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The Screw

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; collar; boots; toys; insert; gag; nipple; fiddle; chain; stuck; tease; denial; climax; caught; M/f; punish; cons; X

Jane stood trying to look up at it, she knew it was only about four inches long, she had installed it herself. What she couldn’t figure out was why it was taking so long to untwist it from the ceiling. Jane had gotten the idea from a picture she had seen and thought it would be a good way to spend some time in bondage. It was a simple idea, attach a chain from the screw, it was really an eyebolt but she liked the word screw. She would secure the other end of the chain to the middle of her rigid fiddle and lock herself into it. To release herself all she would have to do was turn in place unscrewing the eyebolt from the ceiling letting it fall down then she could reach the key to the wrist cuff of the fiddle and release herself, simple.

Jane had added the posture collar, ballet boots and gag as her arousal grew from first chaining the fiddle to the screw. She was already wearing the extremely tight corset Mark had laced on her this morning. The corset was making her gasp with each movement from the tension on her abdomen. The leather belts around her waist and through her dripping pussy made sure her vibrating toys, soon to be her tormentors, wouldn’t fall out. Jane had checked the height of the fiddle in her six inch heels making sure it would keep her on her toes once she was locked in but had not readjusted it when she decided to stuff her feet into the ballet boots. The extra slack in the chain did not seem to present a problem to Jane.

Lacing the thigh high boots was difficult and very arousing for her, the bending and grunting to reach her ankles made her very horny as the toys were forced to move around inside her. Remembering how loose the neck opening fit her she wrapped her posture collar around her neck and buckled it tightly, not wanting to cheat and make it too easy. As she applied the large ball gag and buckled it on she brushed her erect nipples and grinned as she went back to the closet and found her butterfly nipple clamps. Looking in the long mirror she attached each clamp to her engorged buds whining slightly as each grasped the soft flesh.

Looking around checking to see everything was in order Jane slipped the long fingerless gloves up her arms. The snug black spandex matched the black leather of her corset and boots completing her look. Since she was going to be able to watch her struggles in the large mirror and later on video she wanted to look coordinated. Jane knew Mark would be unhappy with her playing any bondage games without him but especially mad if he found out she had done something involving her neck with the chance of being choked. Jane had planned for this to be a relatively quick game figuring it shouldn’t take but an hour or so to prep and at most another hour to free herself giving her several hours to clean up before he came home.

She hoped that she could maintain her balance well enough in her toe boots since she had never been bound standing in them before much less with them cuffed so closely together. Jane tested her limits and decided she would chance it, the idea of the unknown exciting her more. Taking as deep a breath as the leather corset would allow she stepped up to the hanging fiddle and opened it. Standing with it closed around her neck Jane had to squeeze it closed over the posture collar and slipped the locking post through the hole. Testing the tension of the wide fiddle around her neck Jane couldn’t fight her feelings anymore and closed the lock on the post. The loud “click” made her knees weak as she reached for the remotes clipped onto the belt around her waist and turned both on then thumbing the button for random.

Jane felt the vibrators come to life then quiet down, the reset phase of the random setting giving her time to close the cuffs around her wrists and slip the locking post into the hole and lock it. Now Jane was stuck, she stood panting around the large ball gag as her heart beat pounded in her ears from the tighter than normal collar. Her flexing hands were held about eighteen inches in front of her gagged face utterly useless while she was chained to the ceiling. The tight leather corset restricting her stomach and chest making her take quick shallow breaths forcing her breasts to rise and fall waking her pinched nipples each time. As Jane tested her bonds she found out that the posture collar that was now clamped tightly under the fiddle allowed no movement of her neck and forced the fiddle straight out in front of her.

