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Self Bondage Walk

by erinluvcum

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I am of Italian descent, born in the south and raised in the north, I have been lucky enough to move to Nashville to pursue being a TV reporter. Now I know that the profession of reporting has fallen into the same category as being a politician, or a lawyer. I have always thought that exposing the wrong people do to help the little guy was a noble thing, but regrettably not everyone thinks this way. For example the bad guys, the politicians, and the lawyers that we expose. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Now this being said, let me explain what I look like. I stand 5' 4" tall, I weigh 110 pounds, my measurements are 36C-30-36, I have long straight black hair down to my waist, I have coal black eyes, and what one boyfriend called DSL's (dick sucking lips). My job is to report the traffic on a morning news program and I do this with style and the tightest little dresses and high heels I can get away with.

When I was about seven I was a big tomboy and loved running around and rough housing with the boys. One game we would play is damsel in distress where I would play the poor girl in need of a hero and would end up being tied to a chair, tree, fence, or simply tied hand and foot and laid on the ground. Now I do not know if getting an all over warm feeling from this was a good thing or bad but I did love being tied and would dare them to do it harder and tighter. These games lasted until I was 10 and my mother put a stop to them saying a young lady does not play like that with the boys, only a bad girl does.

My first real boyfriend was in high school. I was captain of the cheerleaders and he was captain of the basketball team. We were together for about 6 months, when while watching a movie we saw a woman being tied up, watching this I got that old feeling and did not understand why. When I got home I did some research and found that I had a liking for bondage. I discussed this with my boyfriend and he said to never mention it again or he would leave; he could not be seen with a bad girl and take a chance of losing his scholarship.

After that I did a lot of thinking and more research. By the time I graduated from high school I was determined to find out if I really liked it or not. With no one to help I began to research self bondage. The pictures and stories I found got my pussy so wet that I had to bring myself off, this quickly became an everyday thing. I had a part time job as a waitress and I knew that by wearing my uniform extra tight and by flirting with the guys I would get more tips. Like I said earlier, I liked tight clothes because they showed off my hot-ass body. The money was for anything I wanted because I had a cheering scholarship.

 I had found this web site that sold bondage stuff so I ordered the following: wrist cuffs; ankle cuffs; posture collar; a corset that had removable cups; an inflatable double butt plug that let water in but not out, a vibrating butterfly; clamps that could be attached to my pussy lips; wicked little clamps that looked like pasties but had little teeth that bit in when tugged on; and boots with six inch heels that would come up to my thighs. It took me some time to get used to walking in those. Now I needed a way to lock the cuffs on, so I got one set of four locks that took the same key, plus another set so I could lock the cuffs together and lock on the collar and corset. I practiced unlocking the cuffs at night because I knew if I got stuck my mother would help out with not much fuss.

My parents were going on a two week cruise as a second honeymoon and since I was a grown-up now, I was left to fend for myself. The day they left I went to work and told them I needed a few days off because I had to visit a sick relative in Richmond. What I was really going to do was my first self bondage session. I scoped out these old abandoned buildings: every time I went by I never saw anyone so I figured that no-one would be around. I never got out of the car and I never went there after dark; two mistakes that I would pay for.

Now this is the morning of the walk and boy was I hot when I woke up. I got up at four in the morning to get to the building and start. I got there and drove around for a few minutes until I found the perfect spot for my car. There was a hole in the side of one of the buildings so I drove into it and parked so that I was far enough in to block the car from view. I got out, took off all of my clothes, put them into the trunk, put on some flip flops and got my goodie bag out. Then I locked the keys for the locks into the trunk. Mistake.

I took the car keys and hid them close by and walked to the top of this ten story building. When I got to the top I was winded and thirsty so I drank a gallon bottle of water that I had left hidden here. I had been taught that a good girl only peed in the toilet. Well, fuck that. I put on the boots and ankle cuffs then locked them on using a piece of rope between the cuffs that left about ten inches of space. I then put on the butterfly and set it for random, I inserted the double butt plug and attached the hose to a gallon enema bottle that I had filled with the rest of the water I had hidden. After putting my corset on I laced it nearly to the point of stopping all breathing. Mistake.

