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Selfbondage Slave

by Apryllrain

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© Copyright 2002 - Apryllrain - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; enema; twine; breast; nipple; clothespins; bdsm; cord; self-torture; torment; insertion; toys; denial; climax; cons; XX

It was rare for me to get the whole day at home alone, and believe me; I planned to take advantage of it.

First thing I did was take a long, hot shower, so hot my skin was beautifully rosy, and I could hardly breathe from the steam. I was really in the mood to be abused, but there was no one else around to do it, so I had to take care of it myself. I filled a two-quart enema bag with soapy water. I also laid out yarn, dental floss and several clothespins and some weights. When I felt I was as clean on the outside as I could get, I knew it was time to clean out the inside and start the fun and games. I got down on my hands and knees in the tub and twisted the shower knob to ice cold. Then taking a deep breath, I slid the enema nozzle deep into my ass. I imagined myself being forced to kneel under the icy shower as my bottom filled with the hot water... I closed my eyes and imagined a strong, demanding, domineering man in the shadows, just watching, directing me. I was given no choices, no options. I turned on the hose.

I was shivering with cold, but my cunt was still steamy. As the bag collapsed, I could feel the cramps twisting my bowels, but I wasn't done yet!... HE wasn't done with me. HE wanted to see me writhe.

The bag finally empty, I carefully stood up, slid the nozzle out, then replaced it with a large anal plug. I wouldn't be allowed to empty until I had finished the next step. 

I stepped out of the tub, carefully, and took about 10 feet of yarn. I doubled it and slid the ends thru the loop, I then placed it around my left tit (for some reason, I always start with the left) pulled it tight and separated the ends and wound them around and around my tit, pulling tighter with each revolution. When I had gone around about 15 times, I pulled the yarn behind my neck and tied it. I took a second string and did the same thing to my right tit. They were bulging beautifully, and starting to turn purple. Using the back of a hairbrush, I gave each one a few hard smacks. 

Next, I took two of the clothespins and threaded them on a string. I tied the other end of each onto the towel rack that is on the wall and about 3 feet from the toilet. I had to stop a couple of times because I was doubled over with cramps, and I really wanted to go, but I knew if I didn't finish, I'd have to do it all over again... but worse. I pinched the clothespins on each nipple and leaned back. My nipples were stretched way out, practically being pulled from my breasts; HE loved how it looked, regardless of how much it hurt me. He forced me to take a length of floss and tie it around each nipple, tightly, and then tied a lead weight to the floss. My breasts were being pulled now, every wiggle causing fresh agony, and now all I had to do was get to the toilet. The only problem is that it is about 3 feet 8 inches away from the wall... as I emptied, I'd be pulling my weighted nipple out even further.... just for fun, I added four clothespins to my breasts in a circle about an inch past the nipples. They looked like porcupines.

When I was done, I untied the ends of the strings from the towel rack, and knotted it behind my head, pulling my aching tits as high as I could. Since I had done so well, I decided it was time for a reward. So I went into the bedroom and lay down on the floor. HE forced me to spread my legs wide apart, spreading my sex wide apart. I put cuffs on my ankles, and then clipped them to the legs of the bed... lengthwise, not width wise. I reached for the high-powered vibrator and after threading several more clothespins thru 2 strings, which I tied around my upper thighs; I pinched my cuntlips in them and pulled them wide apart. 

I felt so exposed.. so aroused... I grabbed the vibrator and pressed it firmly against my clit. I was so aroused that I could feel my orgasm building almost immediately... it only took a moment until I was almost there.... so I pulled the vibe away. I nearly sobbed with frustration, but HE wasn't ready yet, HE wanted to me make it really hard on myself, to make me crazy. I pushed the vibe on my clit again... I was so close but I wouldn't let myself cum... I hadn't been properly punished yet.... 10 times I did it.... 10 times I got to the edge and 10 times I pulled back. When I felt I couldn't take another time, I clipped my ankles and stood up... I repositioned the clothespins on my tits, adding one on each side of each nipple. I shook my body hard to increase the pain.

I was standing up now, and grabbed my next toy. It was the car cord to my cellular phone, it's only about 2 feet long but it's wicked when you fold it in half, just the right length and weight to swing over my head and beat my back, ass, and legs... If I aim really well, I can swing straight over and have the end of cord catch my pussy. I swung that cord really hard too, crisscrossing my back with the lines it made. I swung it around my side to hit my shoulder blades and my thighs. All this movement jiggled the weights on my tits. I was aching from my neck to my knees. Sometimes I'd be able to swing the cord around my back with my right hand, hitting the left side, keeping the momentum, switch the cord to my left hand and hit the right side.

I must have hit myself 100 times, maybe more; all I know is that I was in pain. I as in agony... and I loved it!!

Now, I don't have a dildo, so I have to improvise, and one way I've found is with a long, firm potato. If it's too thick I cut the sides down, but it's hard and slippery and can go so deep. I got down on my back, and taking the ends of the strings that were still clothes-pined to my nipples, I raised my hips and putting my feet flat on the floor, I pulled my ankles in towards my ass. I tied the ends of the strings around my big toes.

I took the potato, and shoved it into my cunt.. as deep as it would go. I fucked myself with it for a short time, then slammed it all the way inside. Finally, I took the vibrator and pressed it hard against my clit again, pressing up so I got the most sensitive part. I turned it on... I came.... I CAME!!!


My hips pumped up and down, fucking the potato... it was so intense I wanted to stop, but I didn't. HE wouldn't let me. HE made me cum again and again... every time I wanted to stop I would kick out with my foot, pulling hard on my nipples... it seemed to last forever.

Sweet dreams....


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