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Self-imposed Punishment

by Jack C.

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© Copyright 2007 - Jack C. - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cbt; electroplay; toys; cons; XX

Self-imposed Punishment

A little background might give the reader a better understanding of what is to follow.  I'm Jack, a successful, fairly well educated person, fun-loving and upbeat, with a variety of interests.  I'm 59 years of age, 6', 220lbs. and while not naturally submissive, slip easily into the bottom role.  In fact, when aroused I experience intense masochistic cravings that allow a clever Domme to effortlessly manipulate me into wantonly and agonizingly suffering for her.  I adore being visually teased and then, while tightly restrained, being subjected to heavy CBT (especially by electroshock) for my lustful attitude.

A few years ago my wife and I divorced, having shared for eleven years a relationship that was the envy of every sub we knew.  Quite a setback.  You see, when I met her she was doing professional sessions and throughout our married life she played with me--harshly--on a regular basis.  She enjoyed using the shocker (I own a diabolically effective device called an Erostek 312) and also the cock whip, often bringing me to tears in her search for satisfaction.   

As you might have surmised, I'm a slut, a lifelong CBT slut.  I have a sincere passion for watching an attractive woman strip and display her body for me.  What red-blooded heterosexual man doesn’t?  :)  However, I need to do so while suffering intense, nearly unbearable torment of the genitals in payment for the pleasure of ogling her.  For years my ex took advantage of that, torturing me and generally using me for our mutual pleasure.  Together we wrote the following set of rules for the satisfaction of that part of our sexual relationship.  We also outfitted a small basement room, a room we referred to as the "Chamber", where the agonies called for in these rules would be inflicted.



There is only one purpose for this room: to allow the slut of the house his much-desired visual stimulation and sexual release, while ensuring that he suffers for his pleasure--by the cock and balls.  It is designed to be used often and well, asking little time or effort from the Mistress.  It is a place of contrasts, a place the slut should crave but also fear.

In accordance with the above, there are rules that apply to the use of this room and to the slut's preparation for being brought here.  They are as follows:

Rule #1:

Very simply, to cum, the slut must first fry.  There are no exceptions, save at the express bidding of the Mistress.  Should the slut fail to comply with this rule (should he, for example, masturbate without first paying for it in the Chamber), he is to be punished.  His next fry is to be in the dark, blindfolded, with nothing to distract him from his pain.  The honor system will be employed, the slut being expected to confess his improprieties.

Rule #2:

The slut is not to cum while readying his genitals for the Chamber. Should he climax before they are fully prepared, he is to be brought here immediately and fried.  This will be a punishment fry, as outlined in Rule #1.

Rule #3:

Once the slut's genitals are harnessed and wired, his fate is sealed.  He has made his commitment.  He must fry, even if he cums before the shocker switch is thrown.

Rule #4:

As part of a standard (non-punishment) session in the Chamber, the Mistress may, at Her discretion, masturbate the slut to climax prior to session's end.  In this manner he will gain his sexual release early, but will have to endure the remaining shocks in a lessened state of arousal.  Should he fail to achieve orgasm for Her, the slut may, again at the Mistress' discretion, be subjected to a punishment fry.

Rule #5:

At the end of each standard Chamber session, the Mistress will decide whether the slut has suffered well enough to be allowed to climax.  If She feels that he has, the slut is then to masturbate in the Mistress' presence and consume the product of his release.


Since my ex and I split up, I've tried to adhere to at least the spirit of the Rules.  Living alone, I’m free to indulge my cravings anytime I wish, so at my own hand I suffer on a reasonably frequent basis.  To ensure that I do and to enhance my commitment to the process, I refrain from any masturbation that is not tied to punishment.  In other words, I follow at least the first part of Rule #1: In order to cum, I must suffer--no exceptions.  For visual stimulation, I have a collection of a hundred or so "tease" videos, ones where the model slowly and sensuously removes her clothing, then spends half an hour or so in a number of deliciously inviting poses.  Since it isn't suitable for a slut like me to merely watch the videos and masturbate, I've devised a special method for viewing them, whereby I pay--and pay well--for the privilege.

Tucked into a corner of my basement is that delightfully dark and wicked little room that my ex and I called the Chamber.  In that room is a short stool with a 6" dildo protruding from its seat, a DVD player, a TV and the ErosTek-312, that devilishly painful electrical shocking device I purchased from  I always enter the Chamber naked, wearing only a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and a thin rawhide lace wrapped and tied tightly around my genitals.  I'm also well gagged, lest the sounds of my agony arouse undue attention from the neighbors.  Once inside, I close the door and immediately sit down, impaling myself upon the dildo.  I then turn on the DVD player and attach the shocker's electrodes to my sex, one to the tip of my throbbingly erect cock and the other to my firm, sensitive balls.

Next, I place a cord connected to the shocker switch within easy reach.  Satisfied that I can activate the shocker (set to deliver powerful four-second jolts at four-second intervals) but cannot shut it off until I'm free, I lock myself into a form of bondage that takes about ten minutes to escape.  I then gaze lustfully at the soft flesh of the woman on the screen.  At the appropriate moment, usually at the place in the video when the model first shows her pussy, I pull the cord and the shocker takes its painful toll.

When the session is over and I've paid my painful tribute to the beauty in the video, I usually treat myself to a very satisfying orgasm, the fruits of which I dutifully eat.  I then clean things up and ready the Chamber for my next visit, which I know will not be far off.  Sluts are like that.





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