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Self Bondage with Agnes

by Kim Normunde

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© Copyright 2005 - Kim Normunde - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; collar; cuffs; gag; chast; caught; M+/f; oral; forced; climax; cons/reluct; X

Hi there my name is Agnes and I am originally from the great country of Scotland but I now live in a small town just outside of  Nashville, Tennessee. My job is what brought me to this country and I love it here. There is more to do and more wide open spaces to do it in. I am 28 years old I have red hair, green eyes, and my measurements are 33-23-33. I stand 6ft tall and weigh 112 pounds. I have been told that I am a beautiful, although I have a slight problem with my height. I have done some modeling in the past which is how I came to be in this country but I am now a radio personality on a local station. I bought a 5 acre piece of land with a 4 bedroom house on it. The house sits at the back of the property and the property sits at the end of a 3 mile country road with only a couple of houses on it but it has a horse ranch that takes up one whole side of the road from the main road to my land. 

Being from Europe I am a little more liberal when it come to personal form of sexual pleasure, I enjoy many things that the religious city of Nashville deems dirty and this makes them even more fun. One of these is self bondage, I got into this in high school when I was dared by my best friend to let her tie me up, I enjoyed it very much. Now that I have a job that affords me a little extra money I indulge my desires. I would like to tell you of one of my escapades.

I have discovered that the weather here in middle Tennessee is a lot more skin friendly then that of my home country and this has let me grow more bold with my outside adventures. One that comes to mind is the time that I decided to walk from the main road to my house in some rather restrictive bondage. The horse ranch has an old barn that sits in the corner of the main road and my road, this used to be the back of the ranch. This barn is used mainly for storing hay for the horses although other items are kept here as well. Opposite this on the other side of the road is a small 2 bedroom house that the ranch foreman lives in, about half way down the road is another house that is under construction and the rest of the lots are waiting for development and are either overrun with plants or are in the process of being cleared.

My plan is to first walk out to the barn past the construction workers and then put myself into bondage and then make my way back home without being seen. The trick will be to use the ranch as cover because it has trees and shrubs along the fence that can give cover although it is not continuous. I gave it a trail run the other day, I dressed in a sports bra and Daisy Duke type cutoffs that showed more ass then it covered and I ran out to the barn, then I walked back to house trying not to be seen, when I got to the place across from the house that is being worked on I tried not to be noticed but no luck, cat calls and whistles abounded. This was going to take some planning because I did not want to be caught but if I was I wanted it to be fun for all.

I watched the weather forecast waiting for the right time, I wanted a hot muggy day so that my skin would shine with sweat. I got all of the items together that I would need, neck collar, chastity belt, extra large ribbed dildo, large ass plug, corset, 6 inch heeled platform boot that came up to mid thigh, fishnet stockings, expandable spreader bar, wrist cuffs, rope, and lastly an O ring gag so I could not close my mouth. If all went well I would spend the day slowly making my way back undetected and if not I would end up with a belly full of sperm.

The day finally came and I woke early to get ready. No breakfast, no drinks since about 5 the night before I did not want to have to worry about bathroom breaks. I gave myself three large enemas, I also used Nair on my entire body from the neck down. The Nair is not supposed to be used close to or on ones’ pussy but I do it anyway because even after washing it off I find the stinging enjoyable. I next packed my bag and dressed for the trip to the barn. For this trip all I wore was a bikini top and spandex shorts. When I walked past the house being built I was hoping that no one would be in but there was already some brick layers there. I wonder what it would be like to be fucked by 8 Mexican brick layers.

I got to the barn with only a few of them seeing me and I waited for them to start working and slipped into the barn. Once inside I got to work. I first took my shorts and shirt off and tore them up. I then slipped the fishnet stockings on followed by the boots. Next came the dildo and ass plug, I used a little pussy juice and in they went followed by the chastity belt which was locked on. I then locked the spreader bar on both boots, at first it was only 16 inches wide boot with every step it got wider until it reached its full width of 32 inches. I then put the corset on and tied it up as tight as I could which took my 23 inch waist down to a 16 inch waist and also enhanced my tits making them bigger. I then locked on the collar and cuffs. I then put the O ring gag in my mouth and locked it in place. All of the keys were back at my place. I took the rope and ran it through a ring in the back of the collar and made 2 slip knots. The rope was only long enough so that I would be forced to keep my arms in the middle of my back. The cuffs have a timer release on them and I set it for 12 hours so no matter what it would be some time before I saw freedom. I slipped my hand through the knots and locked my wrist together.

Now let the games begin. I slowly made my way to the barn exit where I ran into problem number 1. The ranch hands were loading some hay so I would have to wait to they were done. Standing still proved harder than I thought the boots kept getting stuck to the ground so I had so walk around in circles causing the spreader bar to expand sooner than I thought. By the time the ranch hands left the bar was at least half open already causing the early going to be slower than planned. I made my way to the door and watched the hands leave and when they were out of sight I started my walk. 

It was going fairly well in the beginning then I happened on a little snag. I had not counted on getting weeds stuck on the spreader bar which is exactly what happened. I tugged and pulled and tugged some more and could not get loose. I was stuck out in the open and had no place to hide and just then a car passed by, all I could do was kneel down and hope no one saw. I knelt there for a while and finally got the nerve up to stand and look around, good no one is looking so time to get out of the weeds. I started to jump up and down and after a short while I was free. Now all this made me very sweaty and very hot. Drool was running down my face due to the fact that my gag would not let me close my mouth. I got to the first group of trees and had had the good luck of not being seen or so I thought. I rested for a while and started out again. 

By this time the spreader bar was fully extended and walking was really heating me up. I got to some trees in front of the house being worked on and looked and did not see anyone so I walked as best I could and as fast as I could and went straight for the bushes. When I got there I looked around again and still saw nothing so off I went. I had made it 2/3 of the way when I tripped and fell knocking the wind out of me. I lay there coughing and gasping for air when I noticed that I was not alone. I looked to see the 8 brick layers standing with dicks in hand and grins on their faces.

I knew that I was fixing to blow all 8 men and I exploded in an orgasm. The men just stood and grinned and the one closest to me grabbed my hair and forced his smelly hard dick into my mouth, he pumped into me for a good twenty minutes and then exploded in my mouth and I was forced to suck him off and swallow all his man juice. After he was done the second one followed his lead, then the third and forth guys fucked my mouth. The fifth guy first said, “I hope you are thirsty” he shoved his dick in and started to piss he gave me a bellyful and then started fucking my face. 

The last guy just smiled at me and stood sideways to me so I could see how long he was he must have been at least 12 inches long. He slowly pushed his dick in and in it went. It hit the back of my throat and he stopped I felt his grip on my hair get stronger as he forced the rest of that beautiful big dick in my face pussy. The whole time this was going on he was calling me names and his friends were calling me names. This lasted for about 10 minutes and he let loose a big load and it was added to the rest in my belly. After they all had a second go at my mouth the leader of the gang told me he knew who I was  and if I did not do this again next week then he would send the tape to the press and he produced a tape.

They all left me to my fate as they left they all said see you next week. I got back to my knees and finished my walk home without any more trouble.


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