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Search and Rescue

by The Payee

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I was pretty sure I was no longer being followed, but I figured I would do anything but go straight south on I95.

I went back to the coast and stopped at Fort McClary State Park. I walked around and decided that I was the only one there, but I was still a little skittish from my last adventure so I left and took back roads into Portsmouth, NH.

When I crossed into New Hampshire I headed west-north-west to Lake Winnipesaukee. I had done some scuba diving there in a small, nearly hidden park a few years ago. The park is off the beaten path, but I found it without a problem. The parking area was empty as I expected. It can only hold two or three cars, so I backed the camper in so I could not be blocked in by another guest.

It was just before noon and the sun was warm as I put together my little bag of toys. I kept an eye peeled for traffic on the road, but there was none. I had read other peoples stories of nude bondage in semi-public areas and thought I would see what it was like. I gathered my stuff and walked over the hill and down a long steep trail of dirt and stone steps to a level area by the water. There was a new picnic table there and a “No Swimming” sign so someone must use it. I sat in the warm sun for a few minutes and made sure I was alone.

I laid out my toys on the table to make sure I put them on in the correct order! I had a couple of new ones that I bought for the coastal trip and never got to use. One was a suspension helmet made of heavy black leather, a “seat belt” made of real seat belt webbing with two crotch straps and a waist belt that all come together in a lever-latch in front. There are a couple of attaching rings and a single handcuff attached at each side and a battery powered but plug. I also had a couple of spreader bars, one for the ankles and one custom made for self-bondage that is for the elbows. I had a short chain and a two-hour ice lock.

I had scouted a huge boulder about ten-foot high in a thicket of trees not far from the table. I kicked off my heels and climbed the rock with the chain, I fastened it around a big branch that grew over the top of the rock using the ice-lock. A snap hook hung down to just over my head. I left the heels on the rock and went back down for the rest of the toys.

I put the keys to the padlocks and cuffs under the foot of the picnic table and stripped off my clothes and folded them in a neat pile on the table. Now totally naked, I grabbed the toys and sprinted up the rock. I strapped the spreader bar between my ankles, set the butt plug program to shuffle and lubed it up. I still gasped at the size of that thing as I forced it into place! Then I put the belt on and snapped the lever closed.

I had put a big three inch key-ring on the latch handle to make it easier to release. The crotch straps pushed the plug in tight and made sure there was no way for it to escape. I strapped the two piece spreader bar cuffs on just above my elbows and let the tubes swing freely. Next was the big helmet. I was surprised at how heavy it felt as I tightened the lacing and straps. The dildo gag went farther down my throat than I thought it would. When it was fully tightened I reached for the snap hook and it would not reach! Shit! I remembered my heels and slid into them. I strained but I was able to snap the latch in the ring at the top of the helmet. The eye ports on the helmet were adjustable so I closed them. I found that too spooky so I opened them enough to see straight ahead only.

I was already excited when the butt plug switched from a low vibration to a pulsing. I knew I had better hurry or I was going to finish before I started. I grabbed the elbow tubes and inserted the small one in the big one behind my back and pushed until I heard the latch click. Almost there! I made loose loops with each handcuff and pushed them closed against the tree. Now I was really here for a while! No turning back, no escape method!

I looked out over the lake and admired the view. I thought about kicking off my shoes but when I lifted my feet just a little the helmet pulled up and limited my vision down. I already knew I didn't want to do this blind, so I left the shoes on. From where I was, I could look down on the picnic table and I was fully visible from the parking lot trail. I moved around as much as I could on my rock and that accentuated the shuffling butt programs and I was imagining all sorts of exciting story lines when children's voices jerked me back to reality. I hadn't thought about exposing myself to children. That was suddenly a concern. Two small children were playing near the water ten feet below me. I turned toward the trail and two women were descending the steps right in front of me at eye-level! Somehow they apparently did not see me.

Now I saw the need for the escape plan! What were they going to do when they discovered me naked in front of their children? They didn't see or ignored me and went right to the children. They played in the grass near the water for a while, then one woman strolled over to the table to look at my clothes! She held them up for the other woman and began talking excitedly. Then they started running along the shore looking in the water. I thought it was a little strange. There was a sign and it was way too cold for swimming. Why would they care anyway? After much searching without looking up, they herded the children up the hill and out of sight.

Not long after I lost sight of them, the ice-lock released and the chain dropped on my head! The weight of the chain moved the helmet just enough to alter my vision as it swung around. I hadn't thought far enough ahead. I couldn't climb down like this! The rock was too steep and I couldn't hold on to the trees. I kicked off my shoes and watched them slide down into the brush below. Then I heard rapid footsteps coming down the hill. One of the women ran to the table and grabbed my clothes! I had read about people putting their clothes in a bag and chaining it to a tree, but I didn't think this was why they did it! She hurried up the hill with my clothes in hand.

I sat down and tried inching my way down the rock on my bare bottom and bare feet. Near the bottom I started to slide out of control and I landed in the bushes. I was sure my ass was shredded and bleeding, but I couldn't touch or see it. I struggled to my feet using my head against the rock to get on my feet. The sticks hurt my feet so I located my shoes and slipped into them.

