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A Self-Bondage Fairy Tale

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2006 - Rockett - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; chastity; electrical; cons; XX

A Self-Bondage Fairy Tale by Rockett Sbf; latex; chastity; electrical; cons; XX


Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a real itch to be rendered helpless. She had had no luck finding anyone whom she could trust with this information since she was a professional in a small town and would probably be seen as some sort of pervert by her peers. 

After so long a time, she finally ran across Gromet’s self bondage site. This was like turning on a  200 watt light. With a few internet clicks, she realized that there were a whole bunch of these sites out there as well as a whole bunch of people with similar urges. After a few months of research, and a little light practice, she was ready to see if she could be her own dominatrix. 

Since she was already a shoe freak, (what woman isn’t), she figured she already had the proper footwear for her adventures. She also had plenty of sexy underwear, so all she needed was a little latex and a good corset to complete her clothing. Clicking away, she found both at the Eros Boutique and promptly ordered a sexy looking corset that would take her already small waist down about another 4 inches as well as a latex bra with nipple cutouts and a pair of latex panties with plugs for both holes. She purposely ordered them a little small, so they would hold the plugs in tightly. She also found a leather mask type gag that in addition to keeping her quiet, would be a turn on just to wear.

After looking at a jillion pictures, she decided that she didn’t like chains and cuffs, but would only use rope.

A trip to the hardware store, produced a couple hundred feet of 3/8 inch braided nylon rope and another 30 feet of ΒΌ in  nylon cord to use for wrist loops. A package of plastic zip ties about 10 inches long and a couple of rope ratchets which all the sites said would be useful for working without a partner.

Picking a date and planning a scene came next. Since she lived alone, her apartment would afford her all the privacy she needed as long as she didn’t have a date. Since she had one the coming weekend, she figured she would just not accept anything for the following weekend which would give her about 10 days to set everything up. She could hardly wait, but she wanted to be sure she got it right the first time, since she could not afford to get stuck and discovered.

She finally decided on  a “strappado tie” for her first time, even tho’ she had no idea how hard it would be on her. She figured that her athleticism and flexibility could stand the strain just as long as she could get free.

She then stumbled on a site that featured electrical play which provided a jolt just looking at the pictures. She then ordered a control box and contacts even tho’ she wasn’t sure how she would incorporate it into her scene. Finally, the next weekend came and Saturday morning was devoted to dressing and setting up for her scene.

She put on the latex bra first, then sit about rigging up the electrical box to the 2 plugs in the latex panties for stimulation of both holes. After setting them up in a way that she was pretty sure would stimulate the hell out of her clit and ass at the same time, she greased them up and slipped them on plugging up both holes  in the process. At this point, she figured she had better test this out. She turned the box on and twisted the dials a little at a time until the shock became unbearable. It almost made her come, so she turned the box off and moved the dials back a little to the point that it would only be a stimulation and not pain. She taped the box close to where she would be tied and rigged a switch that would only turn the box on but unless she could actually reach the box, which would be impossible until she got free, could not be turned off.

Now she slipped on her thigh hi hose that would stay up by themselves and slipped into her black patent 41/2 inch heels with ankle straps to prevent her from kicking them off.

Next was suspending the rope ratchet from her high hook in the ceiling beam with an ice link that would drop the ratchet when the ice melted. This was critical to being able to get free. Manipulating a knife in a strict strappado was impossible.

She cut a 3 foot length of the smaller rope and made a triple loop that she could easily slip her wrists into, even with the suspension loop between her hands. Running the rope thru the ratchet and putting the wrist loops in the slip loop in the suspension loop. It hung at butt height so she could get her hands thru easily. She threw a couple of ropes over the beam and attached them to her waist belt to keep her from falling when her wrist were released by the melting ice link. She figured on being immobilized for about 45 minutes till the ice melted. Roping up her ankles and knees came next. Now she realized that soon there would be no turning back and helplessness would be her fate regardless of whether she found it a pleasant as she anticipated. Talk about your “Helpless maiden”. She was about to be one in spades. She checked around to be sure every thing was as it was supposed to be. The switch string for the electrical box was in reach of her hands when pulled up to max height.

Slipping her hands into the loops with the suspension loop between her wrists, she began hoisting her wrists up behind her. She could feel the loop tighten on the wrist loops preventing her from freeing her hands. She figured she could still loosen it up  enough to get free, but if she pulled anymore and put any more tension on wrist loops, she would be permanently caught. She checked again around her, and began to pull her wrists up higher. Now she was well and truly helpless, just like she had always wanted. 

Realizing just what she had done, she nearly had an orgasm right then and there. She still had to pull her wrists up about another foot to reach the switch, so she proceeded to continue pulling. Her position was pretty awkward, but not terribly uncomfortable, so she inched on until her hand was  next to the string. Her hands were up higher than her head, indeed, her arms were pointed almost straight up. The gag was very tight and was becoming uncomfortable as were the hi heels, but she was still about 30 minutes from freedom. 

Shifting and struggling she was becoming hotter by the minute, but could do nothing to bring her over the edge. The courage to turn on the box at this point was non existent. She was pretty sure she couldn’t stand a half hour of that. She continued to squirm and struggle, but nothing loosened and no climax either. 

After about another 15 minutes, she figured she had to have some relief, so she  grabbed the string and took a deep breath and yanked. The electricity hit her pussy and ass like a mule kick. It was not really painful, but was extremely stimulating making her jump and writhe violently, but with no immediate relief. Finally she experienced the most shattering orgasm she had ever known. After it subsided and she came back to earth, she realized that it was not over, since she still couldn’t get loose, and the electrical stimulation wouldn’t quit either.  

Now everything was getting very uncomfortable. Wrists, legs, feet, and crotch. Fifteen minutes of this went by like an eternity, resulting in 2 more minor orgasms.  The ice link finally melted and her wrists came down to a point that she could loosen the loops and free her hands. First, she turned the electricity off, then just stood there sweating  and panting until she could completely free herself and go get in a hot bath. She figured for a first time, that was gonna’ be a hard act to follow, but she figured she had a good chance to live happily ever after.




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