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Selfbondage Patrol

by Nighthawk

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© Copyright 2002 - Nighthawk - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; Sbm; FF/mf; cuffs; gag; chain; toys; insert; caught; drug; enslave; transport; escape; boxed; cons/nc; X

Her name is Sally. She is that kind of Woman, where you only can say "Yabbadabbado". And the best thing about her she loved to be bound. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mike. I'm good friend of Sally and I was the man, who saved her from being sold to a foreign country.

Sally gave me a call on Monday afternoon that she wants to try something the she read on the Internet. It was called Selfbondage Patrol.

"Listen Honey," I said, "I'm don't think that this is the right thing. You always gave me a call, when you planned a Selfbondage session to look for you in a couple of hours as safety guy. Why don't we just leave it that way?"

Okay, I must confess that I had broken her trusting in me, when I was showing up two hours too early. She was bound on her bed, wearing nothing except a blindfold and a shiny red 2” ballgag. Just seeing her laying there and struggling against her bonds, I was getting excited. I thought to myself that I would make a little fun with her and grab the key, which will unlock her bonds. I just sit down in the front of her and was enjoying her. After half an hour and two orgasm later she was getting a little nervous. The key had not fallen yet (well it couldn't, because it was in my pocket).

I was moving quietly to the front door and make a noise of opening the door. "I'm home, honey", I shouted to the bedroom.

The only answer I got was an “mmmpphf”.

"Hey honey, didn't you find the key?” I asked her with a bright smile in my face.

"Mmmpf, mmpf, mmmpffhh", she answered. I think it should mean, "Free me now."

And now I was making my mistake. I said, "Honey, I think your Vibrator needs new batteries"

She nodded with her head but there was no escape for her. I replaced the batteries in the device and set her to full power. She grunted into the gag as the intruder entered her. I left her for an hour or so and released her after that.

Boy, was she mad.

She told me that she never ever will use me as safety guy again and that she was looking for something else as rescue system. That's how she found the announcement for the Selfbondage Patrol.

As I said she had given me the news on Monday. Today is Tuesday, and no call from Sally. I was getting nervous about the whole thing, so I decided to drive to her flat. I’ve still got her keys, just in case. I first rang the doorbell and no one was answering. So I decided to open the door and step inside. The whole place was cleaned up. That was not Sally's style. There was something strange going on here. I walked in the living room seeing that her computer still was connected to the Internet. Good thing to have a flat-rate, I thought by myself. 'Let see what page she viewed as last one.’ I told myself and found the announcement for the Selfbondage Patrol.

"Get your totally free Selfbondage set for the best session of your life. No thoughts about of being locked up forever. The Selfbondage Patrol is checking if you’re okay. Just at that time you arrange with us. So order your set now and you'll get it not later than within 2 hours."

"That's impossible", I thought to myself, but the curiosity was greater. So I filled the order form for the set. I was wondering why they wanted to know my age, my measures and my gender. But the excitement was greater than my worries. I sent the form to Selfbondage Patrol and drove back home.

Two hours later, my doorbell rang and I got a parcel from an unknown sender. I was very excited and open the parcel.

First thing I found was a CD-Rom for the PC. I put it into my CD-drive and open the Instructions which was displayed on my monitor.

"First please check, if you get all utilities. You must find following things in the parcel:
1. a Ballgag with a padlock
2. a pair of handcuffs
3. a pair of legcuffs
4. a synthetic vagina
5. a buttplug
6. a chain to connect hand and legcuffs
7. keys for the Cuffs and the padlock"
8. a transmitter

I found everything, I checked the devices and found no Power switch on the things. Maybe there will be more in the rest of the message.

"To use Selfbondage Patrol, please enter time when you want to get checked. Leave the key for the front door under your doormat for our employees to get in if there is any problem. The vibrating device will be controlled by the Internet and will start one minute after putting them on. Be sure to connect the transmitter to your PC. Don't forget to use all Items for full pleasure."

Full pleasure, seems ok to me but I won't take the buttplug. No buttplug will ever enter me. I will be so wrong about this thing.

I entered the time, when I wanted to be checked. Five hours will be fine. Much time to free myself. I had designed me a little device that will let the keys go after about an hour. It was a box that will automatically open. I put the keys inside and started to strip my clothes off. I went to the bedroom, laying myself on the bed. First thing I took was the ballgag. I put it on and pulled the strap tight. Then I attached the padlock to the strap. The only sound what I could make now was a very quiet 'mmmpf'.

I was starting to get an erection. The next thing was the legcuffs. Click and I lost one piece of my freedom. Click. From now on I can only shuffle with my feet. No more running anywhere.

