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Selfbondage Master 5

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.  Comments are welcomed.

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Five: Melting Ice.

The weeks past quickly and I became easily distracted as my scheduled electronic BDSM session drew closer.  At the beginning of the month I received the combination locks as usual, and a small note telling me to go to the hardware store for some supplies.  Three large screw-in eye bolts, two "S" shaped hooks, two large buckets, and one section of clear half inch tubing, about seven feet long.

I had an idea of what was in store for me.  I had already told him that I enjoyed being tortured while helpless.  He was going to expose me to a torture device of his own design, and I bet it involved a crotch rope and a bucket of water.  A week before our session, I received an email with some instructions for preparing my apartment.  I was going to need three ceiling anchor points.  I already new where I had a beam in my ceiling and I already had one anchor point installed.  I used it in the past for securing my hands above my head, and it doubled as a plant hanger.  As per Master's instructions, I lined up three ceiling anchors about a foot apart.  I also need one smaller hook to hold the stocking filled with ice for a release mechanism.

On Friday, I was to put one of the buckets in the freezer with some water in the bottom.  He told me exactly how much water.  Before putting the bucket in the freezer, I had to attach the hose to the handle of the bucket so that the end of the hose was completely submersed in the water.  I arranged the bucket as instructed and put it in freezer.

Saturday morning arrived and I was anxious to start my ordeal.  At 11am, Master emailed told me to put on my body stocking a then a chain around my waist like a belt.  Then I was to put all the release keys in the toolbox, except for one key.  This one key was to be used to release me from a temporary self-bondage position.  I sent pictures to prove that I had complied.  Then he told me that I going to be in a standing position with my hands over my head for about two hours, and then I would be released from the rest of my bondage at 8PM.  If I didn't follow through with his instructions, and send pictures to prove it, I was going to have to wear that chain belt for a week.  This was how he was going to force me to comply.  I emailed him back that I was ready to obey his instructions.

Besides for the body stocking, I was also going to put on a spreader bar on my ankles, a nice bondage bra, and a crotch rope.  The crotch rope should go around my waist three or four times, and tie it off in back.  Run the free end through my legs and loop it over the coil in front of my waist.  I was to leave the free end hang down about two feet with a loop at the end.  It was to be secured to something later.

I put on two ankle cuffs and two wrist cuffs.  I ran the lock through each cuff but did not lock them.  I still needed to attach the spreader bar to the ankle cuffs, and a chain to the wrist cuffs before locking them shut.  I then bound my breasts using rope over and under, and then cinching it in the middle and on the ends.

I went to my living room area and prepared my release key mechanism.  I attached a string to the ceiling anchor nearest the small hook for the ice-filled stocking.  I tied the release key and a ring to the end of this sting and left a knee high stocking hanging on the loop.  Next, I set up the camera on a tripod to take pictures of myself. Then I attached a chain from this same ceiling anchor.  On the end of the chain I put in the lock that accompanied the release key.  Before shutting the lock, I attached the middle of a short chain to the end of the hanging chain.  This was to be used between my wrist cuffs.  I locked the two chains together and then tested my release key to make sure that it was the right key for the lock.

I was to attach a double ring device to the middle-ceiling anchor.  I knew what this was.  Using two rings, you can run a rope through the rings such that it only slides in only one direction.  One end will only go up, and one end will only go down.  The up-line had to be long enough to reach the free end of the crotch rope.  The other had to hang down about two feet and I was to attach one of the "S" hooks to it.  It would be used to hold a bucket of water.  The second "S" hook would go on the third ceiling anchor, and it had to be as high as possible.  I had an idea of what was going to happen.  At some point, the bucket is going to be pulling down on the down-line, and it will pull up on the crotch rope.  The crotch rope will only be able to go in one direction, up.  Everytime I raise my butt to get relief from the crotch rope, the damn thing will just get tighter.  I was getting wet with anticipation, but I still didn't know how the tubing and second bucket were going to be used.

I returned to my instructions to see what was next.  Master kept sending me instructions in sections and wanted me to email him every time I finished a section.   I was to put about two inches of water in the bucket that was not in the freezer, and put it on the floor under the middle-ceiling anchor.  Then I needed to prepare my release mechanism.  I put two icecubes in the stocking, then the ring with the key attached, and then I hung the stocking on the little hook.  In a little over two hours, the ice would melt enough to let the key swing down for me to release myself.

