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Self-bondage on Display

by Sensual Robert

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"Get away from me! I don't belong to you! I'm a lawyer and I will put you away for this!"

Deborah is pushed onto the bed by the strong hillbilly Zeek, he rips off her sexy lacy panties. She looks back at his disgusting thick cock and his ugly face with missing teeth. "We can work something out...No...Nooooo!" Zeek then holds Deborah's head down as he rams his hard cock into her pussy! "You're a pretty French maid and you are my wife now. Tomorrow I will brand you...making you my property."

1 Day earlier

Deborah Lang, a gorgeous blonde who stands at 5 foot and 4 inches with a fabulous fit body especially at her age of 40. She is a very successful lawyer and has put many criminals behind bars. She also looks like Marilyn Monroe with her short blonde hair and many men in her office have been after her. She lives in a house and across from her house she has several neighbors, good looking men that probably have girlfriends. Today is the day that she wants to do some exciting self bondage with the possibility of her being exposed in bondage.

The thrill of being exposed in bondage adds an element of excitement to her self bondage fun. She really does not want to be exposed to anyone, but it makes her pussy wet just thinking about being caught in bondage by one of her sexy neighbors. For today's fun she has decided to dress up in a sexy short French maid outfit, it makes it more embarrassing to be caught in a naughty outfit.

She has been working on this self-bondage predicament for weeks. She has created a machine with many pulleys and a timer. Once the timer goes off, a chain will lift her up by her bound wrists and she will be off the ground. Then the garage door will open and the machine will pull her forward out in the open where everyone will see her...a sexy bound and gagged French maid. She is getting just thinking about it...maybe one of her sexy neighbor will find her, force her to become a sex slave.

Deborah puts on her sexy black lacy panties and puts in her favorite vibrator to stimulate her while tied up. Then a short white petticoat, followed by the short, black, satin French maid outfit. The other items she puts on are the maids cap, lace choker with sexy bells, white satin apron and the sexy ballet boots. The sexy boots are so impractical they will make it impossible for her to get away.

She places the red ball gag in her mouth and she is able to self-tie her hands together. There is a long chain that is connected to her bound hands and if she can not get her hands untied before the timer goes off, she will be on display for her neighbors. The timer is placed on a shelf high enough that she can't turn it off. She sets the timer so it reads 30:00, then sits on the floor in her sexy maids outfit; she turns on the timer and now there is no turning back. She knows 30 minutes should be enough time for her to get untied.

The vibrator is causing her to moan as she fantasises about being a sex slave and getting fucked. Then she looks at the timer and it reads 0:25...0:24...0:23... She is shocked and realizes that by mistake she set the timer for 3:00 and not 30:00! She is desperately trying to get her hands untied...then the timer hits 0:00. The pulley starts to pull the long chain upwards and soon she is off her heels. Deborah starts to buck, trying to free herself from the pulley before...then the garage door opens!

As the pulley brings her forward she has an incredible orgasm. The bells on her choker are loud and draw the attention from her neighbors but not the ones she thought of. She is now struggling harder like a fish on a line, her sexy legs on display as well as herself dressed in the embarrassing French maid outfit. The vibrator still buzzing as she sees Sarah and Connie, two women that hate her.

As Sarah and Connie are enjoying a beer outside in their front yards, they suddenly see this sexy bound and gagged French maid! "That's Deborah the bitch lawyer! What the hell is she wearing? A French maid outfit? That bitch put away my brother who was innocent. Let's go check her out and torment the bitch. Let's get her back inside her garage before our boyfriends see this whore."

Deborah is panicking as she sees Sarah and Connie approaching her. It's no use but she continues to struggle, her sexy body moving and bucking while she is bound and gagged. They are able to retract the pulley system and close the garage door. Now Deborah's fear is showing in her eyes as Sarah pulls down her maids top, exposing her perky tits. Connie sees some clothes pins and pins it on Deborah's tits as she screams into her ball gag.

"Well well look what we got here...the bitchy lawyer all tied up and we can do anything we want with you. What's that noise?" Connie then lifts up her petticoat and sees the vibrator under her sexy panties. She pulls out the vibrator and throws it on the floor. "No pleasure for you are going to receive only pain. Now what should we do with our helpless French maid?"

Sarah suddenly spanks Deborah, causing her to scream into her ball gag, then pets the lovely blonde. "You know you sent my brother to jail, and he was innocent. You ruined our now I will ruin your life." Deborah is crying and fearing what this evil woman will do to her.

Connie is checking out Deborah's French maid outfit. "Ooh la la...I bet you were hoping my boyfriend would find you dressed like this? Too bad we found you, I'm sure he would have enjoyed rucking you. I see how he checks you out when you are wearing your slutty lawyer short skirts, silk blouses and high heels." Connie then whistles at her sexy ballet boots. "My can you walk in those things? Honestly you are one sexy number dressed in that outfit and being bound and gagged."

Sarah pulls out her cell phone "Yes my boyfriend would have also found you irresistible and so will my distant cousin Zeek." Deborah shakes her head no and she tries to plead with her but the ball gag prevents her from speaking. "Zeek lives in the backwoods, it's a large hidden commune. Oh he is going to love you, he's only 66 years old. He has a nasty long beard, missing many teeth and his breath is nasty but I'm sure you will love it when he's French kissing you."

Several hours later.

Zeek arrives with his van, enters the garage and sees his new wife. He starts to drool as he sees this gorgeous blonde dressed as a French maid bound and gagged. His hands begin to molest her body as she tries her best to buck away from his disgusting touch. "You are so pretty, you look like that movie star Marilyn Monroe. Ok let's get you into my van and get you to your new home as my wife."

Deborah is looking at Sarah and Connie trying to plead with them "Mmmmmfffhhh". Zeek easily lifts her from the pulley system and carries her in his arms towards his van. He then ties her into a strict hogtie and leaves the ball gag in her mouth. The van back area has many windows but they are tinted. She can look out but no one will ever know that there is a hog tied French maid in the back. She sees a cop car and tries to get his attention by waving her bound hands but he can not see her as he drives away.

He looks back at his sexy Marilyn Monroe look-alike. "You are going to love living with me, you will always be naked except for your sexy ballet boots. I need to replace that sexy choker with a real metal slave collar. Do you enjoy anal sex? I can't wait to fuck your ass but tonight I will make you my wife by fucking your pussy!"

As Deborah struggles she thinks about somehow escaping but then she sees her new home. It's a gated community with many watch dogs guarding the area and she now fears escape will be impossible as the van doors are open. An elderly man about 90 years old "Wow son, she's a beauty! Remember the commune rules; I get to use your wife after you have mated with her." Deborah screams into her gag as Zeeks old dad carries her into Zeeks bedroom.

Zeek unties her, and removes her ball gag. "Now give me a kiss!" Deborah is disgusted by his missing teeth and bad breath as Zeek forces his tongue into her mouth. Zeek then gets naked in front of Deborah and she stares at his thick cock. "Oh No...please don't fuck me..your cock is too thick for my pussy." He approaches her as his cock gets hard "Shut up! I'm going to fuck my French maid...Now!"


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