Jane panicked slightly when she realized that the range of movement it normally allowed was completely gone and thought “What if I can’t reach my keys!” Jane calmed herself quickly after a brief struggle against the fiddle and chain. Jane had thought about the many different ways she would be able to bend or kneel to reach the keys and calmed down. When the vibrators ramped up Jane was left struggling in her bonds whining as her orgasm neared, she had been so aroused before she started that it wasn’t taking long for her to get to the edge. Jane struggled and twisted for a few minutes when the vibrators turned off leaving her snorting through her nose in disappointment. Jane struggled to attempt to reach the remotes, they were so close but the tight corset and rigid restraint made it impossible even if she wasn’t chained to the ceiling.

After catching her breath Jane started turning in place attempting to start the screw twisting loose. Jane whined as the cuffed together toe boots made turning in a circle difficult and after several rotations she had to stop to catch her breath again. While she rested the vibrators seemed to go mad switching from one setting to another only remaining on each a few seconds before switching again. Jane whined as each time a setting she liked would come on the quickly switch for a different one making her groan in frustration.

Jane continued to struggle with the vibrators while she pivoted in place learning that if she walked in a circle she made more progress even though it took more effort. After an hour of circling and whining Jane stopped moving and as she gasped for air she looked at the chain in front of her face and could see it still had slack in it. Groaning she leaned back and could just see that the chain was starting to twist on itself and realized the added slack her higher heels had caused was making it take much longer than she thought it would to tighten on the screw and begin to loosen it.

Jane forced herself to continue to walk in circles gasping and panting making her feet hurt and her nipples scream with pain as she took each step. Another hour had passed and Jane was almost in tears from the frustration of the vibrators teasing her while she fought for release against the tightening chain. Having to stop again Jane could feel that some of the weight of the fiddle had been taken off her by the tension of the tightening chain and hoped she would begin to make it unscrew from the ceiling soon.

As the vibrators continued to tease her Jane started her slow walk, pulling hard on the cuffs around her ankles with each step as she desperately tried to move faster. The fiddle was slowly being pulled higher as she twisted the chain and two hours later had been pulled up tightly to her chin and was starting to make her lean backwards as her hands were pulled up higher. Jane stood on her pointed toes panting staring upwards no longer able to see herself in the mirror but unable to get a good look at the screw. Jane hung for several minutes panting as the vibrators had changed and were now slowly going through each setting from high to low and had started to feel very good to her.

Jane was thrashing against the chain as her climax neared praying she would be allowed to cum this time as the vibrations increased. After the vibrators hit their highest settings Jane’s body exploded in a wonderful orgasm that the vibrations and her bonds made last for hours it seemed to Jane. When the climax faded Jane was left gasping around the large ball as she hung limply from her wrists and neck. When Jane felt herself starting to black out she stood up straight on her toes and tried to control her breathing until her head cleared. Jane could no longer see the clock but knew she had been bound much longer than she had planned by the amount of pain she was feeling from her feet and jaw.

Jane started walking in circles again but had to stop when she had been pulled up enough so she no longer had enough weight on her toes to force herself to twist any further. The vibrations where still igniting her lust and when she found she could no longer turn she started fighting and twisting in her bonds only making herself tire out more and making her have to stop. Jane’s nipples were screaming with pain from her last fit and from her being stretched upwards and she could do nothing to ease the stabbing pain. The clamps had also slipped slightly and was now pinching full force on her nipples making the pain much more intense. Jane could not figure out what happened, the screw had backed out perfectly both times she had tried it by pulling and twisting the chain and now it wasn’t moving at all.

After a brief rest Jane tried spinning her body on one toe and even though it made her nipples hurt badly and she was left breathless she swore she could feel the screw turn. Jane continued throwing herself into a spin, each time she could feel the screw turn slightly. With her renewed arousal and hope she kept spinning until she had to stop to catch her breath again and could feel her toes having more weight on them. The vibrators were now starting to slow making Jane struggle even harder knowing she was well past her time to be free and began to worry about Mark coming home.

