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Selfbondage Master 7

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.  Comments are welcomed.

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Seven: The Final Encounter.

I got up Saturday morning, and checked for a message from Master.  The first thing he wanted me to do was go out and rent a video camera.  This time he wanted a tape of the whole session.  No bloody way was I going to send anyone videotape of me doing self-bondage, even if I was wearing a mask.  I protested.  I didn't mind the odd shot of me showing up on the Internet as long as no one could identify me, but a video?  Master replied sternly.  He told me that the program was not going to work without a code that only he knew.  In addition, if I did this last favour for him, he would send me hundreds of pre-programmed series of signals I could use in my self-bondage and torture sessions.  The gears in my head started to work, and I started to do a little strategizing of my own.  I replied and said that I agreed with his conditions and told him I would be back in about two hours with the video equipment.

I came back with two video cameras instead of just one.  I figured I would tape from more than one angle, and I could edit them together.  I arranged the video camera.  One was arranged to view my entire body from the front, but at a bit of an angle.  The second was positioned to take a close-up of my vagina.  It would capture the flinching and muscle contractions caused by the shocks.  I made certain that the amp was close enough to the microphones to hear the sound signals.  This way Master could know when I was being shocked and what type of shock it was.

I emailed Master to let him know I was ready.  He told me to wear the thigh-high stockings and to lock on my heels.  I was to apply good breast bondage, and to use a spreader bar on my ankles.  I also had to but on my stainless steel locking collar, and I had to use the spare combination lock.  He wanted to see the combination lock on my neck in the video.  A chain had to run from the collar to the spreader bar, but I was allowed to have it long enough to stand up straight. Finally, my hands were to be cuffed together.  Later, just after starting the computer program, I was to lock my cuffed wrists to a chain over my head, and to use a double ring device to pull them up as far as possible.  I was to use three ice cubes in the stocking for my release key.  Of course, all the other keys were to be locked away.

I did as he commanded.  First I prepared the self-bondage chain that hung from the ceiling and installed a double ring device to shorten the chain.  I took an opened pad lock and hung in on the last link of the chain.  This lock represented the point of know return. I laid out all the bondage gear on my couch, closed the drapes and stripped.  I started with the stockings and heels.  Next, I locked the high heels on with the small chain and tiny padlock.  I walked over to the full-length mirror and admired my legs and my cleanly shaved crotch.

Next I applied the breast bondage.  I did circles around each breast and then tied the loops together in the middle.  I tied a rope to the top of the loop on one breast, went around the back of my neck, and tied it off on the top of the loop on the other breast.  To top it off, I wrapped a line a couple of times around my chest, going just over and under my nipples.  These ropes pressed down on my breasts making them rock hard and inflicted a suitable amount of pain.

I put on a pair of ankle cuffs and locked a spreader bar to each ankle.  Walking would be difficult from this point onward.  Then I put on the steel collar.  Before closing the combination lock on the collar, I attached a long chain to it.  I locked the other end of the chain to the middle of the spreader bar, making sure I have enough chain to be able to stand up.    I finished with cuffing my hands together. I took the customary pictures and sent them off to Master.  I took a clear picture of both combination locks, one on the toolbox, and one my collar.  I figured that later he was going to make me continue to wear the collar, maybe even overnight.  I sent off the pictures and waited for instructions.

Once everything was ready to go, he gave me the code I needed to make the self torture program work.  After the program was started, a timer would start that would give me 30 minutes to complete my bondage and wait for the first shocks to start.  I could pause this timer any time during the first 30 minutes in case I needed more time.  The program would last about two hours, and was designed to give me a series of shocks ranging from mind-blowingly pleasurable to barely tolerable and painful.  I would get ten-minute resting periods followed by five minutes of shocks.  There were a total of eight sessions of shocks before the shocks would end.

