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Self Bound Slut 2

by Michelle Harper

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© Copyright 2003 - Michelle Harper - Used by permission

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This is a true story, and very dangerous. I wouldn’t advise ANYONE to try this without the help of a trusted accomplice.
In 1992 my company purchased a huge warehouse and manufacturing plant that was totally empty except for broken furniture and derris scattered around.  The building was built on three levels and was over a full city block long, about 500 feet from end to end. Because of the construction, to go from one end to the other one had to negotiate several stairways and large rooms.  There were also loading shafts where they used to hoist material up to the third floor. These were open with no railings or protection and were situated in the center of a couple of the rooms.
My plan, being an avid self bondage and cross dressing enthusiast, was to make myself helpless and forced to wander the building to retrieve the means to my escape.  I would have the building to myself for several months while repairs and changes were made and I was the only one with access so I felt safe.
I hid the keys to my bondage in the office safe, an old key operated metal monstrosity. The key to the safe was attached to a padlock at the far end of the building. The key to THAT padlock was locked in a third floor office, and the key to the office was of course at the far end of the complex, but on a different level than the safe key. 
I would therefore have to make four trips through the old building, up and down several stairways and across vast empty areas with holes in them that could swallow me up and drop me to the basement.
Now to prepare for my session I went up to the third floor office suite and I dressed in stockings, a very tight leather corset, open nipple bra, wig, makeup and my 5” heels. I can walk in 6” heels, but I would be walking a LONG way and gave myself a little break.
I started my bondage with a 10” hobble between my ankles, a leather crotch strap that would hold my wrists tightly behind my back, locking leather cuffs on my wrists, a large ball gag, tight nipple clamps with bells on them, and finally a blindfold.  
I thought things through for several minuets and contemplated my plight. I was a long way from any sort of release, I was locked in an abandoned building and I hadn’t set up a “safety” or a backup person. I was so very excited as I slipped the final padlock through the eye on the leather harness behind my back. Attached both wrists to it and took a deep breath. I slowly pushed the padlock hasp closed, let it release and then pushed it again. I did this several times and I almost came when it suddenly snapped shut, trapping me for the next several hours.
It was about 1:00 PM and I knew the sidewalk at the front of the building would have traffic. I had to go down a spiral stairway which came out about four feet from the front windows in order to get through the office area and then walk along the window about thirty five feet to get to the door to the warehouse area.  I would have to expose myself four times on my journey to release.

