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by DMW

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© Copyright 2004 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; gag; cuffs; hogtie; toys; mast; cons; X

Using the story A Novel Idea 3 for inspiration, I devised a little self bondage game using 2 dice.  I wrote everything down before I got started to stop me from "cheating" and only using the items I wanted to use rather than what the game specified.

My girlfriend is great and has tied me up and has let me tie her up but she doesn’t understand what I get out of bondage so tying myself up is my only real option, especially with her at work for another 5 hours.

First of all, I put a key in a tub of water in the freezer.  The spare key was put in a cupboard and I knew wherever I ended up, I’d never be able to reach it.  I locked the front door, knowing the only other person with a key would be my girlfriend.  And just because she wouldn’t like it, doesn’t mean that if she came home and caught me bound and helpless I wouldn’t be in for a whole lot of pain and pleasure.

I had a bath and got clean all over before using the bathroom one last time before I rolled one of the die 3 times for my dick, knees and ankles to decide whether things would be used on those areas or not, odd for yes, even for no.  Only my ankles came out odd, meaning only they would be tied.

They were simple yes or no’s but had my dick come out as yes, another roll would’ve been needed to decide what would’ve been tied.

  1+2: Balls only
  3+4: Shaft only.
  5+6: Balls + Shaft I then rolled a die for my mouth.   1: Nothing
  2+3: Flannel and scarf
  4+5: Ball gag
  6: A pair of my girlfriends dirty panties. I got a 6 and held the used underwear (making sure the crotch was touching my tongue) in with the scarf I would’ve used to hold the flannel in with.

Next was my ass.

  1:  Nothing
  2+3: A vibrator held in by a crotch rope
  4+5: A larger vibrator held in by a crotch chain
  6: The smaller vibrator held in by underpants. I rolled a 6 and needed to roll two die to decide what kind of underwear it would be.  Anything a 10 or above and it would be a pair of my girlfriends, anything below, a pair of mine.  I’ve never worn women’s clothes before and didn’t really feel the need to now but felt if the dice were against me, I’d have to go through with it.  Fortunately (or not, depending on your tastes), I rolled 7 and my underwear it would be.

A single die on odd or even would decide if I’d wear a T-shirt and a 1 told me I would.  For my legs, I rolled 2 dice.

  2: Nothing
  3,4+5: My work trousers
  6,7+8: A Pair of jeans.
  9+10: Pantyhose
  11+12: Stockings and Suspenders. Like I said, I’m not much for wearing women’s clothes but in for a penny as the old saying goes.  To me, there’s very little sexier than a woman ties in nothing but pantyhose anyway but as it was, I rolled 3 and found my work trousers.

Next up was a location.  A single roll was needed.

  1+2: Bedroom
  3+4: Living Room
  5+6: Hallway A 2 was rolled and was followed by another single die roll.  This time for the location in the bedroom.   1+2: My computer chair
  3+4: On the floor
  5: Free to move around on the bed
  6: My feet tied to the bed I rolled a 4 and one last 2 dice roll was needed and that was to decide my position.   2-5: Flat on back
  6-9: Flat on front
  10-12: Hogtie I love being in a hogtie, especially on my side.  It’s my absolute favourite position for my girlfriend to have me in when she’s got me tied up.  Just having her suck my cock makes me explode in next to no time.

I started by finding my girlfriends panties from yesterday in the wash bin, and shoved them in my mouth, keeping it there with a scarf.  I then lubricated and slid the vibrator in my ass.  It might be the small one but it always feels huge to me.  A pair of my underwear next trapped it inside me.  I realised then I’d forgotten the T-shirt I wanted to wear, I’d left it in the bathroom so a quick run across the living room to the bathroom was needed.  Gagged as I was, I felt a little self conscious and I couldn’t move as quickly as normal because of the intruder in my ass.  When I got back, I put my work trousers on and tied rope around my ankles, the material preventing rope marks.

As an added twist, I used all the things I was supposed to, except my position and wrote everything you’ve read so far, before I’ve even gotten the ice out of the freezer, just to delay and add anticipation.  Instead of a hogtie, I’ve got my hands cuffed in front of me while I’m typing and a vibrator up my ass buzzing away constantly, pushed further into me because of my sitting position.  Every time I hear a car door shut outside I’m sure it’s my girlfriend coming home early and my heart jumps.  My jaw already aches from her panties forcing my mouth open.  I’ll be back later to write the rest, when the ice has melted and I’m a free man.  That is, if the ice melts before my girlfriend gets home…

Part 2

Back now and with 2 hours to spare.  There are some nasty gashes on my wrists but I’ll get to those.  I uncuffed my hands and put the spare key back in its cupboard before making my way to the freezer and taking out the ice blocked key.

Bringing it into the bedroom, I put it in a position where I’d be able to reach it once the ice was melted.  Tying the links of the cuffs to the ends of the ropes around my ankles, I cuffed my hands behind me in them, locking me in the hogtie position I’d rolled.

I couldn’t do anything while laying there.  I could hear the sound of the vibrator filling my ass and my breathing.  The odd car went past but my heart had long since stopped pounding when it did.  If it was my girlfriend home, there was nothing I could do about it.

The vibrator was beginning to annoy me and I wanted it out.  I pushed and I squeezed but my underwear was too tight and small to let that happen and I was subjected to a constant mix of pain and pleasure from my behind.

I wanted the gag out too but there was no way that was budging either.  The taste of my girlfriend had long gone and my jaw just plain hurt.
Not that it was all bad.  I fantasised about what would’ve happened if my girlfriend did come home.  The one that kept coming back to me was where she’d roll me on my side, put my dick in her pussy, make me cum and then force me to eat it out of her.

Because of my fantasies, I was soon gyrating on the floor, pressing my dick into it, rubbing and trying to get everything as I needed it.  It soon came, and so did I.  I was glad I was wearing trousers.  If I’d only been in my underwear, it would’ve shot all over the place and with everything else, I didn’t fancy laying in my own cold cum until the ice melted.

Usually when I’ve cum, my girlfriend lets me out of my bounds and that’s the end.  Not today though.  The ice still had a long way to go before it had melted enough for me to retrieve the key.  All I could do was watch it as water seeped, little by little into the bedroom carpet. I rolled around on the floor, moaning into my gag as the vibrator moved in either a pleasurable or painful way, just waiting until I could be free, seemingly unable to look at anything except the ice block.

In the end, it did melt enough but now I found a problem.  I’d put my handcuffs the wrong way around, making it extremely difficult to unlock even one of them.  I momentarily panicked and pulled on them, causing the gashes I mentioned and then managed to bend in ways I’m sure man was not meant to to free myself.

With different dice rolls, the game could’ve very different.  I’m sure I’ll be trying it again at some point.  Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes.



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