Just as I started to waddle toward the picnic table and my keys, I heard a car door slam. I froze in place. Then another door and another and another! What the hell was going on? I waddled back deeper in the woods and I could hear lots of voices, both male and female. I thought some group had stumbled on the park for a party! I made my way deeper in the woods as they came over the hill. There had to be ten or more and they were dragging two aluminum canoes that were banging down the steps! I kept moving away. The two women were pointing to the picnic table and people were running along the shore and the canoes were launched.

I came to the edge of the park. There was a lot of open ground between me and a house up on the road. The only cover was a dock pier in front of the house. I could hear people crashing through the brush behind me so I did a high energy waddle toward the pier. The posts were close together and there was a wedge shaped area from the water to the beginning of the ramp about ten feet long and three feet high on the high end at the water. I backed my butt in as far as I could go and sat my abused butt on the damp ground and waited for the party to end. I had trouble looking that way because the collar of the helmet was so tight my head would not turn. I had to turn my shoulders. Soon I was shivering uncontrollably. The shade of the pier, the damp sand and a breeze off the water combined to make it very uncomfortable.

Suddenly a huge German Shepherd appeared in front of me. He looked at me quizzically and offered his head for me to pet. I couldn't move. Then he turned and sat beside me! There really wasn't room for both of us under here and he kept crowding me. I named him Schultz after the Hogan's Heroes sergeant because he looked so military and sure of himself. Soon his thick fur was warming me! One side of me was freezing but his side was warm. If I could move, I would switch sides, but that was not an option. Darkness comes early this far north in the fall and soon I heard the booms of the canoes being dragged up the hill. The party must be breaking up.

Once it was dark and quiet, I used my head against the pier to stand up. I was stiff and frozen. My dog-friend abandoned me as I started my journey up the hill. It was slow going because I could not afford to fall. Before I reached the road I hung near the park woods just in case a car came down the road. As I neared the trailer, I could hear voices again. There was a car and two people were still there. I waited in the woods until they finally left.

I rushed across the open area and hooked the belt ring on the trailer jack handle and released the latch. I could move my arms again! I released the elbow bar and found my spare keys. Releasing the cuffs and ankle bar I went inside to remove the rest and start the heater! I had just finished washing and putting away the stuff when there was a very firm knock on the door! I threw a sweater over my blouse and asked who was there.

He said his name was Mike and stated he was just doing a well-being check at the request of the local police department. I opened the door a crack and assured him that I was fine. He said there was a report of a possible drowning here today and my trailer had been here and empty all day. He wanted to know if I had seen anything. Suddenly my dog friend Schultz came crashing through the partially open door. Mike screamed “Don't move! He is vicious!” but I had already thrown my arms around him as he stood on my bunk. I was rubbing my head against his fur and telling Mike this was Schultz.

Mike's eyes were still wide when he said he had to hear this story. I said “you finish yours first and I'll tell you mine, as long as you promise not to arrest me or consider it a confession.” Now Mike was interested.

“Okay. Briefly, two women came to the park with their kids. They found a pile of clothes and decided someone was swimming illegally but they couldn't see anyone and the water was too cold anyway. Then they decided someone had committed suicide by drowning. They called the police and wanted a search and rescue started. The police refused unless there was a missing person report or evidence of a crime. They did check your unit and said it was legally registered and properly parked. If it stayed here tonight they would have it towed tomorrow. The women organized a civilian search party on Twitter and had over forty people searching here this afternoon but they found nothing. I live next door and the police asked me to watch your trailer for activity and I saw your light. This dog was my partner for five years in the New Hampshire State Police and he retired when I did, and we live together. He is one of the most decorated dogs in New Hampshire police work. He is mean, aggressive and relentless. I am careful around him. Now let's hear your story.”

“I stopped at this park and there was no one in sight. The sun was warm, I had a crazy notion and did something my mother would not approve of. I took off my clothes and folded them on the picnic table. The table felt too exposed so I climbed on the big rock and I was enjoying the sun when two women and kids came. I hid on the rock until they left. I was going to get my clothes when one came back and stole my clothes! I was creeping back to my trailer without them when a huge party arrived. Dozens of people, canoes, etc. I hid in the woods for a while but they were getting closer so I ran and hid under a pier near the water. I was about to freeze to death when Schultz came and sat with me and warmed me up. After dark I came back here and you showed up.”

Mike laughed and took out his phone, called someone and said, “I found the owner of the clothes, bring them down here,” and hung up. “The woman thought search dogs would use the scent to find the missing person.” Minutes later a local police cruiser pulled up. Schultz jumped up and bolted out the door. The barking and growling was so fierce I ran out to see what was happening. Schultz was going after the cop and would not let him out of the car. I called him and he came and stood quietly by me but as soon as the door opened, he attacked again.

Mike came out and took the clothes from the cop. The cop swore, “I'm gonna kill that dog someday,” and left.

Mike laughed and said “I don't know how you got to be his friend, but you sure did. You better get out of here before they have you towed. The park closes at dark.”

He slipped a leash on Schultz and they headed down the road.


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