Jane kept spinning and after a few more tries her feet slipped out from under her and she was sent spinning in the opposite direction. Screaming as she tried to get her toes to stop her violent turning Jane remembered her swing set days and raised her feet. The speed increased as she felt the chain lower her, then begin to rise again pulling her higher. When the speed slowed enough Jane put her feet down and kept turning that direction until she was almost off the ground again. Preparing herself she twisted hard grunting from the pain of the clamps swinging as she spun herself quickly picking up her feet.

The chain untwisted itself spinning her faster, the chain from the clamps swinging straight out from her tortured nipples and the dying vibrators syncing and as she fought for air holding her feet behind her she climaxed violently. Jane was gasping for air and felt like she was floating before feeling her knees hit the floor and her body falling over.

The rigid fiddle stopped her move to catch herself with her arms leaving her shoulder to take the brunt of the fall. Jane lay on her side, her bound body twitching as the orgasm ebbed unaware she had been successful unscrewing herself from the ceiling. When Jane’s head cleared and she found herself on her side looking at the floor, the length of chain wadded up around her hands proving to her that she was indeed free of the ceiling. Squealing Jane wrestled herself up to a seated position and sat grunting and panting.

Jane caught her breath while she untangled the chain from her hands, knee walking to the bed she used it to bring her corseted body up to her pointed toes and stepped to the table where the keys had been left. Reaching the table Jane’s nipples and feet complained as she bent forward to reach the table only to find there were no keys there. Jane squealed as she frantically twisted her body looking for the keys and stood back up straight and turned to see Mark standing in the doorway shaking his head.

Jane stood staring wide eyed at him, drool running over the rigid fiddle down onto her pinched nipples knowing she was in trouble by the way he just turned and walked away. Jane whined and tried to follow him but kept stepping on the chain dangling from the middle of the restraint holding her useless hands just in front of her gagged face. Finally catching up to him in the kitchen he stood tapping his fingers and said “Where’s dinner?” Jane groaned and motioned for him to unlock her hands.

Mark laughed and said “Oh you think you deserve to be set free?”

Jane looked towards the floor and twisted her body “No”

“I didn’t think so” Mark stated firmly.

“When I have eaten dinner then maybe then we’ll talk about when you will be freed”. Jane whined as she shook her nipple clamps at him hoping he would take pity and remove them but he just turned away and walked into the living room and turned on the TV. Jane struggled with her restraints, the inert phalluses keeping her frustrated and aroused as she was forced to bend and twist her whole body to prepare something for him to eat. Serving him while her hands were restrained in front of her face and being able to bend only at the waist was the most difficult since she had to be careful and not spill or break anything.

After dinner Mark said “Clean it up.” Jane whined and started cleaning up the dinner mess. Jane glanced at the clock and realized she had been bound for over ten hours and now knew why her jaw and toes hurt so bad but continued her chores. Jane struggled with her limited reach and uncomfortable clothes for another hour until everything was put away and went to their bedroom. Walking in her toe boots was becoming more painful with each step and even her corset was hurting her waist and chest but it was the nipple clamps that made her whine slightly with each step.

Reaching the bedroom she found him fast asleep in the large bed and stood holding the chain in her bound hands debating in her head if it would be worth waking him or not. Jane decided not to wake Mark, she knew he would only make her predicament more difficult so she eased to her side of the bed and carefully sat down. Listening to him snoring Jane wondered if she would be able to lay back without waking him and hoped if she did he would release her in the morning before he left for work. Slowly leaning backwards Jane let her rigid body fall onto the mattress listening for his snoring to change, once she knew he was still asleep she raised her booted feet to the bed and lay staring past her captured hands at the ceiling.

Jane gently released the wad of chain in her hands a link at a time until her hands were empty and even though she was not comfortable it still felt better to be lying down than standing. Jane adjusted her bound body and legs and relaxed quickly falling asleep, the challenges of the day exhausting her, as Jane drifted off to sleep her only thought was…..

“I really got screwed today… I wonder if I can do it again tomorrow?”

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