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Selfbondage & A Movie

by Cynthia Trusscot

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© Copyright 2012 - Cynthia Trusscot - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; rope; gag; cuffs; tape; cons; X

I decided that I wanted a nice, long session of self bondage with an enforced time limit. In order to spin it out and make the experience more enjoyable, I settled on watching a movie while tied.

The scene I imagined was going on a date with a handsome, but dangerous man. He’d suggest a movie I wasn’t interested in watching. He’d tie me up so that I would have to watch it with him. That I was alone and had tied myself up were mere details.

I dressed for my ‘date’ in a silky blouse, leather skirt and heels. Then I got out some pieces of rope and a set of leather handcuffs. I took all this back to my TV room and laid them to hand. I had a glass of wine, and imagined flirting with this guy, teasing him, leading him on then shutting him down.

I imagined the conversation: “Hey, let’s watch this movie, it’s one of my favorites.”

“No, I don’t want to see that.”

“Listen, babe -- We’re going to watch this, and if you give me trouble, I’ll have to tie you up!”

“Ooh – you wouldn’t dare tie me up!”

I put the movie I’d selected into the DVD player, and closed the drawer. The key to the padlock was placed on top of the unit, on a piece of string rigged over the drawer. When it opened, the key would pop out from on top. Then I tied my ankles and legs snugly with the ropes. I prefer a cleave gag, but didn’t want to drool all evening, so I duct-taped my mouth shut. Another, longer piece of rope was wrapped around my torso, and I forced my arms down under it, after unbuttoning my blouse so that my man could play with my breasts whenever he wanted. Then I padlocked my leather cuffs together behind me.

Thoroughly if comfortably tied, I wriggled around a bit. Then I got ahold of the remote with my bound hands. Twisting around, I managed to point it at the DVD player and press the button, then I dropped it between the sofa and the end table, where it would be inaccessible as long as my arms were lashed to my body.

Settling back, I watched the movie. It was “Dragnet” a parody of the old TV show. It was a lightweight thing, not a movie I normally would have watched – but, tied as I was, I was forced to sit through the whole thing. At least there was a few seconds towards the end where two actresses in glamorous gowns, are led away while gagged.

At the end of the movie, I got an annoying surprise. I expected the disc to eject, which would flip the key to my cuffs out from above the DVD player. Imagine my annoyance when the movie re-started instead! I had to get myself off the sofa, maneuver my bound body across the room, sit up, extend one finger and jab the obnoxiously small “eject” button on the DVD player. The drawer opened, the key slid out and dangled in front of the machine where I could reach it. I worked the key into the padlock, twisted it and the padlock popped open. At that point I could untie myself.

After all, it wouldn’t be a self bondage story without something going wrong to imperil the release, would it?

The end

Copyright 2012 Cynthia Trusscot


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