The stairs down to the second floor were fairly easy to negotiate but the spiral stairway down to the first floor was difficult because of the spacing of the stairs coupled with my short hobble and wobbly heels. As I crossed the open area in the first floor office I could feel the stares and feel people looking at me. I don’t know if anyone even saw me, but I felt extremely exposed. I had also left the lights on in this office area so even waiting for dark and less traffic would have really spotlighted my struggles.
The first room in the warehouse was almost 200 by 200 feet and I had to get to the far corner. I could have followed the wall around, but I struck out across the center and hoped for the best. It’s really amazing how HUGE a space feels when you’re blindfolded. I walked and walked for what seemed to be forever until I bumped into a wall. But now should I go left or right? There are only two doors in the room, plus some loading doors, so I knew that I wouldn’t get too lost. I shuffled along the wall and opened the door when I came to it and stepped through. Carpet! Damn, I was back in the office area again. Back out the door and this time I followed the wall around until I hit the other door.
I decided that I would no longer strike out in the open rooms and would stay near the safety of the walls.  As I went through the door into the older part of the warehouse, a sort of metal building with no insulation or air conditioning, it was like walking into an oven. It was mid July and probably well over 95 outside, I’ll bet it was over 120 to 130 degrees in the closed building. The ground floor of this building was a warren of hallways and small rooms, very confusing even if you could see where you’re going, blindfolded, I felt like a rat in a maze. I was sweating profusely and starting to feel weak from the intense heat and still air, and I was only half way through my first trip!
I got through the area and entered a long shed type building. I had to climb to the third floor of this building and then walk about 200 feet to the far end to where I’d hung the first key on a nail on the wall. The floor was rough lumber and had holes broken through it in many places, not big enough to fall through, but a foot or ankle would sure go through, leading to a nasty sprain, so I moved with great caution, just sliding my foot out and feeling for firmness.  I followed along the wall because in the center of the room was a 12 by 12 foot hole to the basement. 
I finally got to the end wall and slid along the wall looking for my nail.  I hadn’t really noticed before, but there were LOTS of nails, all about chin high.  I knew that I had hung the key near the center of the room, but judging distance was difficult so I started checking each nail by tilting my head and pushing my nose to the base of the nail to see if the key was there. The heat had me soaked and weary but I finally located the key, now I had to get it off the wall.  I tried my nose and what I could with my lips, stretched as they were by the ball gag and finally got it to drop to the floor. If the key dropped through one of the holes in the floor down to the lower level I’d really be in trouble! But I was lucky and after squatting down and feeling around with my hands I found it.
Now I had to reverse my trip and go all the way back to the office, gingerly holding the key in my hand.  The one real scary thing on the trip back was that the stairway to the lower level came up through the middle of the room, near one end, so I would have to leave the safety of the wall at some point and shuffle along until I felt the stairs.  I moved very cautiously as I didn’t want to fall down the stairs.  After what seemed like hours I shuffled one foot forward and felt nothing. I moved back and sat down on the floor and slid my feet out and felt the first stair. I was really glad that this would be my last trip to the top floor.  The temperature up here had been unbearable and I was actually feeling ill.
I finally got back to the office suite and wanted to collapse as soon as I entered the air conditioned room, but I was totally exposed to outside view and had to cross the room, find the spiral stairway and get up to the third floor before I was able to rest.
I laid on the floor for a long time, I think I even dozed a bit, but I began to regain some strength so I got up and walked down the hall to the locked office, opened the door with the key I had retrieved and found the next key where I had left it in the center of the floor.
I had forgotten about hydration, and I knew that I had to do something to get some water into my system or I would never be able to complete the second trip out to get the final key. I remembered that there was a shower stall in the factory area and decided that I would have to get in the shower and suck in what water that I could around my ball gag. 
I had no idea what time it was, it felt like midnight, but it could have been any time. My guess was 5:00 pm, but I had no reason to think that.  I started back down the spiral stairway and exposed my slutty self to public scrutiny once more as I crossed the office area and then back out into the inferno in the operations part of the building.
This area had all the machines removed and was empty. The floors were really slippery from ages of accumulated grease from the equipment. It took me around a half hour to find the locker room and shower area.  I had to really stretch and stand on my tip toes to reach the valve and it felt really good when the blast of cold water hit me. I pointed my face at the spray, stretched my lips as far as I could and let the cool water trickle down my throat.
I figured the water would ruin my leather corset and harness, but the options could be much worse. I was able to suck in plenty of water over a long period of time and felt that I possibly had the strength to continue my journey. 
When I hit the factory floor I immediately fell down, the combination of the greasy floor and my wet shoes made it impossible to stand. I sat down and tried to push myself along with my feet and couldn’t make any headway at all. My hands were useless, held so close to my butt by the harness.  I sat and thought about my options, I couldn’t stand or slide, was I destined to die here in this greasy, sweaty hell?  Then I laid down on the filthy floor and rolled, it took forever but I finally got to the far side and got through the door to the wooden floors. My spike heels at least gave me a little traction and as I inched along the grease slowly wore off my shoes. 
The second trip out to the storage area went about like the fires, except I only had to climb to the second floor, and the staircase here had a rail around it. I retrieved the key that was padlocked to a chain and started back to open the safe for my release.  I came to the door to the office area for the last time and paused to wonder if it was dark out. If it was dark, the glaring lights in the office area would really spotlight me as I minced across the floor and up the spiral staircase in front of the windows. I could hear traffic, but had no concept what time it was. I was exhausted and wanted out NOW, so I opened the door and started out. After several short steps I heard a car horn honk, and then another. I continued toward the staircase as quickly as my short hobble would allow, and held my gagged and blindfolded head high like a proud slave. The bells on my nipples jingled merrily as I strutted along reminding me just how long my poor nipples had been clamped. I just started up the stairs when someone knocked on the window and shook the front door. I heard voices but couldn’t hear what they were saying.  I was really afraid now, I’ve always dreamed of exposure, but the reality of it had me shaking so badly I could barely get up the stairs.
Once I got to the second floor they couldn’t see me anymore and I collapsed on the floor to rest. I fell into a pretty deep sleep after deciding that I was really too exhausted to climb one more flight of stairs. Release was so close, and my shoulders ached from their confinement, my nipples burned like there were matches under them, my legs were really sore from the hours in the high heels and I was tired.
I’m not sure how long I slept but I felt a little better when I woke up and continued to the third floor office and opened the safe. I had to stick my head into the safe to retrieve the key as my arms were useless behind my back. 
Release felt so good and hurt so bad, I got my wrists unlocked and slowly moved my arms around front, the muscles screaming as they moved. I then took off the blindfold and stood up to look in the mirror. I still had the ball gag in my mouth and I looked terrible, my makeup had run and my wig was greasy and dirty.  I was covered in filth and grease and I was shaking like a leaf   I found my watch and it was 2:15 AM, 13 hours in bondage. I was almost reluctant to remove the nipple clamps, because I knew that it would really hurt, and it did. It actually brought tears to my eyes as the blood rushed back into my poor nips. I removed the ball gag and knew that my jaws would ache for many days.
I undressed and used the bathroom sink to wash up as well as I could, got dressed in my normal clothes and laid down on the floor and went into a deep sleep. The next morning I drove home to shower and rest for the day, and to plan my next adventure, maybe something with an ice cube and a helium balloon.  Keys and ice tied to the balloon string and locked in the big room with the hole up from the basement. I’d have to race to get the keys for the basement or the ice would melt and the balloon would pull the key up to the third floor ceiling and I’d have to wait for the balloon to leak out enough helium  (two or three days?????) to lower the key back to the basement where I could reach it…..


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