My erection was growing each second. The next item was the chain to connect the hand and legcuffs. I started to connect the chain to my leg and handcuffs. Now I put on the synthetic vagina. At the moment it touched my cock it sucked down onto it. I took it off a bit out of fear. I couldn't believe what I saw it sucked right down to the base of my cock just as it touched it. But the excitement was greater than the fear.

I tried it again. The same happened. I let it suck on because it wasn't so bad at all. Now to the handcuffs. One deep breath and they clicked in position on my hands on the back.

The vagina started to do her job really good as I heard after five minutes it started that someone was opening my front door. 'Not now', I thought to myself, 'you’re much too early'.

Two ladies walked in and started to grin at me. Those girls where awesome. They were wearing black latex catsuits and high heels. Both had brown long hair, bounded to a ponytail. One of them held the buttplug in her hand. "So another little Selfbondager goes in our trap!" she said, "But it seems you don't want to have the full pleasure. We should give you the full pleasure."

I nodded and screamed but the only thing you could hear was an mmmpfh. The second girl laid a pillow on my side and rolled me on to my stomach. The girl with the buttplug walked over to me and said: "This will give you more pleasure than you'll ever know."

First she greased the buttplug with Vaseline and then started to insert it into my ass. I screamed as loud as I can, but the gag silenced me totally. It was a strange feeling as it entered me. The girls roll me again on my back. "Tanya, what are we going to do now with him?"

"Let's just have some fun with him, Susan"

Ok, now I know their names. Tanya and Susan. I was immobilized and in the hands of two unknown girls. "Hey Susan. Did you know that I have a remote control for his devices? Let's give him a little pleasure for his ass."

I looked afraid as she pushed the button on the remote control.

Suddenly the buttplug inflated in me and started to vibrate. "Tanya, let me next. I want to push the other button." I grunt into my gag because of the buttplug and wanted to say please just release me, but it all sound like mmmpf, mmpff, mmppf. Susan pushed the other button and the vagina started to suck my cock. Was I in heaven or in hell?

"Enough of the fun.” Tanya said, "We got a job to do." She walked to me and held a cotton roll on my face. That was the last thing I remember and then I was cold out.

As I awoke I found myself on some kind of bed, unable to move. The only thing I see was the face of my friend Sally. I felt her warm body next to mine. Now I started to realize I was bound to Sally still naked and still the device were working on me. I tried to move my body but as I started to move Sally moaned. No they won't have done that. They hadn’t bound me next to Sally. They bound me with Sally and my Penis was in her vagina not in a device.

Now I really was in heaven.

I don't know how long I wanted to have sex with Sally. Now I’ve got it. But I just in that moment I heard Tanya and Susan. "Oh, our little guinea pig has awakened and brings pleasure to his friend.” Tanya says. It forced me to stop. I won't give them the pleasure that they control me. But they got control of me. The buttplug forced me to move my hips. Sally started to moan as she was flying to her climax. "I think we should tell you what will happened next." Susan said, "You two will bring us a good dollar. We sell you to a crazy scientist in Russia. There he will use you for sexual experiments".

"But first we will 'un-connect you' and send you separately". They unlock my chains and had thought I was finish from the sexual experience I just had. They just let me lay without any chains. I jumped up and knocked out Susan from behind and hit Tanya with my fist. They both were knocked out for a while I thought by myself and was going to free Sally.

"Mike, but how did you get here. And don't say we just had sex together?" Sally asked.

"Guilty, mam." I said "but now we had to take care about Tanya and Susan."

"Ok," Sally said, "you collect a few toys from there and then will have fun with them".

I looked around the place and realise that this is sex dungeon of a mistress. There were chains, dildos, cuffs, gags and many more. In the time I collected the toys, Sally undressed the two girls.

She took the Buttplugs from me and inserted them into the girls.

I also found a double vibrator, which gets us to the idea to bind them face to face and give them the pleasure they need. Sally found a double gag so they are forced to look each other in the eye. Tightly bound and prepared the two girls awake. "Look Sally. Let's just play a little bit with the remote control.” I said.

"Not now, look back there a big container with some foam in it. Let's put them in there." The girls wanted to scream, but the gag silenced them very well. We put the girls into the container and closed the cover. "Now it's time to push the button, honey", Sally said, "we have to get home and finish what we started here." I pushed the button threw the remote control away.

The moaning of the girls started from the container.

Well, what I had to say. Now, I got the best girlfriend in the world. And she is like me into bondage.

Now we are going to play our own Selfbondage Patrol.


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