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The Self-Bondage Test

by Fellatino

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Two years after I left uni I was totally in debt, and was totally overspent. My 100% mortgage I could no longer pay was like a weight around my neck. Doing some part time modeling kept the creditors away for long enough though.

I did a couple of standard shoots, but there were hundreds of guys wanting the same jobs. I was no stranger to bondage, and that became my niche - rather that than be forced to lower myself with 'working with other men'.

I did a couple of shoots where I was masked for the pay area of a website, and it was decent money and got me some more work for private portfolios. The email that changed everything came through the modeling website I was part of.

It was strange because they were into 'self-shot' pictures. They were only offering £25, but all I had to do was to pose in the ways they wanted and just set my camera on a timer and email them the results, it took me a few minutes to set up the toys they wanted and half an hour to take the photos. They loved them and got straight back with another job. 

This one had an added twist, but I was told that if I did this job well there would be plenty more work to come. Furthermore it would only take me a few hours and they were willing to pay £400 for my time. I had decided I would take it before I had even read the specification. 

It was a little weird and very specific, and it was a bit dangerous but it was a well paid job. It seems whoever they were, they were into seeing people in jeopardy in some way and especially the 'real-life' and voyeuristic twist. In a nutshell, they had picked a park a couple of miles away from my house for me to go for a run. The first time, in the afternoon I would wear semi-visible bondage gear, and then later at midnight, I would do the same run, but totally naked and in self-imposed bondage.

I had to do exactly as they said, and take the exact path they mapped out as they said there were going to set up a couple of hidden cameras which would collect some of the footage for them. That was what they wanted. I thought it was weird, but they were good for their work so far, and the more I thought about doing it, the more excited I got.

The outfit of mine they approved for my first run was a thin t-shirt and a pair of semi-fitted polyester shorts. No underwear. I opened the box they sent me and found three clamps with elastic nooses, a pair of leather cuffs and their written instructions. The clamps were nooses of elastic string with the ends pulled through what looked like a padlock body. It meant that the noose would pull tighter and tighter through the padlock and would not release without the key. 

I tested them out in the way they wanted - one on each nipple and one around the head of my penis. The nipples were harder than I thought, as it seems like they were designed for women's larger nipples. To get the clamp to hold I had to put a clothespeg over the end of my nipple, loop the noose over and pull tight. This held my nipple in place and the elastic noose pulled my nipple out like a pea attached to my chest. After a few minutes and they expanded, it was obvious that when locked on there would be no removing them without the key, and until they were unlocked they would be dangling there with the padlock base an inch under my nipple held be the elastic string noose.

The area they chose was a popular place for local dog-walkers. There was a rough footpath around the outside of fields, and the path wound in and out of semi-wooded areas between two housing estates. The path ran along behind peoples garden fences before cutting across a field before ending up through the woods before it cam back to the open area by the main road.

I was instructed to start my first run at 6pm sharp, a time which was no doubt going to be popular with walkers and dog-walkers. I set out in my car and parked in a nearby housing estate. I was to be out until maybe 1 in the morning so I did not want to attract attention by parking in the open area. I took a last look at my instructions, and left the nipple and cock noose keys in the car as instructed and took a deep breath and readied myself. My first task was to hide the noosed bag and string in the wooded area at the end of the run. I found a spot away from the main path that was easy to get to, behind a tree. Inside the bag was the leather cuffs, the padlock for them and a bottle of energy drink for later.

My next task was to hide the padlock key in plain sight in the carpark near the main road. I did this and made a mental note of the spot as I would have to find this later at night where it would only be lit by stray streetlighting. I checked my watch - 5.40, and found a quiet place in order to put the nooses on my parts as instructed. Off the beaten track in the wood all you could hear was voices in the distance and with the leaves on the trees in the summer I hoped I would not be seen. 

I stood there with just my watch, a thin shirt and the thin polyester shorts on with my running shoes. I lifted my shirt and used a clothespeg on my nipple to stretch it out before looping the nipple noose over as I had practiced previously. Pulling it tight enough to sting made that when I took the peg off, the noose held on the base of my nipple. When I was sure that it was in place I tightened it a bit. I wouldn't have a second chance to get it right with the key in the car and had to make sure that it wouldn't come off if I was to get paid for this job. After the second nipple, I gave both a final tug and my nipples poked out like peas. I checked the nooses by pulling the dangling end with the mini-padlock, and there was no way it was coming off without the key.

I chucked the clothespeg and was left with my final task. I pulled my shorts down, and lifted my foreskin and looped the noose over the ridge around the end of my cock. I pulled it tight to that the little weight of the padlock dangled down at the bottom. My penis automatically started to fill a bit with the excitement, and it showed that whilst there was room for stretching, the elastic noose was not coming off without the padlock. My foreskin held on the noose, holding it back, making it feel awkward against the silky texture of the shorts.

