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Self Bondage with an Air Mattress

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2004 - Riptieron - Used by permission

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You might be wondering what this is about, hehe. I decided that today I would in my roommates absence, give myself some long over due fun of a different kind. For a long while I have enjoyed the pleasure of self bondage with an air mattress, which I find both relaxing and very inescapable. I first got the idea off of Gromet's Forum, where a chat was going on about how to go about it, and this lead me to the following...

I have a standard air mattress of course, and to inflate it I use a modified leaf blower. The mattress has what I call an over-flow relief valve in it to alleviate pressure from the blower, so it won't pop. I have folded the mattress into a "C" shape, and placed pillows to the inside of the "C". Next I put together a long plastic bag- taping three 30-gallon sized bags together. Before I finished the bag, I squirted shaving cream, conditioner, and baby oil into the bag; making it very slippery on the inside. To keep the mattress from opening up flat when it is inflated, I tied a rope around it at the base and cinched it up to the top just like you would tie bacon onto a roast. 

Finally I took the pillows off the sofa and placed them in front of the sofa, making a small ramp to position the air mattress. I put the strip outlet onto a timer, and then plugged the blower and the vibrator into it. Next I hooked up the vacuum nozzle from the blower to the air mattress, and began to focus on the “mouth” of the bag, coming out of the air mattress. To make the access to the bag easier, I built up with pillows an entrance ramp to the bag. Then I placed a drop cloth at the entrance, over the pillows, and taped it to the bag. Now I have a slide that I can just place my feet into the bag, and gravity will pull me in. 

So I recheck the timer to make sure it is set right, and then make sure everything is plugged in and turned on; so that I can start the final process of getting into the bag. I straddle the entrance ramp to the bag, taking the baby oil in one hand and the conditioner in the other, squirting it over my body. The cool liquidly feely starts to turn me on with the anticipation of being swallowed by the bag. I give a few more squirts at the base of the entrance, so that there will be plenty of lube to make the entrance super slippery.

With the bag and air mattress on this ramp, it is very hard to get out once I have slid past the “mouth” of the bag. It is a very seductive experience, succumbing to a device of your own making. I slowly place both feet into the entrance to the bag, sitting on the ramp I have made. With my knees bent, I won’t slide in till I am ready. I look on the wall at the time; I have just ten minutes before the timer goes off. I reach for the vibrator, putting into reach for when I am in the bag; I will drag it inside with me, placing it accordingly.

At five minutes before, I slowly straighten my legs out. My feet push into the mouth of the bag, effortlessly. The feeling of the slimy, slippery oil and conditioner is all over me. The bag is tight, and has been flattened by all the pillows, so the slide is going to be a slow one. I wait for the motion to start. I wiggle my hips slightly to start the decent. The slime gets under my ass and the sliding starts to happen. Sometimes I imagine that this air mattress is like a giant monster, and it is swallowing me whole. Other times I want to imagine that I am being sucked into an alien stasis pod, preparation for a long journey. Then there are times when I imagine that I am getting stuffed into a canola, and I will be part of the stuffing. Eh, so I have an imagination… the snake thing is good too.

As my body is slowly pulled deeper into the bag, I sense the pressure of the heavy plastic air mattress, surrounding me. As I get up to my hips into the bag, my ass slips past a bump, and I suddenly glide freely deeper into the bowels of the air mattress. I am up to my neck now, and cannot get out without an enormous effort. I grab the vibrator, and pull it into the bag with me, putting it just above my shaft, and then start to arrange the pillows to the outside of the bag. I arrange them by pushing them from the inside of the bag, moving them closer to my penis, and making it harder for the vibrator to move once the timer goes off and the blower start to fill the air mattress. 

Now I wiggle just a little more, and I slide a couple of inches to my final spot, at the belly of the bag. The bag is protecting the pillows that are pushing in on me from below and above, but this pressure is nothing next to the force exerted by the mattress when it inflates. I tense at the thought of it. I wait what seems like an hour, but it can only be a matter of minutes, so the clock tells me.

Va-Roooommm!! The blower is on, and filling the bag with air. Startled, I held my breath, then I feel the bag expanding, and pushing at my feet, and hips then chest, the leaf blower can inflate the bag nearly in a minute. It is totally full and the pressure grows. The mattress starts to push onto my head, and force my head back, I can just barely squirm inside of the bag, but it is just that, a squirm. Very little can be done by me now, I am totally trapped and at the mercy of the timer. 

The vibrator is starting to penetrate my thoughts, as it slowly begins to work at my sex, making me feel as if there is nothing in my control, including the ability to cum when I choose. The vibrations are not overwhelming, but constant, and they are right against me, so they concentrate on the point that affects me the most. It would seem that I have done my job too well, I am totally helpless. My body is getting squeezed from all sides, and my head is getting pushed upright, so I can’t move at all. The slimy bag is moving as I squirm, so any effort that I make is in vain. 

