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Self-bondage in Abandoned Factory Building

by slut_jennie

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I had been watching the abandoned factory site for over an hour by now and there was no sign of movement or anything that led me to believe that there was anyone there so I returned back through the trees to my parked car. A short drive later, I pulled into an open garage not far from the main factory building and got out of my car with a backpack over my shoulder. Carefully I looked around the corner towards the factory building and then scanned around to see if indeed I was alone and safe to move out into the open.

The reason I was so careful was that while I had been watching the buildings, I had started to get ready for my adventure. I am a crossdresser that loves bondage but since I didn't have anyone to help me, I had to be satisfied with self-bondage. My face was already fully made up, I was wearing all my sexy underwear under my sweatpants and hoodie.

There was nothing to worry me so I quickly moved to the main factory building and moved along its facade, checking the tell-tale signs I had left in place. I passed by a few doors leading inside and my sticks and rocks that I placed previously were not disturbed. When I reached a basement door that also had a twig strategically placed and that had not been moved, I snuck by it and inside the vast structure.

It was eerie inside as I silently moved throughout the basement making sure there was no one else there. After having checked the basement, I moved up throughout the entire four stories of the office part of the building. There were no signs of anyone having been there since my last visit so I headed back down to the ground floor to the heavy steel door leading into the factory part.

The door creaked as I pushed it open and slid through it, moving as slowly and as silently as I could through the open factory area. It was littered with debris everywhere and some of the old machinery had been left behind. Every minute or so I stopped and listened hard for any sounds that didn’t belong, without hearing anything strange. Eventually I reached the other end of the factory area and pulled another door open and entered a staircase. I started upwards and at every floor I did a search of the area and found it empty. Eventually I reached the top floor and searched through it with the same result.

At the far end from the staircase was an office that had an old desk left in it. I stopped and forced myself to breathe slowly and to calm down and then I thought everything through before I came to a decision and pulled the bottom drawer open and placed an envelope inside it. The envelope contained a key for a special padlock.

I quickly returned down to the factory floor, then followed the other wall slowly and carefully through the factory area in the same manner I had before, with several stops to wait and listen. Eventually I returned to the heavy steel door leading into the offices, I pulled it open and went through it. After a quick check on the ground floor I headed directly up the stairs to the third floor and to the corner office I guessed had been the top boss’s office.

When I got inside I took a few minutes to examine the grounds outside, through the dirty windows, to see if there was anything to worry about. There was nothing to see so I placed my backpack on the floor and pulled out a small blanket before starting to pull out the rest of my clothes and equipment and placing them on the blanket.

I started to remove the hoodie and sweatpants and was standing there in my underwear, my white midriff corset tightly laced, my white lacy bra with matching lacy white thong, white stockings connected to my corset.I had already done my makeup while observing the area so i my lips was painted bright red, my eyes were heavily lined with black eyeliner, smokey eyes and false eyelashes. My cheeks were accented with blush and I had been very pleased with my makeup having practiced it a lot.

Feeling a bit cold I started the next step, I picked up my Lovense Hush and, using some lube, it was soon glistening and ready to be inserted into its place. As it slid home I felt that feeling of relief, pain, excitement and fullness at the same time. I placed my silicone false breasts into my bra and pulled the thin white blouse on and then the short and tight red patent skirt that reached just above my knees before I pulled off my sneakers and socks to step into the red four-inch stiletto pumps with locking ankle straps. Small heart shaped padlocks locked them securely on my feet, the keys were in the center console of my locked car.

Next came the leather ankle cuffs and the eight inch chain between the cuffs hobbling me and making movement a bit noisy. That made me think of my earrings, both my ears were pierced and I was wearing drop earrings with small bells at the end that made a soft tingling sound as I moved my head.

To stop myself from starting to think too much I picked up my penis gag and slid it between my red lips and settled it deep into my throat. When I felt it was under control I locked it on with a small padlock. Before going further I picked up the backpack and placed the blanket, my sweatpants and hoodie inside it and locked it close with a different padlock. A second padlock with a chain wrapped around a heating pipe locked a smaller pocket close containing my car keys and secured the backpack in place in the office. The key to this one is tied to a tree next to the rest site that I would have to visit on the way back home unless I wanted to walk into my apartment dressed as I was and expose myself to my neighbors.

Next I picked up my smart phone and started the Lovense App and made sure it was connected to my vibrating plug and then I took a picture of the contents of my small red leather backpack making sure my legs, heels and hobble chain was displayed. I had previously told online friends what I was planning and when I was planning to do it but certainly not where I was planning to do it so they were probably waiting for my post that I had prepared in advance. I posted the picture with the message I had written before telling them the more exact circumstances of my adventure, still with no information on where I was. They knew that my buttplug was open for anyone to control and online and that I had been locked into my tiny steel chastity cage since the beginning of October, or Locktober as it is sometimes known, and this upcoming weekend is Halloween.