Next, I had to take the bucket out of the freezer and fill it with cold water.  Then I had to fill the tube with water.  There had to be absolutely no air in the tube.  I was to bring the bucket and tube under the third ceiling anchor, the one with the higher hook.  I then had to carefully put the end of the tube in the second bucket that had about two inches of water, without letting any air in the tube.  I tied the tube to the handle of the bucket to make use the tube would not move.  Finally, I had to raise both buckets and get on a chair to lift them high enough.  First, I put the nearly empty bucket on the down hook of the double ring mechanism.  It was not heavy enough to pull on the rope.  Next, with both hands, I raised the second bucket onto the other hook.  When I got down, I realized what was going to happen.

As the ice in the bucket melted, the water from the first bucket is going to siphon into the second bucket and pull on my crotch rope.  What I didn't know was how long it was going to take.  Master knew how long, that's why he wanted a specific amount of water in the bucket before freezing it.  My release mechanism was dripping away and I was wasting valuable bondage time.  I grabbed my remote for the camera and finished my bondage.   I attached a small clip to the remote and attached it to my left wrist cuff.  This way, I wouldn't have to worry about dropping it.

I stood facing away from the bucket and towards my release key.  I attached the three-foot spreader bar to my ankles and then stood up.  I reached behind and tied the up-line of the ring device to the free end of my crotch rope.  I could pull hard on the up-line since the ring device would not allow it to lower, and I took up as much slack as possible in the crotchrope.  It sunk deep between the crack of my ass, pressed hard on my clit, and nestled itself between my lips.  The body stocking material gave a little protection from the torture of the crotch rope.  Before tying my hands, I slipped a stocking over my head, and put on a blind fold.  I then raised my hands above my head, and locked my wrist cuffs to the chain above my head.

I waited.  To get some relief from the crotch rope, I lifted my heels every once in awhile.  I knew that once that water started flowing, I would not have that luxury.  With the blindfold on, I didn't know exactly how much time had gone by.  I tested to see if the bucket had more water in it by raising my butt to see if the line stayed still, or if the bucket would take up the slack.  I took one picture at the start of the session and figured I would wait until the situation changed before taking another.

I squirmed against the crotch rope for a while, getting what stimulation I could out of it.  I shift my weight from one foot to the other and pulled up on my wrist cuffs to ease some of the weight off my feet.  Suddenly, there was the sound of running water.  The ice melted and water was flowing slowly from one bucket to the other.  I braced myself and lowered my butt to prevent any upward movement of the line.  As the bucket filled, I felt the tension on the crotch rope build slowly.  I couldn't stand the tension anymore and I had to lift my butt.  As I did, I felt the bucket lower and my crotch rope pulled up.  I took  two more shots with the remote.

Eventually, my butt was sticking straight out and I was standing on my toes and pulling on my wrist cuffs, trying to relieve some of the pressure.  I took two more shots and hoped that my release key would descend soon.  I must have been standing there for at least twenty minutes before the key descended.  I was about to go insane from the pain.  I release my chained wrists from the hanging chain and held on to the chain.  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get out of the crotch rope without a knife.  First, I took off the blindfold and stocking mask.  Then I grabbed the up-line with both hands over my head and turned around slowly.  I still had a spreader bar between my ankles, and my wrists were still chained together.  I moved toward the water filled bucket and lifted it from the hook.  I lowered the bucket to the ground and then straightened up again.

The knots for the crotch rope and the knot connecting the up-line to the free end of the crotch rope were behind my back, and my hands were chained in front of me.  I could not see how I was going to get free.  I pulled on the up-line, but the double ring device was not going to give any slack.  I looked around for anything sharp enough to cut the rope.  On the bookshelf I notice my letter opener.  It was just within reach.   The blade had a bit of an edge on it, and I slowly started to cut away at the up-line.  When it finally snapped, I lowered the water filled bucket gently, and then let myself fall to the ground with a thud.  While on the ground, I gingerly loosened the crotch rope and removed it from my tender clit and vagina.

I don't know how long I was on the ground before I decided to try and get up and send the pictures to Master.  After sending the pictures, I grabbed an ice pack and retired to my bed to soothe my genital area.  With my legs spread wide by the bar, I put the ice pack right between my legs, and slowly started to undo the breast bondage.  As the ropes came off, I felt a tinge of pain as the blood started to circulate again.  I laid as still as possible as different parts of my body throbbed.  Master would not be emailing with the combination for another 6 hours.  All I had to do was lie still and try and sleep.

Continues in
Chapter Six: Preparation for the final encounter

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
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