The vibrations are bringing me closer to cumming now, and it has been almost five minutes, I set the timer for 15, so this short amount of time seems to be an eternity. I am sure that after I cum, it will become an even greater amount of time…

Part 2 -  The Air Mattress Returns…

It has been two days since I last fiddled around with my air mattress, and I have thought about several things that went wrong the first time I attempted the venture. The first thing that went wrong was I slid over to the right side of the bag- and I had to wiggle forcefully to get back upright. This was due to an overstuffed pillow off of my sofa that did not evenly support my weight as I slid into the bag. Because of this problem I was moving quite a bit- and slipping and sliding around inside of a plastic bag filled with conditioner, shaving cream and baby oil, gets me going- the slick walls of the bag turn me on with every turn of my body. This leads to the second and far worse problem, of getting too excited before its time; leading to premature ejaculation… hey I’m only human, and I was so excited! I have decided that this time around, to resolve this problem, I will use a different sofa cushion that is made of square foam; it won’t topple as the other did. 

I have been trying new things in my bondage experience- and for the last few weeks I have been talking with someone online- and they have really gotten me to thinking about the whole of the philosophy and inner dynamics between the top and the bottom, inside a bondage arrangement. As it stands for me, I see two people getting together, and sharing ideas about the subject, then at some point, the two decide they are compatible and find a role for their play. In this play, usually a top will command the bottom, and thus dominate and submissive roles are born.

Now, in the relationship that I have found with my online friend, the roles seem to go both ways- not that I mind, but this seems to blur the line between top and bottom. I find myself struggling inside to find my place within this confusion. 

So when I told her of my plans to do the air mattress today, she got excited for me. 

“Is there something you want me to do for you when I am in bondage?” I asked her.

“Hummm…” she replied, and gave the matter some thought. “Can you gag yourself, and blindfold yourself?” she asked.

“If that is what you want…” I replied, and then added, “Mistress.” It was the first time I ever actually said that to another and it was a very weird thing- telling someone this after reading those words in internet stories for so long; it obscured the reality of the feeling for me.

She teased me for a while about the details of how I would be in her thoughts as I was helplessly caught in the air mattress as her “pet.” But then as she had to go, we talked about the simple terms, mistress and pet; we decided that it was a turn on and for the play- we would keep the terms.

I had a lot to do before my 3:00 date with the air mattress, so I got busy. I took a trip to the dollar store, for tape, oil, conditioner and shaving cream. Then, back at home, getting all those pillows into place was a nightmare- pillows from two different beds, and two sofas is quite a chore of back and forth running. Next I get the blower and the mattress out of the garage. Place any pillows that go into the air mattress into plastic garbage bags- so they won’t accidentally get soiled by oil, or conditioner. Now I need to build the bag. I tape three bags together in a line to form a big bag, seven feet long. I tape only on one side, flip the bag over, and before taping the other side, then squirt in the oil, conditioner, and shaving cream, section by section. Spreading it all out evenly, I ensure that every part of the bag is going to be slick, and slimy. Today I felt that I needed to give this bag some extra attention, so I taped over the entire bag, to make sure I would not be able to puncture it with my hands or feet. 

It was about 2:30 now, and I still needed to get the bag inside the mattress, hook up the timer, the blower, and get the vibrator out… I was running late, and the timer is a bitch to reset- so I am really motivated to make the deadline. 

I have made the ramp already, but I need to cover the top part with plastic, and connect it to the bag inside the air mattress. I focus hard to not waste time. Its 2:45, I have only to hook up the blower and the vibrator. I have set a kitchen cooking timer to go off at five minutes till. This will alert me to the time when I should be getting into the bag. As I finish the blower and make the connections at the outlet for power, I realize I have to tape over the entrance of the bag, to join it to the plastic up top- and secure the perimeter of the bag, for when I climb out, I’ll be covered head to foot in slimy goo. It is ten till, and in a fury of tape and frantic wrapping, I get the bag connected, and the towels dropped around the outside, just as the bell rings, and it is time to get into the bag. I strip off hastily, and look around the room for one last time before I start. 

Oh no! I forgot the blindfold and the gag- Mistress will be disappointed- I run to the kitchen and get some plasticwrap, and gag myself with a wad of plastic and wrap around my head several times to keep it in, then tape over that. Next I dash to the bedroom and pull out a long tube sock that will serve as a blindfold, I must have only minutes before the timer goes- I run to the bag, straddle the top of the ramp- madly squirt oil and conditioner on my body, and then hurriedly slid into the bag, pulling the vibrator in with me. I barely get settled when the timer goes off. No time to get settled in or too excited, just enough time to get in. I pull the blindfold down and put my arms back at my sides. 

