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Selfbondage Mistress

by Baltodan

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© Copyright 2001 - Baltodan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; online; domme; rope; gag; hood; bfold; nipple; naked; tease; torment; sex; climax; creampie; stuck; cons/reluct; X

My god was I scared. Why did I agree to this?

I met her on-line and quickly became her on-line slave, or whore, as she liked to call me. In fact I was captivated by the relationship and her from the get go. I set up my own yahoo account specifically for her and called her Mistress Jen, as per her command. We chatted during the nights and got to know each other. We exchanged pictures and I found she was indeed very beautiful.

As we got to know each other I revealed things to her I would have never told anyone. She used these things to train me on-line and I loved every minute of it. But now I was terribly nervous in my current position. We had never met in person. That was to happen today.

As per her request I was to prepare myself for her. How so? It seems she wanted complete and total control, starting before we met.

My apartment was to be left unlocked. She wanted to find me naked. She wanted me bound. I was to gag and blindfold myself as well. That wouldn't have been such a big deal since I've practiced self-bondage on myself a number of times and enjoyed it tremendously. But she commanded me to do it without a release mechanism. It goes without saying just how vulnerable I would be. But she commanded it, and I had to follow through.

I began by unlocking my apartment. I walked into the bedroom and undressed quickly. I had prepared much before hand so I wouldn't lose my nerve. I did have a key to the cuffs, and I even considered having it handy, but didn't want to displease my Mistress. I laid down on the bed and secured my legs to the far corners of the bedposts using one rope so I could make it as tight as possible. My hands were now shaking. I grabbed the ball gag and tied it tightly around my head. She knew I could work it out when I really tried to (since I told her this) so she commanded me to add a few passes of duct tape to hold it in place.

My god was I nervous. What if she couldn't make it? What if she got in an accident on the way over? Why am I doing this myself? I sighed and exhaled through my nose. No time to turn around now. I acted quickly so that I wouldn't lose my nerve. I picked up the clips and attached them to my nipples. Mmmmmm, I could tell they would be sore, and soon. Working fast I slipped the hood over my head and secured it. I stretched it my left arm out, found the slipknot and pulled it tight around my arm. No turning back now. I stretched my right arm out, found the cuff, and after a final moment of sanity, clicked it shut. Instantly, panic overcame me and I struggled mightily for about 5 minutes.

Then I settled down and accepted the fact that I was completely and totally helpless, depending on a woman I had never met to free me. God, why did I do this to myself?

My cock was incredibly hard by this point, and the clips were working as well. I rolled around a little (ok a lot!) trying to find someway to relive the tension in my cock by getting myself off. No luck. It was driving me nuts but I was stuck. I was helpless, very aroused, and very nervous. I was probably so engrossed in these thoughts, coupled with the fact that the hood cut off much of me hearing, that I didn't hear her let herself in. At least I hoped it was her.

Without warning, the clip on my nipple was being jerked. I panicked. I struggled for a moment before remembering that there was nothing I could do. God I hoped this was her. Please, be her. I laid there very still and waited for something else. Nothing came. I began trying to make some noise but the gag was doing its job very well.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, I felt my bed sink as someone got on it with me roped and cuffed very securely to it. God, I hoped this was her and not someone, anyone else. As I felt the mystery person lean on me I realized how hard my cock was. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of me long before I felt the fingers give my cock a teasing stroke. I think she felt it pump once and realized just how excited I was. Instantly I breathed in though my nose as hard as I could out of sheer excitement. After another pause, I felt a tongue begin dancing on my nipples through the clips.

Instantly I began squirming and breathing very hard. Mistress Jen knew from our on-line play that my nipples are very sensitive. I squirmed and made inaudible noises from behind the gag, God this was driving me nuts. But she didn't stop! If only I could rub my cock on something. Anything! She was killing me, she knew it, and I knew she was loving it.

I guess I was so engrossed in this that I didn't feel her hand snake up and grab the tape reinforcing the ball gag I had used. In an instant it was torn off. Quickly I forced the ball gag out of my mouth and called out her name mixed with a slur of "Oh gods."

Instantly a hand grabbed my balls and squeezed hard. I figured this meant for me to not speak. I remained quiet, though I was still panting heavily. I felt her shift on the bed and she slid herself on top of me, carefully avoiding my manhood. I could feel her breath on my nose and lips. Her body, which seemed to be covered in something made of soft leather or PVC and my cock throbbed involuntarily at the thought. Her tits were pressing the clips into my chest tormented my already throbbing nipples.

