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Selfbondage Master 4

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Dear self-bondage enthusiasts.

The following is pure fiction.    I went as far as I can go with recounting my own bondage experiences, so I thought I would try my hand at a fictional story.  Comments are welcomed.

My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Four: Purgatory.

I awoke from my nap to the sound of my clock radio.  I was immediately reminded of my situation by the ball gag in my mouth.  I wiped some drool from my mouth (I hate when that happens), and carefully made my way to the computer.  There was an email from Master asking me what I had been doing for the past 2 and half hours.  I emailed him about taking the opportunity to clean the apartment, then taking a shower and having a short nap.

He emailed back and said that he assumed that I took my shoes off for these activities, or at least for the shower.  Hence, as my first punishment, I was to chain the shoes on my feet, and hobble my ankles with a 6-inch chain.  From my inventory of items, he knew I had a set of thin chains for just this purpose.  They were "T" shaped and wrapped around my ankles, and then the free end went under the shoe and locked to the other side of my ankle.  I applied the ankle chains and then a pair of leather ankle cuffs with a short chain in-between.  I took a couple of shots and sent them back.  Pleased with the results, he said that my penitence time was shortened and I would now be released at 3am.  If I wanted another opportunity to shorten the time, I was to check back in one hour.

I was starting to get hungry and thirsty.  I tried to put a little bit of water in my mouth with an eyedropper, but food was out of the question.  I made the time pass by watching TV. At 4 PM, I checked for another email.  Sure enough, Master had another task for me to do.  He guessed that by now I was really anxious to get that ball gag out of my mouth.  I had it in for about 4 and a half hours.  I was hungry, thirsty, and my jaw began to ache.  He said that if I wanted to shave a lot of time off my penitence, I was going to have to shave something else.  I instantly got wet.  He was going to make me shave my pubic hair.  Master said that he would be willing to reduce my penitence by five whole hours if I complied, and I could retain some pubic hair on my mound if I wanted, but my lips had to be cleanly shaven.  I had 20 minutes to think it over, and then the offer would be off the table.

I had thought about shaving my pubic hair in the past, but always chickened out.  It certainly would not hurt my sex life.  The guy I was dating would really go for it.  I imagined being licked across smoothly shaved lips.  What the hell!  I really need to get this ball gag out.  I replied that I had agreed to his request.  Master replied that he would like close up shots of before and after.  He expected photos by 6 PM.

I laid out a large towel on the floor with the camera positioned on the coffee table, point down slightly for a good shot of my genital area.  On the floor I put a large bowl of hot water, some face cloths, shaving cream, scissors, and several disposable razors.  I sat on a small stool over the towel with my knees apart and my feet together.  They were still chained at the ankle.  I took a "before" shot and check to see if the camera was positioned right to take a good picture.

I started with the scissors to remove the bulk of the hair.  Then I applied a warm face cloth to my genital area and lied down and relaxed.  I kept applying warm face clothes until I was felt ready to start shaving.  The shaving cream irritated a bit.  It was going to help my hairs stick straight up.  I took short gentle strokes until I removed most of the hair.  I washed off and examined my work.  I applied shaving cream again and shaved again.  This time I left a nicely formed triangle shaped mound of hair above my lips.  I cleaned off again and took the "after" picture.  It was obvious from the photo that I was excited.
I cleaned up the area and sent off my photos early.  Now my release time would be moved back to 11pm.  If this kept up, I might be released within a couple of hours.

I didn't hear back from Master until 6 sharp.  He really liked the pictures.  I can just imagine him getting off on all the pictures I was sending.  In a way, it made me feel powerful.  It was images of my body that made him masturbate and cum.  He was just as dependent on me as I was on him.  He was so happy with the pictures, that he was willing to offer me a deal.  I could be released immediately after one more chore.  He wanted pictures of me masturbating and he wanted a picture mid-orgasm.  Instead of cutting out my head, he wanted me to wear a stocking over my face.  He wanted to see some facial features.  He also wanted more bondage gear, and gave a list of the additional self-bondage he wanted to see.

At this point I was willing to do anything.  I put pillows on the floor and positioned the camera on the coffee table to take a picture from my knees up.  I retrieved a vibrator and some K-Y jelly and put them beside the pillows.  I then starting with more self-bondage.

First, Master wanted a nice tight bondage bra.  This time I wrapped rope around each breast, and then pulled the loops together bringing the breasts together.  Then I created "straps" that went around my back and over the back of my neck.
Next, he wanted a small spreader bar in-between my knees.  I connected to leg cuffs just below my knees and then locked a two foot bar in-between them.  Finally, I was to chain my wrists keeping them about 8 inches apart, then connect my wrist chain to my ankle chain with another short chain.

I laid down with the camera remote in my left hand and the vibrator in my right.  I put a line of jelly along the edge of the vibrator and turned it on.  I leaned back and applied the cool jelly to my lips.  Without the pubic hair, it felt even colder than usual.  I massaged the vibrator up and down until it slipped further and further down.  I took the odd shot with the camera as I progressed.  I alternated from applying the vibrator to my clit to inserting in my vagina, and continued to take pictures.  As I felt the orgasm build, I waited to take the last shot.  I was feeling so turned on by being forced to do these things.  The orgasm crashed against my body like a wave and I clicked the last shot.

After recovering from my orgasm, I examined the pictures.  I could not believe those were pictures of me.  In the last shot you could see my body was flush red and contoured with muscle contraction.  Sending the pictures was difficult.  Fortunately, my CPU is a tower on the floor.  I was able to put the disk in while sitting on the floor.  Standing up was out of the question.  I had to pull down my mouse and keyboard in order to finally send off the pictures.  I was able to sit on a small stool and see the screen.

A few minutes later, Master congratulated me for another fun filled day.  He said that he hoped that I enjoyed it as well, and that next month would be a very different experience.  He concluded by giving me the combination to open the toolbox, and release myself.  I replied and thanked him for another exhilarating experience, and that I looked forward to next month.

Continues in
Chapter Five: Melting Ice

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
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