do was stand there and not say a word. I was glad I had the hood on so our eyes couldn’t meet and she couldn’t see my red face. Yep I forgot to lock the door. I waited for a scream or something but it was very quiet. I could hear her moving around and pick up her project. Then I heard the door shut.

My emotions ran wild and didn’t know what to do. I stood still for about 10 minutes, really didn’t have a choice. Ok what do I do now? All of a sudden I felt my ass sting like it hadn’t ever before. My mind went wild and I didn’t know who or what was going to happen. I had left my horse whip out and whoever was using it was laying it on as hard as they could. After they gave me about 50 on my ass they proceeded to whip my cock and balls and my tits, thighs anywhere they felt like it. I know I had tears running out under the hood, I didn’t know if to be happy or scared that I was getting what I had always wanted.

Finally my Jeannie spoke and said that I should lock the doors before I play by myself or something like this might happen again. She saw the keys hanging down in front of me and untangled them and put them in my hand, I tried to speak but could only squeeze out a tiny thank you. I heard the door shut and didn’t dare to move in fear she was still there.

After about 10 minutes I was reminded that I was still hooked to the tens unit and it was burning the hell out of my cock head so I used the keys as fast as I could. Freeing my hands I was able to reach around front and turn off the unit. It was in the continual mode and would have stayed on until I shut it off. After a brief rest I started to un-do everything and get myself free. When I took off the hood I didn’t know what to expect.

Glad she was gone and I didn’t have to explain myself at this time, although I wonder where and how she knew what to do or was she just getting even for all the times I picked on her. I put all my stuff away after cleaning it. I looked at the clock and I had been out there over 5 hours. This was the longest time ever. I went in the house showered and then looked in the mirror, Wow did I ever have war wounds all over me which would last at least a week. My ass was hot, my cock and balls ached and the pads in my crotch and on my cock head had burned little holes in me. Thank goodness I have burn cream to care for them. I still haven’t heard from Jeannie, it’s been about a week now but I’m sure I will pay dearly for this.

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