The modified leaf blower is powerful; the air rushes in fast, and in less than thirty seconds, I cannot move. The vibrator is pressing on my limp dick, with all the running about; I am still out of breath. I am getting hot too. The bag is thick and the heat builds fast. I try to settle my heart rate, and cool off. It is dark, and I have a bag expanding in my face, its getting closer to the top of my head. I have to tilt my head back to get a breath. 

As the bag expands, it pushes my body down, and the force moves my body down further into the bag, pulling my already covered head deeper into the bag. I struggle to hang on to the position, but its no use, I am pushed and pulled by the mattress as it nears its fullest point. I am under its power now. The mattress pushes down onto my head and I till my head back to keep a crack at the opening free for me to breathe thru, but, I can’t see, it’s darker now. As I got in, I think the bag slid into the mattress deeper- explaining the way I am in too deep. 

I am now held firmly by the mattress and very stuck. This time I am not able to move at all, the square foam cushion is probably to blame for that. I start to feel light headed, and realize that I am not getting enough air though the crack. I think of Mistress and how she would probably do something like this to me, if she was here… but she is not here and I am starting to panic. I squirm to move, and get an arm up to my head, but lifting my arm only sends me in deeper. I feel the bag close around my head, and I know the entrance is blocked off; I must fight to get out. I kick my feet, and thrust my arm upwards. I feel cool air on my hand. I grab for the top of the bag, and pull with all my might. I am just able to pull my head out enough to breathe. I let go, and slid back a little into the bag, but I can still breathe. I don’t have any problems with that… I cannot get out though; it’s too much to pull my body clear of the bag. I try to relax, think of how mistress would have been tickled to see my struggle. 

I feel the vibrator now, and it drowns out all other feelings, and starts to turn me on. I think of how it is going to eventually make me cum, and there is nothing that I can do about it. I wait; thinking of Mistress, and her kinky mind. She is at work right now, and I told her to think of me at 3:00, I wonder if she is excited about me being so helpless right now, and if she has something she wants to do to me. I start to get really turned on, and I am getting turned on at the idea that she knows this is what is happening to me. 

She is aware that I am helpless, I have on a gag, and a blindfold just for her. It’s like I am being submissive on a whole new level. But I still want more. I want her to do it to me, not tell me- I want it done to me, so I can demonstrate how I am giving the control to someone else. I think that this is a desire I have always had. 

I am groaning now- and I feel a wave of excitement rush into me, I am getting slowly closer to cumming, and I know it. She called me her pet, and that is exactly how I feel right now, like a pet. I am not able to do any thing but wait, and she has ensnared me. I try moving, to get away from the vibrations. I can’t. The mattress is too full of air to allow it. I wonder how long it’s been since the blower started, five minutes? I don’t know how long, and I can’t see the wall clock. This will be a long time. 

I am starting to breath faster now- I am trying to hold off the urge to cum, but the vibrator is tireless it will work on me for as long as I am in bondage. I wince and make small “eh” sounds as I start to climb towards the point of no return. The slimy bag is getting to me. I break into a medley of “eh” sounds, with each one getting faster and closer to the next. I am losing my grip I think. The vibrator feels as if it is right next to my skull, and the vibrations seem to go all the way to my brain, killing any other thoughts. I let out one long “eeeehh!” and then know that I have turned the corner on the battle to hold out, but I have lost. I know it is only several seconds before I cum, but these seconds are the most rewarding seconds in my entire existence. 

The air seems to stop, the drone of the blower is somehow quiet, and time has stopped. Four hundred billion nerve ending send one message to my brain: let go. Then time speeds up to three times the normal speed, and a new heartbeat pumps in; pounding out sperm, and weakening my will to fight. I fall on a cascade of thin nerves, resonating inside my head. There is no reason to live now, now that I am cumming, I can die peaceful. The pounding fades as my shaft pours its bounty out, and I begin to return to normal once again. 

The falling sensation subsides and I start to get very hot, as my body grows flush, my hands and feet start sweating, and I rebound to my conscience state of mind. The blower is getting louder, but I know it’s just the same sound, just getting to me now. I grow impatient, and struggle. The bag is too steep to allow me to get out. And the mattress is very tight on my hips. I must wait for the timer to stop. It seems forever- and I am sweating profusely, the temperature is really up there. It is this time that I swear that I’ll never do it again. I do it every time, swear I won’t do it again, but each time my kinky yearning for domination out weighs the discomfort. 

Finally, the timer stops. It has been only 25 minutes that I have been inside the bag, and I feel as if it were two weeks. I struggle to get out as the bag slowly deflates, but it is still hard work, even with the blower off. I am covered by goo, and towel off my feet, and make my way towards the bathroom. I draw a shower, and start to decompress after a massive experience. I am exhausted. The shower melts away the goo on my flesh, but the oil lingers, softening my skin. I think of what I am going to say to my Mistress, who is looking forward to reading my report that she has ordered me to write, after I get out…



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