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Self Bondage Master 2

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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My Self-Bondage Master
Chapter Two: My First Session.

I got up late on Saturday.  I could not sleep the night before thinking about what today would be like.  I went out and got a couple of movies to watch since I was going to be spending the day bound in my apartment.  When I came back home about 12:30pm, bolted the door of my apartment and took a long shower.  I refrained from eating any lunch, since I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom during my bondage session.  The hunger was just going add to my sense of captivity. 

After my shower, I carefully laid out my bondage attire for the day.  I started with a body stocking and proceeded to apply some chains.  I hobbled my ankles with a foot long chain.  I then wrapped a chain around my waist and locked it in back.  I ran the free end through my buttocks, over my vagina, and locked it nice a tight in front.  I then applied a nice tight rope bondage bra.  It wrapped over and under my breasts and then was cinched on the sides and in the middle.  I intended to finish this off with my hands chained behind my back.  But I would have to wait for my new "Master" to tell me I could.

I put all the release keys in the toolbox, and put on the combination lock.  I held it open for awhile.  It was 1:45 and I had only 15 minutes to take the pictures and send off an email.  I always had the envelope, so I didn't feel so scared, so I locked it shut.  I took the picture of the toolbox and then took two pictures of me, one from the back, and one from the front.  I displayed the frontal picture of me in a photo editor and quickly cut out my face and resaved the picture.  I emailed the three pictures and then waited.

I was anxious to finish my bondage.  With my hands free, I could always remove my bondage bra.  Ten minutes later, I got a response from my Master.  He was very please with the pictures.  Before I could chain my hands behind my back, he wanted me to write a fairly long letter describing in detail what sort of bondage experiences I liked and what sort of things I might be willing to try.  I had one half hour to write it and send it, otherwise, I would be punished and not released until tomorrow morning.  He warned me that if I opened the envelope, the relationship would be over.

I quickly started to pour my heart out in an email about all the fantasies I had and what sort of things I dreamt about.  I told him I enjoyed vibrating anal plugs but not anal sex.  I told him I didn't really tolerate leaving vibrators in my vagina for extended periods of time, but really enjoyed external stimulation on my genitals.  I told him I fantasized about being sexually tortured, having my ass and breasts whipped, and being suspended and helpless.  I told him about some of my favorite strict bondage positions and my attempts to torture myself.  I usually applied a crotch rope over thin panties or stockings, and then used a bucket of water to apply tension.  I also enjoyed bondage bras, but was not a fan of nipple clamps.  Although I didn't like nipple clamps, I did use clothespins on various parts of my body other than directly on the nipple.  I also told him that I sometimes ventured out of my apartment wearing bondage gear concealed under a trench coat and I was very excited with the prospect of being caught.  I also told him that I was intrigued with electrical play and that it both frightened me and excited me at the same time.

I was covered in nervous sweat by the time I was done the letter and quickly emailed it before the time limit was up.  He responded immediately and commended me for obeying his commands so far.  He said it gave him a sense of satisfaction he had never experienced before.  He also told me that I could go ahead and chain my hands behind my back, and that he wanted another picture from the back to prove I had complied.  He said he would email me later that evening with the combination.  He didn't say when.

Before I chained myself, I took the envelope with the combination and put it on top of a large cabinet.  If I needed the envelope, I would have to topple the cabinet.  Not something I would want to do, except in the case of an emergency.   I prepared an email ahead of time and included the detail about the cabinet.  I figured he would like this detail.  I chained my wrists and attached the chain to the back of the waist harness.  The remote was a very useful tool for taking pictures of myself, especially with my hands behind my back.  I took one shot from the back, and then turned and posed for a couple from the front for good measure.  I took the diskette from the camera and put it in the computer.  I had to handle the mouse facing sideways, and attached the picture of my chained hands to the email.  One more click, and the message was sent.

Now the feeling of helplessness really set in.  I certainly was not going to topple over my cabinet for any reason except a fire.  I was truly at my Master's mercy.  I had warm sensation that for the first time I had included someone else in my bondage activities, someone else that truly understood what it was like to crave helplessness and bondage.  I settled into the couch and started watching my films.  I was going to save the soft-core porn for later to really increase the sexual tension.  Until then, I squirmed on the couch and enjoyed the sensation of the rope against my breasts and the chain harness on my genitals.

I didn't bother to check for an email for the first three hours.  But after that, I started to check every hour to see if my Master had sent anything.  By 7pm, I started my porn video and watched it as my juices flowed and I pumped my hips against my chain harness and pulled on it from the back with my hands.  I really needed an orgasm.  I went to my room and got a vibrator out of the night stand drawer and went back to the couch.  I couldn't reach from the back, so I tried to lay it on my front and hope it got close enough to my clit for some satisfaction.  I turned the vibrator on and lay on my back and pushed the vibrator up and over onto my waist.  I twisted and squirmed, trying to get it to lie further down.  It finally came to rest on the chain over my genitals and the chain carried the vibrations somewhat down to my clit.

I lied still so as not to disturb the vibrator, and slowly pumped and squeezed my muscles, trying to build an orgasm.  I watched the porn while pumping my hips and I could feel the orgasm building.  I pumped and moaned and I was desperate to let loose and struggle against my bonds with all I had.

The film ended, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't get enough stimulation to bring me over the edge.  I let the vibrator slip back behind me and turned it off.  I was hoping my Master had sent the combination so that I could release myself.  No new emails were there.  I was tired and in pain from my struggles, and decided to go lay in bed.  I laid down on my side so as not to put pressure on either my breasts or my chained wrists.  I had the vibrator with me, so turned it on and placed it in front of my hips.  I rolled over on to it and onto my bound breasts as well.  I could really press my genitals against the vibrator.  The combination of the pain from my breasts and the stimulation from the vibrator started to build inside me.  I rolled side to side and arched my back to press the vibrator into my hips.  I began to cry I was so close.  I pumped and pumped.  Each time my breasts came crashing down, I felt my orgasm building that much more.  Then it hit, and my whole body contracted and shook.  The waves of pleasure past over me and the pain of my bondage set in once again.  I rolled onto my side and tried not to move for a long time.

I laid down peacefully waiting until I had enough energy to go check my email again.  At 10pm, I decided to go check.  Everything hurt and I really wanted to eat something at this point.  I hobbled over to the computer, and mercifully, my Master had sent something.  I quickly opened it and there was a combination and a short message.  He wanted pictures of me undoing the bondage, and a quick description of how the evening went.

I placed the toolbox on the floor in front of the camera and held the remote in one hand.  As I proceeded, I took the occasional picture to record my progress.  The lock was difficult to open with my hands chained, but I could just manage to see the dial as I manipulated the lock.  After three attempts, the lock opened and I could feel the pain subsiding already.

I undid the chains on my wrists and massaged them.  Next, I took off the waist harness and carefully soothed my genitals with a gentle rub.  As the bondage bra came off, I felt the blood rush back in and new pain from my breasts.  I finally undid my ankle chains and lay down on the floor.  What a night!  Before hitting the shower, I emailed the pictures to my Master after cutting out my face whenever it appeared.  I also included the two pictures I took earlier, just after I chained my wrists.  I included a short description of the attempts of getting an orgasm on the couch, and then the massive one I had in bed later.  I thanked him for a wonderful night and that I looked forward to a couple more.  I would be sending him back the combination locks, and the unopened letter with the combination still inside.

That night, I wondered what else he had in store for me, and how long this arrangement was going to last.

Continues in
Chapter Three: Choices

Copyright March 2001, Otto Dix
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