Quickly I placed the smartphone into the red leather backpack with the lube and the pack of XL condoms, zipped the red backpack up and put it on my back. I had chatted a lot online about this adventure and speculated about what could happen to me if I was discovered dressed as I was, bound, plugged and ready and it had been very arousing and frustrating being locked in chastity. The last step was locking my hands behind my back but before I did that I stopped to check out the windows again and to think everything through once more.

Outside nothing had changed except for the sun starting to go down and it was noticeably duskier than before. I quickly locked the leather cuff around my left wrist and then after a short hesitation I locked the other onto my right wrist, trapping my hands behind me. As the lock clicked shut I shuddered from excitement as I always did when I was fully trapped.

My freedom now depended on first getting to the office at the other end where the key was in the bottom drawer, that key would let me unlock the padlock securing the backpack to the heating pipe. That key would give me access to my car key and then I'd get free by using the keys in the center console. Next I could drive to where I hid the next key that would let me open the big compartment of the backpack where my sweatpants and hoodie were locked away.

Pulling at my bonds I shrugged my shoulders and started out into the long hallway to the staircase. My steps were short and slow as I needed to stay safe and the slow pace also kept my heels from sounding too loudly in the empty office. I reached the staircase and with a firm grip on the railings I started to slowly go down towards the ground floor.

Eventually I reached the first floor and was about to start on the last few steps down to the ground floor when my buttplug went to full power for a few seconds. I had been focusing so hard on getting down safely that I had forgotten about my plug that the sudden burst made me jerk and squeal into my gag before I regained my senses and continued my slow descent. As I finally reached the ground floor and started to push against the heavy steel door my plug once again came to life and went to full power for a short burst and then simmered down to low and teasing as I entered the factory area.

I made my way along the right side wall slowly and carefully not to trip on all the debris on the floor and stopped to listen as before to make sure I was still alone. It was slow progress as I moved along the wall slowly and tried to be as discreet as possible. I was just a few meters from the other wall when I heard a metallic sound and my heart stopped. Quickly I looked around trying to see what had made the sound and to try to locate where it came from. Part of me wanted to run away, but where would I go? I had to get the key and then the backpack to get free. My heart pounded as I stood still and just listened and looked around slowly to not make my earrings tingle.

I waited for what felt like a really long time but the only thing I could hear was the low vibrations of my buttplug. Finally I decided to move on to get to the key and then on to freedom so I moved slowly and silently towards the remote wall and the staircase. As I reached the staircase it was starting to get dark inside the building and I started to fear I had misjudged the time I had allocated for this part. The plan was that when I reached the rest stop it should be dark enough for me to be able to get to the last key safely.

Carefully but increasingly hurriedly I started heading up the stairs and cursed my hobble chain that barely let me take a step up sideways before the chain pulled tight. When I reached the top floor I was panting against my tight corset from the effort and stopped to catch my breath before starting down the long corridor to the office where my prize was waiting for me.

When I reached the remote office I heard rain on the window and I looked outside to see what was going on. The sky was steel gray and the rain was starting to hit the old window as I backed up to the desk and squatted down to open the drawer and retrieve the envelope. I stuffed it deeply inside the top of my skirt and started back out into the corridor towards my freedom. The trip down the stairs took a long time, I had to be extra careful in the dim light. I really didn’t want to fall down and seriously hurt myself. When I came back out into the factory area for the last time it was starting to get dark, not just dusk but dark. I could also hear the rain picking up and as I slowly followed the wall back towards the office I heard the rumble of thunder. This was not what the forecast had said and it was not good news. The sound from the rain and the thunder made it kind of pointless to stop and listen so I forced myself to follow the wall back through the factory area slow enough to be extra careful while looking around me all the time, still scared from the noise from before.

Finally I reached the wall and followed it towards the steel door and just as I reached it my butt plug went to full power and I yelped into my gag. I had gotten so distracted by the noise and then the darkness that I had gotten used to the plug. The steel handle was cold as I grasped it and started to pull hard on it to get it open. It was more difficult than expected but it finally opened and I squeezed through. The sound of it closing was so loud to me it made me jump.

The unknown person controlling my plug, started to play with different patterns as I slowly made my way up the stairs heading for my backpack in the corner office on the top floor. I was panting hard from the effort and excitement as the vibrations did their thing getting me worked up, or very frustrated since due to the small chastity cage. When I reached the last landing, I had to stop and rest for a bit, my legs were shaking from the effort and arousal before going on up to the top floor. The corridor was dark and the only light was what came in through the dirty windows and made it difficult for me to see as I hurried along the corridor towards my backpack. In the corner office I knelt down on the floor and fished up the envelope and tore it open while the rain battered the windows. It took me two tries to unlock the short chain from the old heating pipe and then I carefully stood back up.

