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Self Bound

by Unknown

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Self Bound

A very special package arrived for me today, it was a small package but the weight told me that it was what I  had been waiting anxiously for.  With trembling hands I set it beside my bed and prepared for work.  All day long I imagined what that evening would be like, I even imagined some of the men that I work with as the one who would place the items in the package upon me. This, of course, was not to be but the fantasies helped make the day pass quickly and as quitting time approached I found myself almost trembling at the mere thought of what was to come. 

The drive home took forever, but when I arrived I walked slowly to the door as if nothing were going to happen tonight.  After entering my house I locked the door and pulled down the shades, then I went to the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes.  My panties were dripping due to the constant state of arousal I had been in all day.  I took a quick shower making sure to clean every crevice so that he will not be angry when he arrives.

Once I have cleaned and dried myself I take one last look into the mirror and see goosebumps on my flesh despite the warmth of the room. My nipples have hardened like tiny rocks as I pick up my panties and walk naked back to my room.  I am almost panting with desire as I unwrap the package and remove the contents within, my lips moisten as I run my hands through the assorted restraints searching for the keys.

After a few moments I find them and take them out to the front hall and lay them on the table as I have been instructed, then I return to my room to finish following the commands that I have been given. First I take my still-wet panties and pack them in my mouth, for the first time tasting my own sweet flavor, then I remove the ball gag from my precious package and strap it on, silencing this unworthy slave so that I won't annoy my master with unwanted complaints. 

The next item I remove from the package is a large butt-plug, I tremble as I feel how large it is but my master's orders are not to be denied, fortunately he has given me permission to lubricate it as my ass is still virgin and I have done nothing to anger him yet.  I moan into my gag as it's head penetrates my ass, the feeling is like nothing I have ever felt, it's quite uncomfortable, even painful as the widest part stretches my ass lips apart.  Finally it slips all the way in an the momentary rush of pleasure almost brings me to a small orgasm, now that it is in me it feels VERY uncomfortable, almost as if I constantly need to go to the bathroom but the size of the thing prevents it. I almost take it out but realize that Master would definitely punish me for such an action so I continue. 

The next item is a pair of ankle cuffs with a short chain between then, as each one clicks shut I sigh and begin once again to feel the fire burning between my legs which the butt-plug momentarily quenched.  The high heels I put on next are much higher than I am used to and between them and the chains i'm sure that walking will be a chore, I hope I don't fall too often while learning to walk in them. 

The next item I find is a pair of nipple clips with a chain connecting them.  I shudder at the though of what they will feel like but know that master will be displeased if I don't put them on.  With more than a little trepidation I clip the first one to my right breast, the pain burns me like a flame and I momentarily consider removing it but know that my master would not be pleased so I continue with putting on the other.  Now both my nipples are burning centers of pain and I fear I will not have the strength to wear them till he gets home, yet I continue knowing that it will please him. 

The next item is a supple leather collar to put around my neck, the feel and smell of the leather are enough that I almost forget the fire upon my breasts.  As I lovingly lock my slaves collar on I can almost envision him standing over me, as I look up from my task I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and decide to get a better look.  Rising from my bed I make my way slowly to the door, tripping only once on the way.  Once I reach my destination I can't believe how I look in my full length mirror. 

Slowly, I look over my body starting at my head, my mouth is stretched tightly around the ball gag I have placed there and compliments nicely the collar about my neck.  As my gaze moves downward I see my breasts for the first time, the silver clips connected to them have stretched my nipples farther than mere hardness could account for and the chain drops beautifully down each of my pert breasts making them look more beautiful than i've ever seen them. 

Next my eyes wander on to my freshly shaven cunt and I can see a drop of moistness beading between my pussy lips, from there my gaze wanders down my long legs to the gorgeous chains wrapped about my ankles, finally I see my feet bound appropriately in the high-heels I have been told to wear.  I am not usually vain but the sight of myself bound like this has gotten me HOT, I begin playing with myself on the way back to the bed and within moments I am on the verge of an orgasm, the only thing that stops me is the memory of his order that I am not to cum without his permission, this small transgression will probably get me punished.

With great reluctance I break my trance and make my way back to the bed and the few remaining toys.  The next item is a blindfold and I caress it's silky blackness for long moments before I put it on and entered into enforced darkness.  It took me several seconds of fumbling in the darkness to find my next restraint but by now I was determined to complete my assignment and show my master how good I was. 

It is difficult to chain your elbows behind you in the dark, and it took me several minutes to accomplish. Only one thing remained, and that was to handcuff my hands together and await my master's coming. In a few short moments it was done and now it was time to lie and await him, totally helpless in the darkness of my self imposed bondage. 

As the minutes slowly ticked by I became increasingly aware of the discomfort caused by both the butt-plug and nipple clamps, still I persevered patiently trying to make it through the night, happy in the knowledge that when I finally do have a real master, instead of
my imaginary one, he will be pleased with my abilities.....


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