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Self Induced Torment

by Richard F

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© Copyright 2007 - Richard F - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cbt; clamps; toys; cons; X

I decided to try a little self-bondage with teasing and denial. I began to prepare myself. I laced a very thin shoelace around by balls then criss-crossed laced it very tightly down the length of my cock. As my cock began to swell the lacing dug into its length and restricted its growth, sheer torment. 

I inserted a large vibrating plug into my ass then put on a leather thong that held it in place. The thong was crotch less leaving my laced balls and cock exposed and unsatisfied. I place a large ball gag into my mouth and tighten its leather strap securing it in place.

I decided I would attach my girl friend's 6" heels to clover nipple clamps by the ankle straps. Their weight would tighten the clamps on my nipples and the ability for them to swinging about as I move would add delicious uncontrolled torment to my nipples. I also decided to "clean" my nipples and the inside of the clamps with alcohol before I clamped them in place... I wanted to be sure that I had removed any oil. This would be assuring extended torment and make them very difficult jerk, swing or remove in any way with out self-induced torment.

I place the clamps deep onto my nipples and the weight of the heels cinched them in place. I turned on the plug's vibrator and took a pair of thumbs cuffs... and with the ratching clicks firmly secured my hands behind my back... there I was helpless, gagged with a large plug vibrating in my ass and 6" heels swinging from my nipples.

As I moved the clamps tighten on my nipples under the weight of the heels and after giving them a regrettable aggressive test swing that tightened them even more, I was sure they were not coming off anytime soon.

I had placed the cuff's key in a cube of ice and attached the key's exposed ring on a clip, it was fasten in such a way that I needed to use my hands to get it unclipped, even after the ice had melted.

The hook that secured the key was well above what I could reach with my hands secured behind my back unless I stepped up on a stool and leaned forward, forcing the heels to swing about freely and I had tied the stool close to the wall forcing me to balance on the edge to reach the key, over and over I would be forced to step off the stool to catch my balance. Making the heels jerk and swing about, no matter how they violently they twisted jerked and tugged on my nipples the clamps were not coming off.

And the only way to release my thumbs was to get the key.... even then.... I would still have to endure the self-induced torment till the ice melted, releasing the key. 

Over and over I tried, the torment had made my cock hard. Now strained and contorted in its lacing. I contemplated trying to hook the heels onto something and yanking them off. But I was unsure and thought that might be unsuccessful and only induce more clamping pressure.

Finally at one attempt at the key and I fell from the stool and the heels twisted and jerked about so aggressively, they inducing such sensual pain that made my cock explode. Sadly with my cock laced the way it was only a drop of CUM was able to find it way out... and now my tormented nipples were super sensitive and burning.

I decided to yank the heels from my nipples. I walked around and found that the footboard of my bed could work to secure a heel. I manipulated one dangling heel around the decorative steel work on the footboard. And began to pull... the pulling tighten the clamp on my nipple even more. Stretching and pinching it beyond belief. I shot another load into my bound cock. But the clamps were still in place. I decided they might need one quick yank... would they come off or just induce more pain???? 

More to follow



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