Walking towards the start point with ten minutes to go I must have looked like a keen runner in the distance. It was only when you got close you could just pick out that by t-shirt was hanging tight on the points of my nipples poking off my chest, and the outline of my cock which would usually be held in by tight underwear in such a light pair of shorts, but today was hanging down free.

A couple of dog walkers came past me and I did my best to avoid their glances as I swigged the last bit of my energy drink and paced around with the last few minutes to go. Finishing the last bit, I threw the plastic bottle in the litter bin in the clearing at the start of the track and checked my watch. Perfect timing. I was off.

As I took my first few steps my adrenaline was pumping with the excitement of what I was going to be doing. I couldn't set off too quickly though, I had a decent run ahead, and I was not allowed to stop or walk for any reason. After a minute the adrenaline started to wear off and I became more aware of my surroundings. The first thing I noticed was the shirt rubbing against my engorged nipples. It felt like someone was rubbing the end of them with every step I took.

Ahead, I saw the first person I was to pass. A red-haired girl in her early twenties with a Golden Retriever. As I saw her in the distance I make a conscious effort not to make eye contact. However, in my excited state, as she got closer I automatically checked her out. As she got closer, her eyes met mine, and I saw her eyes move down and away. Her eyes then flashed back to my waist and was fixed there for a second before looking away. I realised what she must be seeing but I just looked straight ahead and blanked her. 

As I passed her and I checked she was far enough away, I looked down and realised what she was looking at. The combination of the excitement of the situation, the dangling weight at the end as well as my exposed cock-head against the shorts had meant that thought it was not erect, it was as big as it could be without being erect. If that was it, then it probably wouldn't have been noticed, however what gave it away was with every pace, the size of it and the padlock dangling from the end was clearly visible as an outline, like a pendulum back and forth in my shorts. 

I realised what the couple had planned now. I thought that this run was going to be no more than a proverbial 'walk in the park', however they knew that every time I passed someone I had to face the humiliation and the glances. It was too late now though. Almost half way around the track, I would still have to get back to the car to take off this gear and go home, and even then I would lose the whole job. I kept going. 

I hadn't seen any of the hidden cameras that they told me they had set up, but then again I wasn't supposed to for obvious reasons, and the feeling of being watched was also down to my feeling of being exposed and semi-clothed. Looking up ahead I saw a tall woman with long black hair, crouching and petting her dog. In the distance she looked up, possibly hearing my footsteps and started walking her dog in my direction. For an older woman, of maybe over forty she was statuesque and quite different than the standard of the gene pool in my locality. Due to my knowledge of what could be now seen of me I made a conscious effort to look ahead as our paths were to meet. However, I was drawn to her eyes I saw she met my eyes and did not look away. I glanced away and looked back, and she was staring at me as I got closer, and she was not in any way embarrassed in looking me up and down making a point of looking at was going on in my shorts. 

I felt humiliated and my heart lept. It was obvious what people could see. Then it dawned on me - was this the woman of the couple that hired me?

It was all I thought of as I entered the final part of the run through the wooded area. The pain was starting to build in my nipples as avoiding logs and other obstacles meant that the padlocks dangling from the nooses jumped and pulled. I was tiring, but knew I was near the end of a good 30 minute jog. The stick I left up against a tree by the path was the marker I left to turn 90 degrees into the wood and head in 20 yards to find the bag I left their earlier. I stopped at the tree and took a breather before heading in.

I picked up the bag at the bottom of the tree and got the second bottle of drink. I was too full to drink much, but knew I had to finish it all as this would be my only chance to get in fluids and nutrients before I got home in the middle of the night. At almost 7 PM the sky was turning to dusk, and I started the second part of my task. Hidden away from the main path I took off my shirt. My nipples were engorged and now painful to the touch. I then slipped off my shorts, springing my cock on the way down. Touching myself gingerly, despite the situation, there would be no release as the noose holding back my foreskin was going to be too difficult and painful to get around. I emptied the leather cuffs from the bag and filled it with my shirt and shorts. As instructed, I tied the bag up onto a nearby branch 6ft off the ground. 

I was now at the point of no return. Keep going and set myself up for the night, or give up, put my clothes on and leave the money. I seriously thought about it, but financially I knew I just couldn't. So I carried on. Stood there, nude apart from my running shoes, with my appendages adorned with the nooses, I put the thick leather cuffs over each wrist, putting the hasp through the gap, holding it tight. I held my hands behind my back, heart racing. I had a 5 hour wait here with the risk of being discovered with no way to escape and get my clothes. I would be totally stuck. I closed my eyes, putting my fingers on the right place on the padlock before reaching it through the hasp on each cuff and linking them together. I held the padlock at the point of no return. And I heard a click. 

