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Self Bondage & Rubber Bands!

by Tina

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© Copyright 2009 - Tina - Used by permission

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Several days ago, acting upon suggestion, I stopped at the local office supply store and picked up several bags of rubber bands in varying lengths and widths and a ball of extra-strong nylon packing twine. Arriving home I started preparing for my next ordeal. (Preparation and anticipation is half the fun!)

First I dug out a box of dual-end snap-clips that I had purchased at a flea market. They've really come in 'handy' in my bondage play. (I wish I knew what they were called. I call them dog-clips because they remind me of the clips you find on dog leashes.) Next I stripped and put on my Bondage belt. This belt is about 3 inches wide and has D-rings attached at strategic locations . Then I tied some twine to two of the dog-clips and snapped them to the buckle and the D-ring in back. I adjusted the length of twine so that it was R-E-A-L-L-Y snug between the cheeks of my bum and along the length of my slit.

Next I marked the twine in front where it entered my labia and in the rear just above my bumhole. (Yes, I did sport a red dot fore and aft for the next several days.) Then I fixed up four more twine and clip sets just like the first.

After that I removed my belt, dressed, and sat down with the rubber bands, dog-clips, and dog-clip and string sets. I took each string set (carefully noting which end was which) and started clipping the bands and tying them between the dots on the string. The other end of each band was tied to a spare dog-clip. I picked bands at random from each bag until each string assembly had several bands tied to it in random order and location.

When I finished I had five devices that I call 'Snapper-Zappers'. I carefully put them away for 'future use. Anticipation is part of the fun.

Saturday, June 24, quickly became miserably hot and humid as forecasted. Going out didn't appeal, I decided not to read or study, and nothing was on the TV. I puttered around the house in the morning and considered the afternoon. You guessed it - Time for a bondage session!

I took my box of Zappers to the spare bedroom and carefully laid them out. Then, closing my eyes, I rearranged them in a random order so (as best I could) I wouldn't know which I had selected later.

Across the hall in my bedroom, I stripped and started laying out the things I'd need - bondage belt, ankle cuffs, hand cuffs, dog-clips, keyed-alike padlocks, a couple of short lengths of chain, a home-made knee spreader (made from a dowel rod, screw eyes, and a couple of large dog collars), and my latest purchase - a fairly severe leather posture collar that locks in back with D-ring in front.

First I bucked the ankle cuffs on. Next came the belt that I had dog clipped the two short chains to in back. Then I put the knee spreader above my knees and buckled it securely into place. Locking my hand cuffs to the D-ring of the collar, I finally buckled it around my neck. It held my head F-I-R-M-L-Y erect and kept my eyes forward and elevated.

Grabbing my key ring with the padlock key and hand cuff key, I shuffled across the hall (the ends of the loose chains banging against my thighs) into the spare bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Choosing one of the Zappers by feel, I clipped it to the D-ring in back, stood, and groping between my legs found the other end. I gave it a little shake to untangle the bands and, again by feel, clipped it to the buckle on my belt.

I tested everything by feel then shuffled to the den where I'd have room to play. The Zapped gently bounced between my thighs as the chains rattled and banged in back.

I had already attached a short length of chain to a 75 pound dumbbell. I tossed the keys a dozen or so feet across the room and knelt in front of the dumbbell. By feel I found the chain attached to the dumbbell and clipped the dog-clip between my legs to it. Next I attached the chains attached to my belt to my ankle cuffs.

I was just about ready. Using my arms, I eased myself to the floor pulling my ankles into the air. I was now resting on my breasts, belly, and upper thighs. I reached up and snapped first one cuff - then the other - around my wrists. Now I was helpless.

I took a moment to savor the sensations of my bound body and (mentally) the image of what someone peeking through my den windows might see.

Here was a hopeless blonde, uncomfortably bound, her legs flexed, ankles drawn inexorably toward the small of her back. Her head held high and forward to stare at the means to freedom, but freedom at a price. The cruel tromentrix between her thighs would see to that. Her legs held wide apart by the vicious spreader, preventing even the hope she might shield her privates from some of the punishment to come.

I started my slow journey toward the key using my elbows to inch along dreading what was to come. I also discovered that, despite the softness of the carpet in my den, I would get a little carpet burn on my thighs and breasts - an unanticipated punishment. After about a foot I felt the bands start to pull taut. I knew the band(s) were stretching, but because of the randomness of my selections, I had no idea when or where the first would strike.

I knew that the band would stretch to its limit then break - snapping me somewhere painfully, but I had to continue. No one was coming by to free me. Just then I heard the band snap and a millisecond later it struck my sex sending a white-hot flash of pain from my crotch through the rest of my body causing me to gasp for breath. I had to pause a minute to gain my composure. This was just the first of 'who knows how many' zaps.

After resting a minute I continued my painful exodus. The next zap landed squarely on my anus - better than before, but still V-E-R-Y uncomfortable.

Another few inches and I had accumulated seven or eight zaps that had me sobbing and gasping. Each one accumulated until my sex felt like a bar of agonizing heat.

I thought nothing could be worse - I was wrong! I felt another band break and waited the fractional second in dread until it landed squarely on my little clitty. I don't think I screamed - I KNOW I SCREAMED!

Another six inches and the last band broke ending the acute punishment. This only let me focus on the after affects to my privates and the increasing carpet burn to my nipples, elbows, and thighs. I finally reached the keys and freed myself. I'm not sure how long I lay there - exhausted and crying.

After a time I staggered to the bed room and took stock of myself in my mirror. My breasts and elbows were lightly carpet burned, but not that bad. Using a hand mirror I checked out my crotch. I was sure it would look like raw meat, but in fact, had only a few welts where the bands had hit wide of the mark. My sex was pretty sore, but a long hot soak, a little baby oil, and my favorite vib indicated that everything was still in working order. So, how was your Saturday...

The End


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