After a quick look around I realized that there was no way I could check that I wasn’t leaving anything behind so I had to get free from the chains and then come back and double check, damn. With the larger backpack in hand behind me, I headed back out into the corridor and towards the staircase. The backpack kept hitting my ankles when I walked and I debated with myself if I should drop it and retrieve it later when I had unlocked my chains but decided against that. Leaving things behind that could expose me was not a good habit to get into.

The trip downstairs was a slow and careful one and when I finally reached the basement corridor I was a mess from the distractions of the vibrating plug and a creeping fear since down here it was not almost dark, it was really dark, almost pitch black. I knew that the corridor led directly to the door leading outside with no other openings to distract me and all I had to do was shuffle left along the concrete wall and I would reach the door about twenty-five meters away, It was just that if I got disoriented I might have to spend the entire night here in the basement in total darkness.

After several deep, well as deep as the tight corset allowed, breaths of air I slowly started to follow the concrete wall heading left towards the exit door. After just a few meters my heart was pounding hard and I found myself panting hard, trying to fight off a rising panic, but still moving towards my exit. When I hit the wall and felt the steel door I was almost freaking out as I fumbled behind me to get the door open. I nearly fell backwards through the opening as the door opened but I let go of the handle and managed to lean against the doorpost. It was still raining and it was starting to get dark outside too but now I felt a lot better as I stepped out and immediately felt the cold rain and my heels sinking into the wet ground.

Slowly I made it over the soggy ground and into the open garage and out of the rain. I was soaked all the way through and now I was starting to shiver from freezing. I placed the backpack on the hood of my car and reached into the pocket for my car key and pressed the remote to unlock the car. The click was very satisfying and opening the driver's door felt really good. Reaching inside to get to the keys on the center console was not as easy but I had done it before in similar adventures. Unlocking my hands was also something I had done before and even with the distraction of the plug and me shaking from the cold, I managed in the first try. The hobble chain was removed next but I just unlocked the penis gag but kept it in just for fun. I took out my car key from the big backpack and placed it in the red leather backpack and took out my cell phone and checked the battery charge, it was still almost full but there were a lot of messages for me from my online friends wanting updates. They would have to wait.

I disconnected the Bluetooth butt-plug, placed the phone back into the backpack, reached in and got my flashlight from the glove compartment, put my big backpack on the passenger seat, locked my car and walked back out of the garage and headed into the rain. Even though I was now free from my chains, the ground was so slippery I had to be careful but made it back to the open basement door and got inside. I turned on the flashlight and with its help moved easily through the corridor and headed back up the stairs and towards the corner office.

Now I felt a little more relaxed and really was enjoying my adventure as I reached the top floor. In my best model walk, I sashayed down the corridor towards the boss’ corner office, my hips swaying, my earrings jingling and my heels clicking loudly on the hard floor imagining me to be his sexy secretary. Proudly I entered the corner office and wished my fantasy was true, but it was empty and dirty.

I quickly searched the room for anything I might have dropped but there was nothing left behind so I started to reply to some messages and posted a short message about what was left for me to be fully free. There were a lot of likes and nice comments about me still wearing the big penis gag.

After a last look around I reconnected the buttplug and headed back down the corridor and down the stairs for the last time. I closed the steel door properly behind me and set my small stick back in its place and headed quickly for my car. As soon as I got the car started I set the heater to full and backed out of the garage and drove slowly away from the area. There was no traffic in the rain and the rest stop was empty as I pulled in and parked. The final key was just three meters away from where I parked and the area was deserted so I got out, walked around the car just for the fun of it before getting the final key.

Since the area was empty I unlocked my heels and removed my outer clothes and got back into the sweatpants, hoodie, socks and sneakers before driving away and heading directly home. I parked in my car port and after a quick check of my surroundings I decided to pull the hood up and actually go inside still wearing my makeup and the penis gag. It was not a big deal since the door was in front of my car so I could keep my back to my neighbors all the time.

Once inside I undressed fully, removing both the plug and gag before pulling on dry panites and slipping a robe around me. After having refreshed my makeup, I booted up my laptop in my office to let everyone know I was done for the night and that I was safely home. There were more than a few comments to my quick description and when I entered the chatroom there were a lot of questions and I tried to keep up answering them but after a while the chat turned into a what if fantasy. They all knew about the condoms and lube I had carried in my red backpack, so would I really have wanted to be caught and used and in that fantasy I confessed that I would have liked that. The chat really went wild after that and after a few minutes there was a private message from a chat friend. It read:

Good evening Nicky. I wasn’t planning on telling You this but after Your adventure and the insanely hot chat I feel that I must. There is not any other way of saying this, but I know who You are and I have known for almost a year. We went to college together, I am Bill. Don’t worry, Your secret is safe. You know me and You know I can be trusted. I was actually at the factory today to make sure that You were safe. It was not the first time I made sure You were safe when You played. That does not mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy Your shows. What happens next is totally up to You and no matter what You are safe, but know that I am willing to participate fully in Your games. Please take Your time and think it through before You decide.

I read the message at least 5 times before hitting reply.


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