I felt my heart sink and the gravity of my situation now kicked in. Either way, I was now stuck here. With my hands locked behind my back, there was no way I could reach up to get my clothes even if I wanted to throw the money away at this stage. With no clothes I would have to get not only into the open by the main road to get the padlock key naked, I would be seen. Even in the early evening the road was busy and I would no doubt be seen. I would still then have to come back to where I was then, still naked, hoping I don't meet anyone on the way for an evening stroll just to get my clothes on.

There was no point in trying. With my hands behind my back I carefully crouched down and sat with my back against the tree. I was reasonably safe here. I could not be seen from the path, and all I could hear was sporadic footsteps and conversations. The hours passed slowly with me stretching round to see the illuminated dials on my watch waiting for midnight. The situation meant that I could never relax properly though. Ideas of killers ran through my head, and if I was found I would not have a hope of defending myself, and I tried to keep that out of my head. The warm summer evening started to cool and I crouched to keep warm, waiting to get this job done and over with.

Eventually midnight came though, and I stood up on my cramped legs, and shook them off. All I could hear was total silence. Surprisingly the way was reasonably lit by the almost full moon. I dawned on me again that this place, and date had more planning from the couple was more than I first realised. It was clear that this was a careful plan from them.

After a brisk walk to warm up I started to jog. This was more difficult than I thought it would be with my hands behind my back. The second issue was that with my hands behind me, my chest was stretched and taut and this meant that the pain of the bouncing mini-padlocks dangling from my nipples was worse as there was now no give in the skin of my chest. 

Being at the end of the track I was close to the clearing by the main road, and I paused for a second by the final tree letting a car come past. As soon as it was out of sight I ran as fast as i could around the edge of the empty car park and entered the start of the trail again at the other side. I heard a car just as I entered it and realised that ten seconds earlier I would have been totally seen from the road.

The chill of the night put goosebumps on my skin as I jogged through the cool air. I came out into the opening where I had a 400 yard jog around the edge of the field in the open. Here I could see if anyone was coming a good way off, even though I doubted that many would be out at this time on a Tuesday night. The joggling weights on my nipples pulled and tugged and the cool air against my nipples was now more painful than pleasurable. Looking down, I could now see what was going on inside my shorts earlier that day, my cock, led my the little padlock on the end swinging and bouncing rhythmically off each leg as it moved forward to take a step.

My shoulders ached as I was reminded that my arms were tightly held behind my back. I could see the small wooded area up ahead, and consciously tried to block out what would happen should I meet some kind of opportunist attacker laying in wait. Maybe this was the couple's plan? To check I was here during the day and then abduct me?

That thought faded as I came out of the wooded area along the path which ran along the back of the back gardens of the houses bordering the field. My heart leapt as I was bathed in bright light. I immediately and instinctively paused and looked for cover and the source of the light. Looking up I realised I had triggered the infra-red floodlights on the back of the first house, I guess to detract burglars from entering over their back fence. I realised I had no choice but to keep going, and to get out of the light as there would be no hiding should I be seen. I sprinted on and to my horror I realised I was triggering light after light of every house in the row.

I sprinted on as fast as I could with my hands locked behind me, the pain in my nipples burning from the weights on them being violently thrown around. My only thought was to get out of the light and hope that by the time anyone came to their windows I would be gone. 

As I entered the final wooded area at the end of the run I looked behind me for a second and saw the spotlights turn off. I was now just yards from the spot where area where my stuff was and I noticed the log up against the tree as my marker, but knew I had to keep going past this out into the open by the car park and the main road as my first task was to find the padlock key. 

As I came out into the open I could hear nothing in the still air apart from distant traffic and jogged into the car park towards where the rock I put over the padlock key was. When I put it there I did not think of how I might get it though, and my heart racing I had to crouch down with my back to the rock do that I could move it with my cuffed hands behind my back. A car. Coming closer. I had no chance to get out of the car park, and I was lit by the streetlights. I had no other choice than to crouch still and hope I wasn't seen, and whilst I fiddled to find the key with my hands by eyes were fixed on the car as it passed, luckily without stopping. 

I got the key, got up and ran back to the wooded area back to my stuff. It took a minute or two with shaking hands to unlock the cuffs, and I pried them off my sweaty wrists, I dropped them and reached up and untied my bag from the tree. I quickly put my shirt and shorts on before filling the bag with the cuffs and keys. Calming down on my walk to my car I walked almost casually to it, before driving home.

I got home and turned on my PC to complete the final part of my task. I stripped and turned on my digital camera on its tripod setting it to timer before taking full length pictures of my body as well as my battered and bruised nipples and cock. I unlocked the padlocks on the nooses and to my surprise my nipples seemed permanently fixed at their new engorged shape and size even after the elastic noose was painfully peeled away. I sat in front of my PC and emailed the couple these final pictures and then, shattered, slept awaiting their response.

The End

The story of what happened when I met the couple and was offered an amazing proposition is continued in the story The Country House - The Proposition.



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