I put on my posture collar and attached the enema bottle to the ring on the back of the collar, the last thing was the pasty nipple clamps and the weights. The weights would, if bounced too hard, cause the clamps to tighten. The last thing was to stuff a pair of my panties - that I had worn for a solid week - into my mouth, crotch first and then tape them in. I locked my hands behind my back and was all set. I guessed it was about six in the morning as the sun was just coming up.

I walked - very slowly - to the door that led to the roof. I tried to open it and nothing, I was stuck. I saw another door on the far side so I started to walk over there. As I was doing this my hand hit the clamp that was pinching the enema hose and the water started to flow. Damn. I was not ready for that yet. Then a step later the butterfly came to life causing me to trip, making the weights bounce and the clamps tighten a little. So there I was, walking very slowly across this roof, hoping not to be seen, having my bowels filled with cool water, and having my nipples painfully bitten on.

I made my way to the door and when I got there it was open. Thank you god. I started down the steps and soon discovered that the clamps were going to tighten with every step down. I wondered how tight they would get. I also discovered that by walking down these steps I was not only helping the water into my ass, but I was starting to wish I had cleaned out my bowels first. I made it down this flight of stairs and found myself on the tenth floor. Just nine more to go.

This next flight of stairs was blocked so I had to go to the other end of this floor to gain access to more stairs. There was a lot of debris on the floor and it was hard to walk but I managed to get to the other end. When I did, the butterfly popped me off, for my first orgasm of the day and then shut off. I got to the stairs and after a few tries I got the door open. I started down and made it 2 flights this time before the stairs were blocked. That is strange, I thought, they were not blocked earlier.

I put this out of my mind, went down to the other end of the building and started down another flight of stairs. I made it to the sixth floor and saw a shadow of a person and thought what the fuck, who is that? The last thing I needed to do is get caught. With that damn butterfly going off and on in short bursts I would gladly fuck a 500 pound man right now. Here I was, trying to run, with my ankles tied, hands behind my back, ass full of water, and oh yeah with every step the clamps made themselves known.

I made it to the stairs and the door was only half open. I had to squeeze through and got my nipple clamp stuck. I had to tug on it to get loose, wow what pain and the strangest thing happened: I came like I was pissing and then I pissed. Wow, the biggest orgasm of my young life, and then the best piss I ever took. Can it get any better? I quickly made my way down to the first floor without any other problems, and then it hit like a sledgehammer. My poor belly - which has been carrying a gallon of water and no telling what else - cramped, and I hit the floor and balled up like a baby. I have never felt such pain in my life, and then that damn butterfly started up on full force sending me into a series of orgasms. I must have had four of them before it shut off. During this time I was thrashing around on the floor and I must have caught my hands on the plug’s hose, because I ripped it out of my ass during that fourth orgasm. Out came a gallon of shit and water; I ended up in a puddle but strangely very happy, and on the edge of another orgasm. 

I managed to get to my knees and then my feet; stumbling to the car. I noticed that it was dark out and also that my car keys were gone. Then I knew I wasn’t alone and got scared. Out of nowhere six filthy bums came up and one of them had my keys. He came over, yanked the tape from my mouth and asked me one question. “Will you fuck us willingly, or do you want to walk home? Wherever that is.”

Now these filthy homeless guys have been fucking me all day, despite the fact that i was covered in my own shit they still wanted to fuck me. All I said was “I am on the pill so shoot wherever you want.” He surprised me by producing a hose pipe and hosing me down, getting all of the shit water off and then hosing each other off. The first one came over and shoved his cock down my throat; at the same time another shoved his in my ass. They came quickly and were replaced with two more, and this cycle was repeated over and over until each had my ass, mouth, and pussy. When they were finished, the one who had my keys chased the others off and helped me out of my cuffs. He helped me dress and then I drove home, knowing that anytime I could be tied and fucked I would. I also knew that I was truly a slut, whore, and tramp and was proud of it. My college life was going to be filled with cum, cum, and more cum.


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