My heart was beating like a drum.  I could feel the adrenaline in my system.  All my bondage gear was locked on, all I had left to do was put a stocking over my head and start filming.  I put on the stocking to conceal my face, and started taping myself.  My first attempts at trying to be sexy were very bad.  I started again, this time being much more honest.  I talked about how nervous I was and what I was about to do.  I filmed close ups of the insertion of the anal plug, and putting on the vaginal cover.  Installing the anal plug was difficult with my hands cuffed in front of me.  I also filmed the preparation of the ice cube release mechanism and then set up the cameras to film me in bondage and being tortured.

I looked at the open lock dangling from the chain above my head and at the computer.  All I had to do was start the program, hobble over to the chain, and lock my cuffs.  A simple act.  I was riding high on adrenaline and my heart felt like it was about to explode.  I had no idea what Master had in store for me.  How much pain was he going to expose me to?  I started the program and the 30 minute timer started.  The time appeared on the screen and counted down.

I walked into position and connected my terminals to the amplifier and checked the volume setting.  I raised my arms over my head and looped the open padlock around the chain between my wrist cuffs.  I held my fingers around the lock, prepared to close it and be trapped for the duration of the torture session.  My heart raced.  I looked at the cameras and the computer and the amp, and started to feel that this was a bit too much for me to handle.  I tried to close the lock, but I could not muster the courage.  I was too scared.

I unlooped the padlock from my wrist cuffs and reached over and paused the computer program.  Next, I stopped both cameras from recording.  Six months of being a sub was long enough.  With tears in my eyes I went and retrieved the two envelopes with the combinations to the locks.  I opened the envelope for the lock on the toolbox and opened the letter.  IT WAS BLANK!  I quickly tore open the second envelope.  IT TOO WAS BLANK!!!  I grabbed the two envelopes I opened more than a month ago and looked at the letters inside.  The combinations that were written there were gone.  THAT SON-A-BITCH!  That's why the envelopes were vacuum-sealed.  The ink reacted with the air, and had all month to disappear. I emailed the bastard right away.  I couldn't take a chance with being angry.  He had the combinations I needed to open the toolbox, and remove my collar.  I started by saying that I couldn't go through with it and I was asking for him to kindly release me.

He saw right through me.  He reminded me that the only way I was going to get loose was to obey him.  If I wanted to get the combination to the toolbox, I was going to have to send him videos clips of the torture session.  "And if you ever wanted to get that collar off, you are going to have to mail me the videos of the torture session.  You are going to have to go to the post office with the collar and chain concealed under your clothes, and you're going to have to take a couple of days off work until I received the tape.  I suggest you try an overnight delivery if you want to be back at work for Wednesday.  You could try a hacksaw, but you will find that the hardened steel of the combination lock is harder then a hacksaw.   I have just one more request, if you want to get loose; you needed to make the videotapes without wearing a mask!  I want to see the expression on your face while you beg for mercy.  Also, in case you were thinking of backing out of our little arrangement, those tapes will start appearing on the Internet.  Maybe I'll even sell it.  You and I are going to continue this relationship for a long time.  Maybe, we can even get together for a real BDSM session.  I can't wait".

Now I was really sweating.  I was also really angry.  Ironically, I didn't like being controlled this way. I started both cameras recording, and restarted the program and went back under the chain.  This time I had no choice.  I looked angrily into the camera and raised my hands and clicked the lock shut.  Then I pulled on the double ring device and stretched my arms upward.

I figured that I had better make this video appealing, since I needed that combination to get the collar off.  I continued to talk every once in a while to share my feelings at the moment.  I talked about the fear and the incredible amount of excitement and sexual tension I was feeling.  I even started to tease the imaginary viewer.  I asked him if he wanted to touch me, if he wanted to whip me.  I told him he was not allowed.  I was not going to let him.  That he could just fuck off.   "I bet you want to punish me?  What are you going to do to me?  Huh?  Just what the fuck are you going to? AHHHHH!  OH MY GOD!"