I could tell that she was testing me. It took every once of self-control to not try and lean forward for a kiss. I waited nervously. When she finally leaned down and kissed me I was in heaven. She knew I had a thing for slick, sticky - glossy lips. Our tongues met as she smeared her lips against mine. I could feel the stuff covering my lips and my hips pressed forward looking for something to rub against. She withdrew from the kiss and sat up on my chest. Her fingers began diddling my nipples and she spoke. This was the first time I knew it was her.

"Slave, I am pleased with you. You have followed my orders and I have rewarded you with some of your favorite things. Do you agree with me?"

 "Yes Mistress. You have treated me better than I deserve."

 "A good answer slave. I enjoy seeing you like this. I have taken several pictures already with my digital camera. You will now be at my disposal whenever I wish, or I will do some terribly embarrassing things with these pictures. Is this clear to you whore?"

 "Yes Mistress."

"Whore, you know your Mistress gets pleasure from controlling you. I like to see you helpless. I like to feel my control of you. I am a kind Mistress, but I also get a tremendous amount of pleasure from hurting you. And I love humiliating you. Slave, when I masturbate, I think of doing things to you that will make you blush, squirm, beg, and sometimes scream. But you know this, don't you whore?"

"Yes Mistress. I am yours to use," I said nervously. It was one thing to agree to these things with an anonymous woman while chatting on the Internet. It was quite another to have this woman sitting on your chest while you are completely and totally helpless.

"If you can please me my whore, then we will meet like this often - and we will both have many of our fantasies fulfilled. At least I know I will. So, you've been tied like this for about 2 hours, yes?" I shook my head and said, "Yes Mistress," to my unseen tormentor.

"Good. Today I don't think I'm going to hurt you. That will come later. Tonight, I wish to humiliate you and make you do things that will make you feel ashamed. That is what I plan for you today. Does that excite you my whore?"

 "Yes Mistress," came out in a gasp.

"Good," she said with a long pause, "Today, you will eat your own cum. Would you like to do that for me my whore?"

 I swallowed hard and sighed. Although this was a scenario we played out a number of times on-line, it was quite another to agree to it in person.

"Yes, Mistress," I said with a feeling of dread.

 "Now slave," She said grasping the sore clips that were digging into my now tender nipples, "I want you to beg me to do that to you," and she tugged hard on the clips.

"Please Mistress," I gasped in pain, "Please Mistress let me eat my own cum."

I heard her chuckle and say, "As you wish my whore." With that she crawled off me, I assume to remove her panties, which went over my face. I felt her climb on me and press the tip of my cock against the sopping wet entrance to her cunt. Her face was very close to mine and she whispered, "I want you to come twice for me slave," and with that, she impaled herself on my manhood.

My first orgasm must have taken five strokes. I dreaded it, but I must have pumped a half a pint of come into her. She didn't stop, and continued riding me through at least three of her own orgasms before I came again.

She settled down and pulled her panties over my head leaving them hanging  around my neck. With my cock still inside her, she whispered, "OK whore, it's time for you to taste your own cum. I want you to get it all. If I sense for a second you are holding back, even a little, not only will I send the pictures to everyone I got from your computer when I first got here, but I'll walk out of here leaving you in a less than envious position. Do I make myself clear whore?"

"Yes Mistress," I said with as much enthusiasm as a bound man about to be forced to eat his own cum can.

 "Good, I think I'm going to like using you," she whispered before giving me another kiss from her still glossy lips. And with that she pulled herself off me and settled on my face. God it was humiliating, but I did my best, realizing that this was the most exciting and fulfilling experience of my life. With my face smeared with her juices (and my own cum) she got off me.

Before I could react, the ball gag was forced back in my mouth and two pieces of duct tape were added. Instantly I began to sense something was wrong.

I heard her heels hit the floor as she walked towards the door. Before she left I heard her say, "Good luck getting free whore. I know it would be terribly embarrassing to have someone find you bound and gagged with your own cum smeared all over your face. Don't worry though, I'm leaving a rope tied to the bedpost out into the main hallway of the apartment building with a note on the other end telling whoever finds it to "follow it for a big surprise." And yes, your door will be left wide open. Goodbye my whore."

"Mmmmmmmmmmppppppp" I screamed though my nose as I heard her walk away?.



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