Just then, a painful shock hit me and my knees buckled.  It was more painful and louder than I remembered; yet I know I set the amp to the correct setting.  The son of a bitch must have made the amplitude of the signals larger, so that the shocks would be more painful than I felt I could tolerate.  I started swearing at the bastard like he was actually there.  "You bastard!  What the fuck did you do?"

I had no way out.  I struggled violently to no avail.  The shocks continued, but of the pleasant, low frequency variety.  For five minutes, the computer gave me intermittent low frequency shocks, and I could feel an orgasm building.  My struggles and swearing were soon replaced by coos and moans.  "Oh yes, oh yes, I like that.  Oh, please don't stop that."  My hips gyrated and my breathing got more laboured.  But before the orgasm could come, the shocks stopped.

I regained my composure and tried to think straight.  I know I had no way out.  I was way too good at self-bondage.  I figure that if the first set of shocks were so pleasant despite the first one, I figured the second set was going to be more painful.  I continued to play along for the video.  "I didn't really mean any of those nasty things I said.  Please don't give me any more painful shocks.  I'll be good.  Really I will.  Maybe you would like me to do something for you.  I'll do anything."  Of course, my pleas went unheeded.  The second set of shocks started, and as I predicted, they were in the mid range of painfulness.  Instead of coos and moans, I was groaning in discomfort and squirming to try and escape the pain.  "Please stop that, it hurts, please stop.  I won't do it again, I promise."

By now, I could feel nervous sweat dripping off my body.  I figured the next set was going to be more painful.  The ten minutes past quickly and the third set of shocks began.  The signals were louder and more painful than I had experience earlier in the week.  I muffled my own screams so as not to attract the attention of my neighbours.  I squirmed and flinched with each shock.  Fortunately, the shocks were very short in duration.  Just when I thought the session had ended, the computer gave me one long intense shock for good measure.  I couldn't hold back the scream this time and I prayed that my neighbours didn't notice.

I didn't know what I would experience next.  I didn't think that he would expose me to anything more painful than that.  I played for the camera a bit more.  "Please, no more.  I can't take anymore."  I was really beginning to mean it. The forth set was like the first, minus the painful shock at the beginning.  The low hum of the sound signal reverberated inside me.  I moaned loudly as the long low signals travelled through me.  The signals never lasted long enough to bring me to climax.  I could feel a mixture of juices and gel start to trickle down my inner thigh.

The next three sets of shocks were not of consistent intensity.  I never knew what type of shock would come next.  After the seventh set of shocks I was really ready to get out of bondage.  The eighth and final set of shocks started.  They seemed to consist of the lower frequency shocks, and they seemed to last longer and the gap between them was very short.  I think the bastard was trying to make me cum during the final set of shocks.  I began contracting my muscles rhythmically.  The electrical vibrations from my vagina to my anus were mind-blowing.  The length of the signals got longer and longer.  I waited until I was almost there and at the start of one more signal, I pumped and contracted quickly and then the signals carried me over the edge and I felt the waves of orgasmic contractions mixing with the electrical stimulation.  I felt like I was floating high in the sky.

As the orgasm subsided, however, I was quickly brought back to earth.  In my hypersensitive state, just after an orgasm, the electrical signals were too much for me to endure.  I went from bliss to hell in a matter of seconds.  The signals finally stopped.  I didn't have more than a half-hour more to wait before the ice cubes melted enough to be released.  I stood quietly, waiting for my eventual release.  Just then, something strange happened.  A car drove by the apartment and honked its horn, AND I FELT IT!  IT HURT!  What the hell was going on?  I had a microphone on the computer, and Master knew about it.  Any sound it picked up was being sent to the damn amplifier.  Very clever you bastard.  Now I was scared again.  I couldn't risk making any sound until I managed to disconnect the terminals from the amp.  Thank goodness I didn't leave the radio on or something.

I could feel the ambient noise from the apartment building and from outside.  The computer program must be amplifying the sound before sending it to the amp.  Every time the elevator rumbled by the wall, I felt it.  A child screaming in the hallway almost made me scream.  Then, my phone rang.  It would ring at least six times before the answering machine picked up, and each time I contorted with pain.  The sound of my own voice on the tapped message caused pain, and then that damn high pitch beep at the end felt like a knife.

Finally, the release key came down.  I reaching down and yanked the connection away from the vaginal terminal.  Finally, the pain stopped.  I walked as best I could with the spreader bar on over to the cameras and turned them off.  I sat down and removed the breast bondage and the terminals from my sore vaginal and anus. I seemed to take forever to prepare the video clips for the "Master Bastard".  I sent them off and waited.  He replied in a very condescending tone.  "There, that was not so bad was it?  I hope you appreciated all the effort and strategy that went into creating this most perfect moment.  I know that deep down you loved every moment of it".  He gave me the combination to the toolbox and I quickly removed all the bondage gear that I could.  Before hitting the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror, naked with a steel collar and chain attached to my neck.  Any other time, this sight would have made me wet.  But now, I had to go the post office Monday morning with this thing on and mail my tapes.  While I took my shower, I thought.  I thought about how I got into this mess, and how I was going to get out of it.  I thought about what was going to happen to my life if anyone I know sees that tape.  What the hell was I going to do?

Monday morning came and I bundled the chain and wrapped it in packing tape so that it would not rattle.  I concealed it under baggy clothes, a big over coat, and wrapped a large scarf around my neck.  I called in sick, and headed for the post office.  I mailed two videotapes to "Master Bastard", and got straight back home and waited for a very special phone call.
Tuesday afternoon came around, and there was an email from "Master Bastard".  I left it unopened until I got a phone call I was expecting.  The phone rang, and it was good news.  "Good, email me the files right away".

I opened the email from "MB" and read it.  He as upset that the tapes I sent him were blank.  I prepared a reply.
"Yes, the tapes are blank.  You don't think that I would let a worm like you really take control of my life.  On Saturday, I hired I private detective that works in the same town as your P.O. box.  He took some very interesting pictures.  Several pictures are attached to this email.  There is one of you picking up the packages I sent to your P.O. box.  Here is your home.  I know your name, I know your wife's name, and I know her email address at work.  I know who you work for and I know your boss's email.  Its incredible what private detectives can find out in just a short time.  But it looks like I got a bonus.  It seems that for the first viewing of the tape, you decided to do a little self-bondage of your own.  Here is a picture of you hog-tied.  My, that is lovely lingerie you're wearing.  Is it yours or did you borrow it from your wife?  If you don't want your wife and boss to see these lovely pictures, you're going to do as I say.  First, give me the damn combination to the collar!  You have exactly 1 minute before I send the pictures and the whole story to your wife and boss."

The email came back right away with the combination to the collar.  When the lock opened, I let the collar fall to the floor.  I took quite a gamble, but now I had the upper hand.  I prepared a second message for the worm.
"The detective tells me that you work as a salesman.  That means you travel a lot.  At least once a month you are going to let me know when you are going to be travelling, and in the evenings, you're going to do my bidding.  I am going to dress you like a slut!  I am going to have you venture out of your hotel room with a ballgag and high heels and take pictures of yourself!  I am going to have you endure hours of strict cock and ball torture!  Last but not least, I hope your wife will be happy when you shave your cock and balls for me.  By the way do you know what a Prince Albert is?  If you are very good, I might even send you the video after being my slave for a year, and trust me, the video's worth it!"

"Oh, by the way, I'm going to set up a live feed system.  I am going to watch you live while I shock you from here and watch you squirm and beg for mercy.  You are going to have to get a good laptop, a web cam, and stay in hotels with Internet connections in the room."
"You have ten minutes to reply. "

Boy, that felt good.  I waited for a reply.  Nine minutes and 30 seconds later, I got one.  It only had two words:

"Yes Mistress."

I replied,  "Good boy, now go get a razor.  We have work to do before your wife gets home."

Continues in
Chapter Eight: Vengeance

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
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